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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A ley line storm raging around a young boy. 1,A dog boy, separated from his pack, on the scent of an unregistered psychic. 1,Sexy blind slaves trying to get free from their unspeakable demonic master 1,A young hot-headed rogue scholar being tracked by Coalition forces 1,A cyber knight with wounds that will not heal and a quest that never ends 1,Stolen glitterboy armor with a prototype boom gun 1,A crazy hero whose multiple personalities are actually installed reconstructions of the greatest historical leaders 1,A burster who cannot control his powers, jeopardizing his family's life 1,A lost cache of ancient high technology moldering beneath thick jungle growth 1,A group of freedom fighters, slinking through the brush at the edge of a great jungle 1,An elite squad of SAMAS pilots in a losing fight with a demon 1,A runaway Slave Borg with a price on his head confronting the ruins of his pre-slavery home 1,A Dead Boy blackmailing his superior officer to get a promotion 1,A band of headhunters, searching for a fugitive who happens to be their leader's sister 1,A new assembly line for Juicer production, overseen by a madman 1,A Juicer with less than six months to live seeking redemption for all her murders 1,A City Rat who just stole the passwords to a military Cyborg control center 1,Rough and tumble wilderness scouts, sneaking into the heart of enemy territory 1,A shifter cutting a dangerous bargain with a Demon Lord 1,A secret society of techno wizards, dedicated to exploring the lost corners of the earth 1,A dragon hatchling whose parents are trying to eat him 1,A psi-stalker with a huge contract on a difficult target 1,An unregistered Mind-Melter who has infiltrated the upper levels of the Coalition government, facing blackmail 1,An empath spy-hunter who has just stumbled onto a coven of vampiric minions 1,A Xiticix swarm, come to harvest human organs for insane experiments 1,A team of rogue archaeologists, just discovering a pre-Rifts city filled with signs of the fall 1,A shadowy figure escaping from a mob into a dark alley, littered with graffiti and bones 1,A mystic druid far from her home, called by the suffering of the local wilderness 1,The slums of Chi-Town, filled with desperate vagabonds armed only with stones 1,A powerful magical ritual, requiring a pound of orichalcum, the semen of a righteous man, and a pre-Rifts computer chip in perfect condition 1,An elemental servant, gone free now that its master was brutally murdered 1,An unstable rift, fluctuating wildly and sending out all sorts of dangerous energy 1,A brigade of Skull-Walkers, descending into a heavily populated river valley 1,A downed Death`s Head Transport, filled with wounded Dead Boys 1,A beautiful Titan Flying Armor pilot looking to turn traitor 1,An upright and moral cyber-doc whose family will starve if he does not find a lot of money fast 1,A black-market cybernetics dealer, ripping the limbs from the still living body of a fallen victim 1,An illiterate thief, with a satchel full of Erin Tarn's diaries, on the run for her life 1,An angelic lord, come to judge the worth of his supplicants to continue to live 1,Two armies, separated by the ley-line they fight to control 1,Marauding tribes of vampires, seeking blood-slaves and pillage 1,A rift like a medicine wheel, that opens to different planes depending on complex and arcane calculations now lost to man 1,A beautiful and elegant home in a fortress-town, kept immaculate by its furious and mutinous slaves 1,A charismatic and disaffected city youth, who has just rediscovered an outlawed form of music -- the demonic Rocking Role. 1,A horde of zombies with machine-guns, driven to consume and leaving endless blight in their wake 1,A young ley line walker with information on the weakness of the Dread Lord Alistar Dunscon 1,A barbarian girl and her T-Rex mount, sworn to rid the world of her enemies 1,A psychic and dreamer in a pre-Rifts van painted like a rainbow, searching the ruined roads of the world before for something even he cannot name 1,A lone gargoyle pursued by a murderous mob 1,A powerful psychic who needs to enter Chi-Town undetected 1,A small town dominated by a being from another dimension 1,A golem following the last command of it's dead creator </sgtable>