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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main] is eating [Food]</sgdisplay>



1,[NobleMale] (Noble, Jaguar Knight, or Priest) 1,[NobleFemale] (Priestess, Sorceress, or Lady) 1,[Pochteca] (Pochteca or Macehualli) 1,[FemaleCommoner] (Female Commoner) 1,[MaleGeneric] (Male Commoner)


1,Cuetzpalli (lizard) 1,Cipactli (crocodile) 1,Xochipepe (flower-gatherer) 1,Cuixtli (kite) 1,Yaotl (warrior) 1,Matlalihuitl (purple feather) 1,Acamapichtli (handful of reeds) 1,Itzcoatl (obsidian snake) 1,Chimalpopoca (smoking shield) 1,Nochehuatl (consistent) 1,Coatl (snake) 1,Quauhtli (eagle) 1,Izel (unique) 1,Citlalmina (arrow stars; meteorites) 1,Xiuhcoatl (fire serpent) 1,Cipactli (alligator) 1,Itz (obsidian) 1,Miquiztli (death) 1,Yayauhqui (black smoking mirror) 1,Xipil (noble of the fire)


1,Cihuaton (little woman) 1,Xochicotzin (little necklace) 1,Coaxoch (serpent flower) 1,Quetzalxochitl (precious flower) 1,Tlanextli (radiance and majesty) 1,Tlexictli (fire navel) 1,Teoxihuitl (precious and divine) 1,Tonalnan (mother of light) 1,Xochiyotl (heart of a gentle flower) 1,Yolihuani (source of life) 1,Yoloxochitl (flower of the heart) 1,Xiloxoch (calliandra flower) 1,Miyaoaxochitl (maize tassel) 1,Eloxochitl (magnolia) 1,Xochiquetzal (most beautiful flower) 1,Azcalxochitzin (ant flower) 1,Quiauhxochitl (rain flower) 1,Tziquetzalpoztectzin (broken plume) 1,Mizquixaual (mesquite face paint) 1,Citlalmina (female hero)


1,Moquihuix (drunkard) 1,Xocoyotl (youngest child) 1,Malinalxochitl (grass flower) 1,Nezahualcoyotl (hungry coyote) 1,Tochtli (rabbit) 1,Matlal (dark green) 1,Mazatl (deer) 1,Tlalli (earth) 1,Necahual (survivor, left-behind) 1,Nezahual (hungry) 1,Tlazohtzin (one who is loved) 1,Ocelotl (ocelot) 1,Nochtli (prickly pear cactus) 1,Ozomatli (monkey) 1,Tecpatl (flint knife) 1,Tepetl (mountain) 1,Itzcuintli (dog) 1,Tlantli (teeth) 1,Ixcatzin (like cotton) 1,Malinalli (grass)


1,Teyacapan (first born) 1,Xoco (youngest sister) 1,Tlaco (middle-born) 1,Teicuih (younger sister) 1,Cozamalotl (rainbow) 1,Tepin (little one) 1,Zeltzin (delicate) 1,Tlacotl (twig) 1,Mazatl (deer) 1,Acatl (reed) 1,Coszcatl (jewel) 1,Xochitl (flower) 1,Chalchiuitl (emerald) 1,Cuicatl (song) 1,Xocoyotl (youngest child) 1,Tlacoehua (middle one) 1,Eleuia (wish) 1,Nenetl (doll) 1,Noxochicoztli (necklace of flowers) 1,Papan (flag)


1,Achcauhtli (leader) 1,Ahuiliztli (joy) 1,Cualli (good) 1,Etalpalli (wing) 1,Eztli (blood) 1,Ichtaca (secret) 1,Icnoyotl (friendship) 1,Ilhuitl (day) 1,Itotia (dance) 1,Iuitl (feather) 1,Amoxtli (book) 1,Atl (water) 1,Chicahua (strong) 1,Chipahua (clean) 1,Citlalli (star) 1,Ixtli (face) 1,Mahuizoh (glorious person) 1,Manauia (defend) 1,Mecatl (glorious lineage) 1,Meztli (moon) 1,Momoztli (altar) 1,Moyolehuani (enamored one) 1,Nahuatl (four waters) 1,Nelli (truth) 1,Nochtli (prickly pear fruit) 1,Yolotli (heart) 1,Ohtli (road) 1,Patli (medicine) 1,Tenoch (stone pillar) 1,Tlachinolli (fire) 1,Atl (water) 1,Toltecatl (artist) 1,Xihuitl (comet) 1,Zolin (quail) 1,Yolyamanitzin (considerate person) 1,Centehua (only one) 1,Xiuhtonal (precious light) 1,Yoltzin (small heart) 1,Cozcaquauhtli (vulture) 1,Ehecatl (wind)


1,Bean and squash stew with chili and tomato 1,Acocils, small and abundant shrimp of Lake Texcoco 1,Cakes of spirulina algae 1,Maguey, agave nectar and liquor 1,Honey water, honey comb, and other apiary products 1,Pulque, a fermented beverage with an alcoholic content equivalent to beer 1,Atole, a thick drink made of flavored ground corn and water 1,Maguey worm and avacado 1,Xocolatl, a frothy and bitter chocolate beverage 1,Hairless dog in highly seasoned stew 1,Turkey, pheasant, local partridge, marsh bird, and duck, and their eggs 1,Venison, wild boar, hare and rabbit 1,Fruit in great abundance - mango, papaya, tamarind, guava 1,Tlaxcalli cakes kneaded with eggs 1,Tamales made of maize flowers with ground amaranth seeds and cherries added 1,Stew with amaranth, beans, squash, tomatoes, pads of nopal cactus and chiles 1,Mushrooms, wild greens, sweet potato and tubers of all sorts 1,Ants, grasshoppers, crickets and grubs eaten raw or cooked 1,Sweet and delicious lake fish, as well as ocean fish 1,Salamanders, shrimps, frogs, water snakes, and larvae </sgtable>

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