Scarlet Heroes Urban Adventure

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1,Plot: [plot]
Locations: [locations], [locations], [locations]
Investigation Scene: [investigation]
Conflict Scene: [conflict]
Action Scene: [action]


1,Convince an Actor ally of the foe to betray them. On a failure, face a Fight. 1,Despoil or ruin a sanctum or safehouse belonging to the foe. Roll a die; on an odd result, face a Fight as well as the check. 1,Pass an incriminating or disgraceful Clue to an Actor who can make sure important people learn of the evidence. 1,Face the foe's best warrior- or the foe himself if this is a climactic battle and they're fit for combat. Face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Plunder resources necessary to the foe's plan. Either make a check at +2 difficulty or face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Destroy proof, evidence, or information necessary to the foe's plan. On a failure, face a Fight. 1,Rally an Actor and their comrades to oppose the foe. 1,Guide the Target or another important Actor out of the foe's reach for at least a temporary period. Roll a die; on an odd result, face a Fight to protect them as well as the check. 1,Bring in an outside authority or useful Actor to oppose the foe. 1,Sabotage a tool, evidence, or ally of the foe so that it betrays their attempted use of it.


1,Waylay a minion of the foe. Face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Intimidate or put social pressure on an associate of the foe. 1,Support an Actor who's working against the foe for their own reasons. Roll a die; on an odd result, face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Sabotage or steal the foe's possessions that are important to the plot. Roll a die; on an odd result, face a Fight as well as a check. 1,Fight through an ambush arranged by the foe at a Location. Face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Discredit or frame an Actor ally of the foe. 1,Suffer betrayal by an Actor; face a Fight as you try to escape or avenge yourself. 1,Outmaneuver a local official suborned or bribed by the foe. Roll a die; on an odd result, add 1 Heat to the community. 1,Do a friendly Actor a favor that will advance them into a position to help you. Roll a die; on an odd result, face a Fight as the foe tries to stop you. 1,Eliminate an outside Actor brought in to aid the foe. Face a Fight instead of a check.


1,An Antagonist seeks the assassination of a Target
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target] 1,An Antagonist seeks to steal something precious to a Target
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target] 1,A Target has been kidnapped by an Antagonist and is in need of rescue
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target] 1,A Location is struck by a fire, riot, building collapse, monster outbreak, or the like
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target] 1,An Antagonist schemes to harm a rival Target, such as by theft, blackmail, or framing
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target]
Crime: [crime] 1,A Target aspires to advance their business or status but an Antagonist opposes them
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target] 1,A Target faces a calamity due to a crime committed by an untouchable Antagonist
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target]
Crime: [crime] 1,A Target belongs to a group or ethnicity that is suffering problems from an Antagonist
Antagonist: [antagonist]
Target: [target]
Crime: [crime]


1,Hunt up an Actor whom you have reason to suspect can give you a Clue. 1,Infiltrate a Location where the activities relate to a Clue. On a check failure, face a Fight. 1,Tail an Actor who might have a Clue. On a check failure, face a Fight. 1,Search a Location related to past events where a Clue can be found. Roll a die; on an odd result, you face a Fight whether or not you succeed on the check. 1,Stake out an Actor or Location. Whether or not you win the check, your opponent gains a Victory point due to delay. 1,Ambush a dangerous Actor who holds a Clue. Face a Fight instead of a check. 1,Trick an Actor into revealing a Clue. Roll a die; on an odd result you face a Fight whether or not you succeed on the check. 1,An allied Actor can get you a Clue at personal risk. Roll a die; on an even number make a skill check to help them succeed. On an odd number, Fight to protect them. 1,Bribe an Actor to give you a Clue. Roll a die; on an odd, immediately face a Conflict scene with them or on their behalf and win it to succeed. On an even, pay a reasonable bribe or fail the challenge. 1,Be waylaid by a hostile Actor with a Clue. Face a Fight instead of a check.


1,Sabotage 1,Rape 1,Mutilation 1,Murder 1,Kidnapping 1,Forced Marriage 1,Assault 1,Arson 1,"Legal" theft 1,Burglary 1,Deed Theft 1,Embezzlement 1,Extortion 1,Pickpocketing 1,Robbery 1,Theft of secrets 1,Blackmail 1,Dark worship 1,False accusation 1,Falsified will 1,Foul magic 1,Impersonation 1,Official corruption 1,Treason


1,Cruel footpad 1,Dark cultist 1,Drunken brawler 1,Gutter mage 1,Pit fighter 1,Ruthless assassin 1,Scruffy tough 1,Tong hatchet man 1,Treacherous harlot 1,Vicious madman 1,Aged veteran 1,Angry mob 1,Armed bystander 1,Burly laborer 1,Disguised warrior 1,Mistaken local 1,Paid guardsman 1,Scarred bouncer 1,Vigilant bodyguard 1,Watchful neighbor 1,City guard 1,Cult inquisitor 1,Indentured mage 1,Military scout 1,Noble scion 1,Noble's guard 1,Secret agent 1,Tax collector 1,Trained soldier 1,Watch sorcerer 1,Beast trainer 1,Expert assassin 1,Fanatical guard 1,Grizzled veteran 1,Inhuman thing 1,Mad zealot 1,Priest of war 1,Skilled sorcerer 1,Violent alchemist 1,Warrior monk


1,Ambitious scholar 1,Ambitious guttersnipe 1,Aged plutocrat 1,Battered ex-adventurer 1,Amoral assassin 1,City magistrate 1,Beautiful young mistress 1,Bitter pretender to rank 1,Cynical watch leader 1,Bold ship captain 1,Black marketeer 1,Discreet banker 1,Commercial moneylender 1,Callous blackmailer 1,Exiled pretender 1,Cunning shipwright 1,Careworn priest 1,Famed courtesan 1,Cynical investigator 1,Cheap legbreaker 1,Famous artist 1,Doddering sage 1,Cheating merchant 1,Favored concubine 1,Drunken sailor 1,Cretinous street thug 1,Feared court blackmailer 1,10 Dubious spice merchant 1,Crippled beggar child 1,Foreign diplomat 1,Earthy construction boss 1,Cynical young whore 1,Foreign nobleman 1,Elderly crafter 1,Deceitful footpad 1,Heartless noble matron 1,Erudite bookseller 1,Degraded former noble 1,High military officer 1,Exquisite dancer 1,Depraved slumming noble 1,High-ranking priest 1,Grasping merchant 1,Desperate young mother 1,Instructor to nobles 1,Grizzled border hunter 1,Diseased beggar 1,Master assassin 1,Gross slave or labor trader 1,Disguised con artist 1,Mighty war hero 1,Honest gravetender 1,Dissipated physician 1,Minister of taxes 1,Humble day laborer 1,Drug den proprietor 1,Minister of trade 1,Intrepid explorer 1,Earnest charity worker 1,Newlywed noble bride 1,Marriage-minded deb 1,Exiled foreigner 1,Ninja clan leader 1,Minor government official 1,Expert forger 1,Official investigator 1,Mistreated servant or slave 1,Grasping fence 1,Powerful sorcerer 1,Pitiless tax collector 1,Hard-drinking labor boss 1,Provincial governor 1,Polished tea house owner 1,Hardened burglar 1,Purveyor of rare sins 1,Promising artist 1,Haughty ninja 1,Rich moneylender 1,Puzzled foreigner 1,Impartial info broker 1,Riotous young heir 1,Rakehell family heir 1,Impoverished ex-noble 1,Scheming daifu 1,Relentless bounty hunter 1,Knife-slinging gambler 1,Scion of a noble lineage 1,Reputable tong brother 1,Menacing tong enforcer 1,Scion of past rulers 1,Retired mercenary officer 1,Migrant farmer 1,Shipping fleet owner 1,Rough caravan master 1,Naive country girl 1,Social club leader 1,Sagacious alchemist 1,Press gang boss 1,Sorcerous "fixer" 1,Sincere priest 1,Priest of a forbidden faith 1,Steward of family lands 1,Skillful artisan 1,Ruthless moneylender 1,Tong grandfather 1,Stern market magistrate 1,Scrawny pickpocket 1,Veteran adventurer 1,Suspicious farm owner 1,Street-worn prostitute 1,Wealthy heir 1,Veteran soldier 1,Suspicious urchin 1,Wealthy landowner 1,Wealthy bachelor 1,World-weary madame 1,Wealthy merchant prince 1,Weary physician 1,Wretched miser 1,Widely-sought maiden


1,Bazaar 1,Abandoned building 1,Daifu's country retreat 1,Blacksmithy 1,Brothel 1,Discreet rendezvouz 1,Cemetery Dark alleyway Discreet sanitarium 1,Guardpost 1,Decrepit shrine 1,Elite dueling academy 1,Guild hall 1,Drug den 1,Exclusive cult shrine 1,Inn 1,Fence's shop 1,Exclusive tea house 1,Local monument 1,Fetid waterway 1,Exotic brothel 1,Moneychanger 1,Fighting pit 1,Gilded shrine 1,Physician's home 1,Filthy streetcorner 1,Government office 1,Public plaza 1,Forbidden market 1,Guarded treasure house 1,Public well 1,Hidden opulent lair 1,Hidden love nest 1,Respectable home 1,Impoverished hospice 1,Merchant's palace 1,School of arts 1,Makeshift hovel 1,Rich mausoleum 1,Slave or labor market 1,Prison Ruler's court 1,Tannery 1,Reeking sweatshop 1,School of magic 1,Tavern 1,Sewer passage 1,Sealed familial tower 1,Tea house 1,Sinister tavern 1,Social club 1,Temple 1,Tattered market 1,Splendid garden 1,Warehouse 1,Tenement 1,Stately public ritual 1,Wharf 1,Tong hall 1,Urban palace