Pulp Location

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<sgdisplay iterations="6">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,Entrance to Hollow Earth 1,Fountain of Youth 1,Secret Temple 1,[Poetic Destinations.main] 1,sunken island of Atlantis 1,Lost City of Ophir 1,City of Gold 1,Elephant Graveyard 1,City of Shangri-La 1,Mines of King Solomon 1,Isle of Skulls 1,Headwaters of the Nile 1,Amazon Isle 1,Mountains of the Moon 1,lost land of El Dorado 1,Lost Pyramids of Axum 1,location of the Holy Grail 1,Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine 1,King Solomon's Mines 1,Dark Heart of the Congo 1,Lair of the Malaccan Pirates </sgtable>