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...for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,A beautiful and artistic Muse, telempathically bonded to a savage warrior. 1,A Cymrilian Swordmage, battling desperately aboard a flaming airship. 1,A Gnomekin Crystalomancer, called by Terra to take a precious crystal to the surface world that he has never seen. 1,Four figures, arcane and eldritch, meeting secretly atop one of the fluted spires of Cymril. 1,A young Kasmiran, deeply in debt, trying to protect his investment from the attack of a Land Kra. 1,A Trivarian championship in which two lives and the greatest collection of Sindarian art ever assembled hang in the balance. 1,A Thrall member of the Mangonel Cavalry, on trial for insubordination and dereliction of duty. 1,A Blue Aeriad ranger, tracking a plant demon and its summoner. 1,A party of Suberranoids, lead by a desperate man, down a long ruined stretch of the Underground Highway. 1,An Aamanian Witch Hunter, leading a shackled boy towards the House of Penance. 1,A bitter Arimite Knife-Fighter, stalking the Revenant who used to be her twin sister. 1,A Kang War Dragon, still smoldering in the midst of a battlefield on which only the dead and dying remain. 1,An Ariane Seeker who seeks out those most unwilling to face their past lives and geases them with quests to atone for wrongs they cannot remember. 1,A Xambrian Wizard Hunter, caught between the howling voices of his murdered ancestors and the love of the adopted family that raised him. 1,A Kharakhan Giant, strangling the life from the Captain of her mercenary troop. 1,A Djaffir merchant, reluctantly returning home after a profitable journey. 1,An Ahazu warrior and a Moorg Wan do battle as Green Men watch from hiding. 1,A Kang warrior at the Feast of the Red God, vowing to drink his next draught from the skull of his enemy. 1,The Council of Kings meets in Cymril, not knowing of the plots against their lives. 1,An Aamanian knight and Suaran Gladiator, stepping onto the sands to battle in the Clash of Champions. 1,A Saristan caravan, setting up an impromptu fair to cover a dark secret. 1,A Batrean male, freed from his cage, desperate to prove he is as worthy of status as a female. 1,A charming rogue who has bet her life and her fortune on being able to talk her way past a guardian devil. 1,A shadow wizard on a bat manta, terrorizing the Shadowed Realm. 1,A Danuvian general, seeking a Thrall mate who can be her equal in battle. 1,A Drukh Shaman and a ruthless band of warriors, come to reclaim their ancestral lands. 1,A faithful Aamanian Monitor whose heart has been stolen by the kiss of a Dhuna Witch. 1,A proud Zandir duelist, nursing a beer, a cut, and a bitterly wounded ego. 1,On the top floor of the highest tower of Ispasia, a group of Ispasian Mercantilists meet to decide the economic fate of the Kang Empire. 1,A Mondre Khan raider, lost in a haze of blood lust, trying to reclaim his soul. 1,A charismatic Mangar Corsair, assembling a fleet to sail a road of blood and slaughter. 1,A Phantasian sorcerer, marooned in the Shadow Realm, with urgent evidence of a magical crime. 1,A Cymrilian witch-mage, wearing a shadow ring, making dark pacts to save the Lyceum. 1,A shadow wizard bound to the material world seeks to reclaim the Umbra Stone to save or destroy two realms. 1,A bat manta suddenly freed of its service, haunting the skies above Cymril. 1,A wizard of the Lyceum Arcanum, in secret service to a shadow wizard, safeguarding the Umbra Stone until it can fulfill its dark purpose. 1,A witch's sanctum, concealed by magic and exomorph skin. 1,A Jaka Manhunter with a curious tale of a keep on the edge of the Shadow Realm, and the map to get there. 1,A Green Man, and his Hadjin sidekick... </sgtable>