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  • This generator aims to collect a definitive list of adjectives to describe attributes of fantasy beings/life forms.
  • It was developed in response to lots of generators which each supply their own similar lists, most of which could not be very thorough
  • It’s meant to be a modular building block for other generators – to do only a few things, so as to stay “lean and mean” in scope.
  • If it sees use, it might eventually be made more specific by sorting into (say) male/female, positive/negative, physical attribute vs. character attribute, etc. and even grow (most likely via a separate subtable) to encompass objects as well as entities.

Callable Subtables

  • [Quick Adjective.⚥] : returns 1 gender-neutral adjective (working)
  • ♀ : will return 1 feminine (or neuter) adjective (not working yet)
  • ♂ : will return 1 masculine (or neuter) adjective (not working yet)

25 Examples



1,[subj] is[%intensifier]


4,He 4,She 1,Fred 1,Homeboy 1,Jane 1,That girl 1,That guy 1,That one 1,The character who just walked in 1,The being who just shambled by


12, 1, a little bit 1, extremely 1, hardly 1, more or less 1, not the slightest bit 1, really 1, so 1, somewhat 1, totally 1, very


1, 1,un


1, 1,im


1, 1,in


1, 1,dis


1,ful 1,less


6,[Color.eye] 1,dark 1,hollow 1,milk 1,wide


6,[Color.hair] 1,dark 1,fair


1,dark 1,fair 1,olive 1,soft


1,blank 1,familiar 1,good 1,hostile


1,grief 1,pain 1,terror


1,heart 1,poker 1,ruddy 1,sour


1,deep 1,high 1,low 1,squeaky


1,even 1,hot 1,sweet


1,free 1,mean 1,public


1,hard 1,big 1,black 1,soft

10,[eye]-eyed 7,[hair]-haired 4,[face]-faced 4,[heart]hearted 4,[look]-looking 4,[skin]-skinned 4,[voice]-voiced 3,[spirit]-spirited 3,[struck]-stricken 3,[temper]-tempered 0, 2,[dis]agreeable 2,[dis]courteous 2,[dis]honorable 2,[dis]loyal 2,[dis]organized 2,[dis]passionate 2,[dis]respectful 2,[dis]trusting 0, 2,[im]mature 2,[im]modest 2,[im]moral 2,[im]patient 2,[im]penitent 2,[im]pious 2,[im]polite 2,[im]practical 2,[im]precise 2,[im]prudent 2,[im]pure 0, 2,[in]attentive 2,[in]cautious 2,[in]competent 2,[in]curious 2,[in]decisive 2,[in]delicate 2,[in]dependent 2,[in]efficient 2,[in]eloquent 2,[in]experienced 2,[in]famous 2,[in]hospitable 2,[in]sensitive 2,[in]sincere 0, 2,[un]accomplished 2,[un]affectionate 2,[un]ambitious 2,[un]amused 2,[un]apologetic 2,[un]appreciative 2,[un]blushing 2,[un]businesslike 2,[un]charismatic 2,[un]complaining 2,[un]confident 2,[un]courageous 2,[un]diplomatic 2,[un]dogmatic 2,[un]embarrassed 2,[un]enterprising 2,[un]envious 2,[un]fashionable 2,[un]forgiving 2,[un]friendly 2,[un]generous 2,[un]gentle 2,[un]grateful 2,[un]guarded 2,[un]happy 2,[un]imaginative 2,[un]injured 2,[un]inquisitive 2,[un]jaundiced 2,[un]kind 2,[un]learned 2,[un]lovable 2,[un]orthodox 2,[un]patriotic 2,[un]patronizing 2,[un]perceptive 2,[un]philosophical 2,[un]popular 2,[un]quiet 2,[un]reasonable 2,[un]refined 2,[un]relaxed 2,[un]repentant 2,[un]scholarly 2,[un]scrupulous 2,[un]seasoned 2,[un]selfish 2,[un]skillful 2,[un]smiling 2,[un]sociable 2,[un]stained 2,[un]stylish 2,[un]surprised 2,[un]suspicious 2,[un]sympathetic 2,[un]tidy 2,[un]trustworthy 2,[un]truthful 2,[un]wary 2,[un]wise 2,[un]worried 2,[un]wrinkled 0, 2,care[fl] 2,cheer[fl] 2,fear[fl] 2,grace[fl] 2,harm[fl] 2,help[fl] 2,hope[fl] 2,remorse[fl] 2,shame[fl] 2,tact[fl] 2,thought[fl] 0, 1,xenophobic 1,cherubic 1,nostalgic 1,bucolic 1,laconic 1,euphoric 1,eccentric 1,energetic 1,apathetic 1,neurotic 1,idealistic 1,fatalistic 1,pessimistic 1,optimistic 1,hedonistic 0, 1,pierced 1,easily offended 1,openminded 1,absentminded 1,wounded 1,enraged 1,foulmouthed 1,harried 1,hunchbacked 1,shellshocked 1,veiled 1,ensorcelled 1,dimpled 1,crippled 1,gnarled 1,maimed 1,frightened 1,bloodstained 1,condemned 1,sunburned 1,tattooed 1,stooped 1,pampered 1,beleaguered 1,armored 1,diseased 1,composed 1,depressed 1,distressed 1,confused 1,intoxicated 1,elated 1,opinionated 1,frustrated 1,agitated 1,respected 1,nearsighted 1,discontented 1,haunted 1,bigoted 1,exhausted 1,reserved 1,disorganized 1,misguided 1,crazed 0, 1,candid 1,paranoid 1,florid 1,rotund 1,shrewd 1,carefree 1,childlike 0, 1,pitiable 1,unflappable 1,respectable 1,young and impressionable 1,irritable 1,incorrigible 1,gullible 1,irresponsible 1,irresistible 0, 1,humble 1,hostile 1,little 1,meddlesome 1,insane 1,morose 1,compassionate 1,desperate 0, 1,submissive 1,reclusive 1,intrusive 1,oversensitive 0, 1,forbidding 1,brooding 1,singing 1,twitching 1,slouching 1,laughing 1,smirking 1,hardworking 1,trembling 1,sniffling 1,snarling 1,whistling 1,daydreaming 1,scheming 1,whining 1,pining 1,frowning 1,limping 1,rasping 1,lisping 1,glaring 1,domineering 1,sneering 1,suffering 1,sauntering 1,stuttering 1,shivering 1,boring 1,intimidating 1,sweating 1,hallucinating 1,unsuspecting 1,squinting 1,strutting 1,pouting 1,conniving 1,starving 1,sneezing 1,charming 1,cunning 0, 1,childish 1,bookish 1,devilish 1,ticklish 1,foolish 1,boorish 1,roguish 1,foppish 0, 1,hypochondriacal 1,comical 1,tyrannical 1,cynical 1,skeptical 1,egotistical 1,conspiratorial 1,territorial 1,delusional 1,irrational 1,unconventional 1,overemotional 0, 1,peaceful 1,resourceful 1,vengeful 1,spiteful 1,slothful 1,youthful 1,tearful 1,forgetful 1,resentful 1,boastful 1,lustful 1,sorrowful 0, 1,homesick 1,lovesick 1,skeletal 1,restless 1,ruthless 1,machiavellian 1,veteran 1,drunken 1,heartbroken 1,smitten 1,driven 1,foreign 1,solemn 1,forlorn 1,oracular 1,overeager 1,bitter 1,clever 1,hungover 1,hapless 0, 1,tedious 1,studious 1,rebellious 1,gregarious 1,imperious 1,mysterious 1,flirtatious 1,superstitious 1,obsequious 1,devious 1,jealous 1,zealous 1,callous 1,meticulous 1,garrulous 1,tyrannous 1,gluttonous 1,dangerous 1,boisterous 1,monstrous 1,mischievous 1,nervous 0, 1,heavyset 1,triumphant 1,arrogant 1,brilliant 1,indignant 1,ignorant 1,reluctant 1,hesitant 1,flamboyant 1,innocent 1,impudent 1,indulgent 1,silent 1,violent 1,malevolent 1,irreverent 1,dishonest 1,earnest 1,alarmist 1,shallow 1,sallow 0, 1,grubby 1,greedy 1,foolhardy 1,craggy 1,filthy 1,cranky 1,cowardly 1,lonely 1,lively 1,sickly 1,melancholy 1,elderly 1,miserly 1,unruly 1,sleepy 1,gossipy 1,blustery 1,hungry 1,accusatory 1,clumsy 1,drowsy 1,fidgety 1,shifty 1,thrifty 1,haughty 1,hearty 1,bloodthirsty 1,chatty 1,klutzy 0, 1,alert 1,ancient 1,angry 1,bawdy 1,blind 1,bored 1,brave 1,canny 1,cowed 1,crazy 1,cruel 1,drunk 1,dying 1,eager 1,giddy 1,gruff 1,jaded 1,jumpy 1,lusty 1,lying 1,merry 1,moody 1,naïve 1,noble 1,old 1,proud 1,ruddy 1,salty 1,short 1,sober 1,stern 1,stiff 1,surly 1,tense 1,timid 1,tough 1,weary 1,witty 1,young 0, 1,bold 1,calm 1,deaf 1,glum 1,grim 1,hale 1,lazy 1,loud 1,mean 1,mute 1,nosy 1,rash 1,slim 1,smug 1,sour 1,tall 1,tiny 1,ugly 1,vain 1,wily 0, 1,big 1,fat 1,shy 1,sly 0, 1,angst-ridden 1,battle-ready 1,clear-thinking 1,fast-talking 1,flea-infested 1,foul-smelling 1,gap-toothed 1,guilt-ridden 1,hard-nosed 1,hero-worshipping 1,law-abiding 1,little-known 1,middle-aged 1,closed-minded 1,narrow-minded 1,peace-loving 1,quick-witted 1,self-absorbed 1,self-pitying 1,self-possessed 1,silver-tongued 1,simple-minded 1,slow-witted 1,strong-willed 1,sun-bronzed 1,sweet-talking 1,tight-lipped 1,tongue-tied 1,weak-willed 1,well-armed 1,well-fed 1,well-known 1,well-mannered 1,well-meaning but dull-witted 1,world-weary




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