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Story Games Name Project


Compiled by Nathan Paoletta and Jason Morningstar


Male names

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[male] [surname]</sgdisplay>

Female names

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[female] [surname]</sgdisplay>

Surf guitar bands

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[surfGuitarBands]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[soldiers]</sgdisplay>

War scene

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[sceneSubject] [scenePredicate]</sgdisplay>



1,[male] [surname] 1,[female] [surname]


1,[male] [surname] - 4th Infantry, [armyunits4ID] 1,[male] "[nickname]" [surname] - 4th Infantry, [armyunits4ID] 1,[male] [surname] - 1st Cav, [armyunits1CD] 1,[male] "[nickname]" [surname] - 1st Cav, [armyunits1CD]


1,[sceneSubject] [scenePredicate]


1,James 1,William 1,Robert 1,John 1,Richard 1,David 1,Charles 1,Thomas 1,Michael 1,Ronald 1,Larry 1,Donald 1,Joseph 1,Gary 1,George 1,Kenneth 1,Paul 1,Edward 1,Jerry 1,Dennis


1,Mary 1,Linda 1,Barbara 1,Patricia 1,Carol 1,Sandra 1,Nancy 1,Sharon 1,Judith 1,Susan 1,Betty 1,Carolyn 1,Margaret 1,Shirley 1,Judy 1,Karen 1,Donna 1,Kathleen 1,Joyce 1,Dorothy


1,Smith 1,Anderson 1,Clark 1,Wright 1,Mitchell 1,Johnson 1,Thomas 1,Rodriguez 1,Lopez 1,Perez 1,Williams 1,Jackson 1,Lewis 1,Hill 1,Roberts 1,Jones 1,White 1,Lee 1,Scott 1,Turner 1,Brown 1,Harris 1,Walker 1,Green 1,Phillips 1,Davis 1,Martin 1,Hall 1,Adams 1,Campbell 1,Miller 1,Thompson 1,Allen 1,Baker 1,Parker 1,Wilson 1,Garcia 1,Young 1,Gonzalez 1,Evans


1,The Fabulous Playboys 1,P.J. & Artie 1,The Challengers 1,The Progressives 1,The Vibrants 1,Thom Starr & The Galaxies 1,The Surfriders 1,The Gladiators 1,The Travelers 1,The Pyramids 1,David Marks & The Marksmen 1,The Original Surfaris 1,The Trashmen 1,The Tornadoes 1,The Royal Coachmen 1,Dave Myers and His Surftones 1,The Ebb Tides 1,The Tandems 1,Steve and the Emperors 1,The Chandelles


1,2nd Battalion 8th Infantry - Mechanized Panthers 1,1st Battalion 8th Infantry "Bullets" 1,4th Battalion 42nd Artillery (105mm) "Black Jacks" 1,1st Battalion 22nd Infantry "Regulars" 1,2nd Battalion 77th Artillery (105mm) "Blackhawks" 1,3rd Battalion 8th Infantry "Dragoons" 1,1st Battalion 12th Infantry "Red Warriors" 1,2nd Battalion 9th Artillery (105mm) "Mighty Ninth" 1,2nd Battalion 12th Infantry "White Warriors" 1,1st Battalion 35th Infantry "Cacti Green" 1,3rd Battalion 12th Infantry "Braves" 1,2nd Battalion 34th Armor "Dreadnaughts" 1,1st Battalion 69th Armor "Black Panthers" 1,1st Battalion 14th Infantry "Golden Dragons" 1,2nd Battalion 22nd Infantry "Triple Deuces" 1,6th Battalion 29th Artillery (105mm) "Can Do" 1,3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry "Red Dragoons" 1,2nd Battalion 35th Infantry "Cacti Blue" 1,5th Battalion 16th Artillery (155mm & 8-inch Self Propelled Howitzer) 1,4th Military Intelligence Company, Motto: First to Know


1,1st Brigade "Flying Circus" 1,2nd Brigade 1,1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry 1,3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry 1,1st Battalion (Airborne), 8th Cavalry 1,2nd Battalion (Airborne), 8th Cavalry 1,1st Battalion (Airborne), 12th Cavalry 1,1st Brigade, 11th Air Assault Division 1,1st Battalion, (Airborne), 188th Infantry 1,1st Battalion, (Airborne), 511th Infantry 1,1st Battalion, (Airborne), 187th Infantry 1,2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division 1,1st Battalion, 38th Infantry 1,2nd Battalion, 38th Infantry 1,1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry 1,1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry 1,2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry 1,5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry 1,2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry 1,2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry 1,1st Battalion, 11th Infantry 1,2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery 1,2nd Battalion, 20th Artillery 1,1st Battalion, 21st Artillery 1,1st Battalion, 77th Artillery 1,"E" Battery, 82nd Artillery 1,Division Artillery, 11th Air Assault 1,6th Battalion, 81st Artillery 1,3rd Battalion, 377 Artillery 1,5th Battalion, 38th Artillery 1,1st Battalion, 15th Artillery 1,"E" Battery, 26th Artillery 1,15th Medical Battalion 1,15th Supply & Service Battalion 1,Aerial Equipment Support Co 1,15th Administrative Company 1,27th Maintenance Battalion 1,8th Engineer Battalion 1,13th Signal Battalion 1,15th Transportation Battalion 1,545th Military Police Company 1,191st Military Intelligence Detachment 1,371st Army Security Agency Company 1,11th Medical Battalion 1,408th Supply & Service Battalion 1,165th Aerial Eqpm't Sup't Detachment 1,11th Administrative Company 1,711th Maintenance Battalion 1,127th Engineer Battalion 1,511 Signal Battalion 1,611th Aircraft Maintenance & Supply Battalion 1,11th Military Police Company 1,11th Military Intelligence Detachment 1,"C" Co, 313th Army Security Agency Battalion 1,"HHC", 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"B" Co, 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"C" Co, 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"D" Co, 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"HHC", 228th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 228th Aviation Battalion 1,"B" Co, 228th Aviation Battalion 1,"C" Co, 228th Aviation Battalion 1,"HHC", 229th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 229th Aviation Battalion 1,"B" Co, 229th Aviation Battalion 1,"C" Co, 229th Aviation Battalion 1,"D" Co, 229th Aviation Battalion 1,11th Aviation Company 1,"HHC", 11th Aviation Group 1,"HHC", 227th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 227th Aviation Battalion 1,Aviation Co, 6th Special Forces Group 1,Aviation Co, 7th Special Forces Group 1,110th Aviation Co 1,"HHC", 228th Aviation Battalion 1,132nd Aviation Company 1,133rd Aviation Company 1,202nd Aviation Company 1,"HHC", 229th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 4th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Co, 5th Aviation Battalion 1,194th Aviation Company 1,131st Aviation Company 1,11th Aviation Company 1,"HQ", 2nd Battalion, 19th Artillery 1,"A" Btry, 2nd Bn, 20th Artillery 1,1st Aviation Detachment 1,228th Aviation Battalion 1,"A" Trp, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry 1,"C" Trp, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry 8,[armyunits5CD] 8,[armyunits12CD]


1,1st Battalion 5th Cav HHC 1,B Battery 1/77th Field Artillery 1,HHS Battery 1/77th Artillery 1,1st Battalion 5th Cav, A Company 1,1st Battalion 5th Cav, B Company 1,1st Battalion 5th Cav, C Company 1,1st Battalion 5th Cav, D Company 1,1st Battalion 5th Cav, E Company 1,2nd Battalion HHC 1,A Battery 1/77thArtillery 1,2nd Battalion 5th Cav, A Company 1,2nd Battalion 5th Cav, B Company 1,2nd Battalion 5th Cav, C Company 1,2nd Battalion 5th Cav, D Company 1,2nd Battalion 5th Cav, E Company


1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav HHC 1,C Battery 1/77th Field Artillery 1,A Battery 1/30th Artillery 1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav, A Company 1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav, B Company 1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav, C Company 1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav, D Company 1,2nd Battalion 12th Cav, E Company


1,[Vietnam Nicknames.main]


1,A civilian 1,Your commanding officer 1,Your best buddy 1,Your lover 1,An enemy soldier 1,Your main rival 1,The squad medic 1,The new guy 1,Your squad leader 1,Your first sergeant 1,Your platoon sergeant 1,Your team sergeant 1,Your 60 gunner 1,The enemy soldier you just spared 1,The prisoner of war you are escorting


1,has killed a child. 1,has been hit by a booby trap. 1,is running at you with a suicide charge strapped to him. 1,appears to be hiding something important. 1,has started talking to flora and fauna. 1,is furtively burning documents. 1,tells you where to get contraband goods. 1,is lying dead at your feet. 1,is blackmailing you. 1,rapes a civilian, who comes to you for help. 1,takes aim at you in the middle of a firefight. </sgtable>


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  • female
  • surname
  • nickname
  • armyunits4ID
  • surfGuitarBands
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