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1,[DaggerStart] [Weapon.MilitaryIssueChance] [HistoryChance] 4,[SwordStart] [Weapon.MilitaryIssueChance] [HistoryChance]


2,[DaggerType] 6,[HiltedSwordType] 2,[BasketedSwordType]


1,A [Quality] [DaggerType] that has a blade of [Utility.MetalWeapon] with a hilt wrapped in [SwordHiltWrapping]. [Pommel] [DecorMetal]


5,normal 3,bloodstained 3,dull 3,razor-sharp 3,rusted 3,tarnished 2,magical 2,sinister 2,blunted 2,finely-crafted 2,neglected 2,rust-flecked 2,well-used 1,holy 1,battle-worn 1,clean 1,master-crafted 1,wicked-looking


10,dagger 1,hunting knife 1,katar 1,kukri 1,main-gauche 1,parrying dagger 1,poniard 1,punching dagger 1,sacrificial dagger 1,stiletto 1,trench knife 1,wizard’s dagger


20,A [Quality] [HiltedSwordType] that has a blade of [Utility.MetalWeapon] with a hilt wrapped in [SwordHiltWrapping]. [SwordBladeDecor] [SwordBladeStyle] [Pommel] [Quillons] [DecorMetal] [Scabbard] 5,A [Quality] [BasketedSwordType] that has a blade of [Utility.MetalWeapon] with a hilt wrapped in [SwordHiltWrapping]. [SwordBladeDecor] [SwordBladeStyle] [Pommel] [Basket] [DecorMetal] [Scabbard] 4,A [Quality] [HiltedSwordType] that has a blade composed of [Utility.MetalWeapon] [combined] [Utility.MetalDecor], with a hilt wrapped in [SwordHiltWrapping]. [SwordBladeDecor] [SwordBladeStyle] [Pommel] [Quillons] [DecorMetal] [Scabbard] 1,A [Quality] [BasketedSwordType] that has a blade composed of [Utility.MetalWeapon] [combined] [Utility.MetalDecor], with a hilt wrapped in [SwordHiltWrapping]. [SwordBladeDecor] [SwordBladeStyle] [Pommel] [Basket] [DecorMetal] [Scabbard]


100,longsword 50,short sword 12,scimitar 10,falchion 10,greatsword 5,mercurial longsword 5,two-bladed sword 4,broad-blade shortsword 4,great falchion 4,khopesh 3,fullblade 2,butterfly sword 2,elven thinblade 2,fingerblade 2,flamberge 2,gladius 2,great scimitar 2,mercurial greatsword 2,sapara 1,claymore 1,crystalline sword 1,diamond blade 1,double scimitar 1,elven lightblade 1,gnome swordcatcher 1,gyrspike 1,jovar 1,lynxpaw 1,straightblade


20,broadsword 50,rapier 20,scimitar 20,saber 1,elven courtblade 2,elven lightblade 3,elven thinblade 9,quickblade rapier 5,cutlass


1,alloyed with 1,blended with 1,combined with 1,forged together with 1,fused with 1,intermingled with 1,layered with 1,melded with 1,mixed with 1,with a coating of 1,with a core of


30,[Utility.LeatherHide] 10,[Utility.MetalDecor] wire 5,[Utility.WoodWeapon] with [Utility.MetalDecor] rivets 5,[Utility.LeatherHide] with [Utility.MetalDecor] wire 2,[Utility.LeatherHide] with [Utility.MetalDecor] studs 2,[Utility.HornIvory] with [Utility.MetalDecor] rivets 1,[Utility.LeatherHide] embedded with numerous small [Utility.GemType]s


12,There is a scabbard of [st] 5,There is no scabbard present. 2,There is a simple scabbard of [Utility.MetalHard]. 1,There is an ornate scabbard of [Utility.MetalDecor] inlaid with [Utility.Ornamental Stones].


2,[Utility.Fur] fur with [Utility.LeatherHide] accents and [Utility.MetalDecor] trim. 2,[Utility.LeatherHide] with [Utility.MetalDecor] accents. 2,[Utility.MetalDecor] with [Dice.1d12] [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemQuality] [Utility.GemType] stones embedded in it. 2,[Utility.WoodWeapon] wood inlaid with [Utility.HornIvory]. 1,[Utility.LeatherHide] with [Utility.Fur] fur trim. 1,[Utility.MetalHard], painted with shiny [Color.dark] enamel. 1,[Utility.Chitin] chitin with [Utility.LeatherHide] accents and [Utility.MetalDecor] trim. 1,beaten [Utility.MetalSoft].


20, 16,The blade is decorated with [bdw] 10,The blade is inscribed with the word(s) “[Inscriptions.main]” in [Inscriptions.Language]. [RuneGlowChance] 6,The blade is inscribed with the name [Weapon Names.main]. [RuneGlowChance] 3, an ornately decorated pentacle is carved above the hilt 2,[SwordBladeDecor] [SwordBladeDecor] 2,Serpentine runes run up and down the blade. 2,The blade is dull and was probably intended only for display. 2,The blade is painted with shiny [Color.dark] enamel. 2,The dull blade is marked with symbols associated with [Secret Society Name.main] and was probably intended for ceremonial use by that organization. 1,The blade has been carbonized with a flat [Color.dark] paint to keep it from reflecting light except along the edges.


4,runes in [Utility.RuneLanguage] that convey the meaning “[Inscriptions.main]”. [RuneGlowChance] 2,a flame motif. 2,a lightning motif. 2,a tangled animal motif. 2,an etched depiction. 2,etched serpents. 2,knotwork.


30, 2,The blade tapers, widens, and re-tapers in a “leaf” shape. 1,A blood groove runs the length of the blade on each side. 1,The blade is of Kris style (wavy and serpentine). 1,The blade is serrated, giving it a wicked appearance.


10,A small rounded pommel provides balance. 5,A brass cap with 6 evenly spaced studs serves as the pommel. 5,The pommel is in the shape of [PommelShapes]. 4,The large, round pommel is stamped with [Utility.Symbols]. 3,The pommel consists only of a lanyard ring. 2,The pommel contains a [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemQuality] [Utility.GemType]. 2,The pommel is of “skullcrusher” shape, allowing its use as a bludgeoning weapon. 1,The hilt ends in a sharp blade where a pommel would normally be. 1,The pommel is in the shape of [PommelShapes] and screws off to reveal a hollow hilt.


4,The simple [QuillonShape] quillons each end in [PommelShapes], and the crossbar has an engraving of the same in a circle. 3,The [QuillonShape] quillons are unremarkable, but the crossbar is stamped with [Utility.Symbols]. 2,The [QuillonShape] quillons and center of the crossbar on each side contain matching [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemQuality] [Utility.GemType] stones. 2,The simple [QuillonShape] quillons each end in [PommelShapes], and the crossbar contains a [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemQuality] [Utility.GemType]. 2,The simple [QuillonShape] quillons each end in [PommelShapes], and the crossbar is stamped with [Utility.Symbols]. 1,Four quillons shaped like talons surround the blade. 1,One quillon arches upward, the other downward, forming an S shape. 1,The [QuillonShape] quillons end in large circles, which match the crossbar circle. All are stamped with [Utility.Symbols]. 1,The [QuillonShape] quillons protrude about two inches on either side, then turn sharply downward for about 5 inches. 1,The quillons and crossbar are engraved in a leaf motif. 1,The quillons and crossbar form a five-pointed star pointing down toward the hilt. 1,The quillons and crossbar form a five-pointed star pointing towards the blade. 1,The quillons are in the shape of serpent necks and heads. 1,The quillons are larger than normal and each precisely matches the main hilt and pommel. 1,The quillons are shaped like dragon wings, and the blade emerges from a stylized dragon head. 1,The quillons are shaped like eagle talons, each clutching a sphere. 1,The quillons are unremarkable, but the crossbar is shaped like a scalloped seashell. 1,There are arched quillons protruding toward the blade end. 1,There are straight [QuillonShape] quillons at the crossbar with a large ring protruding from one of the blade sides. 1,There are straight, unremarkable [QuillonShape] quillons at the crossbar. 1,This sword has no quillons; the blade widens towards the base, then tapers as it passes straight into the hilt wrapping.


6,round 3,square 3,triangular 1,hexagonal 1,octagonal 1,pentagonal 1,sharpened 1,tapered flat


1,The basket [tb]


1,has a leaf motif. 1,has a scalloped, clamshell appearance. 1,has the appearance of spiderwebs. 1,is a fine mesh. 1,is a short dome coming down over the grip, and does not connect to the pommel. 1,is composed of several interweaving thick wires. 1,is composed of thick wires stretching from the crossbar to the pommel. 1,is fancy, being composed of numerous twisting wires that interweave and extend into the area of the blade. 1,is solid with engravings on it. 1,is solid.


5, 3,The decorative elements of the sword are composed of [Utility.MetalDecor].


4,a clenched fist 4,a crescent moon 4,a horse’s head[PommelEyes] 4,a serpent’s head[PommelEyes] 4,a skull[PommelEyes] 4,a stylized sun 4,a wide scalloped seashell 3,a cat’s head[PommelEyes] 3,a chess piece 3,a dog’s head[PommelEyes] 3,a hand clutching a sphere 3,a mermaid, her tail wrapping around the hilt[PommelEyes] 3,a perched falcon[PommelEyes] 3,a simple cone 3,a smooth cylinder 3,a spike 3,talons clutching a sphere 3,the head of an armored knight in a crusader-style helmet (no face visible) 2,a bull’s head 2,a Dragon head with its mouth agape[PommelEyes] 2,a five-pointed star 2,a head with a strange-looking mask[PommelEyes] 2,a lion’s head[PommelEyes] 2,a monkey head[PommelEyes] 2,a nude female figurehead from the torso up[PommelEyes] 2,a nude female figurehead from the waist down[PommelEyes] 2,a ram’s head[PommelEyes] 2,a scorpion’s stinger 2,a serpent’s head 2,a spider astride an orb 2,a wizard with a beard and pointy hat[PommelEyes] 2,an eagle’s head[PommelEyes] 2,an eyeball 2,the head of a gruff-looking Dwarf[PommelEyes] 2,the head of a helmeted man with a determined expression[PommelEyes] 2,the head of a Human male, its visage frozen in horror[PommelEyes] 2,the head of a wily-looking Elf[PommelEyes] 1,a Beholder head[PommelEyes] 1,a crystal prism 1,a dodecahedron (d12) 1,a fish head 1,a pineapple 1,a small crouching dragon[PommelEyes] 1,a squatting toad[PommelEyes] 1,an icosahedron (d20) 1,the head of a snarling orc[PommelEyes] 1,the head of an Illithid, its tentacles wrapping around the hilt[PommelEyes]


5, 1,, with eyes made out of small [Utility.GemType]s


8, 6,The inscription glows [bf]ly with a [Color.hues] light [why]


1,bright 1,faint


1, if evil is nearby. 1, if monsters are nearby. 2, when [Utility.CreatureTypes]s are nearby. 2,.


5, 1,[History]


1,A careful examination reveals the initials of [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] This weapon may once have been his. 1,A scrap of parchment tells the story of the original owner: “[Delver Fate.story]” 1,Although clearly a reproduction, it is modeled on a blade made famous by [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,Although how it came to be here is unclear, this blade has a history of adventuring. [Delver Fate.story] In all likelihood, this was the weapon associated with that incident. 1,It is clearly modeled on the descriptions of a weapon once owned by [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,Something is known about the career of this blade’s former owner - [Delver Fate.story] 1,The blade bears a small inscription stating that it was made for [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,The weapon matches the description of a weapon that once belonged to [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,The weapon was once owned by [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] 1,This blade was passed from father to son until it was given to [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] The whereabouts of this weapon had been unknown since his death. 1,This may well have been the legendary blade of [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main]


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