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A character generator for 'Planet Psychon'
Planet Psychon game information, including downloadable PDFs containing these tables, is available at:

Main Psychon table and other Psychon-related generators is found here: Psychon


<sgdisplay iterations="5">


STR [Dice.3d6] DEX [Dice.3d6] CON [Dice.3d6] INT [Dice.3d6] WIS [Dice.3d6] CHA [Dice.3d6]
Chromatic Race: [Psychon.chromatic]
Starting Equipment
Money: [Dice.3d6]0 Silver
Basic Armour: [Psychon.starting_armour]
Weapon: A fighter has 4 common weapons. Everybody else has 2. Weapons that shoot ammo have 10 shots


  • [Dice.1d6] days food fresh or dry or pickled
  • [Dice.1d6] days water in skins or gourds

Chemicals: [Dice.1d6] doses of: [Psychon.chemical]
Special item: [Psychon.special_item]
Origin: [Psychon.starting_as_psychonian]
Carrying: [Psychon.random_item]

<sgdisplay iterations="1">

Also available

Apotheosis Mutation: [apotheosis_mutation]
Basic types of mutation: [mutation_basic_type]



1,[Shadowrun Names.Male] 1,[Shadowrun Names.Female]


5, 1,Mutation: [Psychon Mutants.mutation_source]; [Psychon Mutants.mutation_select]



  • has_mutation

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