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2,[static] 2,[procedure] 1,[altprocedure]


0, - - - patent medicines 10,A.D.S. Carbolic Salve 10,Alden's Liniment 10,Antimorbific Vapor for Delicious Vitality 10,Aubergier's Pastilles of Lactucarium 10,Asbestos Paint Concentrate 10,Ayer's Hair Vigor 10,Ayer's Moth and Freckle Lotion 10,Atwood's Jaundice Bitters 10,Ayre's Diarrhoea Cure 10,Asbestoline Lubricant 0, - - - B 10,Bee Brand White Pine and Tar Cough Syrup Compound 10,Bismuthi Comp. Patented Cerium Salts 10,Boroleum Ointment 10,Boschee's Syrup 10,Bucklen's Arnica Salve 10,Burdock Blood Bitters 10,Brown's Utrymc Tonic 10,Borated Talcum-powder violet scented 0, - - - C 10,Compound Fluid Balmwort 10,Compound Carbolated Ointment 10,Ceres Powder superior fungicide 10,Criswell's Imperial Corn Remover 10,Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment 10,Cuticura Ointment 10,Camphor Cold Cream Remedy 10,Cuzner's Infallible Vermin Destroyer 10,Crowcastle Sprudel-Salts 0, - - - D 10,Dr. A. Findlay's Valuable Electuary 10,Dr. McDonald's Celebrated Prescription 10,Dr. Shoop's Green Salve 10,Dr. J. R. Stafford Olive Tar Ointment 10,Dr. Kilmer's Consumption Oil 10,Dr. Rogers' Allevial Compound 10,Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People 10,DeWitt's Vaporizing Balm 0, - - - E 10,Emerson's Bromo-Seltzer 10,Evan's Antiseptic Throat Pastilles 0, - - - F 10,Father John's Medicine 10,First Rate Clove Scented Pomade 10,Fairfield and Hood's Tooth Powder 0, - - - G 10,Grommet's Mustache Creme 10,Guarenteed Pure Soluble Cocoa 10,Genuine Gold Medal Quinquinine (Registered) 0, - - - H 10,Heneph's Red Salve Liniment 10,Howards and Sons Bifmuth Preparations 10,Horsford's Golden Medicinal Discovery 10,Holloway's Ointment Cure of Inveterate Ulcers 0, - - - I 0,Illustrious Patent'd Remedy for the Spine 0, - - - J 10,Jaynes' Dyspepsia Tablets 10,Jadwin's Subduing Liniment 10,Jayne's Vermifuge 10,J. Eugene Meckley's Marvelous Limestone Phosphate 0, - - - K 10,K. & M. Effervescent Bromo Caffeine 10,Kennedy's Salt Rheum Ointment 10,Kickapoo Brownie Renovator 10,Kilner Brothers' Sulphate of Soda 0, - - - L 10,Leis' Dandelion Tonic 10,Lord Walter's Mange Lotion 10,Litefoot Corn and Callus Remover 10,Lancelot's Iodinised Syrup of Horseradish 10,Lynn's Ex-Ze-Em Ointment 0, - - - M 10,McDougall's Carbolic Acid 10,Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup 10,Mrs. Winslow's Syrup 10,Moxie Nerve Food 10,Mother Myrna's Botanic Cough Balsam 10,Mentholatum 0, - - - N 10,Needham's Patented Polishing Paste 10,New Century Stone Root Kidney Cure 0, - - - O 10,Osserman's Hypophosphites 10,O & O Mixture 10,Owen's Wonderful Sore Wash 0, - - - P 10,Preferred Silicated Grease 10,Pinkham's Mustang Liniment 10,Prof. Anderson's Dermador 10,Pine Tar Honey 0, - - - Q 10,Quadruple Affecting Digestive Cordial 10,Quality Calcium Wafers 0, - - - R 10,Rev. J. W. Pindar's Modified Lanolin 10,Resublimated Iodine 10,Rowland's Compounded Macassar Oil 10,Rubyline Theatre Rouge 0, - - - S 10,Sa-Yo Italian Mint Jujubes 10,Scott's Emulsion 10,Schiffmann's Concentrated Expectorant 10,Saint Vincent's Restorative Nostrum 10,Sherman's Headache Remedy 10,Sirop-Sulfo-Phenique 10,Steketee's Neuralgia Drops 10,Superior Seidlitz Powders 10,Syrup of Tar with Cod Liver and Menthol 10,Schmendrick's Seaweed Compound 10,Skillern's *King of Pain* Anodyne Liniment 10,Swamp Root Lung Salve 10,Sheridan's Cavalry Condition Powder - for the Prevention and Cure Hog Cholera, Chicken Cholera, and Cattle Plague 10,St. Ultan's Renewant for the Cure of Infirmity 10,Sullivan's Sure Solvent 0, - - - T 10,Thedford's Velvo or Laxative Liver Syrup 10,Tiz For Tender Feet 10,Three Tonic Cough Syrup 10,Taylor's Antiseptic Vegetable Liniment Compound 10,Tucker's Fever Drops 0, - - - U 10,Uncle Earl's Wine of the Woods 5,Unguentine 5,Unguentine of Aloe 0, - - - V 10,Validus' Pil. Nephritic 10,Vapour of Benzoin 10,Valor's Yellow Injection 0, - - - W 10,Wampole's Preparation 10,Wyalin Physiological Laxative and Cholagogue 10,Wildroot Cream-oil 10,Wine of Cardui 0, - - - X 10,Xeno's Embrocation 10,XYZ Juniper Tar Emulsion 0, - - - Y 10,Youthful Soothing Pain-Expeller 0, - - - Z 10,Zeno's Restorative Ointment to Dispel Feminine Complaints 10,Zimmermann's Swelling Cure for Human Flesh 0, - - - saved subtable is good procedural ones now hard written 50,[saved] 0, - - - less likely and unsorted 9,Dromgooles Bitters 9,Healthone-Obesity Bath Powder 9,Meshlemiel's Hair Remover 9,August Flower Dwarven Syrup 9,Hamlin's Wizard Oil 8,Pabst's Okay Special 8,Isinglass Sturgeon Glue 8,Gilkipper Isinglass & Glue Co. 5,Morse's Yellow Dock Resolvent 5,Reme's Extract, a Rheumatism Remedy 5,Lee's Save the Baby Croup Specific 5,Lightning Hot Drops 5,Goff's Laxative Pills


0, - - - static names I like 0, - - - weighted by 1k because 0, - - - heavy 1000,Dr. Hunt's Wondrous Lubricant for the Cure of Infirmity 1000,Burns's Emulsion of Heaven 1000,Arabella's Soothing Goiter Tea 1000,Dr. Elizabeth Shanty's Salve of Clarity: Sold throughout the continent for to help people save their nerves! 1000,Lolly Hoot Holler's Astounding Carbuncles Nostrum 1000,Kid Silverhair's Bitters of Sprightliness 1000,St. Domnina's Excellent Water of Life Antiseptic 1000,St. Euplius's Soothing Cinnamon Phosphate to Banish Carbuncles 1000,Dr. Mitchell's Life Restoring Herbal Medicine for the Cure of Sprains, Wounds, and Bruises 1000,MiracleDrink (with basil) 1000,Dr. Heidik's Virtuous Embrocation of Eden 1000,Nielsen's Pleasant Soma to Banish Burns 1000,Milk Desicant to Remedy Rheumatism 1000,Sweetgum Benjamin Cure-All for the Relief of Dyspepsia 1000,Petrolagar 900,Healthful Preparation of Juniper 900,Livilla's Soothing Disequilibrium Ointment 900,St. Albertinus's Pills for the Cure of Mercurial Eruptions 800,Atomic Syrup of Vegetable Oil 700,Lopez's Resolvent for the Cure of Low Acuity 400,Dr. Not the Goose's Amazing Mercurial Eruptions Liniment


0, - - - Dr, Rev, etc 0, - - - the empty result returns no prefix 75, 50,Dr.  9,Rev.  5,Doctor  2,Doc.  2,St.  2,Prof.  2,The Esteemed  2,The Renowned  2,The Acclaimed  2,Farmer  1,Saint 


100,[nameprefix] 7,Mother  5,Mrs.  2,Lady  1,Ms. 


0, - - - dude names (if any) 100,[nameprefix] 0, - - - for whatever reason the tables at 0, - - - ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor seem to be exclusively male 20,[ArcaneBooks.ArcaneAuthor] 5,Sir  4,Lord  2,Father  1,Uncle 


0, - - - what comes after a name 100,Family 100,Brand 50,Industries 20,Corp.


0, - - - don't exactly know how the right process to generate the variety 0, - - - of names needed 0, - - - TODO add   first 0, - - - Mother Georgia's 100,[nameprefixfemale][Victorian Names.Female]'s  0, - - - (example needed for doc) 80,[nameprefix][American Census Names.surname]'s  80,[nameprefix][American Surnames.surname]'s  0, - - - none no name 80, 0, - - - St. Something's 80,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]'s  0, - - - 60,[nameprefix][Cowboy Names.CowboyEnd]'s  0, - - - silly hobo Mr. Bobo McQuack's 50,[nameprefix][SGNP ridiculous hobo.main]'s  0, - - - Bozhiy Brand, Uverenniy Family 30,[SGNP doukhobor.surname] [namesuffix]  0, - - - Mawson Brand, Latimer Family 30,[SGNP baker street.Surname] [namesuffix]  0, - - - female american 30,[ameprefixfemale][American Census Names.surname]'s  0, - - - boy parts american 30,[nameprefixmale][American Census Names.surname]'s  0, - - - 12,[nameprefix][Korfball.surname]'s  0, - - - 10,[Native Tribes.main]'s 


0, - - - the generic noun of the medicine 100,Liniment 100,Syrup 100,Ointment 96,Compound 94,Tonic 92,Preparation 90,Oil 90,Tincture 80,Extract 75,Unction 65,Salve 60,Balm 58,Medicine 52,Cure 50,Powder 48,Cataplasm 48,Emulsion 45,Balsam 40,Remedy 35,Emulsion 32,Solvent 30,[ingrflavor] Phosphate 30,Lotion 30,Nostrum 25,Specific 25,Vapor 25,Bitters 22,Quinine 21,Emollient 20,Tablets 20,Resolvent 20,Pills 20,Lubricant 20,Treatment 18,Salts 17,Aqua Vita 16,Electuary 16,Restorative 15,Vermifuge 15,Paste 15,Embrocation 13,Grease 12,Jelly 11,Cure-all 10,Cream-oil 10,Liquid 10,Relief 10,Tea 9,Cold Cream 8,Sulphate of Soda 7,Rub 7,Wash 6,Panacea 6,Mixture 6,Cordial 5,Iodine 5,Chips 5,Wax 5,Capsules 4,Slurry 4,Quick Relief 3,Quik-relief 3,Vapour


0, - - - ingredients 60,[ingrherbal] 55,[ingrhomeopath] 50,[ingrsci] 40,[ingrdruggy] 20,[ingrflavor] 10,[ingrmisc]


70,Limestone 70,Barley Malt 40,Potassium 30,Alkaloid 30,Alkaloids 30,Salt 25,Saltpetre 10,Salt of Tartar


0, - - - pseudo science ingredients 0, - - - or ingredients that sound scientific 20,[benzoin] 15,Antiseptic 11,Mandragora Autumnalis 11,Styrax tonkinensis 10,Phenolphthalein 10,Ether 10,Lithium 10,Iodized Extract 10,Magnesium [car-or-sul] 10,morphin [car-or-sul] 10,Calcium [car-or-sul] 10,Quinin [car-or-sul] 10,Charcoal [car-or-sul] 10,Antitoxin 10,Absenta Powder 9,Tincture of Benzoin 9,Alcoholate of Orris 9,Tincture Ferric Chlorid 9,Podophyllum peltatum 9,formaldehyd 9,Talcum 8,Pulvis Valens 8,Bladder Fucus 8,Inversion Dextrose 8,Fluid Extract Pareira 8,Fluid Extract Taraxacum 8,Glycerin 8,Uric acid solvent 8,Radium 7,Pharmacologic 7,Antiplasma 7,Oxymetholone 6,Anticephalalgine 5,Zinc 3,Iron [car-or-sul] 1,Talkum


0, - - - a subtable of ingrsci 30,Benzoin 10,Storax Balsam 10,benzoin resin 10,gum benjamin 10,sweetgum benjamin


0, - - - a subtable of ingrsci 100,Carbonate 100,Sulphate 25,Hydrochlorate


0, - - - pseudo natural ingredients 0, - - - or ingredients that sound organic 0, - - - but not herbs 90,Honey 80,Essential Oils 80,Aloe 60,Milk 55,Vegetable Oil 50,Oil of Sassafras 30,Sweetgum Benjamin 20,Belladonna Root 15,Fish Oils 15,Plant Juice 10,Celery Bitters


80,Juniper 80,Lavender 80,[Herb Names.main] 65,Rosemary 80,Eucalyptus 75,Barley 70,Clove 70,Seaweed 70,Root 70,Chamomile 65,Dandelion 60,Cardamom 55,Garlic 50,Aloe 50,Ginger Root 50,Botanic 50,Basil 50,Thyme 45,Wintergreen 40,Mandrake 35,Rhubarb 30,Seawrack 25,Sea Salt 20,Vanilla 20,Foxglove 20,Swamp Root 20,Plant


100,Cherry 80,Fennel 80,Cinnamon 80,Ginger 80,Lemon 80,Licorice 80,Anise 20,Cranberry


0, - - - vice ingredients 35,Alcohol 25,Opium 20,Ethanol 20,Wormwood 20,Morphine 15,Heroin 15,Ether 10,Codeine 10,Tincture of Opium 10,Malt Whiskey 10,Barleycorn Gin 5,Arsenic 1,Birchbeer


0, - - - what does this medicine fix? 150,Head[ache] 130,Aches and Pains 130,Ailments 120,Tooth[ache] 120,Fever 110,Croup 110,[maladydizzy] 100,[maladyfemale] 100,[maladymental] 100,Scurvy 100,Rheumatism 100,Dyspepsia 100,Cholera 95,Consumption 93,Kidney 90,Stomach 90,Asthma 90,Diphtheria 90,Epilepsy 90,Sprains, Wounds, and Bruises 80,[blood] 80,Infirm Constitution 80,Piles 80,Burns 80,Disorders 80,Infirmity 80,Rickets 80,Scabies 80,Malarial Complaints 60,Carbuncles 65,Goiter 65,Grippe 60,Pains in the Back Side 60,Bones 60,Eczema 60,Boils 60,Magnetic Imbalances 60,Varicose Veins 60,Ear[ache] 60,Stiff Joints 50,Gonorrhea 50,Scrofula 50,[maladysorethroat] 45,Leprosy 45,Hay Fever 40,Flatulence 40,Obesity 40,Deafness and Sore Eyes 40,Neuralgia 35,Dropsy 30,The Common Cold 30,Malnutrition 30,Cancerous Humors 30,Liver Afflictions 25,Infection 25,Hog Cholera 20,Swellings, Wounds, Sprains 20,Sore Eyes 20,Rheumatic Pains 20,Stiff Neck 20,Paralysis 15,Fever Sores 15,Incontinence 10,Granulated Eyelids 10,Erysipelas 10,Venereal Disease 10,Chilblains 10,Frosted Feet 10,Abscesses 3,Ringworm 3,Excessive Flatulence 3,Hiccups


0, - - - things like fatigue and dementia 100,Confused [spmemwitsac] 100,Delirium 100,Exhaustion 100,Feeblemindedness 100,Hysterical Neurosis 100,Hysteria 100,Low [spmemwitsac] 100,Mental Sluggishness 100,Mercurial Eruptions 100,Nervous Complaints 90,Melancholic Pseudodementia 90,Melancholia 80,Furore and Temper 80,Poor [spmemwitsac] 80,Nightmares 70,Sluggish [spmemwitsac] 60,Aphasia 60,Depression 60,Doldrums 60,Disorders of [spmemwitsac] 60,Infirmity of [spmemwitsac] 40,That Tired Feeling 20,Anxiety 20,Bouts of Anxiety 20,Rum Mania


0, - - - spirits or memory or wits or acuity 10,Spirits 10,Memory 10,Wits 10,Acuity


0, - - - euphemisms for Vertigo 100,Dizziness 100,Vertigo 55,Disequilibrium 40,Lightheadedness 30,Loss of Equilibrium 30,Spinning Head 25,Swooning 20,Enthralled 15,Wooziness 8,Wobbliness 1,Frivolity


0, - - - euphemisms for sore throat 110,Sore Throat 80,Hoarseness 50,Inflamed Tonsils 40,Throat Disease 40,Ulcerated Mouth 10,Throat Sores


0, - - - lady parts 0, - - - Womanly Feminine female 150,[maladyfsex] Complaints 50,[maladyfsex] Weakness 20,[maladyfsex] Conditions 10,[maladyfsex] Displacements 10,[maladyfsex] Discomposure 10,[maladyfsex] Discomfort


100,Female 90,Feminine 60,Womanly 50,Uterine 20,Eve's 15,Womanhood


0, - - - cap variations 80,ache 40,aches 20,-ache 20, Ache 10,-Ache 5, ache 5,Ache


0, - - - variations on blood 90,blood weakness 90,blood disease 90,distemper of the blood 60,Choleric humours 60,Melancholic humours 60,Phlegmatic humours 60,Sanguine humours 60,Bad Blood 50,Thin Blood 50,Blood Humors 50,Lazy Blood


0, - - - prefix adj 125,[adjpregood]  90, 10,Patented 


0, - - - not used yet, medical words that 0, - - - are neither good nor bad 100,anaphrodisiac


0, - - - prefix adj good connote 500,[adjsensational] 100,Purgative 100,Soothing 100,Patented 100,Restorative 100,All-Natural 100,Ultra-Efficacious 100,Delicious 100,Efficacious 100,Sure 100,Effectual 100,Invigorating 100,Healthful 100,Miracle 90,Expeditious 85,Sustaining 80,Antimorbific 80,Salubrious 80,Life Restoring 80,Celebrated 80,Doctor Approved 70,Amazing Curative 70,Trusted 45,Patent 40,Atomic 40,Virtuous 40,Electro-Magnetic 30,Pleasant 30,Compound Improved 25,Puissant 20,Nuxated Iron


0, - - - over the top synonyms for "good" 100,Excellent 100,Wondrous 100,Amazing 100,Astounding 100,Remarkable 100,Extraordinary 100,Incredible 100,Marvelous 100,Miraculous 100,Phenomenal 100,Sensational 100,Special 100,Superb 80,Wonderful 40,Best 30,Unbelievable


0, - - - part that comes after noun 140, of [adjof] 100, 100, for the Cure of [malady] 100, to Remedy [malady] 80, to Dispel [malady] 80, to Banish [malady] 80, to Restore [vitalitysyn] 80,: guaranteed to cure [maladysorethroat], [malady], [malady], [blood] and more! 75,, Patent Pending 75, with [ingr] 70, with [ingr] and [ingr] 70, Imbued with [ingrsci] 70, (contains [ingrsci]) 45,, manf. by the [SGNP baker street.Surname] [namesuffix] 26, for [adjpregood] Manhood 26, for [adjpregood] [vitalitysyn] 25, for the Antidote of [malady] 25, for the Relief of [malady] 20, of Pain Eradication 20, of [vitalitysyn] Restoration 20, to Invigorate [vitalitysyn] 20, to Boost [vitalitysyn] 20, to Neutralize [malady] 20, (with [ingr])


0, - - - let's be more selective with our mono 120,[vitalitysyn] 70,[Compound Word.Mono] 70,[Ancient Greek Male Names.main] 30,Eden 20,Bane 20,Beasts 20,Excellence 20,Clarity 10,Heaven 10,Honey 5,Solomon


0, - - - patterns to make patent medicine Quackery 100,[name][adjpre][noun][adjaft] 100,[name][adjpre][Magical Liquids.SnOilNoun][adjaft] 100,[adjpregood] [Magical Liquids.type] of [ingr] 95,[name][adjpre][malady] [noun] 85,[ingr] [Magical Liquids.SnOilNoun][adjaft] 60,[adjpregood] [noun] with [ingr] 40,[name][noun][adjaft] 40,[Poisons.nameBegin] [noun][adjaft] 25,[noun] of [adjof]: [malady] [noun] 10,[adjpre] [noun] with [ingrdruggy] 10,[adjpregood] [noun] with [ingrdruggy]


0, - - - patterns to make patent medicine Quackery 100,[adjpregood] [noun] with [ingr] 100,[name] [adjpregood] [noun] of [adjof]


0, - - - synonyms for Vitality 0, - - - subtable of adjof 11,Vitality 10,Constitution 10,Fortitude 10,Nerve 10,Stamina 6,Animation 6,Liveliness 6,Virility 5,Potency 5,Potence 5,Vigor 5,Vigour 5,Vim 5,Haleness 4,Verve 4,Vibrancy 3,Salubrity 3,Dynamism 3,Keenness 3,Sprightliness 2,Temerity 2,Zest 1,Pizzazz 1,Vivaciousness 1,Salubriousness


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