Quick Creepy Villains

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1,The [Villain]


3,[Adventurers] of [Scary] 1,[Secret Society Title.main] 1,[Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 1,[Secret Society Title.Title] of [Scary] 1,[Intangible] [who] [Action]


1,Abbot 1,Alchemist 1,Angel 1,Annihilator 1,Architect 1,Assassin 1,Astrologer 1,Author 1,Baroness 1,Baron 1,Beggar 1,Blackguard 1,Bringer 1,Broken Thing 1,Butcher 1,Caliph 1,Cannibal 1,Castigator 1,Chancellor 1,Changeling 1,Charlatan 1,Child 1,Collector 1,Conjurer 1,Crusher 1,Dame 1,Dancer 1,Defiler 1,Despot 1,Destroyer 1,Devil 1,Duchess 1,Duke 1,Eater 1,Emissary 1,Emperor 1,Empress 1,Ever dying princess 1,Evoker 1,Exile 1,Firebrand 1,First Assassin 1,Fisherman 1,Fishmonger 1,Flayer 1,Flenser 1,Fool 1,Glutton 1,Harlot 1,Harvester 1,Healer 1,Hell-Blood 1,High Baron 1,High king 1,Huntsman 1,Illusionist 1,Imp 1,Imperator 1,Infidel 1,Inquisitor 1,Invoker 1,Jester 1,Jewel 1,Khan 1,King 1,Knight 1,Librarian 1,Lord 1,Maharajah 1,Majesty 1,Man 1,Martyr 1,Mathematician 1,Merchant 1,Merchant 1,Miscreant 1,Missionary 1,Mistress 1,Monarch 1,Moon Child 1,Murderer 1,Neverborn 1,Old Man 1,Oracle 1,Overlord 1,Paragon 1,Peddler 1,Philosopher 1,Pirate 1,Poisoner 1,Pretender 1,Priest 1,Prince 1,Princess 1,Prodigal 1,Prophet 1,Punisher 1,Queen 1,Rascal 1,Rider 1,Riddle 1,Ruler 1,Saint 1,Savage 1,Scoundrel 1,Seeker 1,Seer 1,Sky Thief 1,Slayer 1,Slug 1,Stained Man 1,Sultan 1,Templar 1,Templar 1,Thief 1,Tormentor 1,Toymaker 1,Trickster 1,Usurper 1,Vagabond 1,Vandal 1,Villain 1,Virgin 1,Vizier 1,Warlord 1,Witch 1,Wizard 2,Inquisitor


1,30 Lies 1,Agony 1,All Desolations 1,All Diseases 1,All Fates 1,All Flesh 1,All Maladies 1,All Pain 1,All Sorrows 1,Annihilation 1,Annihilations 1,Bile 1,Birds 1,Black Sky 1,Blood 1,Bone White School 1,Brides 1,Children 1,Circus 1,Claws 1,Crow 1,Crows 1,Deathless Stag 1,Desolation 1,Despair 1,Disintegration 1,Dread 1,Drilling 1,Drowning 1,Dust 1,Eye Plucked 1,Failure 1,Fear 1,Fearful Children 1,Filth and Muck 1,Forlorn Marsh 1,Gore Ghost 1,Gore Ghosts 1,Hateful 1,Heartless 1,Hungry 1,Hungry Machines 1,Ill Stars 1,Jackals 1,Limbless 1,Lost Sheep 1,Maggots 1,Murder 1,Mutilations 1,Nailing Of Dogs 1,Nameless Science 1,Necrotic Power 1,Needful things 1,Nine Shadows 1,One Thousand Lunacies 1,One Thousand Mutilations 1,One Thousand Terrors 1,Plagues 1,Questing 1,Screams 1,Serenity 1,Skinbag 1,Skull Beetles 1,Snake Bearing Baskets 1,Sorrow 1,Soul Faking 1,Spiders 1,Starvation 1,Succulent Pets 1,Terror 1,The Abandoned City 1,The Bleak Eye 1,The Burning 1,The Claws 1,The Damned 1,The Desert Waste 1,The Devouring 1,The Drowned 1,The Heartless 1,The Hollow World 1,The Infinite Night 1,the Insects 1,The Long Cold 1,The Lunacies 1,The Maggots 1,The Other Moon 1,The Red Eye 1,The River of Sorrow 1,The Trampled Flag 1,The Unholy 1,The Unshriven Light 1,The Verminous Stables 1,The Wolves 1,The Worms 1,Thirst 1,Whispered Omens 1,Worms 1,Writhing Dogs 1,Wrong Birthed


3,Worm 1,Beast 1,Corpse 1,Darkness 1,Demon 1,Desolation 1,Despair 1,Devil 1,Disease 1,Dread 1,Essence 1,Fear 1,Fiend 1,Foulness 1,God 1,Goddess 1,Hatred 1,Horror 1,Nightmare 1,Pain 1,Panic 1,Plague 1,Shadow 1,Silence 1,Stench 1,Terror 1,Tremor 1,Thing 1,Torment 1,Vexation 1,Wolf


1,who 2,that 1,which


1,Consumes 1,Craves 1,Crawls 1,Devours 1,Hates 1,Howls 1,Hungers 1,Hunts 1,Laughs 1,Lurks 1,Needs 1,Ravages 1,Screams 1,Seeks 1,Sneers 1,Stalks 1,Thirsts 1,Torments 1,Walks 1,Walks as Man 1,Whispers 1,Writhes