Pulp Character Concept

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<sgdisplay iterations="7">[main]



6,A[personality] [profession] [personal goal] 1,[pulp hero] [personal goal]


1,n alien 1,n arrogant 1, book-smart 1, brawny 1, brave 1, bumbling 1, chain-smoking 1, clever 1, cocky 1, compassionate 1, conniving 1, corrupt 1, cowardly 1, crazed 1, cunning 1, cynical 1, down-on-their-luck 1, embittered 1, debonair 1, delusional 1, determined 1, disgraced 1, foolhardy 1, foolish 1, foppish 1, forlorn 1, former 1, grim 1,n ingenious 1, hapless 1, hard-drinking 1, hard-eyed 1, humble 1, jaded 1, lovelorn 1, lustful 1, lying 1, mean 1, mighty-thewed 1, misguided 1, mysterious 1, naive 1, noble 1, notorious 1, optimistic 1, patriotic 1, pious 1, remorseful 1, rough-looking 1, ruthless 1, sharp-witted 1, shell-shocked 1, silver-tongued 1, smarmy 1, spunky 1, street-wise 1, tough 1, two-fisted 1,n unflinching 1, wealthy 1, vengeful 1, very rich 1, washed-up 1, well-meaning but dull-witted 1, wise 1, wise-cracking 1, young and silly


1,ace pilot 1,admiral of the Zeppelin Armada 1,adventurer 1,amateur boxer 1,Amazon queen 1,archaeology professor 1,aviator 1,barbarian 1,barnstormer 1,bartender 1,bootlegger 1,boxer 1,brain in a jar with a robotic body 1,cattle rustler 1,con man 1,crime-fighting master criminal 1,criminal 1,dope runner 1,ex-con 1,ex-cop 1,Egyptologist 1,explorer 1,fighting man of Mars 1,gumshoe 1,gunslinger 1,heiress 1,hustler 1,insurance adjustor 1,inventor 1,jungle lord 1,marine 1,martial-artist 1,mastermind 1,mercenary 1,mechanic 1,merchant seaman 1,millionaire/vigilante 1,mobster 1,movie starlet 1,newspaper delivery boy 1,newspaper reporter 1,oil magnate 1,opera star 1,orphan 1,petty thief 1,private dick 1,philanthropist 1,playboy 1,playwright 1,police officer 1,American President 1,priest 1,private detective 1,prospector 1,prostitute 1,rocket scientist 1,seductress 1,singing cowboy 1,smuggler 1,soldier 1,soldier of fortune 1,space explorer 1,space ranger 1,spy 1,talking beast 1,two-bit hood 1,vampire hunter 1,zeppelin pilot

personal goal

4,is seeking the [legendary location]. 1,is trying to get a date. 1,is hoping to undo the tragedy he has wrought. 1,is looking for redemption. 1,is out for revenge. 1,is trying to prove himself to his unrequited love. 1,is searching for a holy relic. 1,is masquerading as a[personality] [profession] who is the heir to a fortune. 1,is planning the heist of the decade. 1,is looking to take over a powerful crime syndicate. 1,is reduced to stealing to survive. 1,is trying to outrun his past. 1,is trying to get back at the thugs who framed him for their crime. 1,is trying to smuggle contraband across carefully guarded borders. 1,is looking for the men who killed his only love. 1,is in a no-holds-barred race around the world. 1,is scheming to shut down the local criminals by pitting them against each other. 1,is hunting a legendary beast in the African Wilds. 1,must explore every undocumented corner of the world and worlds. 1,must fight tyranny wherever it threatens freedom. 1,must defend the weak against those who would bleed the city dry. 1,must make sure ma and pa are proud. 1,must travel to the past in order to save the present from the vicious future! 1,must defeat their evil twin at every turn so that their powers are not turned to evil. 1,must prevent World War II from becoming a grim reality. 1,must destroy and drive back the cannibal aliens released into the world from Bunker 13. 1,must save the world and be back in time for supper. 1,must save humanity from [evil]. 1,must thwart [evil] even if it costs them their life. 1,must use super science to make the world a better place. 1,must find the legendary Necronomicon. 1,must defeat the legions of living skeletons unleashed by the insidious Thulsa Doom. 1,must find a cure for the Purple Plague released by the Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. 1,must stop a plot by [evil] to resurrect [historical villain].

legendary location

1,[Pulp Location.main]


1,alien invaders 1,an ancient evil 1,an Axis plot 1,Dracula 1,Dr. Fu Man Chu 1,a coven of evil witches 1,a doomsday cult 1,a greedy corporation 1,the great Cthulhu 1,hordes of vampires 1,an international terrorist organization 1,the living mummy Im-Ho-Tep 1,a mad scientist 1,a madman 1,a mysterious threat 1,a powerful sorcerer 1,a pack of werewolves 1,a power hungry politician 1,a ruthless drug lord 1,a Satanic cult 1,a sinister secret society 1,a warlike dictator 1,brain-eating zombies 1,a government produced super-virus 1,a secret society known as [Secret Society Name.main] 1,the ghost of [historical villain]

historical villain

1,Adolf Hitler 1,Al Capone 1,Bluebeard 1,Caligula 1,Genghis Khan 1,Idi Amin 1,Ivan the Terrible 1,Jeffrey Dahmer 1,Jesse James 1,Mussolini 1,Oliver Cromwell 1,Pol Pot 1,Saddam Hussein 1,Stalin 1,Vlad the Impaler

pulp hero

1,Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, 1,The Shadow 1,John Carter, the Warlord of Mars, 1,Flash Gordon 1,Tailspin Tommy 1,G-8 and his Battle Aces 1,Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, 1,Ka-Zar the Great 1,Tarzan the Ape Man 1,Conan the Barbarian 1,Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective 1,Zorro