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For Kevin Crawford's Stars Without Number. Taken from the free version of the Revised Edition.

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Stars Without Number - NPC




Background: [background]
Social Role: [role]
Biggest Problem: [problem]
Age: [age]
Greatest Desire: [desire]
Most Obvious Character Trait: [trait]

Initial Manner: [manner]
Default Deal Outcome: [deal]
Motivation: [motivation]
Want: [want]
Power: [power]
Hook: [hook]


1,Ingratiating and cloying 1,Grim suspicion of the PCs or their backers 1,Xenophilic interest in the novelty of the PCs 1,Pragmatic and businesslike 1,Romantically interested in one or more PCs 1,A slimy used-gravcar dealer’s approach 1,Wide-eyed awe at the PCs 1,Cool and superior attitude toward PC “hirelings” 1,Benevolently patronizing toward outsiders 1,Sweaty-palmed need or desperation 1,Xenophobic mistrust of the PCs 1,Idealistic enthusiasm for a potentially shared cause 1,Somewhat intoxicated by recent indulgence 1,Smoothly persuasive and reasonable 1,Visibly uncomfortable with the PCs 1,Grossly overconfident in PC abilities 1,Somewhat frightened by the PCs 1,Deeply misunderstanding the PCs’ culture 1,Extremely well-informed about the PCs’ past 1,Distracted by their current situation


1,They’ll screw the PCs over even at their own cost 1,They firmly intend to actively betray the PCs 1,They won’t keep the deal unless driven to it 1,They plan to twist the deal to their own advantage 1,They won’t keep their word unless it’s profitable 1,They’ll flinch from paying up when the time comes 1,They mean to keep the deal, but are reluctant 1,They’ll keep most of the deal, but not all of it 1,They’ll keep the deal slowly and grudgingly 1,They’ll keep the deal but won’t go out of their way 1,They’ll be reasonably punctual about the deal 1,They’ll want a further small favor to pay up on it 1,They’ll keep the deal in a way that helps them 1,They’ll keep the deal if it’s still good for them 1,They’ll offer a bonus for an additional favor 1,Trustworthy as long as the deal won’t hurt them 1,Trustworthy, with the NPC following through 1,They’ll be very fair in keeping to their agreements 1,They’ll keep bargains even to their own cost 1,Complete and righteous integrity to the bitter end


1,An ambition for greater social status 1,Greed for wealth and indulgent riches 1,Protect a loved one who is somehow imperiled 1,A sheer sadistic love of inflicting pain and suffering 1,Hedonistic enjoyment of pleasing company 1,Searching out hidden knowledge or science 1,Establishing or promoting a cultural institution 1,Avenging a grievous wrong to them or a loved one 1,Promoting their religion and living out their faith 1,Winning the love of a particular person 1,Winning glory and fame in their profession 1,Dodging an enemy who is pursuing them 1,Driving out or killing an enemy group 1,Deposing a rival to them in their line of work 1,Getting away from this world or society 1,Promote a friend or offspring’s career or future 1,Taking control of a property or piece of land 1,Building a structure or a complex prototype tech 1,Perform or create their art to vast acclaim 1,Redeem themselves from a prior failure


1,Bring them an exotic piece of tech 1,Convince someone to meet with the NPC 1,Kill a particular NPC 1,Kidnap or non-fatally eliminate a particular NPC 1,Pay them a large amount of money 1,Take a message to someone hard to reach 1,Acquire a tech component that’s hard to get 1,Find proof of a particular NPC’s malfeasance 1,Locate a missing NPC 1,Bring someone to a destination via dangerous travel 1,Retrieve a lost or stolen object 1,Defend someone from an impending attack 1,Burn down or destroy a particular structure 1,Explore a dangerous or remote location 1,Steal something from a rival NPC or group 1,Intimidate a rival into ceasing their course of action 1,Commit a minor crime to aid the NPC 1,Trick a rival into doing something 1,Rescue an NPC from a dire situation 1,Force a person or group to leave an area


1,They’re just really appealing and sympathetic to PCs 1,They have considerable liquid funds 1,They control the use of large amounts of violence 1,They have a position of great social status 1,They’re a good friend of an important local leader 1,They have blackmail info on the PCs 1,They have considerable legal influence here 1,They have tech the PCs might reasonably want 1,They can get the PCs into a place they want to go 1,They know where significant wealth can be found


1,A particular odd style of dress 1,An amputation or other maiming 1,Visible cyberware or prosthetics 1,Unusual hair, skin, or eye colors 1,Scarring, either intentional or from old injuries 1,Tic-like overuse of a particular word or phrase 1,Specific unusual fragrance or cologne 1,Constant fiddling with a particular item 1,Visible signs of drug use 1,Always seems to be in one particular mood


1,The local underclass or poorest natives 1,Common laborers or cube workers 1,Aspiring bourgeoise or upper class 1,The elite of this society 1,Minority or foreigner: [bg2] 1,Offworlder or exotic: [bg2]


1,The local underclass or poorest natives 1,Common laborers or cube workers 1,Aspiring bourgeoise or upper class 1,The elite of this society


1,Criminal, thug, thief, swindler 1,Menial, cleaner, retail worker, servant 1,Unskilled heavy labor, porter, construction 1,Skilled trade, electrician, mechanic, pilot 1,Idea worker, programmer, writer 1,Merchant, business owner, trader, banker 1,Official, bureaucrat, courtier, clerk 1,Military, soldier, enforcer, law officer


1,They have significant debt or money woes 1,A loved one is in trouble: [problem] 1,Romantic failure with a desired person 1,Drug or behavioral addiction 1,Their superior dislikes or resents them 1,They have a persistent sickness 1,They hate their job or life situation 1,Someone dangerous is targeting them 1,They’re pursuing a disastrous purpose 1,They have no problems worth mentioning


1,Unusually young or old for their role 1,Young adult 1,Mature prime 1,Middle-aged or elderly


1,They want a particular romantic partner 1,They want money for them or a loved one 1,They want a promotion in their job 1,They want answers about a past trauma 1,They want revenge on an enemy 1,They want to help a beleaguered friend 1,They want an entirely different job 1,They want protection from an enemy 1,They want to leave their current life 1,They want fame and glory 1,They want power over those around them 1,They have everything they want from life


1,Ambition 1,Avarice 1,Bitterness 1,Courage 1,Cowardice 1,Curiosity 1,Deceitfulness 1,Determination 1,Devotion to a cause 1,Filiality 1,Hatred 1,Honesty 1,Hopefulness 1,Love of a person 1,Nihilism 1,Paternalism 1,Pessimism 1,Protectiveness 1,Resentment 1,Shame


1,[arabic name] 1,[chinese name] 1,[english name] 1,[greek name] 1,[indian name] 1,[japanese name] 1,[latin name] 1,[nigerian name] 1,[russian name] 1,[spanish name] 6,[random male] [random surname] (Male) from [random place] 6,[random female] [random surname] (Female) from [random place]

random male

1,[arabic male] 1,[chinese male] 1,[english male] 1,[greek male] 1,[indian male] 1,[japanese male] 1,[latin male] 1,[nigerian male] 1,[russian male] 1,[spanish male]

random female

1,[arabic female] 1,[chinese female] 1,[english female] 1,[greek female] 1,[indian female] 1,[japanese female] 1,[latin female] 1,[nigerian female] 1,[russian female] 1,[spanish female]

random surname

1,[arabic surname] 1,[chinese surname] 1,[english surname] 1,[greek surname] 1,[indian surname] 1,[japanese surname] 1,[latin surname] 1,[nigerian surname] 1,[russian surname] 1,[spanish surname]

random place

1,[arabic place] 1,[chinese place] 1,[english place] 1,[greek place] 1,[indian place] 1,[japanese place] 1,[latin place] 1,[nigerian place] 1,[russian place] 1,[spanish place]

indian male

1,Amrit 1,Ashok 1,Chand 1,Dinesh 1,Gobind 1,Harinder 1,Jagdish 1,Johar 1,Kurien 1,Lakshman 1,Madhav 1,Mahinder 1,Mohal 1,Narinder 1,Nikhil 1,Omrao 1,Prasad 1,Pratap 1,Ranjit 1,Sanjay 1,Shankar 1,Thakur 1,Vijay 1,Vipul 1,Yash

japanese male

1,Akira 1,Daisuke 1,Fukashi 1,Goro 1,Hiro 1,Hiroya 1,Hotaka 1,Katsu 1,Katsuto 1,Keishuu 1,Kyuuto 1,Mikiya 1,Mitsunobu 1,Mitsuru 1,Naruhiko 1,Nobu 1,Shigeo 1,Shigeto 1,Shou 1,Shuji 1,Takaharu 1,Teruaki 1,Tetsushi 1,Tsukasa 1,Yasuharu

latin male

1,Agrippa 1,Appius 1,Aulus 1,Caeso 1,Decimus 1,Faustus 1,Gaius 1,Gnaeus 1,Hostus 1,Lucius 1,Mamercus 1,Manius 1,Marcus 1,Mettius 1,Nonus 1,Numerius 1,Opiter 1,Paulus 1,Proculus 1,Publius 1,Quintus 1,Servius 1,Tiberius 1,Titus 1,Volescus

nigerian male

1,Adesegun 1,Akintola 1,Amabere 1,Arikawe 1,Asagwara 1,Chidubem 1,Chinedu 1,Chiwetei 1,Damilola 1,Esangbedo 1,Ezenwoye 1,Folarin 1,Genechi 1,Idowu 1,Kelechi 1,Ketanndu 1,Melubari 1,Nkanta 1,Obafemi 1,Olatunde 1,Olumide 1,Tombari 1,Udofia 1,Uyoata 1,Uzochi

russian male

1,Aleksandr 1,Andrei 1,Arkady 1,Boris 1,Dmitri 1,Dominik 1,Grigory 1,Igor 1,Ilya 1,Ivan 1,Kiril 1,Konstantin 1,Leonid 1,Nikolai 1,Oleg 1,Pavel 1,Petr 1,Sergei 1,Stepan 1,Valentin 1,Vasily 1,Viktor 1,Yakov 1,Yegor 1,Yuri

spanish male

1,Alejandro 1,Alonso 1,Amelio 1,Armando 1,Bernardo 1,Carlos 1,Cesar 1,Diego 1,Emilio 1,Estevan 1,Felipe 1,Francisco 1,Guillermo 1,Javier 1,Jose 1,Juan 1,Julio 1,Luis 1,Pedro 1,Raul 1,Ricardo 1,Salvador 1,Santiago 1,Valeriano 1,Vicente

indian female

1,Amala 1,Asha 1,Chandra 1,Devika 1,Esha 1,Gita 1,Indira 1,Indrani 1,Jaya 1,Jayanti 1,Kiri 1,Lalita 1,Malati 1,Mira 1,Mohana 1,Neela 1,Nita 1,Rajani 1,Sarala 1,Sarika 1,Sheela 1,Sunita 1,Trishna 1,Usha 1,Vasanta

japanese female

1,Aemi 1,Airi 1,Ako 1,Ayu 1,Chikaze 1,Eriko 1,Hina 1,Kaori 1,Keiko 1,Kyouka 1,Mayumi 1,Miho 1,Namiko 1,Natsu 1,Nobuko 1,Rei 1,Ririsa 1,Sakimi 1,Shihoko 1,Shika 1,Tsukiko 1,Tsuzune 1,Yoriko 1,Yorimi 1,Yoshiko

latin female

1,Appia 1,Aula 1,Caesula 1,Decima 1,Fausta 1,Gaia 1,Gnaea 1,Hosta 1,Lucia 1,Maio 1,Marcia 1,Maxima 1,Mettia 1,Nona 1,Numeria 1,Octavia 1,Postuma 1,Prima 1,Procula 1,Septima 1,Servia 1,Tertia 1,Tiberia 1,Titia 1,Vibia

nigerian female

1,Abike 1,Adesuwa 1,Adunola 1,Anguli 1,Arewa 1,Asari 1,Bisola 1,Chioma 1,Eduwa 1,Emilohi 1,Fehintola 1,Folasade 1,Mahparah 1,Minika 1,Nkolika 1,Nkoyo 1,Nuanae 1,Obioma 1,Olafemi 1,Shanumi 1,Sominabo 1,Suliat 1,Tariere 1,Temedire 1,Yemisi

russian female

1,Aleksandra 1,Anastasia 1,Anja 1,Catarina 1,Devora 1,Dima 1,Ekaterina 1,Eva 1,Irina 1,Karolina 1,Katlina 1,Kira 1,Ludmilla 1,Mara 1,Nadezdha 1,Nastassia 1,Natalya 1,Oksana 1,Olena 1,Olga 1,Sofia 1,Svetlana 1,Tatyana 1,Vilma 1,Yelena

spanish female

1,Adalina 1,Aleta 1,Ana 1,Ascencion 1,Beatriz 1,Carmela 1,Celia 1,Dolores 1,Elena 1,Emelina 1,Felipa 1,Inez 1,Isabel 1,Jacinta 1,Lucia 1,Lupe 1,Maria 1,Marta 1,Nina 1,Paloma 1,Rafaela 1,Soledad 1,Teresa 1,Valencia 1,Zenaida

indian surname

1,Achari 1,Banerjee 1,Bhatnagar 1,Bose 1,Chauhan 1,Chopra 1,Das 1,Dutta 1,Gupta 1,Johar 1,Kapoor 1,Mahajan 1,Malhotra 1,Mehra 1,Nehru 1,Patil 1,Rao 1,Saxena 1,Shah 1,Sharma 1,Singh 1,Trivedi 1,Venkatesan 1,Verma 1,Yadav

japanese surname

1,Abe 1,Arakaki 1,Endo 1,Fujiwara 1,Goto 1,Ito 1,Kikuchi 1,Kinjo 1,Kobayashi 1,Koga 1,Komatsu 1,Maeda 1,Nakamura 1,Narita 1,Ochi 1,Oshiro 1,Saito 1,Sakamoto 1,Sato 1,Suzuki 1,Takahashi 1,Tanaka 1,Watanabe 1,Yamamoto 1,Yamasaki

latin surname

1,Antius 1,Aurius 1,Barbatius 1,Calidius 1,Cornelius 1,Decius 1,Fabius 1,Flavius 1,Galerius 1,Horatius 1,Julius 1,Juventius 1,Licinius 1,Marius 1,Minicius 1,Nerius 1,Octavius 1,Pompeius 1,Quinctius 1,Rutilius 1,Sextius 1,Titius 1,Ulpius 1,Valerius 1,Vitellius

nigerian surname

1,Adegboye 1,Adeniyi 1,Adeyeku 1,Adunola 1,Agbaje 1,Akpan 1,Akpehi 1,Aliki 1,Asuni 1,Babangida 1,Ekim 1,Ezeiruaku 1,Fabiola 1,Fasola 1,Nwokolo 1,Nzeocha 1,Ojo 1,Okonkwo 1,Okoye 1,Olaniyan 1,Olawale 1,Olumese 1,Onajobi 1,Soyinka 1,Yamusa

russian surname

1,Abelev 1,Bobrikov 1,Chemerkin 1,Gogunov 1,Gurov 1,Iltchenko 1,Kavelin 1,Komarov 1,Korovin 1,Kurnikov 1,Lebedev 1,Litvak 1,Mekhdiev 1,Muraviov 1,Nikitin 1,Ortov 1,Peshkov 1,Romasko 1,Shvedov 1,Sikorski 1,Stolypin 1,Turov 1,Volokh 1,Zaitsev 1,Zhukov

spanish surname

1,Arellano 1,Arispana 1,Borrego 1,Carderas 1,Carranzo 1,Cordova 1,Enciso 1,Espejo 1,Gavilan 1,Guerra 1,Guillen 1,Huertas 1,Illan 1,Jurado 1,Moretta 1,Motolinia 1,Pancorbo 1,Paredes 1,Quesada 1,Roma 1,Rubiera 1,Santoro 1,Torrillas 1,Vera 1,Vivero

indian place

1,Ahmedabad 1,Alipurduar 1,Alubari 1,Anjanadri 1,Ankleshwar 1,Balarika 1,Bhanuja 1,Bhilwada 1,Brahmaghosa 1,Bulandshahar 1,Candrama 1,Chalisgaon 1,Chandragiri 1,Charbagh 1,Chayanka 1,Chittorgarh 1,Dayabasti 1,Dikpala 1,Ekanga 1,Gandhidham 1,Gollaprolu 1,Grahisa 1,Guwahati 1,Haridasva 1,Indraprastha 1,Jaisalmer 1,Jharonda 1,Kadambur 1,Kalasipalyam 1,Karnataka 1,Kutchuhery 1,Lalgola 1,Mainaguri 1,Nainital 1,Nandidurg 1,Narayanadri 1,Panipat 1,Panjagutta 1,Pathankot 1,Pathardih 1,Porbandar 1,Rajasthan 1,Renigunta 1,Sewagram 1,Shakurbasti 1,Siliguri 1,Sonepat 1,Teliwara 1,Tinpahar 1,Villivakkam

japanese place

1,Bando 1,Chikuma 1,Chikusei 1,Chino 1,Hitachi 1,Hitachinaka 1,Hitachiomiya 1,Hitachiota 1,Iida 1,Iiyama 1,Ina 1,Inashiki 1,Ishioka 1,Itako 1,Kamisu 1,Kasama 1,Kashima 1,Kasumigaura 1,Kitaibaraki 1,Kiyose 1,Koga 1,Komagane 1,Komoro 1,Matsumoto 1,Mito 1,Mitsukaido 1,Moriya 1,Nagano 1,Naka 1,Nakano 1,Ogi 1,Okaya 1,Omachi 1,Ryugasaki 1,Saku 1,Settsu 1,Shimotsuma 1,Shiojiri 1,Suwa 1,Suzaka 1,Takahagi 1,Takeo 1,Tomi 1,Toride 1,Tsuchiura 1,Tsukuba 1,Ueda 1,Ushiku 1,Yoshikawa 1,Yuki

latin place

1,Abilia 1,Alsium 1,Aquileia 1,Argentoratum 1,Ascrivium 1,Asculum 1,Attalia 1,Barium 1,Batavorum 1,Belum 1,Bobbium 1,Brigantium 1,Burgodunum 1,Camulodunum 1,Clausentum 1,Corduba 1,Coriovallum 1,Durucobrivis 1,Eboracum 1,Emona 1,Florentia 1,Lactodurum 1,Lentia 1,Lindum 1,Londinium 1,Lucus 1,Lugdunum 1,Mediolanum 1,Novaesium 1,Patavium 1,Pistoria 1,Pompeii 1,Raurica 1,Rigomagus 1,Roma 1,Salernum 1,Salona 1,Segovia 1,Sirmium 1,Spalatum 1,Tarraco 1,Treverorum 1,Verulamium 1,Vesontio 1,Vetera 1,Vindelicorum 1,Vindobona 1,Vinovia 1,Viroconium 1,Volubilis

nigerian place

1,Abadan 1,Ador 1,Agatu 1,Akamkpa 1,Akpabuyo 1,Ala 1,Askira 1,Bakassi 1,Bama 1,Bayo 1,Bekwara 1,Biase 1,Boki 1,Buruku 1,Calabar 1,Chibok 1,Damboa 1,Dikwa 1,Etung 1,Gboko 1,Gubio 1,Guzamala 1,Gwoza 1,Hawul 1,Ikom 1,Jere 1,Kalabalge 1,Katsina 1,Knoduga 1,Konshishatse 1,Kukawa 1,Kwande 1,Kwayakusar 1,Logo 1,Mafa 1,Makurdi 1,Nganzai 1,Obanliku 1,Obi 1,Obubra 1,Obudu 1,Odukpani 1,Ogbadibo 1,Ohimini 1,Okpokwu 1,Otukpo 1,Shani 1,Ugep 1,Vandeikya 1,Yala

russian place

1,Amur 1,Arkhangelsk 1,Astrakhan 1,Belgorod 1,Bryansk 1,Chelyabinsk 1,Chita 1,Gorki 1,Irkutsk 1,Ivanovo 1,Kaliningrad 1,Kaluga 1,Kamchatka 1,Kemerovo 1,Kirov 1,Kostroma 1,Kurgan 1,Kursk 1,Leningrad 1,Lipetsk 1,Magadan 1,Moscow 1,Murmansk 1,Novgorod 1,Novosibirsk 1,Omsk 1,Orenburg 1,Oryol 1,Penza 1,Perm 1,Pskov 1,Rostov 1,Ryazan 1,Sakhalin 1,Samara 1,Saratov 1,Smolensk 1,Sverdlovsk 1,Tambov 1,Tomsk 1,Tula 1,Tver 1,Tyumen 1,Ulyanovsk 1,Vladimir 1,Volgograd 1,Vologda 1,Voronezh 1,Vyborg 1,Yaroslavl

spanish place

1,Aguascebas 1,Alcazar 1,Barranquete 1,Bravatas 1,Cabezudos 1,Calderon 1,Cantera 1,Castillo 1,Delgadas 1,Donablanca 1,Encinetas 1,Estrella 1,Faustino 1,Fuentebravia 1,Gafarillos 1,Gironda 1,Higueros 1,Huelago 1,Humilladero 1,Illora 1,Isabela 1,Izbor 1,Jandilla 1,Jinetes 1,Limones 1,Loreto 1,Lujar 1,Marbela 1,Matagorda 1,Nacimiento 1,Niguelas 1,Ogijares 1,Ortegicar 1,Pampanico 1,Pelado 1,Quesada 1,Quintera 1,Riguelo 1,Ruescas 1,Salteras 1,Santopitar 1,Taberno 1,Torres 1,Umbrete 1,Valdecazorla 1,Velez 1,Vistahermosa 1,Yeguas 1,Zahora 1,Zumeta

greek male

1,Alexander 1,Alexius 1,Anastasius 1,Christodoulos 1,Christos 1,Damian 1,Dimitris 1,Dysmas 1,Elias 1,Giorgos 1,Ioannis 1,Konstantinos 1,Lambros 1,Leonidas 1,Marcos 1,Miltiades 1,Nestor 1,Nikos 1,Orestes 1,Petros 1,Simon 1,Stavros 1,Theodore 1,Vassilios 1,Yannis

greek female

1,Alexandra 1,Amalia 1,Callisto 1,Charis 1,Chloe 1,Dorothea 1,Elena 1,Eudoxia 1,Giada 1,Helena 1,Ioanna 1,Lydia 1,Melania 1,Melissa 1,Nika 1,Nikolina 1,Olympias 1,Philippa 1,Phoebe 1,Sophia 1,Theodora 1,Valentina 1,Valeria 1,Yianna 1,Zoe

greek surname

1,Andreas 1,Argyros 1,Dimitriou 1,Floros 1,Gavras 1,Ioannidis 1,Katsaros 1,Kyrkos 1,Leventis 1,Makris 1,Metaxas 1,Nikolaidis 1,Pallis 1,Pappas 1,Petrou 1,Raptis 1,Simonides 1,Spiros 1,Stavros 1,Stephanidis 1,Stratigos 1,Terzis 1,Theodorou 1,Vasiliadis 1,Yannakakis

greek place

1,Adramyttion 1,Ainos 1,Alikarnassos 1,Avydos 1,Dakia 1,Dardanos 1,Dekapoli 1,Dodoni 1,Efesos 1,Efstratios 1,Elefsina 1,Ellada 1,Epidavros 1,Erymanthos 1,Evripos 1,Gavdos 1,Gytheio 1,Ikaria 1,Ilios 1,Illyria 1,Iraia 1,Irakleio 1,Isminos 1,Ithaki 1,Kadmeia 1,Kallisto 1,Katerini 1,Kithairon 1,Kydonia 1,Lakonia 1,Leros 1,Lesvos 1,Limnos 1,Lykia 1,Megara 1,Messene 1,Milos 1,Nikaia 1,Orontis 1,Parnasos 1,Petro 1,Samos 1,Syros 1,Thapsos 1,Thessalia 1,Thira 1,Thiva 1,Varvara 1,Voiotia 1,Vyvlos

arabic name

1,[arabic female] [arabic surname] (Female) from [arabic place] 1,[arabic male] [arabic surname] (Male) from [arabic place]

chinese name

1,[chinese female] [chinese surname] (Female) from [chinese place] 1,[chinese male] [chinese surname] (Male) from [chinese place]

english name

1,[english female] [english surname] (Female) from [english place] 1,[english male] [english surname] (Male) from [english place]

greek name

1,[greek female] [greek surname] (Female) from [greek place] 1,[greek male] [greek surname] (Male) from [greek place]

indian name

1,[indian female] [indian surname] (Female) from [indian place] 1,[indian male] [indian surname] (Male) from [indian place]

japanese name

1,[japanese female] [japanese surname] (Female) from [japanese place] 1,[japanese male] [japanese surname] (Male) from [japanese place]

latin name

1,[latin female] [latin surname] (Female) from [latin place] 1,[latin male] [latin surname] (Male) from [latin place]

nigerian name

1,[nigerian female] [nigerian surname] (Female) from [nigerian place] 1,[nigerian male] [nigerian surname] (Male) from [nigerian place]

russian name

1,[russian female] [russian surname] (Female) from [russian place] 1,[russian male] [russian surname] (Male) from [russian place]

spanish name

1,[spanish female] [spanish surname] (Female) from [spanish place] 1,[spanish male] [spanish surname] (Male) from [spanish place]

english male

1,Adam 1,Albert 1,Alfred 1,Allan 1,Archibald 1,Arthur 1,Basil 1,Charles 1,Colin 1,Donald 1,Douglas 1,Edgar 1,Edmund 1,Edward 1,George 1,Harold 1,Henry 1,Ian 1,James 1,John 1,Lewis 1,Oliver 1,Philip 1,Richard 1,William

english female

1,Abigail 1,Anne 1,Beatrice 1,Blanche 1,Catherine 1,Charlotte 1,Claire 1,Eleanor 1,Elizabeth 1,Emily 1,Emma 1,Georgia 1,Harriet 1,Joan 1,Judy 1,Julia 1,Lucy 1,Lydia 1,Margaret 1,Mary 1,Molly 1,Nora 1,Rosie 1,Sarah 1,Victoria

english surname

1,Barker 1,Brown 1,Butler 1,Carter 1,Chapman 1,Collins 1,Cook 1,Davies 1,Gray 1,Green 1,Harris 1,Jackson 1,Jones 1,Lloyd 1,Miller 1,Roberts 1,Smith 1,Taylor 1,Thomas 1,Turner 1,Watson 1,White 1,Williams 1,Wood 1,Young

english place

1,Aldington 1,Appleton 1,Ashdon 1,Berwick 1,Bramford 1,Brimstage 1,Carden 1,Churchill 1,Clifton 1,Colby 1,Copford 1,Cromer 1,Davenham 1,Dersingham 1,Doverdale 1,Elsted 1,Ferring 1,Gissing 1,Heydon 1,Holt 1,Hunston 1,Hutton 1,Inkberrow 1,Inworth 1,Isfield 1,Kedington 1,Latchford 1,Leigh 1,Leighton 1,Maresfield 1,Markshall 1,Netherpool 1,Newton 1,Oxton 1,Preston 1,Ridley 1,Rochford 1,Seaford 1,Selsey 1,Stanton 1,Stockham 1,Stoke 1,Sutton 1,Thakeham 1,Thetford 1,Thorndon 1,Ulting 1,Upton 1,Westhorpe 1,Worcester

chinese male

1,Aiguo 1,Bohai 1,Chao 1,Dai 1,Dawei 1,Duyi 1,Fa 1,Fu 1,Gui 1,Hong 1,Jianyu 1,Kang 1,Li 1,Niu 1,Peng 1,Quan 1,Ru 1,Shen 1,Shi 1,Song 1,Tao 1,Xue 1,Yi 1,Yuan 1,Zian

chinese female

1,Biyu 1,Changying 1,Daiyu 1,Huidai 1,Huiliang 1,Jia 1,Jingfei 1,Lan 1,Liling 1,Liu 1,Meili 1,Niu 1,Peizhi 1,Qiao 1,Qing 1,Ruolan 1,Shu 1,Suyin 1,Ting 1,Xia 1,Xiaowen 1,Xiulan 1,Ya 1,Ying 1,Zhilan

chinese surname

1,Bai 1,Cao 1,Chen 1,Cui 1,Ding 1,Du 1,Fang 1,Fu 1,Guo 1,Han 1,Hao 1,Huang 1,Lei 1,Li 1,Liang 1,Liu 1,Long 1,Song 1,Tan 1,Tang 1,Wang 1,Wu 1,Xing 1,Yang 1,Zhang

chinese place

1,Andong 1,Anqing 1,Anshan 1,Chaoyang 1,Chaozhou 1,Chifeng 1,Dalian 1,Dunhuang 1,Fengjia 1,Fengtian 1,Fuliang 1,Fushun 1,Gansu 1,Ganzhou 1,Guizhou 1,Hotan 1,Hunan 1,Jinan 1,Jingdezhen 1,Jinxi 1,Jinzhou 1,Kunming 1,Liaoning 1,Linyi 1,Lushun 1,Luzhou 1,Ningxia 1,Pingxiang 1,Pizhou 1,Qidong 1,Qingdao 1,Qinghai 1,Rehe 1,Shanxi 1,Taiyuan 1,Tengzhou 1,Urumqi 1,Weifang 1,Wugang 1,Wuxi 1,Xiamen 1,Xian 1,Xikang 1,Xining 1,Xinjiang 1,Yidu 1,Yingkou 1,Yuxi 1,Zigong 1,Zoige

arabic male

4,Aamir 4,Ayub 4,Binyamin 4,Efraim 4,Ibrahim 4,Ilyas 4,Ismail 4,Jibril 4,Jumanah 4,Kazi 4,Lut 4,Matta 4,Mohammed 4,Mubarak 4,Mustafa 4,Nazir 4,Rahim 4,Reza 4,Sharif 4,Taimur 4,Usman 4,Yakub 4,Yusuf 4,Zakariya 4,Zubair

arabic female

4,Aisha 4,Alimah 4,Badia 4,Bisharah 4,Chanda 4,Daliya 4,Fatimah 4,Ghania 4,Halah 4,Kaylah 4,Khayrah 4,Layla 4,Mina 4,Munisa 4,Mysha 4,Naimah 4,Nissa 4,Nura 4,Parveen 4,Rana 4,Shalha 4,Suhira 4,Tahirah 4,Yasmin 4,Zulehka

arabic surname

4,Abdel 4,Awad 4,Dahhak 4,Essa 4,Hanna 4,Harbi 4,Hassan 4,Isa 4,Kasim 4,Katib 4,Khalil 4,Malik 4,Mansoor 4,Mazin 4,Musa 4,Najeeb 4,Namari 4,Naser 4,Rahman 4,Rasheed 4,Saleh 4,Salim 4,Shadi 4,Sulaiman 4,Tabari

arabic place

2,Adan 2,Ahsa 2,Andalus 2,Asmara 2,Asqlan 2,Baqubah 2,Basit 2,Baysan 2,Baytlahm 2,Bursaid 2,Dahilah 2,Darasalam 2,Dawhah 2,Ganin 2,Gebal 2,Gibuti 2,Giddah 2,Harmah 2,Hartum 2,Hibah 2,Hims 2,Hubar 2,Karbala 2,Kut 2,Lacant 2,Magrit 2,Masqat 2,Misr 2,Muruni 2,Qabis 2,Qina 2,Rabat 2,Ramlah 2,Riyadh 2,Sabtah 2,Salalah 2,Sana 2,Sinqit 2,Suqutrah 2,Sur 2,Tabuk 2,Tangah 2,Tarifah 2,Tarrakunah 2,Tisit 2,Uman 2,Urdunn 2,Wasqah 2,Yaburah 2,Yaman