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The FantasyMenu is pretty good for restaurants in downtown, or any other civilized part of the world. But the Barrens are not those places. Use this to determine what random bit of grub is served at a Slop Shop in an average Barrens flop house, tavern, ale house, or diner. Most cooking is not fancy, and is some boil or provincial stew made in a single pot over a heat source. Sides are not always available, but tend towards flavored soy things.

One of the Shadowrun Tools and Plots generators.

This is a shameless modification and tailoring of FantasyMenu to Shadowrun.


Barrens Diner Menu

<sgdisplay iterations="10">





2,[Descriptor][MainMeals], served with [ExtrasRoll] 2,[Descriptor][MainMeals][DescriptiveAdjectives2][WithSide] 1,[Descriptor][MainMeals][DescriptiveAdjectives2][WithSide], served with [ExtrasRoll] 2,[Descriptor][VeggiesCookable][DescriptiveAdjectives2][WithSide] 1,[Descriptor][VeggiesCookable][DescriptiveAdjectives2][WithSide], served with [ExtrasRoll]


1,[CookingAdjectives] 1,[DescriptiveAdjective1]


1,Toasted 1,Deep-fried 1,Steamed 1,Broiled 5,Braised 10,Stewed 1,Charred 1,Charbroiled 1,Sauteed 1,Seared 5,Boiled 1,Poached 1,Battered Fried 1,Baked 1,Grilled 1,Roasted 2,Raw 5,Smoked 1,Spit-Roasted 1,Slow-Roasted 1,Tender 20,


15,Spiced 1,Herbed 1,Pastry-wrapped 1,Bacon-wrapped 15,Bacon-flavored 1,Marinated 10,Seasoned 5,Peppered 1,Herb-encrusted 2,Glazed 15,Spicy 1,Caramelized 1,Breaded 1,Garlicky


10,[Fake] 1,[Meat]


10,Mock-[Meat] 10,Soy Cube 10,[Meat] flavored Tofu 5,Pickled [FreshwaterFish] flavored tofu 5,Pickled [SaltwaterFish] flavored tofu 1,Pickled Mock-[FreshwaterFish] 1,Pickled Mock-[SaltwaterFish] 1,Cat 1,Dog 1,Rat 1,Snake 1,Squirrel


1,Beef 1,Liver 1,Beef Ribs 1,Beef Heart 1,Beef Tenderloin 1,Beef Tongue 1,Bacon 1,Lamb 1,Leg of Lamb 1,Rack of Lamb 1,Duck 1,Goose 1,Game Hen 1,Chicken 1,Pork 1,Pork Ribs 1,Pork Tenderloin 1,Ham 1,Boar 1,Boar Ribs 1,[VeggiesCookable] 1,Goat 1,Goat Leg 1,Rabbit 1,Coney 1,Hare 1,[FreshwaterFish] 1,Sheep 1,Mutton 1,Venison 1,Veal 1,Quail 1,Partridge 1,Pheasant 1,Turkey 1,Elk 1,Elk Ribs 20,Cheese 1,[SausageType] Sausage 1,[MainMealsExotic] Sausage 1,[MainMealsExotic] 1,[SaltwaterFish]


1,Alligator 1,Alligator Tail 1,Antelope 1,Badger 1,Bear 1,Beaver 1,Bobcat 1,Caribou 1,Caribou Ribs 1,Coyote 1,Dolphin 1,Dolphin Fin 1,Donkey 1,Dove 1,Frog 1,Frog's Legs 1,Groundhog 1,Grouse 1,Hawk 1,Heron 1,Horse 1,Lizard 1,Lynx 1,Moose 1,Moose Ribs 1,Mouse 1,Mule 1,Musk ox 1,Ox 1,Oxtail 1,Peacock 1,Pigeon 1,Porcupine 1,Porpoise 1,Raccoon 1,Reindeer 1,Seal 1,Snails 1,Swan 1,Turtle 1,Walrus 1,Whale 1,Wolf 1,Woodcock


10,[SausageFake] 1,[SausageMeat]


10,Mock-[SausageMeat] 10,Soy Cube 10,[SausageMeat] flavored Tofu 1,Cat 1,Dog 1,Rat 1,Snake 1,Squirrel[andCheese]


10, 1,and Cheese


1,Beef 1,Liver 1,Beef Heart 1,Beef Tongue 1,Lamb 1,Duck 1,Goose 1,Chicken 1,Pork 1,Ham 1,Boar 1,Goat 1,Rabbit 1,Coney 1,Hare 1,Mutton 1,Venison 1,Veal 1,Elk


10,Mock-[VeggiesCookable] 10,[VeggiesCookable] flavored Soy Cube 10,[VeggiesCookable] flavored Tofu 5,[RawOnlyVeggies] flavored Soy Cube 5,[RawOnlyVeggies] flavored Tofu 2,[VeggiesCookable] 1,[RawOnlyVeggies]


1,Arugula 1,Artichokes 1,Artichoke Hearts 1,Wax Beans 1,Bean Sprouts 2,Beets 1,Sugar Beets 2,Broccoli 1,Broccoli Rabe 1,Cauliflower 1,Celery 2,Collard Greens 1,Corn 1,Fennel Bulb 2,Garlic 1,Hot peppers 2,Green Peppers 1,Red Peppers 1,Yellow Peppers 1,Jalapenos 1,Kale 1,Leeks 1,Mushrooms 1,Wild Mushrooms 1,Okra 1,Olives 1,Parsnips 1,Plantain 2,Pumpkin 1,Radishes 1,Scallions 2,Acorn Squash 2,Butternut Squash 1,Crookneck Squash 1,Spaghetti Squash 1,Sunchoke 2,Sweet Potatoes 1,Yams 1,Water Chestnuts 1,Watercress 1,Spinach 1,Squash 2,Tomatoes 2,Zucchini 5,[Fruit] 2,Asparagus 2,Cabbage 5,Eggplant 2,Onions 1,Sweet Onions 1,Pearl Onions 1,Shallots 1,Red Onions 2,[VeggiesCookable] and [VeggiesCookable] 2,Carrots 2,Green Beans 2,Turnips 2,Potatoes


1,Mustard Greens 1,Raddiccio 1,Lettuce 1,Spring Greens 1,Sprouts 1,Chard 1,Cucumber 1,Dandelion Greens 1,Endives 1,Mesclun


1, 1, with [CookingAdjectives][Veggies] 1, on a bed of [CookingAdjectives][Veggies]


1, [Utility.Fruit]s


1,Bass 1,Carp 1,Catfish 1,Giant Catfish 1,Crayfish 1,Eel 1,Giant [FreshwaterFish] 1,Minnows 1,Panfish 1,Perch 1,Pickerel 1,Pike 1,Salmon 1,Sturgeon 1,Sunfish 1,Brown Trout 1,Rainbow Trout 1,Snapping Turtle 1,Whitefish


1,Amberjack 1,Anchovies 1,Angelfish 1,Sea Bass 1,Bluefish 1,Calamari 1,Clams 1,Crab 1,Dolphin 1,Eel 1,Flounder 1,Giant Shellfish 1,Grouper 1,Haddock 1,Halibut 1,Herring 1,Lampreys 1,Lobster 1,Mackerel 1,Mullet 1,Ocean Perch 1,Red Snapper 1,Rockfish 1,Roughy 1,Mussels 1,Octopus 1,Oysters 1,Prawns 1,Scallops 1,Shark 1,Shrimp 1,Snapper 1,Squid 1,Swordfish 1,Tuna 2,Cod 1,Lumpfish Caviar 1,Salmon Caviar 1,Sturgeon Caviar 1,Sea Urchin 1,Sea Turtle 1,Cockles 1,Conch


20, 5, roast 5, stew 5, casserole 2, sandwich 5, soup 5,, [VeggiesCookable] and [VeggiesCookable] kebabs 5, pie 5, special 5, parcels 3, salad 4, stuffed with [VeggiesCookable] 2, with [Utility.Fruit] reduction sauce 2, with Wine reduction sauce 7, with [SavorySauces] 1, in a[andfake] omelette with [VeggiesCookable] 4, seasoned with [Utility.HerbSpice] and [Utility.HerbSpice]


10, faux egg 1,n


3, [cheese] 10, [Breads] with [BreadSpreads] 4, [NutsVerb] [Nuts]s 3, [Pastas] 3, [ChipsType] Chips 10, [Desserts] 2, Scones with [BreadSpreads] 4, [Salads] 3, [Utility.Fruit]s 4, Dried [Utility.Fruit]s 2, [Tapas] 4, Dried [SausageType] Jerky 1, Dried [ExoticMainMeals] Jerky 1, [Pickles] 1, [Eggs] 3, Porridge


5,Potato 5,Purple Potato 7,Corn 5,Turnip 5,Radish 4,Zucchini 5,Sweet Potato 4,Summer Squash 2,Fennel 2,Kale 2,Chinese Cabbage 5,Beet 4,Eggplant 5,Parsnip 2,Spinach 4,Butternut Squash 4,Cucumber 3,Yucca Root 4,Apple 3,Banana 2,Pineapple 2,Plantain 3,Carrot 2,Swiss Chard 1,Lotus


1,Couscous 1,Egg Noodles 1,Wheat Noodles 1,Angel Hair 1,Linguini 1,Fettuccine 1,Spaghetti 1,Macaroni 1,Bulghur Wheat 1,Rigatoni 1,Rice Noodles 1,Ravioli 1,Tortellini 1,Manicotti 1,Lasagna Noodles


1,Biscuits 1,Barley Bread 1,Crackers 1,Black Bread 1,Rye Bread 1,[Utility.Fruit] Bread 1,Oatmeal Bread 1,Sweet Bread 1,Wheat Bread 1,Seven-Grain Bread 1,Sourdough Bread 1,Foccacia 1,Baguettes 1,Dumplings 1,Pancakes 1,[Utility.Fruit] Pancakes 1,Muffins 1,[Utility.Fruit] Muffins 1,[Utility.Fruit] and [Nuts] Muffins 1,Rolls 1,Crescent Rolls 3,Flatbread 1,Toast 1,Peasant Bread 1,Pita Bread 1,[Nuts] Bread 1,[Sweeteners] Bread 1,Frybread 1,Cornbread 1,Croissants 1,Unleavened Bread


1, [CheeseProcess] [CheeseType] [CheeseOrigin] Cheese 1, [Cheeses.main]


1,Fresh 1,Aged 1,Smoked 1,Cave-Aged 1,Dry 1,Peppercorn-encrusted 1,Pastry-encrusted 1,Herb-encrusted 1,[Nuts]-encrusted 1,Farmstead-Style 10,


200, 50,Sheep's Milk 50,Goat 10,Rothe Milk 30,Bison Milk 10,Camel's Milk 1,Wolf's Milk 1,Dire Boar's Milk 1,Dire Rat's Milk 5,Elk's Milk


1,Blue 1,Cheddar 1,Sharp 1,Porous 4,Mild 1,Extra-Sharp 1,Soft 1,Hard 1,Creamy 1,Smoky 10,


2,Toasted 1,Roasted 1,Salted 1,Candied 1,Dry-Roasted 1,Pan-Roasted 1,Fresh-Roasted 1,Spicy 1,Blanched 1,Cinnamon 1,Smoked


1,acorn 10,almond 2,beechnut 4,brazil nut 4,butternut 4,cashew 8,chestnut 4,hazel nut 2,hickory nut 2,macadamia 8,peanut 10,pecan 8,pine nut 10,pistachio 10,walnut


5,fresh-churned butter 4,herb butter 4,honey butter 3,[Utility.Fruit] jam 3,[Utility.Fruit] jelly 1,[Utility.Citrus] marmalade 1,[Utility.Citrus] curd 1,[FruitButters] butter 1,fresh-ground [Nuts] butter 1,[SpiceButters] butter 1,[Sweeteners] butter 4,melted [cheese]


5,apple 1,peach 1,pear 1,pumpkin


1,cinnamon 1,garlic 1,licorice 1,paprika 1,chilipepper


5,honey 2,marzipan 3,molasses 1,beet sugar 1,cane sugar 3,maple syrup 1,[Utility.Fruit] syrup


1,cake 1,funnel cake 1,cinnamon cake 1,doughnuts 1,eclairs 1,[Utility.Fruit] fritters 3,[Utility.Fruit] tarts 5,[Utility.Fruit] pie 1,[Utility.Fruit] cake 1,honey rolls 1,[Utility.Fruit] strudel 1,[Utility.Fruit] torte 1,cheese and [Utility.Fruit] blintz 1,candied [Utility.Fruit] 1,[Utility.Fruit] cobbler 1,creme brulee 1,custard 1,[Utility.Fruit] custard 1,pastries 1,[Utility.Fruit] pudding 1,bread pudding with [Utility.Fruit] sauce 1,dwarven rock candy 1,gnomish sweetbread


2,pickled beets 1,pickled cauliflower 3,sweet pickles 3,dill pickles 3,sweet gherkins 2,pickled pearl onions 2,pickled peppers 1,pickled melon rind 1,salt-preserved lemons 3,pickled herring 1,pickled parsnips 1,pickled red onions 2,pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) 1,pickled eggs 1,pickled radishes 1,pickled mushrooms 1,pickled turnips 1,pickled hot peppers 1,pickled garlic


1,scrambled eggs 1,hard-boiled eggs 1,soft-boiled eggs 1,poached eggs 1,fried eggs 1,scrambled eggs with [VeggiesCookable] 1,deviled eggs


10,[Extras] 7,[Extras] and [Extras] 5,[Extras], [Extras], and [Extras] 3,[Extras], [Extras], [Extras], and [Extras] 1,[Extras], [Extras], [Extras], [Extras], and [Extras]


1,Fried [VeggiesCookable] with roasted garlic-yogurt sauce 1,Olive Oil marinated baby [VeggiesCookable] stuffed with [Nuts] and [Veggies] 1,marinated roasted [VeggiesCookable] with [cheese] 1,[VeggiesCookable]-cheese patties with caper-yogurt sauce 1,roasted [VeggiesCookable] and olives with balsamic vinegar and olive oil 1,fava beans with [VeggiesCookable]s, capers and lemon juice 1,sauteed wild mushrooms with [Nuts] sauce & demi-glace 1,cabbage paquetes stuffed with rice and [VeggiesCookable] 1,[VeggiesCookable], [Utility.Fruit], and [Nuts] fritters with [Nuts] sauce 1,fried light pastry with [cheese] and [Nuts]s 1,roasted [VeggiesCookable] with [cheese] and [Nuts]s 1,spicy sausage in a sauce of [VeggiesCookable], [VeggiesCookable], and [VeggiesCookable] sauce 1,croquettes of [SaltwaterFish] with [VeggiesCookable] and [VeggiesCookable] 1,steamed [FreshwaterFish] with a creamy lemon-garlic sauce 1,thin-sliced cured [MainMeals] and [Veggies] with a [VeggiesCookable]-cream sauce 1,[SaltwaterFish] ceviche in [Utility.Citrus] juice with [Veggies] and [Veggies]


5,salad greens 3,dandelion greens salad 1,arugula salad 1,tomato & cucumber salad 1,mixed greens salad 1,field greens salad 1,cheese & tomato salad 1,three bean salad 1,shredded cabbage salad 1,pepper & onion salad 1,walnut & raspberry salad 1,fruit salad 1,spinach salad with [Utility.Fruit] viniagrette 1,[Veggies] & [cheese] salad 2,[Utility.Fruit] & [Nuts] salad 2,[RawOnlyVeggies] & [Veggies] salad 2,egg salad with [Veggies] 2,potato salad with [Veggies] & [Veggies] 2,chicken salad with [Veggies] & [Veggies]


1,horseradish sauce 1,stone-ground mustard 1,honeyed mustard 1,gravy 1,marinara sauce 1,hot pepper relish 1,olive tapenade 1,garlic sauce 1,herb butter 1,cream sauce 1,cheese sauce