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While wandering the dungeon, the party encounters:



0,in ‘details’, replace all instances of: 1) 👤em; then, in the resulting string, 2) ‘👤yr’; lastly, in the string which results from that, 3) ‘👤e’ 20,[npc_m] {{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[details]|👤em|him}}|👤yr|his}}|👤e|he}} 20,[npc_f] {{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[details]|👤em|her}}|👤yr|her}}|👤e|she}} 5,[npc_n] {{#replace:{{#replace:{{#replace:[details]|👤em|them}}|👤yr|their}}|👤e|this person}}


1,who [wants]. The party should care because 👤e [carereason].


1,just wants out of this fscking dungeon 1,[hopes] to avenge 👤emself on a major monster in the dungeon in the room furthest away near [Dice.1d12] o’clock 1,[hopes] to consecrate as many of the dungeon’s altars as 👤e can, since these mean everything to 👤em 1,[hopes] to desecrate as many of the dungeon’s altars as 👤e can, since these mean nothing to 👤em 1,[hopes] to field-test 👤yr new [Weapon.NoDescription] 1,[hopes] to slay one of the heads of one of the dungeon’s factions, then appoint 👤emself to the position 1,[hopes] to spend 👤yr time inventing preposterous yet plausible objectives to distract and occupy the PCs while 👤e bumps them off one by one 1,[hopes] to stir up dissent within a faction (the goblins, the cultists, whatever) in the dungeon 1,[hopes] to stir up dissent within a faction of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] 👤e believes is occupying the dungeon 1,[seeks] [Fantasy Assignment.Object] that 👤e believes has magical powers and is in the dungeon 1,[seeks] [Fantasy Assignment.Object]—a magical one 👤e believes is somewhere in the dungeon 1,[seeks] a fantastic treasure hoard 👤e suspects is located in the room nearest to [Dice.digit][Dice.digit], [Dice.digit][Dice.digit] treating the map as a cartesian 100x100 grid 1,[seeks] strange parts for 👤yr collection 1,[seeks] the PC with the highest Cha 1,[seeks] the rest of 👤yr party


1,hopes to find 1,is after 1,is hoping to find 2,is looking for 1,is seeking 1,seeks 1,would like to locate


1,aspires 1,desires 1,hopes 1,intends 1,plans 2,wants 1,wishes


1,demonstrates extensive knowledge of much that is hidden—and will reveal more in exchange for aid 1,has a posse, a terrible temper … and a map of the dungeon 1,has been blessed by [godsblessing] 1,has oracular powers 1,is an (average PC level + [Dice.1d4]) wizard with 👤yr mojo working … so if the party fails to help 👤em enough, 👤e may kill them all 1,is in a position to offer the PCs a sizable monetary reward once 👤e is safely out of the dungeon 1,is pals with a powerful creature in the dungeon and can get the PCs past it 1,is actually part faerie, leprechaun or something else enchanting and/or annoying … so if the PCs don’t help 👤em, things may get a bit “whimsical” 1,is really hot 1,is the Sacred Fool of the cleric’s religion and cannot be harmed. (Actual aiding is optional, but is recommended for ambitious holy men) 1,secretly or overtly controls a powerful faction in the dungeon


1, and can cast [Dice.1d4]


1,” per day


2,a holy [god][cc][Artifacts.MajorLight][pd] 2,an unholy [god][cc][Artifacts.MajorDark][pd] 1,a [god] of fire[cc][Artifacts.MajorFire][pd] 1,a [god] of poison[cc][Artifacts.MajorPoison][pd] 1,a [god] of wind[cc][Artifacts.MajorWind][pd] 1,a water [god][cc][Artifacts.MajorWater][pd] 1,an earth [god][cc][Artifacts.EarthMajor][pd] 1,an ice [god][cc][Artifacts.MajorCold][pd]


1,god 1,goddess


20,[npc_m] 20,[npc_f] 1,[npc_n]


1,a [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Male] 1,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Male] 1,a [Quick NPC.♂]


1,a [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Female] 1,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Female] 1,a [Quick NPC.♀]


1,an androgynous [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Race] [Fantasy NPC (Basic).Job]