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Prophecies often don't make sense (except in hindsight), making them a perfect candidate for random generation.



2,[main_sourced]. 1,[main_sourceless].




2,[prophecy_source] [predicts] [results] 2,[prophecy_source] [predicts] that [prophecy] 1,It is foretold that [prophecy] 1,It is said that [prophecy] 1,[prophecy], as was [predicted]


5,[celestial_body_phrase] 2,the [book] 2,the starry host 1,a cabal of seers 1,an ancient people 1,Fate 1,the Oracle 1,the Seer


2,[book_adj] [book_type] 2,[book_type] of [state_noun] 1,[book_type] of [name] 1,[name] [book_type]


2,[Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] 1,[ArcaneBooks.DiscAdj]


2,chronicle[s] 2,cipher[s] 2,codex 2,fragment[s] 2,manuscript[s] 2,scripture[s] 2,scroll[s] 2,tablet[s] 2,tome[s] 2,tome[s] 1,apocrypha 1,chant[s] 1,grimoire 1,prophecies 1,prophecy 1,riddle[s] 1,runes


1, 1,s


1,[Demon generator.getname] 1,[Dragon names.main] 1,[Pern Dragon Names.main]


2,the [celestial_body] of [state] 2,the [celestial_body] of [Fantasy Pantheon.Domains] 1,the [Animal.fantasyAll] [celestial_body]


1,god 1,goddess 1,planet 1,spirit 1,star


10,[start] [trigger], [omen] [trigger_verb_phrase] [results] 2,[start_time] [trigger], when [omen] [trigger_verb_phrase] [results] 2,[start_time] [trigger], when [results_future] 1,[omen] [trigger_verb_phrase] [results] 1,[results_future] 1,[results_future] when [trigger]


3,[%will_be]the [time] 3,[%will_be]upon the [time] 3,when the [time] comes that 3,when the moment comes that 1,[%will_be]as soon as 1,[%will_be]at the time 1,[%will_be]in the moment 1,[%will_be]in the season 1,[%will_be]in the year 1,[%will_be]on the day 1,[%will_be]once 1,[%will_be]when


1,there [comes] a [time] when 1,there [comes] a moment when


1,[will] be 1,[will] come 1,comes


1,shall 1,will


7, 1,it [will] be that


2,day 2,time 1,season 1,year


3,[character] recovers [%artifact_prefix][artifact_name] 3,[character] returns 1,[character] touches the sky 1,a dry rain descends upon us 1,a rainbow replaces the sun 1,a red child is born 1,air turns to dust 1,air turns to fire 1,all is celebrated 1,animals rain from the sky 1,ash rains from the sky 1,brothers clash 1,clouds roar with fury 1,day turns to night 1,dogs bark and birds flee 1,fire burns blue 1,ice rains from the sky 1,impurity is born 1,kingdoms collide 1,land flows like water 1,laughter turns to grief 1,lead turns to gold 1,legend becomes history 1,lightning strikes twice 1,lion and bear live together 1,mountains move and rivers shiver 1,myth becomes truth 1,night turns to day 1,one becomes many and many becomes one 1,people are slain by peace 1,prey kills its predator 1,pride bends its knee 1,rivers run dry 1,rivers run salty 1,rocks rain from the sky 1,siblings rival 1,silver turns to gold 1,sisters reunite 1,snakes surround the altar 1,snow and thunder collide 1,stars fall from the sky 1,steel turns to rust 1,summer ends 1,temptation is too strong 1,the [Color.all] comet stains the sky 1,the air turns white and gray 1,the blind man sees once more 1,the blood moon shines in the full light of day 1,the brother becomes the father 1,the buried emerge from their tombs 1,the curtain is torn in two 1,the Dark Hunt rides 1,the dark one returns 1,the darkness rises once more 1,the day is longest 1,the day is shortest 1,the dead rise 1,the desert blooms 1,the dreamer dreams no more 1,the earth glistens like gold 1,the exalted are cast down 1,the first one is reborn 1,the flames freeze 1,the forest shrinks 1,the gods emerge from their slumber 1,the gray man returns 1,the ground shifts 1,the ground turns liquid 1,the hand falters 1,the hero is reborn 1,the horned one returns 1,the immortal becomes mortal 1,the inscription is found 1,the island sinks 1,the last one dies 1,the last one is reborn 1,the light is shattered 1,the lion and lamb lie down together 1,the lion is king no longer 1,the lost heir returns 1,the mark is revealed 1,the mark of the one becomes the mark of many 1,the moon doesn't fall 1,the moon turns blue 1,the moon turns bright 1,the mountain shrinks 1,the mountain weeps with molten fury 1,the nameless is known 1,the new becomes the old 1,the oath is redeemed 1,the oath is renewed 1,the ocean dries up 1,the proud bow 1,the rain returns 1,the red lady reveals her true self 1,the rivers turn green 1,the sacrificial blood pours out 1,the sea rains upon the sky 1,the sea swallows the earth 1,the seas turn to ice 1,the shadow is taken hold of 1,the sister becomes the mother 1,the sky burns with fire 1,the sky falls 1,the sky is colored brightly 1,the sky is colored brightly at night 1,the sky is rolled up like a scroll 1,the sky is thick with water 1,the sky turns a different blue 1,the sky turns red 1,the sky turns to ice 1,the sun doesn't rise 1,the sun goes backwards across the sky 1,the sun turns dark 1,the tear is sewn back together 1,the temple is plundered 1,the tides cease their flow 1,the true one reveals herself 1,the true one reveals himself 1,the unassailable tower is toppled 1,the unbreakable is destroyed 1,the veil is raised 1,the wall is pierced 1,the wind freezes water 1,the winds of [state_noun] scour the earth 1,the winds show their true power 1,the world becomes shrouded in shadows 1,the world turns to summer 1,the world turns to winter 1,time flows backward 1,trees shed their leaves 1,water rises to the sky 1,what is blue turns red 1,what is false seems real 1,what is green turns red 1,what's shrouded is revealed 1,white smoke rises 1,winter turns to summer 1,wolves howl together


1,a betrayal 1,a birthmark 1,a breakdown 1,a broken bone 1,a broken heart 1,a broken man 1,a broken promise 1,a challenge 1,a child in red 1,a confession 1,a contract 1,a deadly duel 1,a defeat 1,a drunk 1,a drunken fight 1,a duel 1,a fall 1,a foolish choice 1,a forbidden relationship 1,a forced marriage 1,a golden haired man 1,a man clad in green 1,a man of gold 1,a man with no shadow 1,a marked child 1,a marriage 1,a meeting 1,a miscommunication 1,a new bond 1,a promise 1,a proposition 1,a pure blood 1,a random act of kindness 1,a refusal 1,a secret meeting 1,a secret woman 1,a shooting star 1,a silver haired woman 1,a sudden death 1,a surrender 1,a suspicious accident 1,a suspicious death 1,a suspicious malfunction 1,a terrible act of cruelty 1,a vicious act 1,a victory 1,a woman clad in blue 1,a woman of grey 1,an assassination 1,an embarrassing defeat 1,an exchange of coin 1,an overheard conversation 1,an unfortunate accident 1,children of darkness 1,the accused 1,the banished one 1,the chosen one 1,the elder one 1,the elder sister 1,the exiled one 1,the fall of the Stone 1,the false leader 1,the false prophet 1,the false sister 1,the foreign one 1,the graceful woman 1,the guilty 1,the innocent 1,the lost one 1,the new brother 1,the newcomer 1,the prophet 1,the scarred man 1,the stranger 1,the true leader 1,the two faced one 1,the young brother 1,the young one 1,three siblings 1,two brothers 1,two enemies 1,two friends 1,two siblings 1,two sisters


2,shall [trigger_verb] 1,will [trigger_verb]


1,bring 1,bring forth 1,cause 1,herald 1,initiate 1,launch 1,mark 1,precede 1,set in motion 1,usher in


2,[result][%followup] 2,[result] and [result][%followup] 1,[result] and [result_future][%followup_future] 1,a [time] when [result_future][%followup_future]


0,should only return something half of the time 4, 1,, followed by [result]


1,[result_future][%followup_future] 1,[result_future] and [result_future][%followup_future]


0,should only return something half of the time 4, 1,, followed by [result] 1,. [result] [will] [followup_verb] 1,. Then [result] [will] [followup_verb] 1,. Then [result_future]


1,begin 1,cease 1,commence 1,end 1,follow


94,[result] 6,[result_future]


30,[period] 1,a change of leadership 1,a country's doom 1,a country's new rise 1,a cursed age 1,a destruction of power 1,a generation of health 1,a new fury 1,a new life 1,a new unity 1,a reunion of enemies 1,a reunion of friends 1,a rise in immorality 1,a rise of a new god 1,a rise of faith 1,a shift in power 1,a strengthening of bonds 1,a vicious war 1,a world of darkness 1,a world of light 1,an age of failing crops 1,an end to enemies 1,an end to hunger 1,an end to our suffering 1,an end to the gods 1,an end to the monarchy 1,an era of favorable crop yields 1,an eternal night 1,bloodshed of blue blood 1,broken friendships 1,depravity 1,new aggressions 1,technological advancement 1,the beginning of a better future 1,the clash of titans 1,the dawn of evil 1,the dawn of mankind 1,the dawn of men 1,the deaths of a million 1,the destruction of culture 1,the destruction of nature 1,the downfall of an empire 1,the downfall of two kingdoms 1,the end of history 1,the end of leadership 1,the end of peace 1,the end of wealth 1,the fall of a false god 1,the fall of the rich 1,the last battle 1,the overthrowing of royalty 1,the restoration of balance 1,the return of dragons 1,the return of monsters 1,the rise of a kingdom 1,the rise of a new evil 1,the rise of education 1,the rise of grandeur 1,the rise of hope 1,the rise of mankind 1,the rise of nature 1,the rise of the poor 1,the rise of two empires 1,the rise of what was forgotten 1,the toppling of leaders 1,the war to end all wars


1,augurs 1,decrees 1,foreshadows 1,foretells 1,heralds 1,indicates 1,portends 1,predicts 1,presages 1,promises 1,signifies 1,testifies


1,augured 1,decreed 1,foreshadowed 1,foretold 1,heralded 1,indicated 1,predicted 1,presaged 1,promised 1,testified


1,a new Age of [state_noun] 1,a war of [state_noun] 1,an aeon of [state_noun] 1,an age of [state_noun] 1,the Age of [state_noun] 1,the War of [state_noun] 1,the [time] of [state_noun] 1,a [time] of [state]


2,[state_noun] 1,[state_adj] [state_noun]


5,[Elements.all] 5,[Utility.MetalPrecious] 5,[Words of Wisdom.BookNoun] 5,the [Secret Society Title.Noun] 5,[Fantasy Pantheon.Domains] 5,[Poetic Destinations.Trait] 1,abundance 1,agony 1,alliances 1,anarchy 1,anger 1,annihilation 1,artistry 1,attrition 1,autumn 1,avarice 1,balance 1,battle 1,beauty 1,benevolence 1,bliss 1,blood 1,bloodshed 1,bravery 1,brothers 1,brutality 1,carnage 1,chaos 1,clarity 1,conflict 1,conquest 1,control 1,courage 1,damnation 1,darkness 1,death 1,deceit 1,despair 1,destiny 1,destruction 1,determination 1,devastation 1,dignity 1,disaster 1,discord 1,dishonor 1,distress 1,doom 1,dread 1,dreams 1,dusk 1,enmity 1,evil 1,faith 1,famine 1,fate 1,fathers 1,fear 1,fire 1,focus 1,fortune 1,frost 1,fury 1,glass 1,glory 1,grace 1,greed 1,growth 1,growth 1,harmony 1,hatred 1,health 1,heritage 1,honor 1,honor 1,hunger 1,ice 1,illumination 1,immortality 1,independence 1,inhumanity 1,invulnerability 1,judgement 1,justice 1,justice 1,kings 1,kinship 1,knives 1,knowledge 1,lawlessness 1,legends 1,liberation 1,lies 1,life 1,light 1,loss of life 1,love 1,luck 1,lust 1,magic 1,malevolence 1,men 1,might 1,miracles 1,misfortune 1,morality 1,mortality 1,mothers 1,murder 1,myth 1,opulence 1,order 1,pain 1,patience 1,peace 1,pestilence 1,plagues 1,pleasure 1,plenty 1,poverty 1,power 1,prestige 1,pride 1,prosperity 1,protection 1,prowess 1,purpose 1,queens 1,rage 1,reason 1,rebellion 1,reconciliation 1,redemption 1,resistance 1,revenge 1,revolution 1,roses 1,ruin 1,sacrifice 1,saints 1,salvation 1,serenity 1,shadow 1,sin 1,sisters 1,slaughter 1,sorrow 1,souls 1,spirit 1,splendor 1,spring 1,stone 1,storms 1,strength 1,strife 1,struggle 1,success 1,succession 1,suffering 1,summer 1,survival 1,temptation 1,terror 1,the dawn 1,the day 1,the law 1,the moon 1,the new frontier 1,the night 1,the stars 1,the sun 1,thunder 1,torture 1,tranquility 1,treasure 1,truth 1,unity 1,valor 1,vengeance 1,victory 1,vigor 1,virtue 1,vision 1,war 1,warlords 1,weakness 1,wealth 1,wind 1,winter 1,wisdom 1,wrath


4,great 4,widespread 1,the final 1,the last


10,[result_future_no_artifact] 2,[%artifact_prefix][artifact_name] [will] [%only]be [artifact_verb][%artifact_place] [artifact_when]


3,[%place_phrase][%relation_phrase][character] [will] [verb_transitive] [direct_object] 2,[%place_phrase][%relation_phrase][character] [will] [verb_intransitive] 2,[result_future_specific] 1,[place] [will] be [verb_by] [by_object] 1,[%place_phrase][character] [will] usher in a new Age of [state_noun]


9,[place] 9,[character] 1,all 1,all [state_noun]


2,[entity_phrase] 1,the [%adj][Fantasy Character Concept.profession][%of_phrase] 1,the [Epithets.Main] 1,the [Secret Society Title.main] 1,a [%adj][Fantasy Character Concept.profession][%of_phrase]


100, 49,[Quick Adjective.⚥] 1,our


2, 1, of [state_noun] 1, of [place]


1, 1,in [place],


7,the [place_feature] 1,[%place_near]the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1,the [Compass direction.8] 1,the [place_feature] beyond the [Compass direction.8] 1,the [place_feature] of [state_noun] 1,the [place_feature] of the [Compass direction.8]


30,[Fantasy Landmarks.natural] 9,[Fantasy Landmarks.manmade] 9,[Fantasy Landmarks.nautical] 1,earth 1,largest city 1,realm 2,land 2,world


0,should only yield result ~1/3 the time; entries should include trailing space 26,the 1,a valley near 1,a vast mist near 1,the cavern under 1,the deserts surrounding 1,the hills bordering 1,the kingdom containing 1,the kingdom that holds 1,the lake next to 1,the mountains near 1,the outskirts of 1,the plains near 1,the realm containing 1,the realm containing 1,the shores near


2,the [entity] of [state_noun] 2,a [entity_singular] of [state_noun] 2,the [entity] of the [state_noun] 2,a [entity_singular] of the [state_noun] 1,the [entity] born of [state_noun] 1,a [entity_singular] born of [state_noun] 2,[entity_pronoun] who is born of [state_noun]


7,[entity_singular] 1,[Fantasy Race Generator.race_main]


1,he 1,she 1,the one


1,[Animal.fantasyAll] 1,[Animal.fantasyHumanoid] 1,[Gonzo Fantasy Race.humanoid] 1,army 1,legion 1,man 1,people 1,tribe 1,woman


1,ascend 1,be abandoned 1,be angered 1,be born 1,be embalmed 1,be forgotten 1,be forsaken 1,be lost 1,be reborn 1,be restored 1,be slain 1,be troubled 1,burn 1,celebrate 1,embrace 1,fall 1,lie across the pattern of the age 1,lie down in defeat 1,retreat 1,rise 1,succomb 1,tremble


1,abandon 1,aid 1,bless 1,break 1,conquer 1,court 1,curse 1,destroy 1,die by 1,forsake 1,inherit 1,lay a hand upon 1,live with 1,raise a hand against 1,reign over 1,relieve 1,restore 1,revive 1,rule 1,seduce 1,shatter 1,succor 1,sustain 1,threaten 1,wed


1,annihilated by 1,bequeathed to 1,beset by 1,conquered by 1,consumed by 1,decimated by 1,destroyed by 1,forgotten by 1,forsaken by 1,given to 1,handed over to 1,invaded by 1,oppressed by 1,ravaged by 1,reclaimed by 1,restored by 1,slain by 1,taken from


1, 2,the [relation] of


3,[Animal.fantasyAll] 3,brother 3,father 3,friend 3,mother 3,sister 2,spouse 1,alllies 1,ally 1,aunt 1,daughter 1,descendant 1,enemies 1,enemy 1,family 1,followers 1,grandfather 1,grandmother 1,heir 1,liege 1,mentor 1,neighbor 1,priest 1,rival 1,ruler 1,son 1,tutor 1,uncle


3,[character] 2,a horde of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] 2,heaven 2,hell 1,[Elements.all] 1,a raging tempest 1,a wasting disease 1,heatless flames 1,icy blizzards 1,internal strife 1,poisonous rain 1,snowstorms


1, 1,the long lost


0,set off name, via … (here, italics) 1,


0,the ones listed as 0 don't seem to be implemented yet 1,[n][Artifacts.Dark][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Earth][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Fire][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Ice][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Light][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Poison][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Water][n] 1,[n][Artifacts.Wind][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Abjuration][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Conjuration][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Divination][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Enchantment][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Evocation][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Illusion][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Necromancy][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Transmutation][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Air][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Earth][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Fire][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Water][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Metal][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Wood][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Void][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Force/Arcane][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Chaos][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Evil][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Good][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Law][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Darkness][n] 0,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Light][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Poison][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Ice][n] 1,[n][Pathfinder Artifact.Random][n]


1, 1,only


1,created 1,discovered 1,found 1,rediscovered 1,revealed 1,uncovered


1, 1, in [place]


1,just before [result] 1,just in time for [result] 1,right before [result] 1,when [result_future_no_artifact]


3,[character] [will] return 3,a horde of [Random Humanoid Horde.Race] [will] return to terrorize the [place_feature] 1,[celestial_body_phrase] [will] return to the womb 1,[character] [will] be refused life 1,[character] [will] embrace folly 1,[character] [will] make horror, then trust 1,[character] [will] tighten its grip on [place] 1,[character] [will] twice live, twice die 1,[direct_object] must pay the price 1,[place] [will] be broken by [character] 1,[place] [will] be covered in [Rumors.coveringthing] 1,[place] [will] be spirited away in a peal of thunder, leaving behind a haunted wasteland 1,[Rumors.coveringthing] [will] cover all the great cities 1,[Rumors.good_rain] [will] fall from the sky 1,[Rumors.oppressed_grp] [will] [Rumors.oppressverb] [Rumors.dominant_grp] 1,a [Color.all] tornado [will] carry all true believers to paradise 1,a conspiracy [will] come to fruition 1,a group of [Animal.fantasyAll] [will] overthrow civilization and replace it with their own 1,a horrible creature long ago banished to the future [will] return 1,all [will] balance upon the point of a sword 1,all bonds [will] be broken 1,all that is gold [will] burn 1,all the followers [will] be put to death 1,all wells and springs [will] become poisoned 1,an oath [will] be redeemed 1,an oath [will] be renewed 1,animals [will] be born with hungers that cannot be satisfied 1,babies [will] be born old, with gray hair, and soon to die 1,blood [will] give us light 1,bread [will] turn to dust and meat to clay 1,bronze [will] turn to silver 1,Chaos [will] be dispeled forever, leaving only violent, ruthless order 1,copper [will] turn to bronze 1,counsel [will] be countermanded 1,day [will] turn to night 1,death [will] enter the homes of the virtuous on silent feet 1,death [will] start working backwards 1,endless war, where borders bleed eternally, [will] visit mankind 1,false help [will] deliver from calamity 1,famine [will] become plenty 1,father and son [will] die by the same stroke 1,fear extinguished [will] guide the night of death 1,hope [will] be cut in twain 1,impurity [will] be born 1,kingdoms [will] collide 1,land [will] flow like water 1,lead [will] turn to gold 1,Memory [will] flee the [place_feature] 1,men [will] become once more like beasts 1,night [will] turn to day 1,no living thing [will] move 1,none [will] remain to ask 1,old bodies [will] receive new souls 1,Order [will] be abolished forever, leaving only wild chaos 1,our wicked race [will] be slain but for five pregnant women 1,people [will] be slain by peace 1,prey [will] kill predator 1,pride [will] bend its knee 1,rocks [will] rain from the sky 1,rocks [will] rain from the sky 1,sacred pomp [will] lower its wings 1,silver [will] turn to gold 1,sorrow locked up [will] erupt in agony 1,stars [will] fall from the sky 1,swarms of [Animal.animalinsect] [will] descend upon [place] 1,the [Animal.fantasyAll]s [will] dance at the sight of heavy rain-clouds 1,the [artifact_name] [will] be destroyed 1,the [Color.all] and [Color.all] [will] [verb_intransitive] 1,the [Color.all] one [will] find safety 1,the afterlife [will] be abolished 1,the awaited one [will] arrive late 1,the beings who roam beneath in their bleak purgatories [will] return to the realms of sun and wind 1,the betrayer [will] be granted titles 1,the blind man [will] see once more 1,the blood of sacrifice [will] pour forth and undo its fateful spell 1,the brother [will] become the father 1,the celestial bodies [will] flee the sky, plunging the world into darkness 1,the curtain [will] be torn in two 1,the Dark Hunt [will] ride 1,the dark one [will] return 1,the dark world [will] spill over into our own 1,the darkness [will] rise once more 1,the days [will] get shorter as the world returns to the chaos and emptiness before Creation 1,the dead [will] be raised to life 1,the dead [will] rise 1,the demon invasion [will] begin 1,the dreamer [will] dream no more 1,the earth [will] glisten like gold 1,the earth [will] shine like fine copper 1,the exalted [will] be cast down 1,the faithful [will] feast 1,the feigned union [will] be of short duration 1,the fiery desert [will] bloom 1,the first one [will] be reborn 1,the forest [will] shrink 1,the gift of Reason [will] abandon Mankind 1,the gift of Speech [will] abandon Mankind 1,the gods [will] emerge from their slumber 1,the great [Demon Name.Main] [will] awaken, hungry for souls 1,the Great River [will] change its course 1,the hand [will] falter 1,the immortal [will] become mortal 1,the immortal [will] become mortal 1,the last one [will] be reborn 1,the last one [will] die 1,the light [will] be shattered 1,the light [will] pierce the darkness 1,the lion [will] be king no longer 1,the lion and lamb [will] lie down together 1,the living twin [will] [verb_transitive] the Father 1,the Lord of Summer [will] no longer descend below the earth but reign forever in triumph over the Dry God 1,the lost heir [will] return 1,the loyal mother [will] be falsely accused 1,the mark [will] be revealed 1,the moon [will] hatch a chaos butterfly 1,the mountains [will] kneel 1,the nameless [will] be known 1,the new [will] become the old 1,the occult [will] be made plain 1,the ocean [will] dry up 1,the one [will] become the many 1,the oppressed [will] receive their reward 1,the part afflicted [will] be mitered 1,the pits of fire [will] freeze over 1,the proud [will] bow 1,the rain [will] return 1,the realm [will] be turned upside down 1,the sacred [will] be profaned 1,the Seals [will] weaken 1,the secret doors of heaven [will] open 1,the secret doors of hell [will] open 1,the seven branches [will] be reduced to three 1,the Shadow [will] cast its shadow on every land 1,the shining god [will] gaze upon the righteous 1,the skies [will] bow 1,the sky [will] be rolled up like a scroll 1,the sky [will] become a ceiling of writhing snakes 1,the sky [will] turn to ice 1,the sun [will] go backwards across the sky 1,the sun [will] rise no more 1,the tear [will] be sewn back together 1,the temple [will] lead the way for the heretic 1,the thousand years of [state] [will] begin 1,the three [will] be one 1,the tyrant [will] give way to worse 1,the unassailable tower [will] be toppled 1,the veil [will] be raised 1,the voice [will] be [heard] across the world 1,the wall [will] be pierced 1,the weaver of peace [will] be taken captive 1,the wicked [will] act as footstools for the humble 1,the winds of [state_noun] [will] scour the earth 1,the world [will] at last be judged 1,the world [will] end 1,there [will] be no more crying or pain or death 1,there [will] be no more light nor safety 1,those who lament [will] cease their mourning 1,thunder [will] speak from the cup of hunger 1,time [will] start working backwards 1,two [will] travel from Sky to Wind 1,vessels of war [will] sail into the Harbor of Peace 1,we [will] drink from the cup of bitterness 1,we [will] drink from the cup of sweetness 1,what men made [will] be shattered 1,what's shrouded [will] be revealed


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