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Magical expendables can stand to have quite a bit of flavor. This creates rods, wands, and scrolls with their basic properties. The types are standards inspired by Rogue-like games.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[Rod]

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[Wand]

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[Scroll]



1,[Rod] 1,[Scroll] 1,[Wand]


1,Rod of [RodMagicType], a [RodMetal] rod 2,Rod of [RodMagicType], a [RodMetal] rod with a [RodHead] 2,Rod of [RodMagicType], a [MetalFlavor] [RodMetal] rod with a [RodHead] 1,Rod of [RodMagicType], a [SpecialMaterial] rod 2,Rod of [RodMagicType], a [SpecialMaterial] rod with a [RodHead]


1,acid bolt 1,beast calming 1,charming 1,confusion 1,digging 1,disintegration 1,draining 1,dust 1,fireball 1,fire bolt 1,flames 1,flaming arrows 1,force bolt 1,frost 1,haste other 1,heal other 1,healing 1,hostility 1,ice bolt 1,invisibility 1,life draining 1,lightning 1,magic missile 1,paralysis 1,pesticide 1,polymorph other 1,poison 1,poison cloud 1,slowing 1,smoke 1,speed 1,teleportation


1,[Utility.MetalExotic] 3,[Utility.MetalHard] 3,[Utility.MetalPrecious] 3,[Utility.MetalSoft]


1,alchemically treated 1,anodized 1,bent 1,blackened 1,burnished 1,cast 1,cold-forged 1,crooked 1,currogated 1,drop-forged 1,fine 1,forged 1,forked 1,kinked 1,plated 1,polished 1,rough 1,rugged 1,rusted 1,rusty 1,smooth 1,strong 1,tarnished 1,twisted 1,twisting 1,warped


1,alabaster 1,alchemical ice 1,bone 1,black marble 1,blue jade 1,clear crystal 1,[Color.hues] crystal 3,carved [Utility.Chitin] Chitin 3,carved [Utility.HornIvory] Horn 1,crystalline ice 1,demonhorn 1,dragonscale 1,dragonstooth 1,elemental [Elements.basic] 1,elemental [Elements.quasi] 1,elemental [Elements.para] 2,fungus "wood" 1,granite 1,green jade 1,green marble 1,hornbill ivory 1,ivory 1,meerschaum 1,mammoth ivory 1,minotaur horn 1,narwhale horn 1,obsidian 1,stinkwood 1,onyx 2,ornately carved [Utility.Chitin] Chitin 2,ornately carved [Utility.HornIvory] ivory 1,plutonium 1,stone 1,unicorn horn 1,uranium 1,walrus ivory 1,wood, enameled [Utility.BrightColors] 1,metal, enameled [Utility.BrightColors] 1,white marble 1,green marble


1,[Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemType] head 1,[Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.HornIvory] head 1,bloodstained end 1,head of the same material, ending in [HeadShape] 1,head of [Utility.WoodWeapon], ending in [HeadShape] 1,head of [Utility.GemType] 1,head of [Utility.GemType], that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light 1,head of [Utility.GemType], that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light [LightCondition] 1,head of [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemType], that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light 1,head of [Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemType], that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light [LightCondition] 1,[BaubleType] made of [Utility.GemType] at the tip 1,[BaubleType] made of [Utility.GemType] at the tip, that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light 1,[BaubleType] made of [Utility.GemType] at the tip, that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light 1,[BaubleType] made of [Utility.GemType] at the tip, that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light [LightCondition] 1,[Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.GemType] tip 1,[Utility.RelativeSize] [Utility.HornIvory] tip 1,tip of the same material, ending in [HeadShape] 1,tip of [Utility.GemType] 1,tip of [Utility.WoodWeapon], ending in [HeadShape]


2,bauble 1,prism 1,pyramid 1,skull 1,sphere 1,floating bauble 1,floating prism 1,floating pyramid 1,floating skull 1,floating sphere


1,[Glows] [GlowLevel]


2,blazes 1,burns 2,eerily glows 2,glimmers 1,glints 2,glows 2,glows eerily 2,shimmers 1,shines


1, 2, brightly 3, faintly 1, intermittently 1, steadily


1,an image of [HeadCreature], with [Eyes] 2,[HeadWithoutEyes]


1,a cheerfuly smiling sun 1,a draconic skull 1,a dragon's head 1,a grinning skull 1,a horned demon head 1,a man's face 1,a minotaur head 1,a leering maonkey head 1,a ram's head 1,a scarab beetle 1,a screaming face 1,a serpent's head 1,a skull 1,a smiling face 1,a smiling, grandfatherly man 1,a smiling, grandmotherly woman 1,a terrified face 1,a woman's face 1,a "crescent moon man's" face 1,a writhing illithid


1,a cylinder shape 2,a fist shape 2,a hand gesturing arcanely 2,a hand with a pointing finger 1,a hypnotic design 1,a judge's gavel 1,a leaf motif 1,a lightning bolt shape 1,a pronounced point 1,a sharpened blade 1,a simple sphere 1,a simple cylinder 1,a spiked sphere 1,a spiked cylinder 1,a real shrunken head 1,a talon shape 1,a pyramid shape 1,an elaborate knotwork 1,an eyeless skull 1,an ivy motif 1,the shape of a ball of antlers 1,the shape of a wicked claw 2,the shape of a wicked claw clut11ching a [Utility.GemType] 1,the shape of a wrinkled hand 1,the symbol of [GheronUtility.DietySymbol] 1,the symbol of [GheronUtility.OrganizationSymbol]


3,eyes of [Utility.GemType] 1,eyes of [Utility.GemType] that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light 1,eyes of [Utility.GemType] that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light [LightCondition] 1,eyes of [Utility.GemType] that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light 1,eyes of [Utility.GemType] that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light [LightCondition] 1,real alchemicaly preserved, shrunken eyes 1,real alchemicaly preserved, shrunken eyes that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light 1,real alchemicaly preserved, shrunken eyes that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light 1,real alchemicaly preserved, shrunken eyes that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light [LightCondition]


1,at dawn 1,at dusk 2,at night 1,at sunset 3,from dusk until dawn 2,in dark places 1,in moonlight 1,in starlight 1,under moonlight 1,under starlight 2,when casting 1,when facing [Direction] 2,when held 2,when magic is nearby 1,when the moon is full 1,when the undead are nearby 4,when [Utility.CreatureTypes]s are nearby 2,while underground


1,east 1,north 1,south 1,west


1,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [WandWood] wand 2,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [WandWood] wand with a [RodHead] 1,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [WoodFlavor] [WandWood] wand 2,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [WoodFlavor] [WandWood] wand with a [RodHead] 1,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [SpecialMaterial] wand 2,Wand of [RodMagicType], a [SpecialMaterial] wand with a [RodHead]


1,[Utility.WoodsHard] 1,[Utility.WoodsRare] 1,[Utility.WoodsSoft]


1,bent 1,burnt 1,coarse 1,coarse-grain 1,crooked 1,debarked 1,faded 1,fine 1,fine-grain 1,forked 1,fragrant 1,gnarled 1,gnarly 1,kinked 1,knotted 1,knotty 1,knurled 1,lacquered 1,lathed 1,oiled 1,polished 1,rugged 1,seasoned 1,smooth 1,stained 1,strong 1,twisted 1,twisting 1,warped 1,worn 1,young


1,Scroll of [ScrollMagicType], a [ScrollParchment] scroll with [ScrollRunes] 1,Scroll of [ScrollMagicType], a [ParchmentFlavor] [ScrollParchment] scroll with [ScrollRunes]


1,aggravate monster 1,blessing 1,confuse monster 1,curse armor 1,curse weapon 1,darkness 1,detect magic 1,detect monster 1,detect objects 1,detect treasure 1,detect gold 1,[Elements.basic] resistance 1,[Elements.quasi] resistance 1,[Elements.para] resistance 1,enchant armor 1,enchant weapon 1,fire 1,fiery doom 1,fog 1,forgetfulness 1,genocide 1,holiness 1,ice 1,icy armor 5,identify 1,invisibility 1,light 1,magic mapping 1,monster friendship 1,ninjutsu 1,noise 5,nothing 1,phase door 1,poison gas 1,protection 1,recall 1,recharging 1,remove curse 1,satisfy hunger 1,scare monster 1,[ScrollRare] 1,sleep 1,summoning 1,teleportation 1,teleport level 1,torment 5,town portal 1,vulnerability 1,warding


1,acquirement 1,artifact creation 1,destruction 1,greater curse 1,greater enchant armor 1,greater enchant weapon 1,greater genocide 1,greater identify 1,greater poison gas 1,greater remove curse 1,secret ninja techniques


12,paper 12,parchment 6,papyrus 5,burlap 5,canvas 5,cloth 5,sackcloth 3,brocade 3,linen 3,fungus "paper" 3,satin 3,silk 3,velvet 1,demonhide 1,dragonskin 1,large, exotic leaf 1,wyrmskin 1,wyvernhide 1,[Utility.LeatherHideSentient] 1,flayed, bloody [Utility.LeatherHideSentient]


1,[Utility.DarkColors] 1,[Utility.DullColors] 1,[Utility.BrightColors] 1,[Utility.LightColors] 1,alchemically waxed 1,blood-stained 1,blotted 1,brittle 1,faded 1,fine 1,heavy-weight 1,light-weight 1,molding 1,moldy 1,moth eaten 1,new 1,old 1,pressed 1,smeared 1,smooth 1,smudged 1,stained 1,strong 1,tattered 1,thick 1,thin 1,torn 1,waxed 1,worn 1,yellowing 1,yellowed


1,barely legible [Utility.RuneLanguage] script 1,[Utility.RuneLanguage] that convey the meaning "[Inscriptions.main]" 1,cryptic [Utility.RuneLanguage] script that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light 1,cryptic [Utility.RuneLanguage] script that [GlowType] with a [Utility.BrightColors] light when [LightCondition] 1,illegible runes 2,beautiful [Utility.RuneLanguage] calligraphy 2,beautifully written [Utility.RuneLanguage] script, enlivened with illuminations and gold leaf 1,illegible runescript that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light 1,illegible runescript that [GlowType] with a [Color.hues] light when [LightCondition] 1,"[Inscriptions.main]" written in [Inscriptions.Language] 1,a single, large [SymbolType] representing [HeadCreature] 1,a single, large [SymbolType] representing [HeadWithoutEyes]


2,adornment 1,brand 2,character 1,colophon 1,denotation 2,design 3,device 3,emblem 3,glyph 2,figure 1,hieroglyph 1,ideograph 2,image 3,impression 2,imprint 2,indentation 1,inscription 2,mark 1,pattern 1,pictograph 1,picture 1,print 2,rune 2,rune-seal 3,seal 1,sign 1,signet 2,symbol 3,token 3,watermark 2,wax seal