Rufio Insults

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Like the Elizabethan Insults generator, but looking for something a bit more modern, and a lot less mature? Then give this insult generator a try, which takes a leaf from Rufio's (one of the Lost Boys in the movie "Hook") book on insulting:

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[insult]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1,[Noun]! 5,[Adj] [Noun]! 5,[Adj] [Noun] with a [Adj] [Noun] on the side!


1,mother-lover 1,mung-tongue 1,ultra-pig 1,bubble-butt 1,fly-food 1,slug-eaten worm 1,twisted monkey-liver 1,camel cake 1,horse cookie 1,fart factory 1,finger bandage 1,maggot burger 1,rat burger 1,pinhead 1,worm 1,skunk 1,slug 1,maggot 1,dungpile 1,horsefly


1,mother-loving 1,mung-tongued 1,scab-picking 1,pimple-squeezing 1,pre-chewed 1,boil-dripping 1,day-old 1,week-old 1,month-old 1,barfed-up 1,backwash-laden 1,barnacled 1,bloated 1,chunky 1,crusty 1,cheesy 1,crying 1,spying 1,lying 1,[Adj] son of a [Adj] 1,[Adj] friend of a [Adj] 3,[Adj], [Adj] </sgtable>