Quick Relationship

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<sgdisplay iterations="15">[main]



1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] ([Quick NPC.main]) [relationshipany] [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] ([Quick NPC.main]).


1,is the lifelong friend of 1,is the sworn enemy of 1,wants to destroy 1,wants to be like 1,wants to escape 1,wants to defeat 1,understands the true potential of 1,wants to protect 1,is jealous of 1,secretly loves 1,is the sibling of 1,has secretly betrayed the trust of 1,is the traveling companion of 1,was sold into slavery by 1,has sworn revenge on 1,stole from 1,murdered a loved one of 1,is a member of the same secret society ([Secret Society Name.main]) as 1,is the apprentice of 1,is the property of 1,is magically controlled by 1,was gravely and publicly insulted by 1,owes a large sum of money to 1,is blackmailing 1,knows the darkest secret of 1,saved the life of </sgtable>