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This is the name of a spell. It could be a postmodern mashup or it could be a way to refer to the instructions found in an ancient grimoire.

Mostly, it's useful for the Modern Occult Spell page. I'd like to work it into some other pages, if possible.

Spellbook Instructions

<sgdisplay iterations="16">[spellname]</sgdisplay>



1,The [Occulty] [Spelly] [AuthChance]


1,Greater 1,Lesser 1,Secret 1,Sacred 1,Sublime 1,Forbidden 1,Mighty 1,Dark 1,Foreign 1,Exotic 1,Ancient 1,Monstrous 1,Holy 1,Learned 1,Capricous 1,Simpering 1,Ascetic 1,Hart-Done 1,Devil's Own 1,Heavenly


1,Curse 1,Exorcism 1,Ritual 1,Incantation 1,Malison 1,Blessing 1,Hex 1,Jinx 1,Rite 1,Calle 1,Ceremony 1,Binding 1,Formulation 1,'Fluence 1,Influence 1,Working 1,Foreordainment 1,Conjuration


1, 2,[ofOccAuth]


1,of [OccAuth]


1,Honorius 1,Solomon 1,Moses 1,Agrippa 1,Pythagoras 1,Iskander 1,Ostanes 1,Osthanes 1,Turiel 1,Apollonius (of Tyre) 1,Hermes Trismegistus 1,Heka 1,Astaroth 1,the Animals 1,the Sky 1,the Seasons 1,Abulafia 1,Simon Magus 1,Virgil 1,Diana 1,Christian Rosenkreuz 1,St. Ciprian 1,Free Will 1,Blood 1,Night 1,the Sybil 1,the Pythoness 1,the Witches 1,Merlin 1,the Faery Queen 1,Nimue



  • Occulty (mildly-insulting adjectives which describe a lot of occult things)
  • Spelly (synonyms for "magic spell")
  • AuthChance (produces of occult authorities and null results)
  • ofOccAuth(of Occult Authority)
  • OccAuth (produces only the authority)