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MSP is a happening place, with many locations, parties, and things going on in the background.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.

A copy of Waterdeep Locations because it's a darn darn cool generator, and I really like it, so I adapted it for the city in my campaign.

Random Location Around Town


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[MSP Locations]

Where's the Party?

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[MSP Party]

Starting Vignette

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[MSP Vignettes start]



1,[MSP Locations] 1,[MSP Party] 1,[MSP Vignettes start]

MSP Party

1,[party] [party happening] at [Party Locations]


1,Northside Barrens 1,Southside 1,Westside 1,Eastside 1,Downtown


1,[party description] [party word] 2,a [party word]

party description

1,a raucous 1,an invite-only 1,a masquerade 1,an exclusive 1,a private 1,a fantastic 1,a wild 1,a rather formal 1,an ad-hoc 1,a spontaneous 1,a drunken 1,an out-of-control 1,a high-class 1,a somber 1,an uninhibited

party word

1,party 1,celebration 1,festivity 1,soiree 1,ball 1,frolic 1,carousal 1,dance 1,birthday party 1,wedding 1,orgy 1,sex party 1,bunraku party 1,BTL party 1,smoke out 1,BBQ 1,anniversary party 1,stag night 1,hen night 1,house party 1,meat raffle 1,bingo night 1,ladies night

party happening

5,is being held 2,is happening 1,is occurring 1,is taking place 1,is going on 1,is starting

party host organization

1,the [Shadowrun Utility.Org] 5,[MSP Groups]

MSP Locations

1,[Southside] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrens] in Northside Barrens 1,[Westside] in Westside 1,[Downtown] in Downtown 1,[Eastside] in Eastside


1,[SouthsideRestaurants] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrensRestaurants] in Northside Barrens 1,[WestsideRestaurants] in Westside 1,[DowntownRestaurants] in Downtown 1,[EastsideRestaurants] in Eastside


1,[SouthsideBrothels] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrensBrothels] in Northside Barrens 0,[WestsideBrothels] in Westside 1,[DowntownBrothels] in Downtown 0,[EastsideBrothels] in Eastside


1,[SouthsideStripClubs] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrensStripClubs] in Northside Barrens 0,[WestsideStripClubs] in Westside 1,[DowntownStripClubs] in Downtown 0,[EastsideStripClubs] in Eastside


1,[SouthsideBars] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrensBars] in Northside Barrens 1,[WestsideBars] in Westside 1,[DowntownBars] in Downtown 1,[EastsideBars] in Eastside


1,[SouthsideHotels] in Southside 1,[NorthsideBarrensHotels] in Northside Barrens 0,[WestsideHotels] in Westside 1,[DowntownHotels] in Downtown 1,[EastsideHotels] in Eastside

Party Locations

4,[StripClubs] 3,[Bars] 4,[Restaurants] 1,[Brothels] 1,[Hotels]

Drinking Locations

4,[Bars] 1,[Restaurants] 1,[StripClubs]

MSP Groups

1,The Business 1,Followers of Asatru 1,Watch the Watchers 1,Astral Kill House 1,Horsepoint Patrol 1,Lost and Found 1,Erosion of Society


1,Tony Jaros 1,313 Club 1,Mayslacks 1,DoubleDeuce 1,Armor 4 US 1,Arty's AKs 1,Avis Pawn 1,Bare and Good 1,Barrens Newspaper 1,Benjamin Franklin Bingo and Slots 1,BFF (Buffet from Finland) 1,Biffy Mill Apts 1,Bills Gun Shop 1,Black Arts and Crafts Store 1,Black Diamond Field 1,Bob's Wonder Taxi 1,Bobby James Homemade Diamonds 1,Bobs Boxing Gym 1,Bobs Country Bunker 1,Bobs Magical Message Service 1,Bobs Robbed Daily Soyshack 1,BOB the Coyote 1,Book Stop 1,BTL Hut 1,Central Liquor 1,Chop and Drop 1,Clothes Stock 1,Combat Zone 1,Craigs Critter Bits 1,Cutty Bobs Hair Salon 1,Decklans Printing 1,Dog Pound 1,Deisel Harolds Distillery 1,Dog Pound 1,Dump Truck Garbage Shaman 1,Freak Street 1,Gold Plow Service 1,Grogs Grop 1,Hacktober 1,HandR Block 1,Harry Mikes Sling Pit 1,Hideaways 1,Indian Bob 1,IKast4U 1,La Cucaracha 1,Live Fast DIe Young Tattoos 1,Lost and Found 1,Malta House 1,Jimmys Delivery Service 1,MDK 1,Meat Plow 1,MeatShak Humane Society 1,Ian Make Boom Troll Demolitions 1,Mings Tavern 1,Nanotech Industries 1,Natural Troll Remedies 1,8-Bit Bar 1,Barrens Clinic 1,BJs 1,Broadway Pizza Strip Club 1,Double Deuce 1,Helping Hands 1,Mayslacks 1,Pavs Bar and Grill 1,Mid Field Bar 1,Sharp Scottys 1,313 Club 1,The Doctor 1,The Mechanic 1,Tokyo Rose 8,Tony Jaros 1,World Serpent 1,Old Anoka County Airport 1,OMG (Orig Med Grill) 1,Psycho Suzies 1,Ragnarokstok 1,Red Pagoda 1,RepoMen 1,Rocking Italian 1,Runners Warehouse 1,Scrapstock 1,Scuzzys Pizza 1,Shade Tree Harry Repair 1,Smokeys 1,Snatch and Grab 1,Soycaf and Bred 1,Stanleys Northeast Bar 1,Stuffit 1,The Barber Shop 1,The Bloody Tree 1,The Firehouse 1,The Last Station in the Barrens 1,The Perfect Burrito 1,The Quarry 1,Toans Noodles 1,Tow Trucks 1,Tranditional Healing 1,Union Bank and Trust 1,Welcome to the Barrens Shop 1,Dog Pound 1,Kill Kill Kill


7,Tony Jaros 2,313 Club 1,Bobs Country Bunker 1,Deisel Harolds Distillery 1,Grogs Grog 1,Freak Street 1,Hacktober 1,La Cucaracha 1,8-Bit Bar 1,Mings Tavern 1,BJ's 1,Broadway Pizza Strip Club 1,Double Deuce 1,Mayslacks 1,Pavs Bar and Grill 1,World Serpent 1,Psycho Suzies 1,Stanleys Northeast Bar 1,The Bloody Tree 1,The Firehouse 1,The Last Station in the Barrens 1,Tony Jaros 1,Dog Pound 1,Kill Kill Kill 1,Mid Field Bar


1,Mayslacks 1,Bobs Country Bunker 1,BFF (Buffet From Finland) 1,Bobs Critter Bits 1,MeatShak Humane Society 1,Mings Tavern 1,BJs 1,Broadway Pizza Strip Club 1,Pavs Bar and Grill 1,World Serpent 1,OMG (Orig Med Grill) 1,Psycho Suzies 1,Red Pagoda 1,Rocking Italian 1,The Perfect Burrito 1,The Quarry 1,Toans Noodles 1,Scuzzys Pizza 1,Soycaf and Bred 1,Stuffit 1,Stanleys Northeast Bar 1,Dog Pound 1,Kill Kill Kill 1,Robs Robbed Daily Soyshack 1,Fude


1,Double Deuce 1,Bobs Country Bunker 1,BJs 1,Broadway Pizza Strip Club


1,Tokyo Rose 1,BJs 1,Broadway Pizza Strip Club 1,Double Deuce 1,Dog Pound


1,NorthernCoffin 1,Hideaways


1,Stingers 8,The Web 1,King of Diamonds 1,Hidden Haylees 1,Alchemist Guild Hall 1,Ares Mega Mart 1,Arrow 1,Arrested MSP 1,Astral Kill House 1,Bills Gun Shop 1,Club Left Hand 1,Fly Boys 1,Flying Cloud Airport 1,Fryer Restaurant 1,Hanzo Blades 1,JLA Inc. 1,Lock n Store 1,Mutt Hutt 1,Rapd Meal 1,Terrington Medical Clinic 1,The Business 1,The Lounge 1,Umbria 1,Uncle Bob's Shop


1,The Web 1,Club Left Hand 1,The Lounge


1,Hidden Haylees


1,King of Diamonds


1,Lock n Store


1,Stringers 1,Umbria 1,The Web 1,Rapd Meal 1,Fryer Restaurant


1,Purity 1,C1 Buffet 1,AAA Alchemy 1,Anytime Bail Bonds 1,Bills Gun Shop 1,Blue Bayou 1,Bobbys Game Parlor 1,Bobs Trap and Taxidermy 1,Control 1,Crystal Airport 1,Download Hub 1,Foci Fo Cheap 1,Gullianis 1,Gustafson Bail Bonds 1,Holistic Health Center 1,Kellys Antiques and Consignment 1,Meal Diamonds 1,Munchies Topper Domino Pizza Hut 1,North Depot 1,Premium Cigar and Smoke Shop 1,Rays Occult Books 1,Sheillias Shit Shack 1,Spells Magic Shop 1,Stingers 1,Stuffit 1,Sylvan Information Systems 1,The Frontiersman Gun Shop 1,The Laundromat 1,Used Tires 4 Less 1,Watch the Watchers


1,Purity 1,Control 1,Blue Bayou 1,Bobbys Game Parlor




1,C1 Buffet 1,Gullianis 1,Stingers 1,Stuffit






1,Bills Gun Shop 1,Bobs Cycle Supply 1,Dassum Securities and Investments 1,Embassy at St. Croix 1,Eye in the Sky Pee Eye 1,Joes Sporting Goods 1,Krieg Bar and Grill 1,Lake Elmo Airport 1,Lone Star Enhancements 1,Peaxxe Hall 1,Shane Jewelers 1,Spellz Magic Shop 1,Steamboat Lines


1,Steamboat Lines 1,Krieg Bar and Grill




1,Embassy at St Croix Grill




1,Embassy at St Croix


1,Club Left Hand 1,Notre Dame 1,Top of the World 1,Where Wolf, There Wolf 1,Above it All Gambling 1,4M Company Store 1,American Swedish Institute 1,Anderson Family Jewelers 1,Apocrypha 1,Association Paranobilis - MSP 1,Barak Obama State Building 1,Bioscupt Intl 1,Bluffs Hotel 1,Charles Babbage Institute 1,Coffie and Coffee 1,Cop Armor 1,DocWagon Hospitals MSP 1,Electric Fetus 1,Elsies Bowl and Lounge 1,Evo Corporation NA HQ 1,Executive Landlords 1,Festival Foods Tower 1,FML (Friendly Med Lounge) 1,Fur Trim Bar & Restaurant 1,HiveLane 1,Hoa Bien 1,LOL (Lunch on Lyndale) 1,Midway Books 1,Mississippi Jazz Club 1,MPS Service 1,4M Archology 1,MSP Aerospace Port 1,Nye's Polonaise 1,Stand Up Franks 1,Save the Fish 1,Stringers 1,The Block 1,Zepp Park 1,Hyatt Regency 1,Clubhouse Jager 1,Fly Boys 1,Club Infinity


1,Club Left Hand 1,Where Wolf, There Wolf 1,Notre Dame 1,Bluffs Hotel Bar 1,Elsies Bowl and Lounge 1,Fur Trim Bar & Restaurant 1,Mississippi Jazz Club 1,Nyes Polonaise 1,Stand Up Franks 1,Clubhouse Jager 1,Fly Boys 1,Club Infinity


1,Fur Trim Bar & Restaurant


1,Top of the World 1,Coffie and Coffee 1,Fur Trim Bar & Restaurant 1,FML(Friendly Med Lounge) 1,Hoa Bien 1,Save the Fish 1,Stingers 1,Union Jack 1,LOL (Lunch on Lyndale)


1,Brass Rail 1,Fur Trim Bar & Restaurant


1,Bluffs Hotel 1,Coffie and Coffee 1,Downtown Hyatt Regency

Security Locations

1,KE Fortress 1,Lone Star Tower HQ 1,Lone Star SPPD Building 1,The Obelisk

MSP Vignettes start

3,You're with [character] [locationMSP], when [situationMSP]... 1,You're with [character] [locationoutdoor], when [situationoutdoor]...


3,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [nationality] [profession] 3,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [profession] from [Shadowrun Utility.Nation] 1,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [nationality] [profession] and [Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [nationality] [profession] 1,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [profession] from [Shadowrun Utility.Nation] and [Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [nationality] [profession]


1,[Shadowrun Utility.AAA] [Shadowrun Utility.Metatype] 1,[Shadowrun Utility.Nation] [Shadowrun Utility.Metatype]


1,attending [party] being thrown at [Party Locations] by [vignette party host] 1,providing security at [party] being thrown by [vignette party host] at [Party Locations] 1,working as bodyguards to an important member of [party host organization] who is attending [party] being thrown at [Party Locations] by [vignette party host] 1,looking at renting [rental unit] [rental reason] 1,doing a bit of shopping in [MSP Locations] [shopping reason] 1,shopping near [MSP Locations] [shopping reason] 1,[restaurant activity] at [Restaurant] 1,following [vignette party host] on a street near [MSP Locations] [following reason] 1,being held in a cell in [SecurityLocation] awaiting trial for the previous night's antics


3,hunting [Shadowrun Utility.MSPcritters] in the [wilderness] 1,on an expedition to provide better maps of the [wilderness] 1,hunting for ancient ruins in the [wilderness] 1,training with weapons in the [wilderness] 1,acting as a guide in the [wilderness] 1,looking for rare spell components in the [wilderness] 4,returning to MSP after an unsuccessful run to [Shadowrun Utility.Nation] 4,returning to MSP after an unsuccessful run to [Shadowrun Utility.City] 1,returning to MSP from [Shadowrun Utility.Nation] after concluding some personal business there


1,hills of southeast MN 1,western prairie 1,agricorp land 1,Milaca Lake 1,Boundry Waters 1,Duluth Hills 1,Duluth Piedmont Haunts 1,Mississippi River 1,Minnesota River 1,Wisconsin wilderness

rental unit

1,a flat in a rowhouse near [MSP Locations] 1,a room above a shop near [MSP Locations] 1,a room at [Hotels] 1,a room at a boarding house near [MSP Locations] 1,a small condo near [MSP Locations] 1,a coffin hotel near [MSP Locations]

rental reason

1,as a place to lie low for a while 1,as a love nest with your new paramour 1,as a potential safehouse for your organization 1,as a discreet place to conduct some research 1,because you've always liked that neighborhood 1,as a base of operations for your adventuring party 1,as a favor for a friend of yours from [party host organization]

shopping reason

1,because you're planning to attend [party description] [party] where gifts will be expected being thrown by [vignette party host] 1,for a gift to impress [vignette party host] 1,for some new adventuring gear 1,to spend what little money you have left from the last job 1,for a little something for yourself

vignette party host

1,a potential ally from [party host organization] 1,a dear friend from [party host organization] 1,an old rival from [party host organization] 1,an important member of [party host organization] 1,a rising star in [party host organization] 1,a wealthy patron from [party host organization] 1,a very attractive member of [party host organization] that you'd like to get to know

restaurant activity

1,getting really drunk for no particular reason 1,in the middle of a drinking contest 1,trying to start a bar fight 1,in the midst of a heated argument 1,enjoying a bite to eat 1,having a pint of your favorite brew 1,sipping a glass of wine 1,trying to hit on a patron 1,trying to hit on your server 1,discussing philosophy with the bartender 1,discussing some potential business with [vignette party host] 1,attempting to seduce [vignette party host] 1,swapping tales with the other patrons

following reason

1,because you've been hired by their jealous spouse 1,to find out where they keep their wealth 1,to find out if your organization can trust them with a mission of some importance 1,because you believe they are in league with an enemy of yours 1,because you're stalking them 1,because you've been hired by [vignette party host] to do so.


1,Streetsam 1,Enforcer 1,Fixer 1,Decker 1,Hacker 1,Rigger 1,Technomancer 1,Brawl Adept 1,Mage 1,Shaman 1,Mystic Adept Mage 1,Mystic Adept Shaman 1,Occult Investigator 1,Mercenary 1,Pilot 1,Face 1,Covert Ops 1,Drone Rigger 1,Smuggler 1,Company Man 1,Gun Adept 1,Weapon Expert 1,Johnson 1,Made Man 1,Fence 1,Talismonger


8,[situationany] 1,you realize you've somehow been drugged or poisoned as your vision fades 1,you see your bitter ex, the one from [party host organization]


5,[situationany] 1,you realize you've walked right into an ambush 1,you hear a low growl from the nearby underbrush 1,you set foot in a snare and find yourself suddenly hanging upside-down 1,you step on a land mine, but haven't stepped off 1,you lose your footing and tumble into a pit trap 1,you find the remains of a camp, the fire still smoldering 1,you notice a distinct but unfamiliar animal track 1,you come across the aftermath of a gun battle 1,you find an animal with its leg caught in a trap 1,you hear something sprinting away in the nearby underbrush 1,bullets start whistling all around you 1,your companion suddenly gurgles as an arrow goes through his throat 1,your companion slumps over, then you hear a gunshot 1,you find your boot stuck up to the knee in thick mud 1,you hear the howl of wolves and the harsh barking commands of something else 1,your vehicle blows a tire and smashes it's axle on a rock outcropping you were hopping 1,you see vultures and ravens beginning to circle nearby 1,you come across a burrowed entrance to some kind of lair


1,you see a glint of metal near your feet 1,you hear the distinct sound of a sword being drawn behind you 1,you hear someone starting to cast a spell 1,you hear the distinct sound of an AK-98 being charged 1,you hear the distinct sound of a pistol slide being racked 1,you hear the safety come off a weapon 1,you suddenly realize your weapon is missing 1,you hear the creak of a bow being drawn back nearby 1,you get that all-too-familiar sensation of being watched 1,you whirl around to find your companion has a SMG trained on you and an uncharacteristic grin 1,you remember you're supposed to be at [party] at [Party Locations] 1,you recognize a tattoo on your companion of an enemy organization 1,you feel a sharp pain in your leg as a dagger slices it