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...for In a Wicked Age

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[villiany] 1,Potpourri:


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1,1H - The citizen of a long hidden nation braving the unknown of the wider world. 1,2H - The lone survivor of a far off, destroyed planet, stranded here on earth. 1,3H - A patriot, first in line to the defense of their country and it’s ideals. 1,4H - A vigilante on a crusade against crime, driven by a tragic past. 1,5H - A haggard yet determined soldier hailing from the future, trapped in our own time. 1,6H - A former assassin seeking redemption for past sins. 1,7H - A member of a corp of galactic protectors patrolling this sector of space. 1,8H - A young hero, who has discovered that with great power comes great responsibility. 1,9H - A demon, rejecting his heritage and committed to protecting mankind from darkness.


1,1S - An asteroid headed straight for earth, not what it seems. 1,2S - A secret identity publicly exposed by an arch-nemesis. 1,3S - Uncanny power transfered to an innocent bystander. 1,4S - A long lost hero seemingly returned from the dead. 1,5S - A new hero, who’s face mirrors your own. 1,6S - A former hero, corrupted and enslaved to a diabolical will. 1,7S - A small child blessed or cursed with unimaginable and uncontrollable power. 1,8S - A champion of justice and the common man, leaving it all behind to seek a normal life of his own. 1,9S - The mantle of a costumed identity passed down to a young but capable sidekick. 1,10S - A loved one found murdered, all evidence points to you. 1,11S - The hostile takeover of an powerful, international corporation by a shadowy entity. 1,12S - A grieving lover cradling the body of a fallen hero.


1,1D - A lost, yet inhabited, city hidden beneath the sea. 1,2D - A previously undiscovered settlement on the dark side of the moon. 1,3D - A alien talisman granting cosmic power. 1,4D - A forbidden tome destined to awaken a slumbering evil. 1,5D - An orbital satellite capable of monitoring all major post-human activity. 1,6D - An international agency intervening in post-human emergencies. 1,7D - An alien fleet darkening the skies around the world.


1,1C - The lord of a burning realm, seeking to corrupt the most pure soul. 1,2C - A long-standing enemy, disguised as familiar ally. 1,3C - The despotic monarch of an alien civilization with grim designs of conquest. 1,4C - Former side-kick seeking painful retribution against his one-time allies. 1,5C - A minion secretly plotting the betrayal of his master. 1,6C - A former hero capable and determined to grasp the reigns of human destiny, to save us from ourselves. </sgtable>