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For the original 1960's series...

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[main]




1,Star Trek: While [subject] [plot], [toscrew] [plot].

1,Star Trek: [setting] [subject] [plot], while [toscrew] [plot].

1,Star Trek: [setting] [subject] [plot], while [team] attempt to [goal].

1,Star Trek: On an unexplored world [team] investigate [spsetting].

1,Star Trek: On an unexplored world [team] investigate [spsetting], and are surprised to find [hook].

1,Star Trek: When [threat] threatens [goodplace], [toscrew] risks [risks] to stop the menace before it's too late.


2,the crew 1,an away team led by [toscrew] 3,[toscrew]


3,Captain Kirk 1,Kirk 2,Chekov 3,Dr. McCoy 1,Nurse Chapel 4,Spock 2,Scotty 2,Sulu 2,Uhura 1,Yeoman Rand


3,[toscrew], [toscrew] and [toscrew] 1,[toscrew], [toscrew] and a security team 1,[toscrew], [toscrew] and a science team 3,[toscrew] and [toscrew] 2,members of the crew


1,[verb] to [goal]


1,analyze a mysterious anomaly 1,apprehend a rouge Starfleet officer 1,battle a planet-killing super weapon 1,clear their name after being charged with [crime] 1,control their emotions 1,cope with a visit from [visitor] 1,cure a deadly disease 1,deal with an alien intelligence that doesn't understand the human concept of "[emotion]" 1,escape an entity that seems to possess god-like powers 1,escort [visitor] to the planet Babel 1,escape a dying world 1,escape a hostile [alien] ship 2,explore a new solar system 1,explore a derelict space ship 1,keep Enterprise from being destroyed by [threat] 1,locate a lost shuttle craft 1,defeat an old nemesis 1,prevent [threat] from destroying a populated planet 2,protect endangered lifeforms 1,outwit a dangerous artificial intelligence 1,recover [toscrew]'s stolen [bodypart] 1,repair the Enterprise's warp engines 1,regain control of the Enterprise from a hostile force 1,rescue hostages 1,settle an old debt 1,settle a dispute between [visitor] and a stubborn [alien2] 1,solve a murder 1,solve an alien riddle 2,survive a hostile alien environment 1,thwart a [alien] plan 1,thwart a [alien] plot against [goodplace] 1,win a battle against the [alien]s 1,prevent a war 1,prevent a war with the [alien]s 1,recover [toscrew] from a time/space anomaly 1,return [toscrew] from capture


3,Klingon 1,Orion 3,Romulan 1,Tholian


1,Andorian 1,Gorn 1,Rygellian 1,Tellerite 1,Terran 1,Vulcan


1,body 2,brain 1,eyes 1,mind 1,arm 1,leg 1,lungs 1,heart 1,reprodutive organs 1,spleen 1,vocal cords


1,murder 1,treason 1,sabotage 1,spying 1,theft 1,trespassing 1,vandalism


1,compassion 1,curiousity 1,economics 1,family 1,good and evil 1,hate 1,humor 1,irony 1,love 1,romance 1,sadness 1,sex 1,sleep 1,time 1,revenge 1,tragedy


2,the Federation 1,Earth 1,the planet Vulcan 1,a Federation colony 2,an inhabited world 1,an alien paradise


1,a courtmartial 1,the Enterprise 1,everything 1,a fate worse than death 1,the lives of the crew 1,an interstellar war 1,violating the noninterference directive


1,[alien] marauders 1,a cosmic storm 1,a rogue comet 1,a powerful alien machine 1,an asteroid 1,a dangerous space lifeform 1,a mysterious probe


2,attempts 2,tries 1,races 1,seeks 2,struggles 1,works


1,Harry Mudd 1,Ambassador Sarek 1,a overbearing [alien2] ambassador 1,a mischievious alien 1,an old flame 1,an old rival 1,a telepathic emmisary 1,a spoiled alien princess 1,space hippies


1,bizarre children, but no adults 1,disembodied alien minds 2,evidence of intelligent life 1,a marooned [alien] 1,a marooned [alien2] 1,an exact clone of [toscrew] 2,that an ancient legend is real 1,that whatever they wish for comes true 2,a mysterious woman 3,an old enemy 2,an old friend 1,a society ran by a supercomputer 2,someone who claims to be a historical figure from Earth 1,a working time machine 1,"there be whales here" 1,tribbles 1,[visitor]


1,In an alternate dimesion 3,At an Earth colony 5,On an exotic alien world 1,On a barren alien world 1,On a barely habitable alien world 2,At a remote starbase 2,In deep space 2,In a mysterious nebula 2,Near the edge of the galaxy 2,In uncharted space 2,Near the Romulan neutral zone 1,Near the Klingon border


3,catacombs 4,a series of caves 3,what appears to be an ancient Earth castle 2,an exact replica of a [period] village from Earth's past 2,an abandoned laboratory 1,a legendary [place] 2,a lost city 1,a ruined city 3,a madman's fortress 2,the remains of long dead civilization 2,a seemingly magical lake 2,the mansion of powerful entity 3,a [alien] military encampment 2,the palace of an alien ruler 4,ancient ruins 2,a mysterious temple 1,a tropical paradise 4,a place known as the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1,the wreckage of an unknown spacecraft


1,ancient Greek 1,classic Roman 1,medieval European 1,Native American 1,quaint, old Irish 1,old American "wild west" 1,15th century 1,16th century 1,17th century 1,18th century 1,19th century 1,early 20th century 1,1940's 1,1950's


1,artifact 1,city 1,culture 1,forest 1,paradise </sgtable>