Occult Correspondence

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A lot of magic uses correspondances and obscure references. Here's a list taken from several grimoires and magical advice guides which combines obtainable things with parts of a mantric code. Since mantric codes, such as neoplatonic magic or dough prophesy, assign qualities to their bits, you can tell which one to use. For instance, the Golden Ratio is 1.618 and a bit while the secondary chakra is Svadhisthana, located in your lower abdomen. Some might require hopping through a few correspondence tables to figure out (like the Bear Totem Latifah, which is probably Akfah, but it takes three different tables to even guess at that one.)

Spellbook Instructions

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[indirect]</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[direct]</sgdisplay>



1,[direct] 1,[indirect]


1,[correspondence] [mantra]


1,the [object] of the [number] [mantra]


1,perfume 1,crystal 1,gemstone 1,metal 1,hue 1,planet 1,tree 1,herb 1,flower 1,tarot card 1,smoke 1,animal


0, - - - numeric synonym 1,Prime 1,Secondary 1,Tripple 1,Farthing 1,Quinary 1,Sixfold 1,Seventh 1,Octal


1,the Mercurial 1,the Lunar 1,the Solar 1,the Saturnine 1,the Martian 1,the Jovial 1,the Cyprian 1,the venusian 1,the Dittanous 1,the Ambergris 1,the Cedarwood 1,the Jasmine 1,the Benzoine 1,the Storacic 1,the Olibanumnal 1,the Jasmined 1,the Tobacco-Fowled 1,the Musky 1,the Ebon 1,the Crimson 1,the Umber 1,the Golden 1,the Verdant 1,the Azure 1,the Indigo 1,the Purple 1,the Alabaster 1,the Obsidian 1,the Diamond 1,the Turquoise 1,the Rosen 1,the Pearly 1,the Ruby 1,the Amethyst 1,the Topaz 1,the Emerald 1,the Opal 1,the Anubis 1,the Hermit's 1,the Lovers' 1,the Hieophant's 1,the Hanged Man's 1,the Chariot's 1,Aphrodite's 1,Merlin's 1,The Morrigan's 1,Morgaine's 1,the Seventh 1,the Quarter 1,the Quinteform 1,the Secondary 1,the Prime 1,the Cubic 1,the Silver 1,the Brass 1,the Iron 1,the Enigmatic 23rd 1,the Sixth 1,the Hashem 1,the Fool's 1,the Wheel of Fortune's 1,the Ivy 1,the Mandrake 1,the Oaken 1,the Rowan 1,the Willowy 1,Bran the Blessed's 1,the Alder 1,the Holly 1,the Mandrake 1,the Moly 1,the Ponie 1,the Isis 1,the Thunder 1,the Fire 1,the Soil 1,the Rain 1,the Air 1,the Void 1,the Pharoah's 1,the High King's 1,the Tripple 1,the Lotus 1,the Sarus Crane 1,the Great Scythe 1,the Rose Apple 1,the Couch Grass 1,the Ram's 1,the Bear Totem 1,the Elephant's 1,the Mole Totem 1,the Crocodile's 1,the Badger Totem 1,the Wolf Totem 1,the Crow Totem 1,the Ragle Totem 1,the Cougar Totem 1,the Rabbit's 1,the Cockrel's 1,the Tiger's 1,the Monkey's 1,the Verbenna 1,the Nightshade 1,the Arsenic 1,the Mescaline 1,the Hermaphroditic 1,the Henbane 1,the Wolfsbane 1,the Lavender 1,the Hyssop 1,the Hemlock 1,the Moonwort 1,the Fennel 1,the Vervain 1,the Sunflower 1,the Beaver Totem 1,the Deer Totem 1,the Salmon Totem 1,the Otter Totem


1,Figurite (geomantic symbol) 1,Trigram (taoist three-line shape) 1,Angel (named in the enochian alphabet of John Dee) 1,Prince (goetic demon) 1,Sephiroth (node of the kabbalistic tree of life) 1,Qlippoth (dark shadow version of the node of the kabbalistic tree of life) 1,Decan (zodiacal division) 1,Ratio (Pythogorean geometric progression) 1,Spoke (Wiccan festival day) 1,Latifah (Sufi body center) 1,Rune (germanic carved letter) 1,Chakra (Hindu body center) 1,Ley (line connecting two places of power) 1,Dragon (symbolic form of the active imagination in Japanese Mujutsu) 1,Lion (alchemical element) 1,Monad (single-digit number representing a name of God) 1,Kanji (Taoist psychic bodily meridian) 1,Glyph (in this case, a Chaldean letter) 1,Glyph (in this case, a Hebrew letter) 1,Glyph (in this case, a symbol of the Great Old Ones) 1,Knot (as tied in a rope or sash) 1,Sutra (Buddhist holy saying - usually written on a little yellow slip of paper) 1,Agent (philosophical element from Dough Prophesy or the Wu Xing)



  • Object (object category)
  • Number (numeric synonym)
  • correspondence (obtainable object)
  • mantra (place in a symbolic magical list)