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    <sgdisplay iterations="25">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>



6,[articlechance][adjective] [manwordseparate] 6,[articlechance][mascot] [manwordseparate] 4,[articlechance][adjective] [mascot][manwordcompound] 4,[articlechance][mascot][manwordcompound] 3,[articlechance][mascot] [mascot] 2,[articlechance][adjective] [mascot] 2,[articlechance][adjective] [mascot]-[manwordseparate] 2,[articlechance][mascot]-[manwordseparate] 2,[rank] [adjective] 2,[rank] [mascot] 1,[articlechance] [adjectivechance][doer] 1,[articlechance][adjectivechance][rank] [adjective][suffix] 1,[articlechance][adjectivechance][rank] [mascot][suffix] 1,[articlechance][mascot] 1,[Doer] [Manwordseparate] 1,[modifychance] [propername] 1,[propername] [modifychance2] 1,[rank] [doer] 1,[rank] [propername] [modifychance2]


5,[adjective] 5,[mascot] 2,[adjective] [mascot]


5,[adjective] 5,[mascot] 2,[mascot][suffix]


4,[article] 5,


12,The 2,El 1,Le 1,Der


6,[adjective] 4,


8,[Greek letter names.main] 5,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] 4,Amazing 4,Black 4,Blue 4,Gold 4,Gray 4,Green 4,Power 4,Red 4,Silver 4,Super 4,White 3,Crimson 3,Ebony 3,Powerful 3,Scarlet 3,Wonder 2,Amber 2,American 2,Awesome 2,Azure 2,Bionic 2,Cobalt 2,Cosmic 2,Dark 2,Emerald 2,Fantastic 2,Golden 2,Iron 2,Quantum 2,Remarkable 2,Yellow 1,3-D 1,Abhorrent 1,Abnormal 1,Abominable 1,Accomplished 1,Adamantium 1,Adept 1,Adhesive 1,Adventurous 1,Aimless 1,Aimless 1,Alacritous 1,Amethyst 1,Amnesiac 1,Ancient 1,Angelic 1,Angry 1,Animalistic 1,Aquatic 1,Arcane 1,Armored 1,Astonishing 1,Atomic 1,Audacious 1,Automated 1,Awful 1,Baffling 1,Baleful 1,Ballistic 1,Baneful 1,Battle-Hardened 1,Bestial 1,Big 1,Bitter 1,Bizarre 1,Bloodthirsty 1,Bold 1,Brave 1,Breakdancing 1,Bright 1,Brilliant 1,Bronze 1,Brown 1,Brutal 1,Brutish 1,Callous 1,Captivating 1,Catastrophic 1,Cerulean 1,Chained 1,Charismatic 1,Chocolate 1,Clandestine 1,Colossal 1,Complex 1,Conniving 1,Convoluted 1,Copper 1,Corona 1,Corrupt 1,Cosmological 1,Courageous 1,Crafty 1,Crazed 1,Cunning 1,Curious 1,Cursed 1,Cyber 1,Dancing 1,Dangerous 1,Daring 1,Darling 1,Dastardly 1,Dazzling 1,Deadly 1,Death Defying 1,Deductive 1,Demonic 1,Demure 1,Destructive 1,Devious 1,Diamond 1,Discerning 1,Double 1,Dramatic 1,Dread 1,Eerie 1,Elastic 1,Electric 1,Electrifying 1,Elusive 1,Empyrious 1,Enigmatic 1,Entropic 1,Esoteric 1,Estimable 1,Ethereal 1,Evil 1,Excellent 1,Exceptional 1,Exiled 1,Explosive 1,Extraordinary 1,Extreme 1,Fabulous 1,Famed 1,Famous 1,Fancy 1,Far Seeing 1,Fearsome 1,Ferocious 1,Fiendish 1,Flare 1,Flying 1,Folksy 1,Formidable 1,Foul 1,Freakish 1,Freaky 1,Frightening 1,Frightful 1,Frolicsome 1,Galactic 1,Gallant 1,Galvanized 1,Gargantuan 1,Ghostly 1,Ghoulish 1,Gigantic 1,Glorious 1,Grave 1,Great 1,Grim 1,Grisly 1,Gross 1,Grotesque 1,Gruesome 1,Hateful 1,Haunted 1,Heinous 1,Hellish 1,Herculean 1,Heroic 1,Hidden 1,Hideous 1,High Flying 1,High-tech 1,Holographic 1,Honest 1,Honorable 1,Horrible 1,Horrid 1,Horrifying 1,Hulking 1,Humble 1,Humongous 1,Hypnotic 1,Imaginary 1,Impervious 1,Incomparable 1,Incomprehensible 1,Incredible 1,Indefatigable 1,Indescribable 1,Indestructible 1,Indigo 1,Indisputable 1,Ineffable 1,Infamous 1,Infernal 1,Inflatable 1,Ingenious 1,Inhuman 1,Innocent 1,Insane 1,Insidious 1,Insightful 1,Invincible 1,Invulnerable 1,Irradiated 1,Ivory 1,Jade 1,Jurassic 1,Kamikaze 1,Killer 1,Kinetic 1,Knavish 1,Larcenous 1,Last 1,Laughing 1,Leaping 1,Learned 1,Legendary 1,Lethal 1,Level-Headed 1,Liminal 1,Lionized 1,Loathsome 1,Lofty 1,Lone 1,Lonestar 1,Low 1,Lucky 1,Luminous 1,Lycanthropic 1,Mad 1,Magnificent 1,Majestic 1,Maleficent 1,Malevolent 1,Mammoth 1,Maniacal 1,Marvelous 1,Masked 1,Massive 1,Mechanical 1,Mechanized 1,Mercurial 1,Million-Dollar 1,Misunderstood 1,Molten 1,Monstrous 1,Mysterious 1,Mystic 1,Mythic 1,Naked 1,Naughty 1,Nefarious 1,Nihilistic 1,Nimble 1,Nocturnal 1,Noir 1,Notorious 1,Obdurate 1,Obscene 1,Occult 1,Odd 1,Odious 1,Offensive 1,Olympic 1,Omega 1,Ominous 1,Omnipotent 1,One 1,Oppressive 1,Orange 1,Otherworldly 1,Outlandish 1,Outrageous 1,Outstanding 1,Overcharged 1,Overrated 1,Pale 1,Paper 1,Parasitic 1,Patriotic 1,Peaceful 1,Peculiar 1,Peerless 1,Pernicious 1,Petrifying 1,Phenomenal 1,Photonic 1,Pink 1,Plastic 1,Poisonous 1,Popular 1,Potent 1,Precise 1,Pretentious 1,Preternatural 1,Prismatic 1,Psychic 1,Purple 1,Quintessential 1,Radiant 1,Radioactive 1,Raging 1,Rampaging 1,Rancorous 1,Random 1,Real 1,Reclusive 1,Redoubtable 1,Resilient 1,Resistant 1,Resolute 1,Resplendent 1,Revised 1,Revolting 1,Revolutionary 1,Ridiculous 1,Robotic 1,Rose 1,Roving 1,Rubber 1,Rubbery 1,Ruby 1,Rudimentary 1,Ruthless 1,Sable 1,Sacred 1,Salacious 1,Sapphire 1,Savage 1,Sexy 1,Shadowy 1,Shocking 1,Shrinking 1,Sinful 1,Singing 1,Sinister 1,Small 1,Socratic 1,Sonic 1,Space 1,Spandex-Wearing 1,Spazmodic 1,Special 1,Spectacular 1,Speedy 1,Spiny 1,Splendid 1,Splendiforous 1,Star-Spangled 1,Startling 1,Steel 1,Strange 1,Stupendous 1,Subatomic 1,Sublime 1,Subversive 1,Superior 1,Supernatural 1,Synthetic 1,Taboo 1,Tactical 1,Talented 1,Terrible 1,Terrific 1,Terrifying 1,Thoughtful 1,Tin 1,Tiny 1,Titanic 1,Topaz 1,Tortured 1,Tough 1,Toxic 1,Transdimensional 1,Treacherous 1,Tremendous 1,Triple 1,Troubled 1,Troublesome 1,Turbo 1,Twin 1,Twisted 1,Tyrannical 1,Ultimate 1,Unbounded 1,Unbreakable 1,Uncaring 1,Uncontrollable 1,Undying 1,Unearthly 1,Unfathomable 1,Unholy 1,Unknowable 1,Unnatural 1,Unpredictable 1,Unrelenting 1,Unseen 1,Unstoppable 1,Untamed 1,Urban 1,Utilitarian 1,Valiant 1,Valorous 1,Vanishing 1,Venerable 1,Vengeful 1,Venomous 1,Venturous 1,Vicious 1,Victorious 1,Vile 1,Villainous 1,Violent 1,Virtuous 1,Virulent 1,Voltaic 1,Wandering 1,Wanton 1,Warlike 1,Wary 1,Watchful 1,Weary 1,Weird 1,Wicked 1,Wild 1,Wired 1,Wise 1,Wonderful 1,Wrathful 1,Xenomorphic 1,Yodeling 1,Zealous 1,Zenithal


1,Aardvark 1,Ace 1,Acid 1,Adder 1,Alien 1,America 1,American 1,Amoeba 1,Anaconda 1,Android 1,Angel 1,Animal 1,Ant 1,Anvil 1,Ape 1,Aqua 1,Arc 1,Armadillo 1,Arrow 1,Asteroid 1,Atom 1,Atronach 1,Auto 1,Automaton 1,Avalanche 1,Axe 1,Badger 1,Ball 1,Banshee 1,Basilisk 1,Bat 1,Battle 1,Bear 1,Beast 1,Bee 1,Beetle 1,Bell 1,Bird 1,Blade 1,Blood 1,Bolt 1,Boogie 1,Boom 1,Bounty 1,Bow 1,Brain 1,Brazier 1,Brick 1,Britain 1,Bruise 1,Buck 1,Bug 1,Bulk 1,Bull 1,Burn 1,Butterfly 1,Cabal 1,Cable 1,Cactus 1,Cage 1,Canadian 1,Canon 1,Carrion 1,Cat 1,Cave 1,Cell 1,Chameleon 1,Chaos 1,Chimera 1,Circle 1,Claw 1,Cloak 1,Cloud 1,Clown 1,Cobra 1,Coin 1,Cold 1,Comet 1,Condor 1,Corona 1,Coyote 1,Crane 1,Crawler 1,Creeper 1,Cricket 1,Croc 1,Crocodile 1,Crow 1,Crown 1,Cube 1,Cudgel 1,Cutlass 1,Cyclops 1,Dagger 1,Dance 1,Dancer 1,Danger 1,Darkness 1,Data 1,Dawn 1,Dead 1,Death 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Digital 1,Dingo 1,Diplomat 1,Disaster 1,Djinn 1,Dodge 1,Dog 1,Doom 1,Double 1,Dragon 1,Dream 1,Druid 1,Dusk 1,Dust 1,Dynamite 1,Dynamo 1,Eagle 1,Earth 1,Eclipse 1,Ectoplasm 1,Edge 1,Eel 1,Electricity 1,Electron 1,Elf 1,Energy 1,Eve 1,Explosion 1,Eye 1,Faith 1,Falcon 1,Fall 1,Fandango 1,Fang 1,Fever 1,Fire 1,Fish 1,Fist 1,Five 1,Flame 1,Flash 1,Flea 1,Flesh 1,Flock 1,Flower 1,Flurry 1,Fly 1,Fog 1,Foot 1,Fox 1,Frog 1,Frontier 1,Frost 1,Fury 1,Galaxy 1,Gate 1,Gecko 1,Geist 1,Gem 1,Gemini 1,Genius 1,Ghost 1,Giant 1,Gill 1,Glacier 1,Glider 1,Glitter 1,Glow 1,Gnome 1,Goblin 1,God 1,Gorilla 1,Granite 1,Gravity 1,Gun 1,Gypsy 1,Hail 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Hawk 1,Head 1,Heat 1,Hero 1,Hip-Hop 1,Hood 1,Horizon 1,Hornet 1,Horror 1,Horse 1,Hound 1,House 1,Hummingbird 1,Hunchback 1,Hunt 1,Hydra 1,Hydro 1,Ice 1,Imp 1,Inferno 1,Ivy 1,Jackal 1,Jaguar 1,Jazz 1,Jester 1,Jet 1,Jetpack 1,Jewel 1,Joker 1,Judo 1,Juggernaut 1,Jungle 1,Jupiter 1,Kaboom 1,Kapow 1,Karate 1,Karma 1,Kitten 1,Knife 1,Lagoon 1,Lantern 1,Laser 1,Lava 1,Lead 1,Leaf 1,Leaper 1,Leg 1,Lemur 1,Leopard 1,Leviathan 1,Light 1,Lightning 1,Lion 1,Liquid 1,Lizard 1,Lock 1,Locust 1,Lynx 1,Magma 1,Magnet 1,Manta 1,Mantis 1,Mantra 1,Mars 1,Martian 1,Marvel 1,Mask 1,Matter 1,Mercury 1,Meteor 1,Millennium 1,Mime 1,Mind 1,Minstrel 1,Miracle 1,Mongoose 1,Monkey 1,Monolith 1,Monster 1,Moon 1,Mountain 1,Mouse 1,Muse 1,Music 1,Mutant 1,Night 1,Nimbus 1,Ninja 1,Nitro 1,Nocturne 1,Nova 1,Nuke 1,Oak 1,Ocean 1,Ocelot 1,Osprey 1,Owl 1,Ozone 1,Pain 1,Palm 1,Panther 1,Particle 1,Patriot 1,Peace 1,Phantom 1,Phoenix 1,Pike 1,Pillar 1,Pineapple 1,Piranha 1,Pistol 1,Pixie 1,Planet 1,Plasma 1,Pluto 1,Plutonium 1,Poison 1,Power 1,Prism 1,Prisoner 1,Propane 1,Psy 1,Pulsar 1,Punch 1,Punish 1,Pyramid 1,Pyre 1,Python 1,Quake 1,Quantum 1,Quark 1,Quasar 1,Quickshot 1,Raccoon 1,Radiation 1,Radio 1,Rain 1,Rainbow 1,Rapier 1,Raptor 1,Rat 1,Raven 1,Ray 1,Razor 1,Rhino 1,Ribbon 1,Ricochet 1,Rider 1,Rifle 1,Ring 1,Riot 1,Rivet 1,Roach 1,Robin 1,Robot 1,Rock 1,Rock-n-Roll 1,Rocket 1,Rodent 1,Rogue 1,Rook 1,Rubber 1,Rumble 1,Sabre 1,Sage 1,Salamander 1,Samurai 1,Sand 1,Sash 1,Saturn 1,Scar 1,Scarab 1,Scorpion 1,Scream 1,Scythe 1,Secret 1,Serpent 1,Seven 1,Shadow 1,Shark 1,Shield 1,Shock 1,Shroud 1,Sigil 1,Siren 1,Six 1,Skier 1,Skull 1,Slayer 1,Smoke 1,Snake 1,Snap 1,Snow 1,Space 1,Sparrow 1,Spear 1,Spectrum 1,Speed 1,Sphere 1,Sphinx 1,Spider 1,Spike 1,Spine 1,Spirit 1,Splinter 1,Spring 1,Sprite 1,Spud 1,Squid 1,Squirrel 1,Staff 1,Stallion 1,Star 1,Statue 1,Steam 1,Stem 1,Stick 1,Sting 1,Stingray 1,Stone 1,Storm 1,Stream 1,Summer 1,Sun 1,Surfer 1,Swan 1,Sword 1,Talon 1,Terra 1,Terror 1,Thorn 1,Thrust 1,Thunder 1,Tiger 1,Time 1,Titan 1,Toad 1,Tomb 1,Tomorrow 1,Torch 1,Tornado 1,Torpedo 1,Tree 1,Trident 1,Trigger 1,Trinity 1,Truth 1,Twilight 1,Twin 1,Twister 1,Unicorn 1,Universe 1,Valor 1,Vampire 1,Vapor 1,Vegetable 1,Velocity 1,Venom 1,Victory 1,Vine 1,Viper 1,Vision 1,Vulture 1,Wall 1,War 1,Wasp 1,Water 1,Weapon 1,Web 1,Wendigo 1,Whip 1,Whirlwind 1,Whisper 1,Widow 1,Wight 1,Wind 1,Wing 1,Winter 1,Wisp 1,Wolf 1,Wombat 1,Worm 1,Wraith 1,Wrestler 1,X 1,Y 1,Yankee 1,Zeal 1,Zed 1,Zenith 1,Zombie 1,Zoo


1,blob 2,bot 4,boy 1,breaker 1,burg 1,dog 1,dude 1,fish 1,fist 1,gale 4,girl 1,hawk 1,ifier 1,ificator 1,inator 1,knight 4,lad 4,lass 4,man 2,master 2,meister 2,mistress 1,nik 1,queen 1,rider 1,runner 1,saver 1,seeker 1,shaper 1,slip 1,spitter 1,spur 1,ster 1,thing 4,woman


5,[Secret Society Title.Title] 4,Man 3,Boy 3,Girl 3,Lady 3,Lord 3,Woman 2,Lad 2,Lass 2,Professor 1,Ace 1,Adept 1,Avatar 1,Avenger 1,Brawler 1,Brother 1,Burster 1,Centurion 1,Commando 1,Corpse 1,Cowboy 1,Cowgirl 1,Crusher 1,Defender 1,Detective 1,Fighter 1,Fool 1,Guardian 1,Horseman 1,Hulk 1,Hunter 1,Infiltrator 1,Investigator 1,Jester 1,Kicker 1,King 1,Knight 1,Leader 1,Maestro 1,Master 1,Monk 1,Nemesis 1,Ninja 1,Paladin 1,Paragon 1,Pirate 1,Protector 1,Puncher 1,Queen 1,Ranger 1,Reaper 1,Rider 1,Rook 1,Samurai 1,Seeker 1,Sentinel 1,Shade 1,Sister 1,Soldier 1,Sorcerer 1,Sorceress 1,Spy 1,Stalker 1,Stinger 1,Strider 1,Striker 1,Tank 1,Valkyrie 1,Viking 1,Vixen 1,Warlock 1,Warrior 1,Watcher 1,Witch 1,Wizard


5,Captain 4,Doctor 3,Lady 3,Miss 3,Mr. 2,Ms. 2,Professor 1,[Ranks and Titles.Rank] 1,Admiral 1,Agent 1,Ambassador 1,Archbishop 1,Archduke 1,Baron 1,Baroness 1,Bishop 1,Brother 1,Cadet 1,Caliph 1,Chancellor 1,Chief 1,Colonel 1,Commander 1,Commissioner 1,Commodore 1,Comrade 1,Contessa 1,Count 1,Count Von 1,Countess 1,Czar 1,Czarina 1,Detective 1,Duchess 1,Duke 1,Earl 1,Emir 1,Emperor 1,Ensign 1,Father 1,Frau 1,General 1,Governor 1,Herr 1,Herzog 1,Inspector 1,Judge 1,Kaiser 1,Kapitan 1,King 1,La Femme 1,Lieutenant 1,Lord 1,Maestro 1,Maharajah 1,Major 1,Marquess 1,Marshall 1,Master 1,Mighty 1,Monsignor 1,Nurse 1,Officer 1,Pope 1,President 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Rabbi 1,Rajah 1,Senator 1,Señor 1,Señora 1,Sensei 1,Sergeant 1,Shah 1,Sheriff 1,Sir 1,Sister 1,Sultan 1,Supremo 1,Viscount


15, the [adjective] 2, from Another Planet 2, the Fifth 2, the Fourth 2, the Third 2,a 2,bane 2,berg 2,ess 2,o 2,son 2,stein 2,stine 1, esq. 1, from the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1, Jr. 1,ette 1,ia 1,ica 1,lux


1,Adam 1,Andy 1,Annie 1,Ben 1,Betty 1,Bob 1,Bonnie 1,Cassidy 1,Dan 1,Eve 1,Fran 1,Frank 1,Hank 1,Henry 1,Holly 1,Jack 1,Jane 1,Jasper 1,Jill 1,Jim 1,Joe 1,John 1,Juliet 1,Nick 1,Pete 1,Romeo 1,Sally 1,Sam 1,Sara 1,Sarah 1,Steven 1,Tarka 1,Thomas 1,Tom 1,Will 1,Xavier


1,Abater 1,Abbreviator 1,Abolisher 1,Abridger 1,Absolver 1,Absorber 1,Accelerator 1,Accentuator 1,Accumulator 1,Achiever 1,Adapter 1,Adder 1,Addresser 1,Adjuster 1,Adopter 1,Advised 1,Advocator 1,Affirmer 1,Aider 1,Alerter 1,Aligner 1,Allayer 1,Alleviator 1,Allocator 1,Alternator 1,Amasser 1,Amender 1,Analyzer 1,Anticipator 1,Appeaser 1,Applier 1,Appointer 1,Appraiser 1,Approacher 1,Appropriator 1,Arbitrator 1,Arouser 1,Arranger 1,Articulator 1,Ascertainer 1,Assembler 1,Assessor 1,Assigner 1,Assimilator 1,Assister 1,Assurer 1,Attainer 1,Attender 1,Auditor 1,Augmenter 1,Authorizer 1,Automator 1,Averter 1,Avoider 1,Balancer 1,Benefiter 1,Bidder 1,Blender 1,Blocker 1,Booster 1,Brander 1,Calculator 1,Calibrator 1,Capitalizer 1,Capturer 1,Carrier 1,Carver 1,Cataloger 1,Catcher 1,Categorizer 1,Cautioner 1,Cementer 1,Certifier 1,Challenger 1,Changer 1,Charger 1,Charter 1,Checker 1,Chooser 1,Chronicler 1,Circulator 1,Circumventor 1,Citer 1,Clarifier 1,Classifier 1,Cleaner 1,Closer 1,Coder 1,Collaborator 1,Collator 1,Collector 1,Combiner 1,Commander 1,Commencer 1,Commender 1,Commissioner 1,Communicator 1,Comparer 1,Compiler 1,Complementer 1,Completer 1,Complier 1,Composer 1,Compounder 1,Computer 1,Conceiver 1,Concentrator 1,Condenser 1,Conductor 1,Configurer 1,Confirmer 1,Confronter 1,Connector 1,Conserver 1,Consolidator 1,Constructor 1,Consulter 1,Consummator 1,Contractor 1,Contributor 1,Controller 1,Converter 1,Conveyor 1,Convincer 1,Cooperator 1,Coordinator 1,Copier 1,Corrector 1,Corresponder 1,Counselor 1,Cultivator 1,Customizer 1,Debater 1,Debugger 1,Decider 1,Decoder 1,Decreaser 1,Dedicator 1,Definer 1,Delegator 1,Delineator 1,Deliverer 1,Demonstrator 1,Deployer 1,Deriver 1,Describer 1,Designator 1,Designer 1,Detailer 1,Detector 1,Determiner 1,Developer 1,Deviser 1,Diagnoser 1,Differentiator 1,Diffuser 1,Director 1,Disburser 1,Discoverer 1,Discusser 1,Dispatcher 1,Dispenser 1,Displayer 1,Disposer 1,Disprover 1,Dissector 1,Disseminator 1,Dissolver 1,Distinguisher 1,Distributer 1,Diversifier 1,Diverter 1,Divester 1,Divider 1,Documenter 1,Doubler 1,Drafter 1,Dramatizer



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