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There seems to be an issue wherein spell schools & subschools do not appear unless you go to the Wizard Schools page first, and then back here.

Possible improvement method

I really like the concept of this page, and will make a new one and do a reorganization by general spell class.

As it is, the high randomness on the page rarely makes for a sensible character. Favored Spell Schools & Subschools will either replace or complement Class Themes. This will prevent a death/undeath school caster with an elemental theme and a name like Seadruid (I'll try to prevent too many throw-aways). --Mike 06:03, 3 July 2012 (PDT)

I don't disagree with the changes, though I have to consider them. I think breaking down the names makes some sense. The themes hark back to a pre-4e discussion online discussion concerning power sources. At that time, we played around with each character having two sources, and classes being a result of those two themes intersecting. Barbarian, for instance, was Martial/Primal, and Druid was Divine/Primal. Wizards were Arcane/Arcane, and Illusionists Arcane/Deception. Thief would be Martial/Deception. It led to some interesting ideas: ie, what would an Arcane/Mundane spellcaster look like (my answer: hedgemage). Also, I don't have Arcane/Divine as the only common spell sources in my campaign, so I tried to stay away from simple binary choices. The reason there were 3 names was to give alternatives. I could usually get at least one to be a good match. Also spur creativity. Seadruid & Elemental theme obviously work together, although you are right, it is difficult to work the necromantic angle in there. --Nellisir 11:41, 7 July 2012 (PDT)