Object of Lore

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You come across a scroll telling of a legendary item guarded by mythical beings of great power. Scroll in hand, you set off on a perilous quest to find …



5,The [Item] of [Quality] 3,[Fantasy Names.Surname]’s [Item] 3,The [Quality pre] [Item]


1,Altar 1,Arrow 1,Blade 1,Book 1,Bow 1,Branch 1,Cards 1,Chest 1,Dagger 1,Flask 1,Font 1,Gauntlet 1,Goblet 1,Halberd 1,Harp 1,Helmet 1,Horn 1,Key 1,Knife 1,Lance 1,Lute 1,Mask 1,Orb 1,Polearm 1,Quiver 1,Runestones 1,Scabbard 1,Scroll 1,Shield 1,Spear 1,Sword 1,Water


1,Ages 1,Battle 1,Blood 1,Bloodshed 1,Bravery 1,Courage 1,Darkness 1,Death 1,Deliverance 1,Destruction 1,Devilry 1,Evil 1,Fate 1,Fear 1,Fire 1,Foresight 1,Freedom 1,Fulfilment 1,Gold 1,Good Will 1,Hate 1,Healing 1,Heart 1,Hope 1,Justice 1,Kindness 1,Life 1,Light 1,Loathing 1,Lost Souls 1,Mercy 1,Might 1,Necromancy 1,Poison 1,Power 1,Prophesies 1,Shadows 1,Strength 1,the Ancients 1,the Dead 1,the Old Gods 1,the Paladins 1,Time 1,War

Quality pre

1,Ageless 1,Ancient 1,Blessed 1,Crystal 1,Damned 1,Dark 1,Deathly 1,Demonic 1,Emerald 1,Feared 1,Godly 1,Golden 1,Great 1,Heroic 1,Holy 1,Illuminated 1,Just 1,Living 1,Lost 1,Mystic 1,Righteous 1,Ruby 1,Sapphire 1,Silver 1,Unbearable 1,Unseen


This generator borrows surnames from the Fantasy Names generator.