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Team Name

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[name 1] [name 2] [of]</sgdisplay>

Member Names

<sgdisplay iterations="7" linebreak="false">[Superhero Names.main], </sgdisplay>and <sgdisplay iterations="1" linebreak="false">[Superhero Names.main]</sgdisplay>

team members

    <sgdisplay iterations="8">
  1. [main]</sgdisplay>



3, A [trait] [job] with a [weapon]. 1, A hyper-evolved [animal] [power] 1, A [trait] demi-god [power] and [power] AND [power]. 1, An ancient goddess, recently cast out of her pantheon for being too [trait]. She wields a [tech] [weapon]. 1, An ancient god, recently cast out of her pantheon for being too [trait]. He wields a [tech] [weapon]. 1, An ancient being that's incredibly [trait]. Long ago they were worshipped as a God. 3, A [trait] and [trait] [age] [sex] [power]. 3, A [trait] [race] [sex] [power]. 1, A [trait] [job] who can turn [into]. 1, A former [job] with a [weapon] 1, A former [job] with a [weapon]. [this] 1, A [sex] with an unparalleled knowledge of [knowledge] 1, A former [job] with an intuitive understanding of [knowledge] 1, An impossibly brilliant [age] [sex] with a vast understanding of [knowledge], [knowledge] and [knowledge] 1, A [sex] from the far future with a [weapon] 1, A female [trait] [job] with a [weapon]. 3, A [trait] and [trait] [age] [sex] [power]. [this] 2, A disgraced [job] [power] and [power]. [this] 1, A hyper-evolved [animal] with a [weapon] 1, A golem made from [material] [power] 1, A [trait] demi-god, [power] and [power]. [this] 1, A [sex] from an alternate reality [power] 1, A [job] from an alternate reality [power] 2, [main] [this]. 1, A [trait] [sex] with a [weapon] and a [weapon].[this] 2, A [trait] [job] with [power] 1, A [trait] [sex] who can draw upon the power of [material] 1, A [trait] [sex] who can draw upon the power of [material]. [this] 2, A [sex] [power], and has a [weapon] 2, A [sex] [power], and has a [weapon].[this] 1, A golem made from [material] that can summon forth a [weapon] 1, A mysterious [god] traveler [power] 2, A [trait] [job] with [power].[this] 1, A [sex] from the distant past [power] 1, A [sex] [power], from a magical realm ruled by [god] gods 1, A [trait], [tech] robot [power] 1, A [trait] [sex] with a [weapon] and a [weapon] 1, A [trait] [job] who can mentally rearrange [material] into tools and weaponry 1, A [trait] [sex], who shares a symbiotic link with a [animal]


1, This character has [has] 1, This character wears [wearscostume]. 1, This character is [charis]. 1,This character is dating a vampire. 1,This character used to be the sidekick of the legendary hero known as the [material] [animal] 1,This character refuses to wear a costume. 1,This character doesn't wear a whole lot of clothes. 1,This character used to be the sidekick of the legendary hero known as the [color] [animal] 1,This character always wears sunglasses. 1,This character grew up in a virtual reality world 1,This character used to be the henchman of an infamous supervillain known as the [color] [weapon]. 1,This character has an abnormal number of fingers. 1,This character sparkles in direct sunlight. 1,This character looks really scruffy. 1,This character's skin color matches their hair color. 1,This character used to be a vampire. 1,This character likes to collect interesting samples of [material]. 1,This character's eyes turn [color] when they're angry. 1,This character secretly yearns to be a [job]. 1,This is actually the second person to use this hero identity, but nobody else knows this. 1,This character recently came back from the dead. 1,This character hates anyone who is [god]. 1,This character used to be a member of the famous super-team known as The [name 1] [name 2] [of]. 1,This character hates anyone who is [trait].


1,a compulsive gambler. 1,fat. 1,extremely thin. 1,extremely muscular. 1,incredibly flexible. 1,bald. 1,crippled. 1,weakened by contact with [material]. 1,dressed like a [animal]. 1,disfigured. 1,from the future. 1,British 1,a chain smoker. 1,really short.


1,an eyepatch 1,a buisness suit. 1,a tuxedo. 1,a trenchcoat over their costume. 1,a 90s style armored costume. 1,a costume that includes elf boots and bikini briefs. 1,a costume that has a huge disco collar. 1,goggles. 1,their initials in big letters on their chest. 1,their initials on their belt buckle. 1,a retro Golden Age style costume. 1,a ripped up outfit. 1,a loose fitting jacket over their spandex costume. 1,a 90s style costume with lots of pouches. 1,a costume that's different shades of [color]. 1,a [color] and [color] costume. 1,a domino mask. 1,robes. 1,a loose fitting jumpsuit. 1,a costume covered in spikes. 1,a cape. 1,armor. 1,sunglasses as part of their costume. 1,a military uniform. 1,chainmail. 1,a sash. 1,a Jack Kirby "cosmic" style costume. 1,large shoulder pads. 1,a costume that leaves their legs exposed. 1,a McFarlane style oversized boot on one foot. 1,form fitting leather.


1,a ponytail 1,[color] fur. 1,a split personality. 1,glowing eyes 1,a tail 1,facial scars and a robotic eye 1,a tattoo over one eye 1,tattoos over both eyes 1,[color] skin. 1,a [color] streak in their hair. 1,pointed ears 1,fins 1,wings 1,fangs 1,no nose. 1,a pet [animal]. 1,white sideburns 1,odd facial hair 1,[color] skin and [color] hair. 1,a cybernetic [part]. 1,claws 1,long fingernails. 1,multiple tattoos 1,a tattoo 1,[color] blood. 1,a themed vehicle. 1,a mullet. 1,a jerri curl. 1,an afro. 1,a crazy looking hair style. 1,a monocle 1,wings. 1,cancer.


1,alien 1,[god] God 1,black 1,African 1,Chinese 1,Asian 1,Japanese 1,demon 1,Atlantean 1,African 1,Australian 1,British 1,Turkish 1,Welsh 1,French 1,Spanish 1,Russian 1,Mutant 1,German 1,undead 1,Italian 1,Portugese 1,Mexican 1,Canadian


1,Greek 1,Celtic 1,Roman 1,Evil 1,Egyptian 1,Babylonian 1,Aztec 1,Alien 1,Welsh 1,Chinese 1,Japanese 1,forgotten 1,unknown 1,Norse


1,Alcoholic 1,Kind 1,Zen-like 1,troublemaking 1,Peaceful 1,angsty 1,bisexual 1,energetic 1,obsessive-compulsive 1,big, dumb 1,precocious 1,homosexual 1,feral 1,drug addled 1,artistic 1,juvenile 1,adventurous 1,smart 1,smart mouthed 1,wisecracking 1,street smart 1,jive-talking 1,fierce 1,warrior-like 1,Patriotic 1,foul mouthed 1,jaded 1,bitter 1,battle weary 1,vicious 1,stoic 1,swashbuckling 1,nerdy 1,glory seeking 1,arrogant 1,emotionally cold 1,rebellious 1,emotionless 1,kinky 1,flirtatious 1,intimidating 1,creepy 1,childlike 1,rampaging 1,average 1,perky 1,angry 1,down to earth 1,serious 1,cocky 1,skittish 1,wicked 1,untrustworthy 1,virtuous 1,prim and proper 1,mean 1,unlikeable 1,unkind 1,mentally challenged 1,unfriendly 1,crack-addled 1,unemotional 1,two-faced 1,tense 1,temperamental 1,surly 1,stuck-up 1,clever 1,intelligent 1,shameless 1,silly 1,self-confident 1,insane 1,delusional 1,crude 1,rude 1,fearless 1,love-sick 1,engaging 1,chain smoking 1,profound 1,demanding 1,cunning 1,crafty 1,cautious 1,reckless 1,absent minded 1,reserved 1,resourceful 1,generous 1,relaxed 1,lovable 1,logical 1,unambitious 1,ambitious 1,introverted 1,inflexible 1,inarticulate 1,articulate 1,illogical1, 1,misogynistic 1,illiterate 1,well educated 1,well-to-do 1,modest 1,humble 1,hard working 1,honest 1,easy going 1,radical 1, eXXTREME!!! 1,quite 1,puritanical 1,prejudiced 1,pessimistic 1,out-going 1,outspoken 1,sleazy 1,optimistic 1,sheltered 1,modest 1,loyal 1,lustful 1,rakish 1,dashing 1,fun loving 1,deadly serious 1,grim and gritty 1,sassy 1,terminally ill 1,stupid 1,intellectual 1,no nonsense 1,naive 1,crazy 1,noble 1,directionless 1,deceptively powerful 1,graceful 1,well-mannered 1,morose 1,self-loathing 1,over-sexed 1,brutally retarded 1,enigmatic 1,vengeful 1,deceptively genius 1,Sexist 1,nerdy 1,jive-talking


1, with super strength and the ability to fly 1, who can breath under water and talk to the fish 1, with a powerful sonic scream 1, with enhanced charisma 1, with the power to teleport to anywhere they have been before 1, that can turn [into] 1, who can raise the dead 1, who can control their own hair 1, with impossible speed 1, that can turn their [part] into [material] 1, with vast mental powers 1, who can turn off the powers of others 1, who can copy the abilities of anyone they fight 1, that has every super power you can think of 1, that can cloud the minds of men 1, that can attach other people's body parts to replace their own 1, who can convert sound into energy 1, who is impervious to even the most powerful magic 1, with the powers of a human [animal] 1, that can manipulate energy 1, who can throw fireballs 1, that can meld into the shadows 1, who can read minds 1, who can talk to animals 1, with teeth that can tear through solid steel 1, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men 1, who can turn invisible 1, that can fly 1, who can teleport other objects to anyplace they know well, but cannot teleport themselves 1, who can eat anything 1, who can alter the appearance of others but not themselves 1, who has superhuman luck 1, with the ability to use anything as a gun and fire it 1, with awesome martial arts skills 1, with retractable claws and a healing factor 1, who can shoot lightning 1, who can control [material] 1, who can turn into and control [material] 1, who can detach and remotely control their [part] 1, who can fly and shoot energy 1, with vast magical skills 1, with the power of a million exploding suns 1, that can kill with a touch 1, who's an amazing acrobat 1, that can summon monsters 1, that has four arms 1, that has six arms 1, who has every superpower you haven't thought of 1, with super strength 1, with unlimited stamina 1, who can turn you to [material] with a touch 1, who can turn intangible 1, that can create force fields 1, who's body is made of rubber 1, who can take the form of any animal 1, who can take the form of any other person 1, who can shapeshift into anything they can think of 1, with laser vision 1, who can fire poisonous quills from their hands 1, with heat vision 1, with the powers of an angry god 1, who can absorb the abilities of others 1, with wings 1, who can summon a giant [animal] 1, with metal wings 1, who can control the weather 1, who can control the very earth itself 1, who has immeasurable strength 1, that can bend reality to their will 1, who can control all machinery 1, who can breathe in space 1, who can spit [material] 1, that can change size at will 1, who can speak any language 1, who can freeze time 1, who cannot die 1, who can steal your memories with a touch 1, who can turn into a swarm of locusts 1, who can exhale a cloud of toxic gas and resist any poison or sickness 1, who can travel several seconds back in time 1, who can call up near-duplicates from alternate dimensions to fight 1, who can will both of their hands to burn with [color] flame


1,spider 1,wolf 1,panther 1,hawk 1,octopus 1,cat 1,crocodile 1,turtle 1,wasp 1,tyrannosaurus rex 1,shark 1,gorilla 1,eagle 1,goat 1,hyena 1,dolphin 1,tiger 1,bear 1,ferret 1,bat 1,griffin 1,horse 1,raccoon 1,cobra 1,lobster 1,jellyfish 1,wolverine 1,ant 1,spider 1,beetle 1,fox 1,hawk 1,snake


2,arms 2,hands 2,skin 1,head 1,leg 1,legs 1,arm 1,hand 1,eye 1,face 1,spine 1,tongue 1,brain 1,bones 1,teeth


1, into [material] 1, into a God/Goddess 1, into an [animal] 1, into a demon 1, into a ghost 1, into a giant [animal] 1, into any element they can think of 1, into a being of pure energy 1, into a [color] [animal] 1, into a [trait] [color] skinned monster 1, into a [trait] Superman 1, into a [material] skinned strong guy 1, into a living lightning storm 1, into an undead abomination


1,stone 1,bone 1,water 1,lava 1,living metal 1,shadows 1,energy 1,electricity 1,wood 1,ice 1,cosmic energy 1,sand 1,fire 1,goo 1,dead flesh 1,crystal 1,silver 1,plutonium 1,sea water 1,moon rock 1,blood 1,nanites 1,diamond 1,concentrated acid 1,wind


2,green 2,blue 1,gold 1,purple 1,crimson 1,orange 1,black 1,silver 1,white 1,brown 1,gray 1,pink 1,tartan 1,rainbow


6,man 5,woman 1,hermaphrodite 1,genderless being


2,young 2,old 2,teenage 1,aging 1,immortal 1,ancient 1,middle-aged


1,stripper 1,Billionaire Playboy 1,Foreign Ambassador 1,Occult researcher 1,runaway 1,plumber 1,Teen Sidekick 1,ninja 1,C.E.O. 1,Nobleman 1,College Professor 1,reporter 1,photographer 1,secret agent 1,soldier 1,housewife 1,performer 1,Movie Star 1,scholar 1,detective 1,rock star 1,scientist 1,inventor 1,astronaut 1,coal miner 1,cop 1,bounty hunter 1,doctor 1,vagabond 1,construction worker 1,government agent 1,thief 1,assassin 1,dominatrix 1,mercenary 1,catburgler 1,preacher 1,holyperson 1,actor 1,cult leader 1,acrobat 1,college student 1,highschool student 1,paperboy 1,lawyer 1,stuntman 1,biker 1,paranormal researcher 1,lawyer 1,novelist 1,single parent 1,football player 1,baseball player 1,hockey player 1,dancer 1,plumber 1,pizza deliverer 1,mailman 1,marine Biologist 1,executive 1,florist 1,ninja 1,politician 1,propane salesman 1,computer specialist 1,sorcerer 1,nightclub bouncer 1,jazz musician 1,fireman 1,hacker 1,surgeon 1,con-man 1,street punk 1,sailor 1,standup comedian 1,circus performer 1,janitor 1,councilor 1,fireman 1,insurance salesman 1,martial arts master 1,substitute teacher 1,Samurai 1,comic-book artist 1,social worker 1,gifted pastry chef 1,nuclear technician 1,wrestler 1,time-displaced viking 1,demolitions expert 1,professional juggler 1,ex-soldier 1,big game hunter 1,rodeo clown


1, [tech] suit of armor 1, arsenal of firearms 1, sword 1, [tech] sword 1, bow and arrow 1, utility belt filled with gadgets 1, [tech] hammer 1, assortment of mystical artifacts 1, pair of wrist mounted lasers 1, shotgun 1, indestructible shield 1, pair of katanas 1, axe 1, [tech] ring 1, [tech] ninja weapons 1, nunchucks 1, throwing blades 1, magic gem 1, laser rifle 1, laser pistol 1, countless variety of gadgets 1, bullwhip 1, trident 1, rocket launcher 1, [tech] lassoo 1, [tech] motor bike 1, vast assortment of blades 1, oversized sword 1, scythe 1, strap on set of claws 1, [weapon] and [weapon] 1, gun in place of their hand 1, blade in place of their hand 1, staff 1, chainsaw 1, pair of pistols 1, [tech] skateboard 1, lead pipe 1, [tech] whip 1, machine gun 1, series of oversized Liefeldian guns 1, throwing knifes 1, seemingly infinite supply of custard pies 1, two scimitars 1, crossbow 1, boomerang 1, ray gun 1, [tech] gauntlet 1, pair of [tech] gauntlets 1, knife 1, [tech] gun


1,unbreakable 1,ridiculously oversized 1,flaming 1,magic 1,vibranium 1,adamantium 1,cosmic powered 1,high-tech 1,stolen 1,demonic 1,steam powered 1,futuristic 1,medieval 1,haunted 1,sentient 1,cursed 1,one of a kind 1,radioactive 1,patched together 1,invisible 1,techno-organic 1,talking 1,occult 1,blessed 1,legendary 1,state-of-the-art 1,prototype 1,heat-seeking 1,shiny 1,kryptonite 1,cheap-looking 1,unholy 1,demonic 1,alien


1,robotics 1,cybernetics 1,xenobiology 1,cryptozoology 1,nano-technology 1,weapon design 1,astropyhsics 1,occultism 1,telepathy enhancing technology 1,mutant genetics 1,time travel 1,the Nth metal 1,alien martial arts 1,nuclear physics 1,Bayescraft 1,ancient secrets 1,demonology 1,The Occult

name 1

3,Action 3,Agents of 3,All New 3,All Winners 3,All-Star 3,Alpha 3,America's 3,Arcane 3,Assault 3,Astounding 3,Avant 3,Awesome 3,Baron's 3,Battle 3,Big 3,Black 3,Blood 3,British 3,Brotherhood of 3,Brutal 3,Brute 3,Celestial 3,Circle of 3,Cosmic 3,Dark 3,Deadly 3,Doom 3,Extreme 3,Fantastic 3,Fantasy 3,Fatal 3,Federation of 3,Force 3,Freedom 3,Funktastic 3,Hard-Core 3,Infinity 3,Interstellar 3,Justice 3,Mad 3,Masked 3,Mighty 3,New 3,Night 3,Omega 3,Operation 3,Primal 3,PROJECT: 3,Secret 3,Space 3,Super 3,Terror 3,The Golden 3,The Real 3,Ultra 3,Unstoppable 3,West Coast 3,Wild 3,World 3,X- 3,X-treme 3,Young 1,

name 2

1,Absolutes 1,Authority 1,Avengers 1,Battalion 1,Challengers 1,Corps 1,Defenders 1,Division 1,Eight 1,Elite 1,Excalibur 1,Factor 1,Fleet 1,Flight 1,Force 1,Friends 1,Gang 1,Gears 1,Generation 1,Gods 1,Good 1,Guard 1,Guardians 1,Hammerstrike 1,Hand 1,Inc. 1,Invaders 1,Knights 2,League 1,Legion 1,Legionaires 1,Legends 1,Masters 1,Musketeers 1,Mutants 1,Outlaws 1,Pack 1,Parliament 1,Patriots 1,Patrol 1,Prime 1,Rangers 1,Rebels 1,Shadows 1,Sleepers 2,Society 1,Sons 2,Squadron 1,Stalkers 1,Team 1,Tide 1,Troopers 2,Warriors 1,Works


5, 1,of Europe 1,Of Darkness 1,of America 1,West Coast 1,Of Justice 1,Infinity 1,2099 1,International 1,Of the Night 1,Elite 1,Task Force 1,of the realm 1,of the Galaxy 1,Plus 1 for Christ 1,Next 1,Extreme 1,Omega 1,Z 1,Of Earth-2 1,Of The Universe 1,of Vengeance