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For games like InSpectres or Pelgrane Press' Gumshoe (Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists) where references to earlier hauntings might come in handy. This generator pops out a handy encyclopedia-style case record for a supposedly well-known paranormal investigation. You can use it as a kicker or as filler to squish inbetween more relevant entries in your favorite occultist's Librum Magnum.

Anomalistic Case Record

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Occult Case Name.casename] </sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[haintfirst] </sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[haintbad] </sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[monsbit] </sgdisplay>



1,[Originseg][timeper][timeseg][minorphenom] [insideloc].






1, [bogeypref][bogeysuff]






1,The incident started 1,The case began in 1,Reports of supernatural activity in the area date back to 1,The eponymous [haintbuild] has had an evil reputation since 1,The first reports of spectral phenomena in the site's notorious [haintbuild] start somewhere around 1,The case is named after a [haintbuild] which became infamous in


1, late [season] of last year 1, the aftermath of a terrible crime 1, classical antiquity 1, the mid 1500s 1, the late reformation (1600s) period 1, the last days of the civil war 1, the middle of the last war 1, the great depression 1, the first years of a more frivolous decade 1, the aftermath of a recent political scandal 1, the very same year a popular horror novel was published 1, in [season]


1,January 1,February 1,March 1,April 1,May 1,June 1,July 1,August 1,September 1,October 1,November 1,December 1,spring 1,summer 1,autumn 1,winter


1, when 1, as 1, due to fantastic tales where 1, at which time 1, when it came to light that 1, after a local newspaper released a story in which


1, witnesses reported cold spots 1, small objects vanished from one place when unobserved and reappeared shortly afterward 1, staff reported rappings and footsteps 1, lights would mysteriously flicker out 1, a newly-acquired painting seemed to alter itself each time visitors viewed it from a low bench 1, a newly-acquired statue seemed to alter itself each time visitors viewed it from a small window 1, an ancient statue seemed to alter itself each time visitors viewed it from a low bench 1, an ancient statue seemed to alter itself each time visitors viewed it from a small window 1, several guests experienced gaps of missing time (some up to half an hour long) while 1, animals began to shun the area and plant life began to wither and die 2, a bizarrely coloured mould which couldn't be removed by any means formed 1, people would sometimes report hearing someone call their name from a different room while


1, in the kitchen 1, atop one of the upstairs landings 1, in an all-but-forgotten side chamber 1, in a recently-added bedroom 1, at the back of the root cellar 1, in the northeast corner 1, in the sadly-neglected library 1, in a disused and dilapidated room 1, near a shed at the far end of the garden 1, adjacent to a private cemetery


1, house 1, former asylum 1, library 1, church 1, north tower 1, western-most wing 1, residence 1, hostel 1, graveyard 1, village 1, township 1, estate


1,The case came to a head when 1,Early one summer 1,Late one autumn 1,A few years later 1,Things went on like this for some time, but one day, 1,Eventually 1,It was little more than a local superstition until


1, several children went missing in the region 1, a flamboyant celebrity decided to buy the place 1, the neighborhood became the center of a political scandal 1, neighbors began complaining of bizarre thefts 1, a string of mutilated neighborhood pets showed up on the property 1, the local council decided to bulldoze the property (against protests from the community) 1, a virulent disease struck the entire county 1, a controversial trial raised tensions in the area 1, police started combing the region for an escaped killer 1, a mysterious person arrived, claiming to be a long-lost heir of a wealthy and recently deceased resident


1, and the owner, Mr. 1, and the owners, Mr. and Mrs. 1, and the owner, one Mrs. 1, and the Chief of Police, Captain 1, and a young reporter named 1, and a real estate agent named 1, and the groundskeeper, known as Barmy 1, and the groundskeeper, known as Creepy


1, Gill 1, Pick 1, What 1, Black 1, Abner 1, Bal 1, Gor 1, Wattels 1, Pug 1, Simp 1, Lump 1, Beng 1, Fendal 1, Stottl


1,ley 1,ford 1,man 1,son 1,moore 1,gore 1,entine 1,house 1,meyer 1,fell 1,stein


1, called in 1, was contacted by 1, following a vision, reached out to 1, enlisted the services of 1, called on a good friend, 1, happened to meet


1, the famous trance medium, 1, a popular local "white witch" called 1, an amateur criminologist named 1, a freelance psychic named 1, the recently-disgraced psychic investigator, 1, the infamous witch-hunter, 1, a once-famous spiritualist, 1, the last surviving member of a heinous cult 1, the last surviving relative of a victim of a tragic string of murders,


1, the Rev. 1, C. 1, Dr. 1, E. 1, M. 1, Papa 1, Old Mother 1, J. 1, C. J. 1, Madame 1, Professor H.


1, Cochran 1, Doreyne 1, Beaverly 1, Montgomery 1, Luthor 1, Eusapia 1, Norman 1, Hardinge 1, Stella 1, Emeline 1, Constance 1, Thorpe 1, Peter 1, Russell 1, Hooper 1, Ferguson


1, Geste. 1, Bias. 1, Cox. 1, Jenks. 1, Cooper 1, Truman 1, Prince. 1, Sherman. 1, Packard. 1, Fiddler. 1, Howard. 1, Keene. 1, Darrow. 1, Gladstone.


1, In light of recent events, authorities allowed a seance which made contact with 1, Despite a minor public outcry, they conjured up 1, They blamed the disturbance on 1, The newspapers ate it up when this odd alliance soon went public with the name of 1, The flamboyant "sensitive" almost immediately channeled 1, They hired a defrocked priest who attempted to exorcise 1, The later claimed to be acting on the telepathic demands of 1, They reported being unconscious and believed they dreamt of


1, an entity 1, a "dark vortex" 1, a "walk-in" 1, a qlippothic tulpa 1, a manifestation 1, a soul-shard 1, a hidden master 1, a being claiming to be an angel and a demon in turns 1, something from "the outside"


1, calling itself 1, calling herself 1, calling himself 1, which went by 1, named 1, later dubbed 1, that insisted upon being called 1, which came to be known as


1, Mum 1, Auld 1, Canko 1, Tom 1, Swine 1, Melsh 1, Grindy 1, Cutty 1, Mr. 1, Jennie 1, Nogg 1, Nick 1, Terry 1, Thrum 1, Snuggle 1, Guy 1, Thrummy 1, Shelly 1, Shoopil 1, Bombom 1, The Shug 1, Brobin 1, Bulle 1, Kinder 1, Hob 1, Lamm 1, Puckwhit 1, Lastu


1,poker 1, Scratty 1,bogus 1, Dockin 1, Peg 1, Dick 1,low 1, Dryer 1, the Spoorn 1, of Biggersdale 1, Nobody 1,le 1,neven 1,top 1,pin 1, Cockle 1,pot 1, Trash 1,cap 1,coat 1,tie 1,achides 1, Monkey 1,foot 1,buck 1, Guzzler 1,yer 1,ikin 1,ucra


1, which had come from several grueling hours of automatic writing. 1, which this odd alliance had obtained by using a planchette (Ouija Board.) 1,, whose name was revealed during a failed exorcism. 1, which came to them in a dream. 1, which was divined using numerology and an out-of-print edition of [holybook]. 1, which was supposedly learned during an extended session of astral projection. 1, which terrified observers pieced together from a series of dramatic "sympathie paines" (emphatic jolts) which coursed through the hapless medium. 1, ...at least according to a controversial translation of EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) from an analog tape-recorder used at the time. 1, after a terrifying ectoplasmic extrusion. 1, which the mismatched team-mates alternately received during an intense remote viewing vision.


1, The king James bible 1, The holy Qu'ran 1, The Bhagavad Gita 1, The Talmud 1, The New York Times 1, Webster's dictionary 1, An occult handbook


1,Perhaps coincidentally 1,As it happens 1,As a matter of interest 1,It would seem 1,It turns out that 1,Silly as it sounds 1,As luck would have it


1, certain madmen's ramblings also refer to 1, there have long been tales of 1, children's rhymes mention 1, old drinking songs mention 1, legends in the region persist of 1, a much-ridiculed account, written in[timeper] details an encounter with 1, forbidden texts reference 1, country gossip jokes about 1, certain pre-Christian accounts point toward 1, local monastic records illuminate


1, a solitary 1, an obscure 1, a nearby 1, a semi-nightly 1, a secretive 1, a dancing 1, a fiery 1, a comical 1, a rather familiar 1, a bizarre


1, creature akin to a drop bear 1, creature akin to a splintercat 1, creature resembling the Chupacabra 1, lake monster 1, entity 1, man-like creature 1, spirit 1, sea serpent 1, kraken (or giant squid) 1, wilderness god 1, cannibal tribe 1, outlaw clan 1, and goat-like "hairy man" 1, and bigfoot-like "hairy man" 1, heraldric monster (in more than one family's coat of arms) 1, nursery bogey 1, kind of ogre 1, sort of minor devil


1, of the same name. 1, matching that description. 1, "called forthe" by that very name. 1, given that name as a mollifying pseudonym. 1, whose name sounds remarkably similar. 1, said to be summoned under that euphemism. 1, that "roams the countryside to this day" under that name. 1, with that curious name.