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This is based on an article I wrote for Dragon Magazine many years ago. Other than the basic concept, though, this is entirely new, so there are no copyright implications. Need a quick adventure idea? Just grab one from the Random Fantasy Plot generator! Get the villain, victim, and a hero and you’re all set to go!

Random Fantasy Plot


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>





5,villainous 3,cold and calculating 3,greedy 3,prideful 1,beautiful but depraved 1,cowardly 1,cunning 1,deceitful 1,decrepit and lecherous 1,honey-tongued 1,lustful 1,monstrous 1,raving mad 1,reluctant but unyielding 1,slovenly and ill-tempered 1,wily and stubborn


1,a beautiful 1,a cursed 1,a kindly 1,a much-loved 1,a plucky 1,a poor but honest 1,a somewhat dim-witted 1,an honest 1,an innocent


1,bandit king 1,bully 1,ecclesiarch 1,high priest 1,high priestess 1,merchant prince 1,nobleman 1,noblewoman 1,old king 1,old witch 1,pirate 1,sacerdote 1,sorceress 1,sorcerer 1,stepmother 1,tyrant 1,vampire 1,vizier 1,warlock 1,wizard


1,child 1,dancer 1,fairy creature 1,fisherman 1,group of monks 1,hermit 1,maiden 1,old man 1,old woman 1,peasant 1,soldier 1,unicorn 1,wanderer 1,wife 1,yeoman farmer 1,young apprentice 1,young prince 1,young princess 1,youth


1,abducts 1,accuses 1,bedevils 1,binds 1,blackmails 1,coerces 1,deceives 1,denounces 1,destroys 1,enchants 1,harasses 1,imprisons 1,menaces 1,murders 1,pesters 1,seduces 1,sequesters 1,slanders 1,spies on 1,steals from 1,suborns 1,tempts 1,threatens 1,tortures 1,tricks


6,a brave 6,a clever 6,a wise 6,an honest 1,a bright 1,a foolhardy 1,a naive 1,a pious 1,a rebellious 1,a reluctant 1,a stalwart 1,a strong 1,a venerable 1,an irreverent 1,an oblivious


1,barbarian 1,boy 1,former slave 1,girl 1,hero 1,knight 1,nobleman 1,priest 1,prince 1,princess 1,warrior 1,wizard


5,happens upon the scene 5,is dispatched by a [VILLAIN] 5,is passing by 4,receives word from a [VICTIM] 2,knows the victim 1,already has a bone to pick with the villain 1,has a vivid dream 1,has sworn to make restitution for the crime 1,has sworn vengeance 1,is privy to the counsels of the villain 1,is visited by a ghost