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...for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,A galaxy on the cusp of open war 1,An interplanetary cold war, threatening to turn hot in an instant 1,A runaway experiment, with strange, inexplicable powers 1,An ancient weapon of mass destruction, left behind by a forgotten race 1,An eccentric inventor, on the run from a dangerous corporate empire 1,A distress signal, with no apparent source 1,A small community of Christians, humans and alien converts, on the aliens' home planet 1,A blue skinned orphan fleeing an arranged marriage to her elderly tutor 1,Smuggled goods of rare fortune, small enough to slip in a pocket 1,An alien princess asking for asylum 1,A young fertile planet with a newly awakened consciousness 1,The rotting hulk of a spaceship, flagship of the old empire, found at the end of a beacon 1,A gunship sold at the end of war into private hands 1,A daring young explorer, fresh from her stint at the academy, eager to prove herself and taking on all comers 1,A sassy spelunker looking for an alien god's heart in the depths of a planet made up entirely of millions of space ship derelicts that have accreted over time 1,A crew of rogues, led by a former war hero 1,A young doctor, throwing away a promising career over a deadly secret 1,A smuggler of dubious repute, only interested in a quick payday 1,An expert assassin, laying low after a botched job 1,The universally famous monarch, hiding as a citizen of no consequence 1,A brilliant scientist, racing against time to find a cure for her affliction 1,The galactic savior-child stolen by pirates who want a planet as ransom 1,A stranded alien, trying to get back to it's own people 1,A military AI, trying to override it's destructive programming 1,The first settlers on a newly terraformed frontier world 1,A group of freedom-fighters, waging a desperate war against a tyrannical government 1,A secret technology, unearthed by an archaeologist on the homeworld of a long-dead race 1,A cryptic warning, left behind by an extinct alien race 1,The last survivor of a brutal attack, by a previously unknown race 1,A young woman, selected via lottery by an alien power 1,A wayward traveler, hopping between the stars after his homeworld was destroyed 1,An accidental immortal, bored with life, who has become obsessed with carrying out some mundane task 1,A group of alien scientists, trying to recover their lost data, possibly by vivisection 1,An ancient temple defiled by a swarm of insect-bots, sent by a disillusioned adherent 1,The first interspecies child is born 1,A colony of refugees in an asteroid belt </sgtable>

from an actual play thread on the Forge.