Quick Zone Populations

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at <sgdisplay iterations="1"> [Fantasy Landmarks.main], you may find: </sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="15">[anybla]</sgdisplay>



10,[beasts-terse] 10,[people-terse] 1,a [duck]


16,[anygroup] 8,[anygroup] with [Blazon.main] 4,[anygroup] playing [Game.main] 2,[stuff]


5,[Blazon.main] 3,[Starting equipment.anything] 4,[Message.any] 2,[Message.main] 2,[Message.message]


10,[People of Dust.main] 10,[beasts] [whytheyrethere] 10,[people] [whytheyrethere] 6,[people] with [beasts] 6,[cult] [whytheyrethere] 1,[Guards.main] 1,[Quick Horrors.main] 1,a [duck]


1,[prequirk][race] [class][maybename]


3,[guy] 1,[guy] with [guys]


1,[prequirk][race-plural] 1,[prequirk][race] [class]s


4,[prequirk][domestic-animal]s 5,[revered] [prequirk][power-animal]s 3,large [prequirk][domestic-animal]s 2,giant [revered] [maybeclass] [power-animal]s 2,[power-animal]s


4,[largernumbers] [prequirk][domestic-animal]s 5,[smallnumbers] [revered] [prequirk][power-animal]s 3,[smallnumbers] large [prequirk][domestic-animal]s 2,[smallnumbers] giant [revered] [maybeclass] [power-animal]s 2,[smallnumbers] [power-animal]s


4,[largernumbers] [prequirk][domestic-animal]s 5,[smallnumbers] [revered] [prequirk][power-animal]s 3,[smallnumbers] large [prequirk][domestic-animal]s 2,[smallnumbers] giant [revered] [maybeclass] [power-animal]s 2,[smallnumbers] [power-animal]s [postquirk]


3, 1,revered 1,fearsome 1,beloved 1,legendary 1,trained 1,wild


5,pig 5,goat 5,hound 5,cat 5,horse 5,stag 5,buffalo 1,[domestic-animal]-creature


1,centipede 1,demon 1,troll 1,devil 1,tree 1,mushroom 2,fish 2,frog 2,beetle 2,monkey 2,shark 2,rhino 2,wasp 2,owl 3,tiger 3,bear 3,snake 3,bat 3,spider 3,crow 1,[Insect.main] 1,[Animal.Weirdsymbol] 2,[domestic-animal]-[power-animal] 2,[power-animal]-[power-animal]


1, 3,[getname]


16, named [name] [name] 4, named [name] 4, named [Demon generator.getname] 2, named [name] [particle][name] 1, named [Bond girls.main]


16,[name] [name] 4,[name] 4,[Demon generator.getname] 2,[name] [particle][name] 1,[Bond girls.main]


1,d' 1,da 1,de 1,del 1,de la 1,du 1,of 1,van 1,von


1, named [GETNAMEA]




1,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractPositive] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.AbstractNegative]


1,[largernumbers] [prequirk][maybeclass][race-plural] 3,[smallnumbers] [prequirk][maybeclass][race-plural]


1,[largernumbers] [prequirk][maybeclass][race-plural] [postquirk] 3,[smallnumbers] [prequirk][maybeclass][race-plural] [postquirk] 3,[heroes]


10, 1,[standard-race]


5,human 2,elf 2,dwarf 2,halfling 1,goblin 1,orc


3,humans 2,elves 2,dwarves 2,halflings 1,goblins 1,orcs


8,[standard-race] 1,[animal-person]


4,[standard-race-plural] 1,[animal-people]


8,[domestic-animal] 4,[power-animal] 1,[element]


5,[animal]man 5,[animal]woman 5,[animal]-headed [race]


5,[animal]men 5,[animal]women 5,[animal]-headed [race-plural]


20, 4,fighter 1,thief 1,[class] 1,[zaksjob]


20,fighter 8,thief 8,cleric 4,wizard 2,ranger 2,barbarian 1,druid 1,monk 1,paladin 1[class]/[class] 2,[zaksjob]


2, 1,[class]


6,fire 6,water 6,wind 4,earth 4,ice 4,stone 2,lava 2,air 2,love 2,star 2,blood 1,[Village.weird]


30, 1,naked 1,spiteful 1,disease-carrying 1,demented 1,deranged 1,hungry 1,angry 1,friendly 1,nocturnal 1,vile 1,[weird-prequirk] 10,[prequirk][prequirk]


1,[element] 1,twisted 1,mechanical 1,skeletal 1,ghostly 1,ancient 1,false- 1,hell


3,outsiders 1,[class]s 1,[race-plural] 1,[domestic-animal]s 1,[power-animal]s 1,[virtue]


3,[fantasy pantheon.abstractpositive] 1,[fantasy pantheon.abstractnegative]


30, 20,[Obsessive Wizard.Behavior] [Obsessive Wizard.Obsession] 1,of child-like appearance 1,of very low [att] 1,of unusual [att] 1,claiming to know many secrets 1,who will ask you to best them in a contest 1,kept in cage/s 1,held prisoner 1,with no free will 1,who can communicate telepathically 1,marked by strange symbols 1,with strange tattoos 1,in unusual dress 1,who cannot speak common 1,who will speak very little common 1,who cannot ever speak 1,who will speak in whispers 1,who will speak in rhyme 1,who will speak in tongues 1,who will speak in riddles 1,who will refuse to speak to you 1,who will speak through an intermediary 1,petrified 1,blind 1,vulnerable to [element] 1,who will be hidden away 1,with an awful odor 1,who will always lie 1,with [element] powers 1,who will reveal much 1,who are not what they seem to be 1,who will always tell the truth 1,who will know many things 1,who will have many valuable treasures 1,who will carry exotic weapon/s 1,who will make use of strange implement/s 1,who will make use of strange device/s 1,who you should seek out 1,who may appear to be petrified 1,who you should avoid 1,who will have come to an untimely end 1,disguised as [race]/s 1,disguised as [class]/s 1,disguised as [animal-person]/s 1,disguised as [domestic-animal]/s 1,disguised as [power-animal]/s 1,allergic to sunlight 1,with a hatred of [hated] 1,who love [hated] 1,or something like that 1,who may have fallen on hard times 1,who will have sworn never to cause harm 1,who can never reproduce, or die of old age 1,with some strange connection to the spirit world 1,who can control the weather or something 1,who may not even exist 1,who may or may not be dead 1,probably dead 1,probably still alive


1,strength 1,constitution 1,dexterity 1,intelligence 1,wisdom 1,charisma


8,a lone [prequirk][race] [class][maybename] [postquirk] 5,a pair of [prequirk][race-plural] [postquirk]: 1 [class], 1 [class] 2,3 [prequirk][race-plural] [postquirk]: 1 [class], 1 [class], 1 [class] [postquirk] 1,4 [prequirk][race-plural] [postquirk]: 1 [class], 1 [class], 1 [class], 1 [class] [postquirk]


6,a false-[cult-part2] 3,a [cult-part2] 3,a lone [prequirk][race] [class][maybename] [postquirk] 3,a colossal [power-animal][maybename] [postquirk]


3,cult, made up of [people] 2,prophet, who is a lone [prequirk][race] [class][maybename] [postquirk] 1,prophet, who is a colossal [power-animal][maybename] [postquirk]


15, 1 (who live/s there) 1,(who will have been there for many years) 1,(invading) 1,(who will guard that place) 1,(who will be held there, by a spell) 1,(visiting to bring an end to some trouble) 1,(visiting to cause some trouble) 1,(visiting to locate something lost) 1,(visiting to observe some event) 1,(visiting, for leisure) 1,(visiting, from foreign lands) 1,(visiting, as part of a pilgrimage) 1,(looking for a fight) 1,(brought there, as part of some ritual) 1,(brought there, as part of some business venture) 1,(brought there, for a reason that has been kept secret)


1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9


10,2 10,3 7,4 7,7 1,[digit]


10,10 10,20 5,1[digit] 5,2[digit] 3,3[digit] 2,[digit]0 1,[digit][digit]


1,harlot 1,assassin 1,witch 1,assassin 1,bandit 1,jester 1,archer 1,battlemage 1,battlepriest 1,beetlepriest 1,caravan leader 1,caravan guard 1,carter 1,cavalier 1,duelist 1,exorcist 1,explorer 1,geomancer 1,guide 1,healer 1,hunter 1,huntsman 1,knight 1,mercenary 1,pirate 1,priest 1,chaos priest 1,raider 1,sailor 1,scout 1,ship's captain 1,soldier 1,soldier of fortune 1,strategist 1,swashbuckler 1,templar 1,warlord 1,armorer 1,armorsmith 1,blacksmith 1,coppersmith 1,cooper 1,ferrier 1,goldsmith 1,jeweler 1,journeyman 1,leathersmith 1,locksmith 1,master jeweler 1,master smith 1,metalsmith 1,milliner 1,silversmith 1,tanner 1,tinsmith 1,trapsmith 1,weaponsmith 1,architect 1,artisan 1,bricklayer 1,carpenter 1,cartwright 1,craftsman 1,draftsman 1,fletcher 1,framer 1,furrier 1,gemcutter 1,glassblower 1,glovemaker 1,glover 1,journeyman 1,mason 1,master artisan 1,master carpenter 1,master craftsman 1,master weaver 1,miller 1,painter 1,potter 1,roofer 1,shipwright 1,shoemaker 1,stonecutter 1,tailor 1,tanner 1,tinker 1,toymaker 1,trapper 1,stonemason 1,thatcher 1,weaver 1,woodcutter 1,auctioneeer 1,baker 1,basket maker 1,brewer 1,butcher 1,chandler 1,cobbler 1,eelmonger 1,fishmonger 1,flower seller 1,haberdasher 1,hatter 1,hawker 1,huckster 1,ironmonger 1,merchant 1,peddler 1,shieldmonger 1,shopkeep 1,spice merchant 1,trader 1,vendor 1,vintner 1,waremonger 1,weaponmonger 1,acrobat 1,actor 1,animal trainer 1,artist 1,author 1,bandmaster 1,bear-tamer 1,beast tamer 1,choirmember 1,chorister 1,composer 1,contortionist 1,dancer 1,drummer 1,fire-breather 1,gladiator 1,jester 1,jongleur 1,juggler 1,lutist 1,master performer 1,minstrel 1,musician 1,painter 1,piper 1,pit fighter 1,playwright 1,poet 1,puppeteer 1,singer 1,soothsayer 1,stage magician 1,storyteller 1,tattoo artist 1,troubadour 1,wrestler 1,writer 1,abbot 1,battlepriest 1,chanter 1,clerk 1,counselor 1,cultist 1,fanatic 1,healer 1,heirophant 1,herbalist 1,hermit 1,high priest 1,inquisitor 1,itinerant 1,medic 1,missionary 1,monk 1,pardoner 1,philosopher 1,pilgrim 1,priest 1,prophet 1,religious fanatic 1,sage 1,saint 1,scribe 1,supplicant 1,templar 1,thaumaturge 1,vicar 1,zealot 1,aeromancer 1,alchemist 1,archmage 1,battlemage 1,blood mage 1,bonecaster 1,conjurer 1,demonologist 1,diviner 1,druid 1,enchanter 1,evoker 1,exorcist 1,geomancer 1,hedge witch 1,hex witch 1,hydromancer 1,illusionist 1,invoker 1,mage 1,necromancer 1,oracle 1,pyromancer 1,rune caster 1,sorcerer 1,warlock 1,witch 1,academic 1,alchemist 1,author 1,cartographer 1,copyist 1,counselor 1,dean 1,draftsman 1,engineer 1,eggler (sells eggs) 1,inventor 1,librarian 1,man of letters 1,master scribe 1,mathematician 1,navigator 1,professor 1,sage 1,scholar 1,schoolmaster 1,scientist 1,scribe 1,student 1,writer 1,advisor 1,advocate (lawyer) 1,ambassador 1,appraiser 1,bailiff 2,baron 1,baronet 1,chancellor 1,clerk 1,collector 1,count 1,courier 1,detective 1,diplomat 2,duke 5,emissary 1,executioner 1,grand advisor 1,grand inquisitor 1,hangman 1,empress/emperor 1,monarch 1,inquisitor 1,judge 1,lawyer 1,lord/lady 1,magistrate 1,mayor 3,page 1,ruler 1,scribe 1,tax collector 1,torturer 1,warden 1,bodyguard 1,captain 1,cavalier 1,chief of the watch 1,constable 1,gatekeeper 1,general 1,guard 1,hunter 1,huntsman 1,master of hounds 1,militia 1,ranger 1,recruiter 1,sailor 1,scout 1,sharpshooter 1,soldier 1,warlord 1,warrior 1,watchman 1,accountant 1,aristocrat 1,banker 1,baron 1,baronet 1,bureaucrat 1,businessman 1,butler 1,chancellor 1,count 1,dandy 1,doctor 1,duelist 1,duke 1,falconer 1,fop 1,high official 1,horseman 1,husbandryman 1,interpreter 1,king/queen 1,knight 1,landlord 1,landowner 1,lord/lady 1,messenger 1,moneychanger 1,noble 1,philanthropist 1,scholar 1,scientist 1,servant 1,slave 1,slavemaster 1,usurer 1,arsonist 1,assassin 1,bandit 1,beggar 1,lunatic 1,idiot 1,brawler 1,burglar 1,cad 1,con artist 1,crime lord 1,criminal mastermind 1,crook 1,cutpurse 1,drug dealer 1,escaped convict 1,fortune teller 1,gambler 1,grave robber 1,gypsy 1,hired hand 1,highwayman 1,kidnapper 1,mercenary 1,pickpocket 1,pirate 1,prankster 1,saboteur 1,swashbuckler 1,thief 1,thug 1,vagabond 1,wastrel 1,alehound 1,barber 1,barkeep 1,barman 1,beekeeper 1,beggar 1,boatman 1,chimneysweep 1,commoner 1,cook 1,dogcatcher 1,dock worker 1,drunk 1,elder 1,exterminator of insects and rats 1,ferryman 1,fisherman 1,gardener 1,gravedigger 1,handyman 1,hunter 1,immigrant 1,indentured servant 1,innkeeper 1,leper 1,longshoreman 1,madman 1,matchmaker 1,miner 1,miser 1,panhandler 1,outcast 1,pacifist 1,pauper 1,peasant 1,pigherd 1,rat catcher 1,refugee 1,runaway 1,serf 1,servant 1,slave 1,stableman 1,student 1,town crier 1,traveler 1,undertaker 1,urchin 1,village idiot 1,widow 1,woodsman


1,Achates 1,Adam 1,Alberti 1,Andre 1,Apfel 1,Arcas 1,Arevalo 1,Armagnacs 1,Arndes 1,Arnolfini 1,Augsburg 1,Avicella 1,Avignon 1,Balbi 1,Bamberg 1,Barbado 1,Barbel 1,Basel 1,Battista 1,Beildeck 1,Beyer 1,Bursfeld 1,Bussi 1,Cajetan 1,Carter 1,Carvajal 1,Cassirer 1,Caxton 1,Cesarini 1,Cloots 1,Constance 1,Cornelis 1,Coster 1,Cusanus 1,Cyprus 1,Dalen 1,Dante 1,Datini 1,Davis 1,Dederoth 1,Dietrich 1,Dobneck 1,Drach 1,Dritzehn 1,Dunne 1,Durer 1,Dziatzko 1,Eck 1,Eggenstein 1,Eisenen 1,Eisienstein 1,Eltville 1,Erbach 1,Eugenius 1,Felix 1,Fer 1,Fichet 1,Foxe 1,Freeman 1,Friburger 1,Fust 1,Gaeta 1,Garrard 1,Gensfleisch 1,Gelthus 1,Gering 1,Gershom 1,Gerthener 1,Gershom 1,Gill 1,Glim 1,Godwin 1,Goldfinch 1,Gudenberg 1,Guzenhauser 1,Haarlem 1,Hagen 1,Hahn 1,Han 1,Hanau 1,Hangul 1,Hassia 1,Heilmann 1,Hellinga 1,Helmasperger 1,Heynlin 1,Hugo 1,Humery 1,Hus 1,Isenburg 1,Iserloh 1,Jardine 1,Jonghe 1,Kammermaister 1,Kapr 1,Keffer 1,Koberger 1,Krantz 1,Kumoff 1,Lauber 1,Lefaivre 1,Leipzig 1,Luther 1,Manutius 1,Martinus 1,Monmouth 1,More 1,Moxon 1,Muller 1,Murner 1,Nassau 1,Nector 1,Needham 1,Numeister 1,Orsini 1,Ortelius 1,Padwick 1,Painter 1,Palladio 1,Pannartz 1,Petri 1,Pfister 1,Pico 1,Pio 1,Pius 1,Plantin 1,Platus 1,Pleydenwurff 1,Quentell 1,Rastell 1,Reinhard 1,Reyse 1,Riffe 1,Rin 1,Robinson 1,Ruppel 1,Sassbach 1,Saubert 1,Schartl 1,Schaumburg 1,Schedel 1,Schindeleyp 1,Schlettstadt 1,Schlick 1,Schmid 1,Schoffer 1,Schott 1,Schreyer 1,Schultze 1,Scultetes 1,Scopo 1,Seckerheim 1,Sigismund 1,Sleiden 1,Smeijers 1,Sogdians 1,Sincino 1,Sobornne 1,Sorgenloch 1,Speyer 1,Speiss 1,Stiebler 1,Stotternheim 1,Strasbourg 1,Subiaco 1,Sweynheim 1,Tedlingen 1,Tetzel 1,Thomas 1,Thure 1,Tommaso 1,Tunstall 1,Tynndale 1,Valdarfer 1,Veldener 1,Vignola 1,Vitalis 1,Waldvogel 1,Wilson 1,Wirich 1,Wohlgemut 1,Worde 1,Worrstadt 1,Wurster 1,Wycliffe 1,Zedler 1,Zel


1,Abbey 1,Acher 1,Addison 1,Aiken 1,Aiton 1,Ainsley 1,Alex 1,Alexi 1,Alley 1,Ander 1,Angel 1,Anid 1,Arden 1,Ari 1,Ash 1,August 1,Avery 1,Ames 1,Brant 1,Briton 1,Brode 1,Bailey 1,Bay 1,Bell 1,Bern 1,Bevan 1,Blaine 1,Blair 1,Blake 1,Blue 1,Briar 1,Brice 1,Brit 1,Caden 1,Camden 1,Cameron 1,Carrey 1,Carol 1,Cam 1,Casey 1,Cassidy 1,Canner 1,Chandler 1,Charley 1,Chasey 1,Casey 1,Chris 1,Cale 1,Clare 1,Claude 1,Codey 1,Conner 1,Coren 1,Court 1,Dane 1,Darby 1,Darcy 1,Darrel 1,Delaney 1,Denney 1,Devon 1,Drew 1,Dylan 1,Dean 1,Eiran 1,Eli 1,Elliot 1,Emerson 1,Emmery 1,Erey 1,Ellot 1,Francis 1,Fred 1,Fen 1,Gale 1,Gene 1,Haley 1,Harry 1,Hayden 1,Hester 1,Hollis 1,Hunter 1,Jack 1,Jamie 1,Jay 1,Jayden 1,Jean 1,Jerrey 1,Joe 1,Jodey 1,Jordan 1,Joyce 1,Jude 1,June 1,Kay 1,Kelsey 1,Kirby 1,Kit 1,Lane 1,Loren 1,Lot 1,Laurey 1,Lee 1,Lenny 1,Lesley 1,Lester 1,Logan 1,Lou 1,Lonnie 1,Lin 1,Mac 1,Madison 1,Marlow 1,Marty 1,Max 1,Mel 1,Mickey 1,Middey 1,Morgan 1,Nic 1,Page 1,Parker 1,Pat 1,Payton 1,Pheonix 1,Ray 1,Regan 1,Reese 1,Ricky 1,Riley 1,Robin 1,Rocky 1,Rory 1,Rowan 1,Ryan 1,Sal 1,Sam 1,Sandy 1,Shannon 1,Shawn 1,Shea 1,Shelby 1,Sawyer 1,Sidney 1,Sky 1,Spencer 1,Tate 1,Taylor 1,Terry 1,Tobey 1,Tony 1,Tracey 1,Tristan 1,Tyler 1,Vic 1,Whitney


1,duck 1,chicken 1,quail 1,songbird 1,pheasant 1,swan 1,goose 1,dog 1,cat 1,mouse