Pirate Oracle - All Ashore

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… for “In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



14,[card] of [suit]: [no_art]. 38,[card] of [suit]: A [art].


1,Ace 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,Jack 1,Queen 1,King


1,Clubs 1,Diamonds 1,Hearts 1,Spades


1,Buccaneers, encamped on the beaches of a verdant island 1,Cibola, the fabled Aztec City of Gold 1,Deep caverns, where the Aztecs once hid their gold from the Conquistadors 1,Half a map 1,Six skeletons, pirates all, hanging in iron cages from a high cliff over the port – a message from the Governor 1,Street urchins, begging for coins 1,The body of a dead buccaneer, staked out in the surf by Royal decree, until three tides have washed over it, then to be buried in an unmarked, unhallowed grave 1,The daughter of a Royal Governor, with piratical dreams 1,The mummified body of a tribal chieftain, brought down from the mountains 1,The Royal Governor, who hates pirates with a passion born in Hell itself 1,The ruins of a long-abandoned Spanish mission 1,The town gaol, made of heavy stone and dripping with moisture, patrolled by oafish, abusive gaolers 1,The widow of a sea-captain, who walks the rooftop balcony of their home, forever watching the sea 1,Thieves and cutpurses, lurking in dingy alleyways


1,‘retired’ pirate lord, fat and wealthy, jealously guarding his power and position 1,boisterous crowd of revelers, spilling from a tavern into the street 1,castaway, marooned on an otherwise uninhabited island, left with only a pistol and one bullet 1,chest full of gold doubloons, buried by someone fated never to return for it 1,coffle of prisoners, being led to the gallows by soldiers of the Crown 1,deadly whirlpool, dragging down any ship within reach 1,deck of Tarot cards, soaked with salt water, with one Trump card missing 1,deep pit, festooned with traps, rumored to have buried treasure at its bottom 1,dilapidated Spanish mission, with a mad priest as its only caretaker 1,doxy with an eye for easy money and a penchant for liquor 1,force of soldiers on patrol, keeping the peace 1,fort on an isolated island, ripe for capture 1,hidden cove, ideal for careening 1,Irish doctor, transported as a criminal, now making his way in the world in a different profession 1,island known to be overrun by wild goats 1,lake, far inland, where the natives ritually drowned sacrifices by weighting them down with gold 1,Mayan temple, rumored to be ornamented with beaten gold 1,merchant with a reputation as a cheat, who comes offering a bargain 1,mule train, laden with silver, making its way through the jungle toward the coast 1,necklace of pearls and diamonds, given as a gift to a dockside whore 1,night watchman, willing, for a price, to look the other way 1,peg-legged old man with a watchful eye 1,pirate haven, doomed to be consumed by the hungry sea 1,piranha-infested river which must be crossed 1,ruin, said to be haunted by ghosts 1,ship, lying at anchor in a secluded cove, her crew ashore gathering fresh water and supplies 1,Spanish fortress, and the beautiful girl imprisoned there 1,Spanish lady, veiled against the harsh Caribbean sun, borne along in her carriage 1,street preacher, condemning all passersby for their sins and depravity 1,sudden storm, which drives ships into the nearest port 1,sugar plantation, where slaves labor in the relentless Caribbean sun 1,tavern, frequented by scurvy dogs and scoundrels 1,tribe of cannibals, hungry and dangerous 1,tunnel, its walls grimy and slime-encrusted, running underneath a fortress 1,turquoise mask, fashioned for a native prince’s funeral, stolen by Conquistadors 1,village of natives, who have learned to distrust Europeans 1,wealthy landowner, resplendent in his powdered wig, riding in a carriage with his lovely daughter 1,youth who, after years of cruel abuse, finally retaliates against his abuser