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1,PersonA [relationship].


1,[feels] PersonB 1,and PersonB [something_bigger] 1,has [affected] PersonB 1,is [affecting] PersonB 1,is PersonBʼs [special_someone] 1,needs to [affect] PersonB in order to [teamwork] 1,thinks PersonB is [person_type] [because] 1,wants PersonBʼs [something] 1,wants to [affect] PersonB


1,[special_someone] 1,accountability 1,affection 1,approval 1,attention 1,available services 1,blood 1,business 1,debt repaid 1,employment 1,family heirloom 1,good looks 1,hand in marriage 1,job 1,love 1,loyalty 1,money 1,most prized possession 1,official apology 1,power 1,sincere apology 1,surrender 1,treasure 1,trust


1,adopt 1,be just like 1,be the next 1,become better than 1,bed 1,capture 1,conspire with 1,control 1,cripple 1,escape from 1,exploit 1,frame 1,fulfill a promise to 1,fulfill a vendetta upon 1,have revenge on 1,humiliate 1,incriminate 1,kill 1,learn from 1,manipulate 1,marry 1,meet 1,oppose 1,outsmart 1,publicly shame 1,replace 1,return to 1,ruin the life of 1,seduce 1,spite 1,teach 1,undermine


1,conspiring with 1,controlling 1,escaping from 1,exploiting 1,fulfilling a promise to 1,holding 1,learning from 1,manipulating 1,returning to 1,seducing 1,sleeping with 1,spying on 1,teaching


1,adopted 1,attempted to kill 1,captured 1,committed a crime with 1,crippled 1,framed 1,outclassed 1,recently replaced 1,scarred the life of 1,slept with 1,taught


1,appease their god 1,become human again 1,complete a quest 1,complete an artwork 1,complete their job 1,die happy 1,finally get closure 1,fulfill a promise to PersonC 1,gain power 1,protect their family 1,regain self-worth 1,restore order 1,restore their name


1,barely puts up with 1,canʼt tell if they can trust 1,doesnʼt trust 1,has a crush on 1,implicitly trusts 1,is hopelessly in love with 1,is infatuated with 1,loathes 1,spites 1,wants to punch


1,a braggart 1,a compulsive liar 1,a criminal 1,a demon 1,a drunkard 1,a fool 1,a fornicator 1,a fraud 1,a hero 1,a imposer 1,a monster in disguise 1,a natural Leader 1,a traitor 1,cool 1,cruel 1,dead 1,drunk 1,exactly who they are, secrets and all 1,friendly 1,generous to a fault 1,naive 1,shameful 1,wise


1,because [reason] 2,


1,that's just what they heard 1,of a single past experience 1,its something PersonA has repeatedly observed 1,that's PersonB's public image in these parts 1,it was PersonB's first impression 1,PersonA heard that through a mutual friend 1,PersonA knows PersonB intimately, and deep down that's the truth 1,PersonA thinks most people are like that 1,of one faithful night long ago


1,are [together_now] 1,were [together_before]


1,brothers in arms 1,family, separated by circumstance 1,family, separated by duty 1,forbidden lovers, who never made it work 1,lovers scorned 1,lovers, separated by circumstance 1,lovers, separated by duty 1,members of the same church. One got excommunicated 1,on opposite sides of a battlefield 1,partners in a failed business 1,partners in business. One cheated the other 1,partners in crime. After their big score, they never saw each other again 1,partners in crime. One betrayed the other 1,partners in crime. Theyʼve kept the secret ever since 1,partners in successful business, who went their separate ways 1,siblings, separated at birth 1,the only two to survive a catastrophe 1,together through a difficult time 1,twins, separated at birth


1,arch nemesis to each other 1,betrothed 1,blood siblings fiercely loyal to each other 1,in contact via letter writing 1,in contact via magic 1,locked in a conflict to the death 1,lovers 1,magically bonded together 1,members of the same church 1,members of the same cult 1,members of the same secret organization 1,pawns in PersonCʼs game 1,secret lovers 1,secretly the same person 1,sharing a secret 1,siblings 1,the opposite of each other ideologically 1,threatened by the same force 1,twins 1,two halves of one person, magically split 1,upholding a feud against each other


1,abuser 1,apprentice 1,best friend 1,charge 1,child 1,cousin 1,employee 1,employer 1,follower 1,godchild 1,godparent 1,guard 1,guardian 1,investor 1,lover 1,master 1,mentor 1,mind slave 1,minion 1,most trusted companion 1,nephew 1,niece 1,parent 1,patron 1,sibling 1,slave 1,spouse 1,student 1,surrogate father figure 1,surrogate mother figure 1,sword for hire 1,teacher 1,tormentor 1,victim </sgtable>