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Spelljammer In a Wicked Age:

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1,Ace of Clubs - St. Cuthbert gathers his finest paladins in order to select the most worthy to marshal a holy fleet that could bring the words of Law and Good across the spheres. 1,2 of Clubs - A bard, stranded on a dead world sees black sails he knows belong to the dreaded reaver, The Iron Liche, as they begin to blot out the stars. 1,3 of Clubs - Vecna's unholy temple ships arrive in Tu'Narath, capital city of the Githyanki so the dread liche-god can propose marriage to the Liche-Queen. 1,4 of Clubs - A devil, newly summoned, strolls along the shipyard with his summoner and the finest shipwright in order to purchase a fine spelljammer vehicle. 1,5 of Clubs - A map to a distant sphere filled with bones, where the kindori space whales go to die tattoed on the back of a surly dwarven drunk. 1,6 of Clubs - A prison hulk, filled with the most feared criminals of Greyhawk, Krynn and the Realms monotonously circles a green planet, ruled by a capricious wolf god. 1,7 of Clubs - A Neogi slavemaster and his twin umber hulk taskmasters assess their slaves to determine which one will next fuel the lifejamming helm that propels the ship towards its vile port of call. 1,8 of Clubs - A Dwarven Stronghold, floating through the void is in turmoil as its master craftsman has just created a crossbow that can destroy a sun. 1,9 of Clubs - An Elven Armada and a Dwarven Stronghold exchange the first volley in a battle over a treasure worth dying and killing over. 1,10 of Clubs - A Half-Orc Assassin meets his father for the first time on the docks. 1,Jack of Clubs - A vampire captains an undead ship, trying to follow his cryptic charts to a mythical vampiric homeworld known only as Ravenloft. 1,Queen of Clubs - A heavy tome with every angel's true name and title in the hands of a priest who just lost their faith. 1,King of Clubs - One of the seven pieces of the Rod of Lordly Might used as a sailor's peg leg. 1,Ace of Diamonds - The finest minds in all of the worlds gather to figure out who or what crucified Elminster of Shadowdale. 1,2 of Diamonds - A thief, paladin and wizard dock on a seemingly deserted asteroid in order to divide the hoard and body parts of the recently killed Star Dragon. 1,3 of Diamonds - Naive and glorious, a seagoing galleon filled with its worlds heroes jumps among the stars in order to save new worlds. 1,4 of Diamonds - The first sword forged in the heart of the first sun floats through the phlogiston, seeking a hand worthy to wield it. 1,5 of Diamonds - An ancient wizard slowly dies in his mithril tower, perched on a north star and summons his grown apprentices in order to settle his estate. 1,6 of Diamonds - On a back-water, one climate planet, a party of experienced adventurers uncover a star map and realize that they are small fish in a very large pond. 1,7 of Diamonds - Deep in the hold of a spelljamming ship wizard holds a wand of Magic Missiles to his own head amidst the treasures he and his party have taken. 1,8 of Diamonds - All of the suns, with their star attendants, meet on hallowed ground once an aeon to discuss shining and shadows. 1,9 of Diamonds - The Sigil Trade Delegation meets with the Phlogiston Merchant League on the Rock of Bral in order to end their feud and find terms of trade. 1,10 of Diamonds - In a deserted tavern, on a nameless asteroid port, 5 scurvy spelljamming sailors play 3 Dragon Ante with a shard of a demon lord's crystal heart, an unidentified wand, 3 gems, a liche's tear and a pipe filled with Black Lotus for this hand's winner. 1,Jack of Diamonds - The Greatest Paladin, the Greatest Wizard and the Greatest Bard gather to plan their first adventure together. 1,Queen of Diamonds - An arrow designed to give good creatures a painful death. 1,King of Diamonds - A war maul with a unicorn's horn as a deadly spike through its stone hammer head in the hands of a god-killing troll on a steed that can ride the stars. 1,Ace of Hearts - Bahamut finds a thief in his hoard but cannot bring himself to kill the trespasser right away. 1,2 of Hearts - The Admiral of the Elven Fleet and the Matron Mother of the Drow Armada meet on a moon created long ago by Faery Gods to serve as neutral ground. 1,3 of Hearts - The merchant ship, The Dreaming Delores, carrying mithril hinges, oil and candles, sets sail for Waterdeep while carrying 3 passengers who none know are a doppleganger, an angel and a demi-god. 1,4 of Hearts - 4 merchant ships, loaded with treasures from all of the spheres, tether together in view of the Griffon Nebula to celebrate the marriage of their two most prosperous captains. 1,5 of Hearts - Mercenaries who have been fighting on either side of the Blood Wars set their ships down on a verdant, faery-settled world - starting a new life far from demons and devils and planar war. 1,6 of Hearts - A Githzarai Abbess explains her hatred of Githyanki to her human lover and why this hatred must be passed on to any children that magic might allow them to conceive. 1,7 of Hearts - A young girl reads her first mission for the biggest, most ambitious and ruthless Thieves' Guild in all of the spheres while her Paladin husband sleeps. 1,8 of Hearts - Married fighters, legendary with their weapons, purchase the worst spelljamming ship in the port, seeking adventure among the stars. 1,9 of Hearts - Karak the Damned, an escaped soul from hell turned pirate, finds a stowaway who melts his cold heart. 1,10 of Hearts - A ring that will guide the wearer to their True Love in the hands of Orcus, Demon God of Death. 1,Jack of Hearts - A pirate queen who has gathered her fleet to confess her forbidden love. 1,Queen of Hearts - A reformed nightmare running across the void, mane of blue fire training behind him, penitent of his sins. 1,King of Hearts - A dangerous ring that will allow the user to hide their most prized possession in a planet's core in the hands of a jealous king. 1,Ace of Spades - The King of Cats charters a ship in order to gain revenge on his most hated rival. 1,2 of Spades - an Ogress Queen and her mate watch from their cave as an adventurer's ship lands on their long since ragnarok'ed planet. 1,3 of Spades - A Wizard's Iron Golem, the only survivor of his long dead crew, sets sail towards the first sign of life in view for three hundred years. 1,4 of Spades - A small, fast ship chasing a fiery pyramid piloted by the pharaoh of a dead sun's god. 1,5 of Spades - The Githyanki Astral Corvette, The Queen's Unholy Gaze, lay anchor while the captain explains why the ship is going to defect from the Liche Queen's Fleet. 1,6 of Spades - Barbarians eeking out a life on the asteroid shards of their broken planet gather to see their chief into the afterlife. 1,7 of Spades - Cloaked agents of the Demi-Plane of Dread stalk the Rock of Bral's Lord-Mayor to decide if his cruelty, greed and misery warrant him being assigned his own Domain. 1,8 of Spades - Wraiths pick through a sea of wreckage that was created due to the largest naval spelljammer battle in the history of the spheres. 1,9 of Spades - The greatest wizards gather to debate the nature of the comet known as Vecna's Fire. 1,10 of Spades - A cleric of the God of Wanderers and Journeys, blessing a pilgrimage as the first steps are taken. 1,Jack of Spades - A minotaur, a gnoll and a troll, all working as dockworkers on the same pier, propose a quest to settle their religious debates. 1,Queen of Spades - A sword that kills stars in the hands of a warrior with nothing left to lose. 1,King of Spades - A dagger wet with god's blood in the hands of a mad cultist whose ship runs on pain. </sgtable>