Occult Case Name

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For games like InSpectres or Trail of Cthulhu for Pelgrane Press' Gumshoe where references to earlier hauntings might come in handy. This generator creates the name of a (supposedly) well-known supernatural investigation by scrunching random spooky-sounding elements together. Hopefully, it'll serve as an external generator for an encyclopedia-style entry generator.

Occult Case Name

<sgdisplay iterations="10">[casename] </sgdisplay>



1,The [haintplace] [haintmanifest]




1,Accord 1,Affair 1,Apparition 1,Appearance 1,Beast 1,Boggle 1,Boy 1,Cacophony 1,Cat 1,Coincidence 1,Conundrum 1,Coven 1,Cult 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Disruption 1,Disappearance 1,Dog 1,Dread 1,Drummer 1,Episode 1,Event 1,Exploit 1,Fear 1,Fey 1,Figure 1,Fog 1,Fray 1,Fungus 1,Gentleman 1,Giant 1,Ghost 1,Goblin 1,Grim 1,Guardian 1,Haint 1,Haunting 1,Homunculus 1,Horror 1,Hound 3,Incident 1,Keeper 1,Kidnapping 1,Lady 1,Lurker 1,Maid 1,Malaise 1,Misfortune 1,Mist 1,Murders 1,Mystery 1,Occurrence 1,Phantom 1,Phenomenon 1,Poltergeist 1,Possession 1,Predicament 1,Presence 1,Raising 1,Shade 1,Shadow 1,Skull 1,Specter 1,Spirit 1,Stone-Chucker 1,Strangler 1,Terror 1,Troll 1,Visitation 1,Walker 1,Warlock 1,Watcher 1,Wildman 1,Wind 1,Witch 1,Wolf 1,Wraith


1,Adel 1,Argyle 1,Blythe 1,Broom 1,Brodin 1,Candle 1,Connor 1,Corner 1,Cotting 1,Craw 1,Crofter 1,Cumber 1,Dorn 1,Dunne 1,Elder 1,Etter 1,Falstaff 1,Fenny 1,Fenric 1,Gentry 1,Gibbet 1,Goat 1,Honner 1,Hugh 1,Islor 1,Jon 1,Kerr 1,Langen 1,Lord 1,Mum 1,Mort 1,Nigel 1,Nor 1,Orric 1,Prat 1,Rest 1,Roan 1,Rosen 1,Serr 1,Soll 1.Speil 1,Stan 1,Thorn 1,Vane 1,War 1,Wend 1,Wild 1,Wood


12, 8,s 1,bridge 1,brook 1,briar 1,burg 1,castor 1,croft 1,ford 1,hurst 1,ley 1,mun 1,mund 1,sbridge 1,sburg 1,scroft 1,sford 1,sley 1,swick 1,sworst 1,sworth 1,well 1,wick 1,worst 1,worth 1,stable


14, 1, Abbey 1, Alley 1, Barrow 1, Bluff 1, Bog 1, Castle 1, Catacomb 1, Cellar 1, Cemetery 1, Chase 1, Cliff 1, County 1, Court 1, District 1, Estate 1, Farm 1, Flat 1, Grove 1, Gulley 1, Hall 1, Hill 1, Hollow 1, Hotel 1, Heath 1, House 1, Lane 1, Lichyard 1, Manor 1, Mansion 1, Moor 1, Mound 1, Plantation 1, Square 1, Swamp 1, Stables 1, Tomb 1, Vale 1, Valley 1, Wood