Sky Island in Shattered Eberron

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This generator is under construction. It produces a random earth mote from a cataclysmically shattered version of the Eberron world. For reference, here is an Eberron map [1] before it was shattered by cataclysm.

Eberron was originally created by Keith Baker and is owned by Wizards of the Coast.

Here are maps of the continents

Unshattered Eberron

Totally Random






10,[Eberron] 2,[Eberron sea]


3,[crust] 5,[mantle] 3,[core]


10,[Eberron] 2,[Eberron sea] 1,[mantle] 1,Siberys Ring


1,Khyber: [Khyber] 1,[crust]


8,swirling, formless elemental chaos 3,an unstable mote of [element] mixed with [element] 2,a wild mote suffused with [element] 1,the lair or territory of a massive chaos beast 1,a semi-stable mote suffused with [element], occupied by a small tribe adapted to the environment


10,Khorvaire: [Khorvaire] 4,Xen'drik: [Xen'drik] 2,Sarlona: [Sarlona] 2,Argonessen: [Argonessen] 1,Aerenal: [Aerenal] 1,Everice 1,Frostfell: [Frostfell]


1,Aundair 1,Breland 1,Darguun 1,The Demon Wastes 1,Droaam 1,The Eldeen Reaches 1,Karrnath 1,The Lhazaar Principalities 1,The Mournland 1,The Mror Holds 1,Q'Barra 1,The Shadow Marches 1,The Talenta Plains 1,Thrane 1,Valenar 1,Zilargo


1,jungles of Xen'drik (NE) 1,deserts of Xen'drik (NW) 1,mountains of Xen'drik (Scattered but most bordering icy wastes) 1,icy wastes of Xen'drik (S coast)


3,Riedra 1,Adar 1,Syrkarn 1,Tashana Tundra


2,The Blackwood Jungle 2,Dajar Orioth (The Jungle of Daggers) 2,Jaelarthal Orioth (The Moonsword Jungle) 2,The Madwood 2,Majarin (E island) 1,Shae Deseir (ruin) 2,Thal Taluna (S island) 2,Valen's Isle (NE island) 1,Zaenya's Well 2,Sundering Peaks


1,The Vast: [The Vast] 1,The Thousand: [The Thousand] 1,The Light of Siberys: [The Light of Siberys] 1,The Tapestry 1,Seren (NW island) 1,Coasts

The Vast

5,Wide stretches of draconic uplands and lairs 1,Nestling Plateau 1,Fang Crater 1,The Great Barrier 1,Wyrmsfang Jungle 1,Wyrmsperch Mountains

The Thousand

5,Wide stretches of draconic uplands and lairs 1,The Acid Green 1,The Frostspur 1,The Claws of Klaryx

The Light of Siberys

8,Siberys fields and draconic lairs 1,The Harvest of Pain


3,Wayfinder Tundra 3,Khorvaire Ice Sheet 2,Iceworm Peaks 1,Icewhite Island (or sister isles) 1,Dayne Bay

Eberron Sea

1,The Dragonreach (SE of Khorvaire, NW of Argonessen) 1,The Bitter Sea (N of Khorvaire) 1,Sea of Lost Souls (W of Xen'drik, SE of Argonessen) 1,Lhazaar Sea (NE of Khorvaire) 1,Thunder Sea (S of Khorvaire, N of Xen'drik, W of Aerenal) 1,Sea of Rage (W of Sarlona, NE of Argonessen) 1,Dark Sea (S of Argonessen) 1,White Sea (NE of Sarlona) 1,Barren Sea (W of Khorvaire, E of Sarlona) 1,Icemaw Sea (S of Xen'drik)


5,A maze of natural caverns 3,A forgotten ruin or dungeon 3,A shrine used by a Cult of the Dragon Below 2,A dangerous or infested source of Khyber shards 2,A slaver convoy route 1,A slave pit 1,A lair of an unspeakable horror 1,A manifest zone from [Plane] 1,An unstable portal to [Plane] 1,A fixed gate to [Eberron] 1,A lair of an aberration, flush with natural Khyber shards 1,An area showing signs of Daelkyr influence 1,An area showing signs of Overlord influence


5,Daanvi, the Perfect Order 5,Risia, the Plain of Ice 5,Kythri, the Churning Chaos 5,Lamannia, the Twilight Forest 5,Mabar, the Endless Night 5,Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead 5,Thelanis, the Faerie Court 5,Fernia, the Sea of Fire 5,Shavarath, the Battleground 5,Syrania, the Azure Sky 5,Irian, the Eternal Day 2,Xoriat, the Realm of Madness 1,Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams


2,earth 2,fire 2,air 2,water 1,ice 1,smoke 1,mud 1,lava 1,[other element]

other element

1,light 1,darkness 1,lightning 1,thunder 1,poison 1,void 1,acid </sgtable>