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0,aka: “regular” 1, 1,s


0,aka: “irregular” 1, 1,es


0,aka: “irreg y” 1,y 1,ies


0,26 prefixes 1,Anti 1,Arch 1,Chrono 1,Crypto 1,Demi 1,Extra 1,Giga 1,Hyper 1,Hypno 1,Mega 1,Myco 1,Necro 1,Neuro 1,Omni 1,Over 1,Para 1,Perma 1,Pseudo 1,Psycho 1,Quasi 1,Super 1,Thermo 1,Uber 1,Ultra 1,Under 1,Vice


200,[TitleDescriptor] [Title] 30,[prefix]-[Title]


1,[NounDescriptor] [Noun]


1,[OrgDescriptor] [OrgName]


0,note lead/trail spc! 1, of the


18,[TDT][+][NDN] 3,[Title][+][Noun] 3,[Title][+][NDN] 3,[Title][+][OrgName][+][Noun] 3,[Noun]’s [TDT] 2,[TDT] 2,[TDT][+][Noun] 2,[TDT][+][NDN] and the [NDN] 2,[NDN]’s [TDT] 1,[Noun]’s [Title][+][SecretSocietyName] 1,[Title][+][Noun] and the [Noun] 1,[Title][+][NDN] and the [NDN] 1,[Title][+][OrgName][+][Noun] and [Noun] 1,[Title][+][SecretSocietyName] 1,[TDT][+][SecretSocietyName]


10,[ODO][+][NDN] 10,[OrgName][+][NDN] 10,[ODO][+][Noun] 10,[OrgName][+][Noun] 3,[OrgDescriptor] [Title]s 3,[ODO] 1,[OrgName] of [Title]s 1,[OrgName] of [NounDescriptor] [Title]s 2,[OrgName] of [TDT]s 1,[ODO] of [Title]s 1,[ODO] of [NounDescriptor] [Title]s 2,[ODO] of [TDT]s 1,[OrgName] of St. [Catholic Saint Names.main] the [TitleDescriptor] 1,[ODO] of St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]


10,Most [TitleDescriptor]] 1,Able 1,Absolute 1,Accepted 1,Accomplished 1,Acting 1,Admirable 1,Almighty 1,Ancient 1,Anointed 1,Apprentice 1,Arcane 1,Archaic 1,Ardent 1,Ascendant 1,Axiomatic 1,Beatific 1,Benevolent 1,Blessed 1,Brave 1,Calm 1,Candidate 1,Chief 1,Chivalrous 1,Chosen 1,Clever 1,Concealed 1,Consecrated 1,Constant 1,Consummate 1,Courageous 1,Craven 1,Crowned 1,Cryptic 1,Cunning 1,Dedicated 1,Deputy 1,Designated 1,Devoted 1,Devout 1,Divine 1,Elder 1,Elite 1,Elucidated 1,Emeritus 1,Enlightened 1,Entered 1,Epic 1,Essential 1,Esteemed 1,Eternal 1,Exalted 1,Excellent 1,Expert 1,Extraordinary 1,Faithful 1,Favored 1,Feral 1,Fierce 1,Fifth 1,Final 1,First 1,Fortunate 1,Fourth 1,Free 1,Gallant 1,Generous 1,Gifted 1,Glorious 1,Grand 1,Gray 1,Great 1,Hallowed 1,Heroic 1,Hidden 1,Hierophant 1,High 1,Highborn 1,Holy 1,Honored 1,Honourable 1,Humble 1,Illuminated 1,Illustrious 1,Immaculate 1,Imperial 1,Incomparable 1,Initiated 1,Innocent 1,Inscrutable 1,Insidious 1,Intimate 1,Invisible 1,Journeyman 1,Junior 1,Just 1,Known 1,Last 1,Learned 1,Legendary 1,Legitimate 1,Lofty 1,Lone 1,Lord High 1,Loyal 1,Mad 1,Majestic 1,Marked 1,Master 1,Matchless 1,Mighty 1,Most Excellent 1,Most High 1,Mystic 1,Necrotic 1,Noble 1,Novice 1,Numinous 1,Obedient 1,Omnipotent 1,Only 1,Ordained 1,Patient 1,Peculiar 1,Penitent 1,Penultimate 1,Perfect 1,Pious 1,Practiced 1,Preordained 1,Presiding 1,Primary 1,Prime 1,Principal 1,Privileged 1,Profound 1,Prophetic 1,Proud 1,Proven 1,Puissant 1,Pure 1,Radiant 1,Recognized 1,Relentless 1,Reliable 1,Renowned 1,Resolute 1,Resplendent 1,Revered 1,Reverent 1,Rhadamanthine 1,Right High 1,Righteous 1,Rightful 1,Rising 1,Royal 1,Sacred 1,Saintly 1,Sanctified 1,Second 1,Secondary 1,Secret 1,Select 1,Selected 1,Senior 1,Serene 1,Seventh 1,Shining 1,Silent 1,Singular 1,Sixth 1,Skilled 1,Sober 1,Solemn 1,Sovereign 1,Special 1,Spiritual 1,Sublime 1,Submissive 1,Subservient 1,Superior 1,Supreme 1,Tertiary 1,Third 1,Transcendent 1,Triumphant 1,True 1,Trusted 1,Ultimate 1,Unavoidable 1,Undaunted 1,Undeniable 1,Unholy 1,Unknown 1,Unleashed 1,Unseen 1,Unspoiled 1,Valiant 1,Valorous 1,Veiled 1,Venerable 1,Victorious 1,Virtuous 1,Wandering 1,Wise 1,Wonderful 1,Worshipful 1,Worthy 1,Young


1,Abbot 1,Accensor 1,Acolyte 1,Adept 1,Adherent 1,Administrator 1,Advisor 1,Agent 1,Alchemist 1,Alderman 1,Almoner 1,Ambassador 1,Anchorite 1,Angel 1,Apostle 1,Apprentice 1,Architect 1,Armiger 1,Artisan 1,Ascendant 1,Aspirant 1,Assassin 1,Astronomer 1,Attendant 1,Avenger 1,Bailiff 1,Balladeer 1,Banneret 1,Bard 1,Baron 1,Baronet 1,Beggar 1,Bishop 1,Brahmin 1,Brother 1,Builder 1,Burgrave 1,Caliph 1,Called One 1,Cantor 1,Captain 1,Cardinal 1,Cartographer 1,Catchpoll 1,Catechist 1,Cavalier 1,Celebrant 1,Cenobite 1,Centurion 1,Chamberlain 1,Champion 1,Chancellor 1,Chanter 1,Chaplain 1,Chevalier 1,Child 1,Chosen One 1,Commander 1,Companion 1,Concealer 1,Confidant 1,Confirmand 1,Conqueror 1,Consecrator 1,Consul 1,Consigliere 1,Constable 1,Councilor 1,Count 1,Courier 1,Crafter 1,Cultivator 1,Curate 1,Daimyo 1,Dean 1,Defender 1,Despot 1,Devotee 1,Diabolist 1,Diarch 1,Dictator 1,Diplomat 1,Disciple 1,Discoverer 1,Dragon 1,Drapier 1,Dreamthief 1,Druid 1,Duke 1,Eagle 1,Ealdorman 1,Earl 1,Elect 1,Elector 1,Eminence 1,Emir 1,Emissary 1,Emperor 1,Envoy 1,Eremite 1,Exchequer 1,Executioner 1,Exorcist 1,Factotum 1,Familiar 1,Famulus 1,Father 1,Follower 1,Foreman 1,Fortune Teller 1,Friend 1,Fury 1,Gatekeeper 1,Genii 1,Governor 1,Guard 1,Guardian 1,Guardsman 1,Guide 1,Guildmaster 1,Guru 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Headman 1,Heir 1,Herald 1,Holiness 1,Hospitaler 1,Hunter 1,Hydra 1,Incarnation 1,Inheritor 1,Initiate 1,Inquisitor 1,Inspector 1,Inspector General 1,Installator 1,Instructor 1,Interpreter 1,Judge 1,Juggernaut 1,Justicar 1,Justice 1,Keeper 1,Keymaster 1,Khan 1,Knight 1,Knight-Bachelor 1,Knight-Errant 1,Lady 1,Leader 1,Legate 1,Legionnaire 1,Liaison 1,Librarian 1,Lion 1,Lord 1,Lorekeeper 1,Magi 1,Magister 1,Magistrate 1,Magus 1,Maharajah 1,Majesty 1,Malik 1,Man-at-Arms 1,Marquis 1,Marshal 1,Martyr 2,Master 1,Mentor 1,Messenger 1,Minion 1,Minister 1,Missionary 1,Minstrel 1,Monarch 1,Monitor 1,Monk 1,Mourner 1,Muse 1,Nabob 1,Négociant 1,Necromancer 1,Neophyte 1,Noble 1,Novice 1,Officer 1,Opheliac 1,Overlord 1,Overseer 1,Palatine 1,Pasha 1,Pathfinder 1,Patriarch 1,Pentarch 1,Philosopher 1,Pillar 1,Pilot 1,Plenipotentiary 1,Pontiff 1,Postulant 1,Potentate 1,Praetor 1,Precursor 1,Prefect 1,Preparator 1,Preparer 1,Presbyter 1,Preserver 1,Priest 1,Prince 1,Prince Brahmin 1,Prior 1,Prisoner 1,Professor 1,Prophet 1,Protector 1,Provost 1,Pupil 1,Quartermaster 1,Queen 1,Questor 1,Rajah 1,Raven 1,Reagent 1,Refectorian 1,Regent 1,Regulator General 1,Revelator 1,Runemaster 1,Runebearer 1,Sacristan 1,Sage 1,Samurai 1,Savant 1,Scholar 1,Scribe 1,Scriptorian 1,Secretary 1,Seer 1,Seneschal 1,Sentinel 1,Sergeant-at-arms 1,Servant 1,Sewerjack 1,Shah 1,Shaper 1,Sheikh 1,Shepherd 1,Sheriff 1,Skald 1,Slave 1,Sojourner 1,Soldier 1,Son 1,Sorcerer 1,Sovereign 1,Spawn 1,Spiritguide 1,Spiritualist 1,Squire 1,Standard Bearer 1,Steward 1,Storykeeper 1,Student 1,Sultan 1,Sword 1,Swordmaster 1,Tactician 1,Taleteller 1,Teacher 1,Templar 1,Tenebriate 1,Tetrarch 1,Thrall 1,Titan 1,Torchbearer 1,Traveler 1,Treasurer 1,Tribune 1,Troubadour 1,Tsar 1,Tyrant 1,Underling 1,Viceroy 1,Virgin 1,Viscount 1,Vizier 1,Wanderer 1,Warchanter 1,Warden 1,Warder 1,Warlock 1,Warlord 1,Warrior 1,Watcher 1,Waykeeper 1,Wazeer 1,Wazir 1,Witch 1,Wizard


1,[Color.allCap] 1,Abyssal 1,Alchemical 1,Ancient 1,Arcane 1,Archaic 1,Argent 1,Ashen 1,Astral 1,Attentive 1,Awakened 1,Azure 1,Barren 1,Bearded 1,Beautiful 1,Benevolent 1,Bitter 1,Black 1,Blasphemous 1,Blessed 1,Blind 1,Bloody 1,Blue 1,Brazen 1,Bright 1,Brilliant 1,Burning 1,Cadaverous 1,Calm 1,Ceaseless 1,Celestial 1,Celestine 1,Changing 1,Chivalric 1,Chosen 1,Chthonic 1,Clerical 1,Common 1,Concealed 1,Concordant 1,Conquering 1,Consecrated 1,Copper 1,Corrupted 1,Corpulent 1,Creeping 1,Crimson 1,Crouching 1,Crystalline 1,Cursed 1,Cyclopean 1,Dark 1,Dauntless 1,Dedicated 1,Deep 1,Desolate 1,Devoted 1,Diamond 1,Dissident 1,Divided 1,Divine 1,Dormant 1,Dread 1,Drunken 1,Dynastic 1,Easterly 1,Eastern 1,Ebony 1,Eighth 1,Elder 1,Eldritch 1,Elemental 1,Elite 1,Emerald 1,Enchanted 1,Endless 1,Enlightened 1,Essential 1,Eternal 1,Ethereal 1,Exalted 1,Faithless 1,Falling 1,Fiery 1,Fifth 1,Final 1,First 1,Flaming 1,Flashing 1,Flawless 1,Flowering 1,Flowing 1,Forbidden 1,Forgotten 1,Forsworn 1,Fourth 1,Frozen 1,Fundamental 1,Furious 1,Glorious 1,Golden 1,Grand 1,Great 1,Green 1,Grey 1,Grotesque 1,Growing 1,Guiding 1,Hallowed 1,Heavenly 1,Hidden 1,Holy 1,Illuminated 1,Illustrious 1,Imminent 1,Immortal 1,Immovable 1,Imperial 1,Incommunicable 1,Incomprehensible 1,Independent 1,Inestimable 1,Inexplicable 1,Infernal 1,Inner 1,Innocent 1,Inscrutable 1,Insidious 1,Invisible 1,Iron 1,Ivory 1,Knightly 1,Last 1,Laughing 1,Leaping 1,Lonely 1,Lost 1,Loyal 1,Mad 1,Magical 1,Magnificent 1,Military 1,Monastic 1,Mysterious 1,Mystic 1,Naked 1,New 1,Noble 1,Northern 1,Obscure 1,Occult 1,Octal 1,Only True 1,Ordered 1,Outer 1,Pale 1,Pallid 1,Peaceful 1,Penultimate 1,Perfect 1,Pestilential 1,Priestly 1,Primary 1,Primeval 1,Profane 1,Profound 1,Prophetic 1,Psionic 1,Purple 1,Quartal 1,Quintal 1,Radiant 1,Red 1,Reverent 1,Rising 1,Rosy 1,Royal 1,Ruby 1,Sacred 1,Sapphire 1,Scarlet 1,Second 1,Secret 1,Septimal 1,Serene 1,Serpentine 1,Seventh 1,Sextal 1,Shattered 1,Shining 1,Silent 1,Silver 1,Sixth 1,Sleeping 1,Sorcerous 1,Southern 1,Sovereign 1,Squamous 1,Stygian 1,Sublime 1,Subtle 1,Supreme 1,Swirling 1,Sylvan 1,Tattooed 1,Telestial 1,Telestic 1,Tenebrous 1,Terrestial 1,Tertiary 1,Third 1,Thorny 1,Twisted 1,Ultimate 1,Undiscovered 1,Undying 1,Unending 1,Unfathomable 1,United 1,Unknown 1,Unseen 1,Unspeakable 1,Untamed 1,Unutterable 1,Veiled 1,Venerable 1,Vengeful 1,Venomous 1,Verdant 1,Vespertine 1,Vile 1,Wandering 1,Western 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Withered 1,Wonderful


8,[Title]s 3,Order 2,Alliance 2,Association 2,Brotherhood 2,Circle 2,Community 2,Company 2,Council 2,Fellowship 2,Followers 2,Fraternity 2,Guardians 2,Keepers 2,Knights 2,League 2,Seekers 2,Society 1,Adherents 1,Affiliate 1,Affinity 1,Army 1,Assemblage 1,Band 1,Brethren 1,Brigade 1,Brothers 1,Builders 1,Cadre 1,Camarilla 1,Clan 1,Coalition 1,Collective 1,College 1,Column 1,Comradeship 1,Confederacy 1,Congress 1,Consortium 1,Corps 1,Corporation 1,Coterie 1,Court 1,Coven 1,Covey 1,Cult 1,Daughters 1,Devotees 1,Disciples 1,Family 1,Fathers 1,Folk 1,Guild 1,High Council 1,Horde 1,House 1,Kinfolk 1,Kinship 1,Men 1,Militia 1,Ministry 1,Mutuality 1,Parliament 1,Patrons 1,Phalanx 1,Preservers 1,Quorum 1,Regiment 1,School 1,Servants 1,Sisterhood 1,Sisters 1,Sodality 1,Sorority 1,Students 1,Supporters 1,Swarm 1,Syndicate 1,Templars 1,Union


1,Abyssal 1,Alchemical 1,All-Seeing 1,Ancient 1,Arcane 1,Archaic 1,Argent 1,Astral 1,Awakened 1,Axiomatic 1,Azure 1,Barren 1,Bearded 1,Beautiful 1,Bitter 1,Black 1,Bleeding 1,Blessed 1,Blind 1,Bloodthirsty 1,Blue 1,Boreal 1,Brazen 1,Bright 1,Brilliant 1,Brown 1,Burning 1,Calm 1,Ceaseless 1,Celestial 1,Celestine 1,Changing 1,Chosen 1,Chthonic 1,Common 1,Concealed 1,Concordant 1,Conquering 1,Consecrated 1,Copper 1,Corrupted 1,Courtly 1,Creeping 1,Crimson 1,Crippled 1,Crouching 1,Cruel 1,Cursed 1,Damned 1,Dark 1,Dauntless 1,Dead 1,Debonaire 1,Dedicated 1,Deep 1,Demonic 1,Desolate 1,Diabolical 1,Diamond 1,Disinherited 1,Dismal 1,Divided 1,Divine 1,Dormant 1,Draconic 1,Dread 1,Drowned 1,Drunken 1,Ducal 1,Dying 1,Dynastic 1,Easterly 1,Ebony 1,Eighth 1,Elder 1,Eldritch 1,Elegiac 1,Elemental 1,Emerald 1,Enchanted 1,Endless 1,Enduring 1,Enlightened 1,Ephemeral 1,Essential 1,Eternal 1,Ethereal 1,Everlasting 1,Exalted 1,Extraordinary 1,Faceless 1,Faithless 1,Falling 1,Fiendish 1,Fiery 1,Fifth 1,Final 1,First 1,Flaming 1,Flashing 1,Flawless 1,Flowering 1,Flowing 1,Forbidden 1,Forgotten 1,Forsaken 1,Foul 1,Fourth 1,Frozen 1,Fundamental 1,Furious 1,Gargantuan 1,Gentle 1,Glorious 1,Golden 1,Great 1,Green 1,Grey 1,Growing 1,Guiding 1,Hallowed 1,Heavenly 1,Hidden 1,Holy 1,Horned 1,Illuminated 1,Illustrious 1,Imminent 1,Immortal 1,Immovable 1,Imperial 1,Incommunicable 1,Incomprehensible 1,Incorruptible 1,Indefinite 1,Inestimable 1,Inexorable 1,Inexplicable 1,Infernal 1,Infinite 1,Inner 1,Innocent 1,Inscrutable 1,Insidious 1,Interminable 1,Invisible 1,Iron 1,Ivory 1,Last 1,Laughing 1,Leaping 1,Lonely 1,Lost 1,Lucky 1,Lunar 1,Luxurious 1,Magnificent 1,Metamorphic 1,Momentary 1,Mysterious 1,Mystic 1,Naked 1,New 1,Noble 1,Northern 1,Obscure 1,Obsidian 1,Occluded 1,Occult 1,Octal 1,Omnipotent 1,Only True 1,Oracular 1,Orange 1,Ordered 1,Outer 1,Pale 1,Peaceful 1,Penultimate 1,Perfect 1,Perpetual 1,Primary 1,Primeval 1,Primordial 1,Prismatic 1,Profane 1,Profound 1,Prophesied 1,Prophetic 1,Psionic 1,Purple 1,Quartal 1,Quintal 1,Radiant 1,Reborn 1,Red 1,Retrieved 1,Rising 1,Rosy 1,Rotting 1,Royal 1,Ruby 1,Sacred 1,Sapphire 1,Scarlet 1,Second 1,Secret 1,Septimal 1,Sepulchral 1,Serene 1,Serpentine 1,Seventh 1,Sextal 1,Shadowy 1,Shattered 1,Shining 1,Silent 1,Silver 1,Sixth 1,Sleeping 1,Somber 1,Southern 1,Sovereign 1,Stolen 1,Stygian 1,Sublime 1,Subterranean 1,Subtle 1,Suitable 1,Supreme 1,Swirling 1,Sylvan 1,Telestial 1,Telestic 1,Tentacled 1,Terrestrial 1,Tertiary 1,Third 1,Thorny 1,Tidal 1,Transient 1,Transparent 1,Twisted 1,Ultimate 1,Uncaring 1,Undiscovered 1,Undying 1,Unending 1,Unfathomable 1,Unholy 1,Unknown 1,Unlucky 1,Unseen 1,Unspeakable 1,Untamed 1,Valiant 1,Veiled 1,Venerable 1,Vengeful 1,Venomous 1,Verdant 1,Vespertine 1,Vile 1,Wandering 1,Waning 1,Western 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Withered 1,Wonderful 1,Wounded


202,[reg_noun][s] 0, 1,Complex[es] 1,Cross[es] 1,Fortress[es] 1,Grotto[es] 1,Phoenix[es] 1,Sphinx[es] 1,Vortex[es] 0, 1,Academ[y] 1,Arm[y] 1,Ceremon[y] 1,Cit[y] 1,Compan[y] 1,Countr[y] 1,Destin[y] 1,Eternit[y] 1,Fraternit[y] 1,Glor[y] 1,Histor[y] 1,Merc[y] 1,Myster[y] 1,Nobilit[y] 1,Prophec[y] 1,Sk[y] 1,Societ[y] 1,Stor[y] 1,Victor[y] 0, 0,don’t pluralize 1,[Animal.WeirdSymbol] 1,Aeons 1,Air 1,Aurora 1,Awareness 1,Balance 1,Chaos 1,Children 1,Command 1,Consciousness 1,Court 1,Court of Honour 1,Darkness 1,Deep 1,Doom 1,Ether 1,Gentlemen 1,Geste 1,Honour 1,Keep 1,Leviathan 1,Life 1,Light 1,Love 1,Magic 1,Mantis 1,Men 1,Might 1,Opposition 1,People 1,Redemption 1,Salvation 1,Snows 1,Solace 1,South 1,Spring 1,Stillness 1,Sun 1,Turmoil 1,Understanding 1,Vale 1,Wings 1,Wisdom 1,Wolf 1,Work


0,pluralize with “s” 1,Altar 1,Anchor 1,Answer 1,Ark 1,Art 1,Artifact 1,Autumn 1,Axe 1,Band 1,Banner 1,Bear 1,Beast 1,Birth 1,Blade 1,Bloodline 1,Book 1,Bow 1,Brigade 1,Brotherhood 1,Cabal 1,Castle 1,Catacomb 1,Cauldron 1,Cavern 1,Chalice 1,Choice 1,Chrysanthemum 1,Circle 1,Cloud 1,College 1,Comet 1,Coven 1,Craft 1,Crown 1,Crypt 1,Cup 1,Dance 1,Dawn 1,Death 1,Deed 1,Degree 1,Depth 1,Desert 1,Desire 1,Directive 1,Dominion 1,Dragon 1,Dream 1,Dungeon 1,Eagle 1,Earth 1,Element 1,Elite 1,Elk 1,Empire 1,Enigma 1,Evening 1,Eye 1,Falcon 1,Fire 1,Fist 1,Forest 1,Form 1,Game 1,Garter 1,Gate 1,Goblet 1,God 1,Grove 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Harp 1,Harvest 1,Haven 1,Hawk 1,Heart 1,Heaven 1,Heir 1,Helm 1,Hill 1,Immortal 1,Intrigue 1,Island 1,Isle 1,Jungle 1,Key 1,King 1,Kingdom 1,Knowledge 1,Labyrinth 1,Law 1,Legend 1,Lion 1,Lizard 1,Lute 1,Maelstrom 1,Maiden 1,Master 1,Meditation 1,Mind 1,Mirage 1,Missive 1,Mist 1,Monkey 1,Moon 1,Morning 1,Mother 1,Mountain 1,Name 1,Nation 1,Night 1,Note 1,Ocean 1,Oracle 1,Orb 1,Order 1,Pantheon 1,Passage 1,Path 1,Pestilence 1,Place 1,Plain 1,Plane 1,Planisphere 1,Portal 1,Power 1,Prophet 1,Province 1,Pyramid 1,Queen 1,Race 1,Raven 1,Realm 1,Relic 1,Revelation 1,Ring 1,Rite 1,Ritual 1,River 1,Road 1,Rod 1,Rose 1,Rune 1,Sand 1,Sceptre 1,Science 1,Scroll 1,Sea 1,Secret 1,Serpent 1,Shadow 1,Shield 1,Shore 1,Sigil 1,Skull 1,Snake 1,Song 1,Spear 1,Sphere 1,Spirit 1,Staff 1,Stance 1,Star 1,Stone 1,Storm 1,Summer 1,Sunrise 1,Sunset 1,Swamp 1,Sword 1,Symbol 1,Tattoo 1,Teaching 1,Tempest 1,Temple 1,Terror 1,Testament 1,Throne 1,Thunderbolt 1,Tide 1,Tiger 1,Tomb 1,Tome 1,Tower 1,Treasure 1,Tree 1,Troubadour 1,Truth 1,Vessel 1,Vision 1,Void 1,Wand 1,War 1,Waste 1,Water 1,Way 1,Will 1,Wind 1,Winter 1,World 1,Wyrm



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