People of Dust

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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[2d6-main]</sgdisplay>



10,[a-people], [with-like], [and-they're-doing]


10,[2or8] [a-people], [with-like], [and-they're-doing]


10,two 10,three 10,four 10,five 10,six 10,seven 10,eight


10,[people] 10,[alignment-people]


10,faceless [alignment] people 10,named but faceless [alignment] people 10,[alignment] trapdoor women 10,[alignment] soot children 10,[alignment] children 10,[alignment] mourners 10,[alignment] skeletal spectres 10,creatures made of [alignment] bone 10,creatures of [alignment] wood 10,[alignment] creatures of the forest 10,small, [alignment] furry animals 10,[alignment] little girls 10,[alignment] little boys 10,[alignment] little men 10,[alignment] beggars 10,[alignment] elders 10,alignment] witches 10,old [alignment] men 10,[alignment] old women 10,[alignment] fleshless men 10,[alignment] twisted men 10,[alignment] twisted women 10,[alignment] skeletons 10,small, [alignment], leathery creatures 10,[alignment] clockwork children 10,[alignment] clockwork women


10,faceless people 10,named but faceless people 10,trapdoor women 10,soot children 10,children 10,mourners 10,skeletal spectres 10,creatures made of bone 10,creatures of wood 10,creatures of the forest 10,small furry animals 10,little girls 10,little boys 10,little men 10,beggars 10,elders 10,witches 10,old men 10,old women 10,fleshless men 10,twisted men 10,twisted women 10,skeletons 10,small, leathery creatures 10,clockwork children 10,clockwork women


10,with eyes sewed up 10,with [color] eyes 10,blind 10,painted [color] 10,in thick makeup 10,in [color] cloaks 10,in shrouded hoods 10,writhing with eternal flame 10,bright eyed, freckled 10,clothed in [color] [material] 10,with teeth filed to points 10,covered in blades 10,held together with bandages 10,wearing masks of the sun god 10,pale 10,with great demon mouths 10,covered in beetles 10,with teeth filed to points 10,in suits of rusted armor 10,victims of severe burns


10,velvet 10,silk 10,leather 10,chains 10,mist


10,white 10,purple 10,yellow 10,black 10,green 10,red 10,golden


10,listening to music 10,drinking tea 10,feasting 10,lying around 10,attending a dark liturgy 10,within a dense fog of toxins 10,searching through junk 10,searching corpses 10,collecting corpses 10,surrounded by books 10,standing upon a broken pedestal 10,in a room ringed with sigils 10,standing guard 10,sleeping 10,slumbering 10,waiting for an old friend 10,waiting to die 10,waiting for a last battle 10,squabbling 10,drinking heavily 10,resolving a legal dispute 10,reading books 10,making music 10,preparing a ritual 10,studying a magic item 10,playing childrens' games


10,proud 10,royal 10,elven 10,miserable 10,troubled 10,friendly 10,hospitable 10,shy 10,fancy 10,venomous 10,volatile 10,vengeful 10,apologetic 10,carnivorous 10,lawful 10,neutral 10,chaotic 10,hungry 10,delicate