Starship Breakdowns

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    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  • [StarShipProblems]. [StartFixingProblems]</sgdisplay>



5,problem with [Systems]: when it is used [Problems] 3,cabin [CabinProblems] starts to drift too high or too low 3,computer [ComputerProblems] 2,[Alarms] alarm goes off for no reason 1,air/raft access door fails to close or open properly 1,air/raft malfunction 1,chair breaks 1,coolant leak 1,drinking water turns color or smells bad 1,electrical supply fails (by area, function, or randomly) 1,engine core leak/meltdown 1,fuel/battery cell leak/depletion 1,gravity fails, either by drifting slightly high or low, or completely, but only in limited areas of the ship or for limited lengths of time 1,hatch sticks open or closed, or swings open or closed at unexpected times 1,intercom system makes voice sound (too high, too low, distorted, translated to another language, etc.) 1,ladder breaks 1,problems with food storage: freezer or refrigerator breaks down, dry goods rot, spill, or similar 1,transponder malfunctions, making the ship look like another, or obviously illegal, or nothing at all 1,unexpected water temperature or pressure


1,Jump/Warp/Hyperspace drive 1,Maneuver drives 1,Landing/Docking thrusters


1,[Drives] 1,alarms 1,autopilot 1,communications 1,computers 1,cooking gear 1,doors or hatches 1,fuel 1,fuel filters 1,intercom 1,landing struts 1,life support 1,navigation equipment 1,repair equipment 1,running lights 1,sensors 1,spaces suits 1,targeting equipment 1,temperature controls 1,toilets 1,weapons


1,a dial, seemingly unrelated to the system, starts to twitch 1,a warning or alarm light flickers or comes on 1,an unusual sound is heard, [Sounds] 1,it sticks on ludicrous speed - we’ve gone to plaid! 1,it won’t start 1,it won’t turn off 1,it only does half the job it should 1,lights flicker 1,results are obviously wrong 1,results are garbled 1,results are slightly off (but in hard to notice ways) 1,smoke comes out of a control panel 1,smoke comes out of the system itself 1,there is a [|small|large] liquid leak


1,beeps 1,clacking 1,humming 1,metallic grinding 1,pinging 1,popping 1,swishing 1,throbbing 1,thumping 1,ticking 1,whirring


1,Bad fuel 1,Collision/proximity 1,Entering an atmosphere 1,Fuel leak 1,High cabin pressure 1,Low cabin pressure 1,Low fuel 1,Low voltage 1,Unexpected electrical drain 1,Unusual gravity


1,carbon dioxide 1,carbon monoxide 1,humidity 1,oxygen 1,temperature


1,becomes much slower/dumber than it should be 1,becomes much smarter/more insightful than it should be 1,forgets what it was doing 1,has interface problems (flashing screens, stuttering speech, etc.) 1,starts running [|too hot|too cold] 1,stops in the middle of whatever it is doing


1,And while trying to fix it [FixingProblems]. 1,And while trying to fix it [StarShipProblems]. 1,But after it is fixed, [StarShipProblems]. 20,


4, a tool breaks 2, you don’t have the right tool 1, you find out you don’t have the spare part you need 1, you find out you have a slightly different spare part 1, you hurt yourself 1, you hurt someone else 3, you use your very last replacement part

  1. Reminder about intermittent problems