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    <sgdisplay iterations="3">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>

Minor Magic

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  • [minormagic]</sgdisplay>

Medium Magic

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  • [medmagic]</sgdisplay>

Major Magic

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  • [majmagic]</sgdisplay>

Weapons and Armour

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  • [weaponmain]</sgdisplay>

Miscellaneous Items

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  • [miscitem]</sgdisplay>


  • assembling from various free sources, most commonly Swords & Wizardry Whitebox
  • main generates all kinds of things
  • minormagic, medmagic and majmagic are different tiers reflected in scroll, weapon, and miscellaneous tables
  • weaponmain rolls using the Swords & Wizardry weapons & armour table, creating a minor, medium, or major item in descending likelihood. The tables have been warped by my own use, and here also occasionally call bigger tables from other products or otherwise created.
  • meleeweapon will roll up a melee weapon of random plus. Try weaponnoplus if you don't want the number
  • intelligent swords are pretty close to the Delving Deeper rules which are not far from OD&D. So there are a lot of them.
  • Got some special items from a bunch of other open game products, LL and OSRIC esp and also an alternate special purpose chart from and a curses chart from



3,[minormagic] 2,[medmagic] 1,[majmagic]


1,a potion of [potion] 1,[minorscroll] 1,[minorweapon] 1,[minormisc]


1,potions of [potion], [potion], and [potion] 1,[medscroll] 1,[medweapon] 1,[medmisc]


1,potions of [potion], [potion], [potion], [potion], [potion], and [potion] 1,[majscroll] 1,[majweapon] 1,[majmisc]


3,Animal Control 3,Clairaudience 3,Clairvoyance 3,Diminution 3,Dragon Control 3,Ethereality 3,Fire Resistance 3,Flying 3,Gaseous Form 3,Giant Strength 3,Growth 3,Heroism 3,Invisibility 3,Invulnerability 3,Levitation 3,Plant Control 7,Poison 3,Slipperiness 3,Treasure Finding 3,Undead Control 11,Extra Healing 25,Healing


1,a scroll of [scrollOne] 1,a scroll of [scroll1to3] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to2] and [scroll1to2] 1,scrolls of [scrolleOne], [scrollOne], and [scrollOne] 1,A cursed scroll of warding against [wardingscroll] 1,a scroll of warding against [wardingscroll]


1,Demons 1,drowning 1,Elementals 1,Lycanthropes 1,Magic 1,metal 1,poison 1,the Undead


2,[Spellbooks.muOne] 1,[Clerics.spellOne]


2,[Spellbooks.muOne] 2,[Spellbooks.muTwo] 2,[Spellbooks.muThree] 1,[Clerics.spellOne] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellTwo] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellThree] (cleric)


2,[Spellbooks.muOne] 2,[Spellbooks.muTwo] 1,[Clerics.spellOne] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellTwo] (cleric)


1,a scroll of warding against [wardingscroll] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to4] and [scroll1to4] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to6] and [scroll1to6] 1,a scroll of [scroll3to6] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to3], [scroll1to3], [scroll1to3], [scroll1to3], and [scroll1to3] 1,A cursed scroll of warding from [wardingscroll] 1,a scroll of warding against [wardingscroll], of double duration


2,[Spellbooks.muOne] 2,[Spellbooks.muTwo] 2,[Spellbooks.muThree] 2,[Spellbooks.muFour] 1,[Clerics.spellOne] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellTwo] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellThree] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellFour] (cleric)


1,a scroll of warding against [wardingscroll], of double duration 1,scrolls of [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], and [scroll1to6] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], and [scroll1to6] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], and [scroll1to6] 1,scrolls of [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], [scroll1to6], and [scroll1to6] 1,A cursed scroll of warding against [wardingscroll] 2,a scroll of warding against [wardingscroll], of triple duration


2,[Spellbooks.muOne] 2,[Spellbooks.muTwo] 2,[Spellbooks.muThree] 2,[Spellbooks.muFour] 2,[Spellbooks.muFive] 2,[Spellbooks.muSix] 1,[Clerics.spellOne] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellTwo] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellThree] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellFour] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellFive] (cleric)


2,[Spellbooks.muThree] 2,[Spellbooks.muFour] 2,[Spellbooks.muFive] 2,[Spellbooks.muSix] 1,[Clerics.spellThree] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellFour] (cleric) 1,[Clerics.spellFive] (cleric)


3,[minormisc] 2,[medmisc] 1,[majmisc]


1,[lesserWand] 1,[lesserRing][mayname] 18,[lesserMisc]


2,[lesserWand] 1,[greaterWand][mayname] 2,[lesserRing] 1,[greaterRing][mayname] 14,[mediumMisc]


2,[greaterWand] 2,[greaterRing][mayname] 1,[staff][mayname] 15,[greaterMisc]


1,a wand of [Spellbooks.muOne], [Dice.2d20] charges 1,a wand of [Spellbooks.muTwo], [Dice.1d20] charges 1,a wand of [Spellbooks.muThree], [Dice.1d10] charges


1,a wand of [Spellbooks.muThree], 10 charges 1,a wand of [spellbooks.muFour], 10 charges 1,a wand of Detecting Enemies 1,a wand of Detecting Metal 1,a wand of Detecting Secrets 1,a wand of Polymorph 1,a wand of Fear 1,wand of Cold 1,wand of Paralysis 1,[additional-wands]


1,staff of Healing 1,staff of Command 1,staff of The Snake 1,staff of Striking 1,staff of Power 1,staff of Wizardry 1,staff of Beguiling 1,Rod of Absorption 1,Rod of Lordly Might 1,[additional-staves]


1,Wand of Detecting Magic 1,Wand of Detecting Traps 1,Wand of Device Negation 1,Wand of Fire 1,Wand of Fire Balls 1,Wand of Ice 1,Wand of Illusion 1,Wand of Light 1,Wand of Lightning 1,Wand of Lightning Bolts 1,Wand of Magic Missiles 1,Wand of Negation 1,Wand of Summoning 1,Wand of Wonder


1,Staff of the Magi 1,Staff of Withering 1,Rod of Cancellation 1,Rod of Captivation 1,Rod of Rulership 1,Rod of Ressurection


1,a ring of Fire Resistance 1,a ring of Invisibility 1,a ring of Mammal Control 1,a ring of Poison Resistance 1,a ring of Protection, +1 1,a ring of Protection, +2 1,[additional-lesser-rings]


1,a ring of Human Control 1,a ring of Three Wishes 1,a ring of Regeneration 1,a ring of the Djinn 1,a ring of Shooting Stars 1,a ring of X-ray Vision 1,a ring of Telekinesis 1,a ring of Spell Turning 1,a Magic-user's ring of Spell Storing 1,a Cleric's ring of Spell Storing 1,[additional-rings]


1,Ring of Climbing 1,Ring of Jumping 1,Ring of Feather Falling 1,Ring of Resistance to Cold 1,Ring of Swimming


1,Ring of Animal Mastery 1,Ring of Water Walking 1,Ring of Wizardry 1,Ring of Plant Command


2,Arrow of Direction 2,Bag of Holding 2,Boots of Elvenkind 1,Boots of Speed 1,Boots of Leaping 2,Bracers of Defense, AC 6 [13] 2,Chime of Opening 2,Cloak of Elvenkind 2,Cloak of Protection, +1 2,[curseditem] 2,Decanter of Endless Water 1,Dust of Appearance 1,Dust of Disappearance 2,Dust of Sneezing and Choking 2,Gauntlets of Swimming and Climbing 2,Horseshoes of Speed 2,Luckstone, +1 2,Manual of Beneficial Exercise 2,Pipes of the Sewers 2,Rope of Climbing 2,Rope of Entanglement 2,Spade of Excavation 10,[additional-lesser-misc]


2,Amulet Against Scrying 2,Boots of Flying 1,Bracers of Defense, AC 4 [15] 1,Bracers of Defense, AC 2 [17] 2,Carpet of Flying 2,Cloak of Displacement 1,Cloak of Protection, +2 1,Cloak of Protection, +3 2,Deck of Many Things 2,Figurine of the Onyx Dog 2,Gauntlets of Ogre Power 2,Helm of Read Magic and Languages 2,Portable Hole 2,Horn of Valhalla, bronze 2,Horn of Valhalla, silver 2,Jug of Alchemy 2,Manual of Quickness 2,Medallion of E.S.P. 2,Mirror of Mental Scrying 2,Robe of Blending 2,Robe of Eyes 2,Robe of Wizardry 10,[additional-medium-misc]


1,Amulet of Demon Control 1,Beaker of Potions 1,[elementalControl] 1,Crystal Ball 1,Efreeti Bottle 1,Figurine of the Two Golden Lions 1,Gauntlets of Dexterity 1,Gem of Seeing 1,Girdle of Giant Strength 1,Helm of Fiery Brilliance 1,Helm of Teleportation 1,Horn of Blasting 1,Horn of Valhalla, iron 1,Lenses of Charming 1,[libram] 1,Manual of the Golems 1,Manual of Intelligence 1,Manual of Wisdom 1,Necklace of Fireballs 1,Symbol—Scarab of Insanity 5,[additional-greater-misc]


1,Stone of Earth Elementals 1,Brazier of Fire Elementals 1,Censer of Air Elementals 1,Bowl of Water Elementals


1,Libram of Magic-users 1,libram of Clerics 1,libram of Fighters


1,Brooch of Shielding 1,Cloak of Arachnida 1,Ever-smoking Bottle 1,Eyes of Magnification 2,Feather Token of the [feather-token] 1,Gem of Brightness 1,Net of Entanglement 1,Net of Underwater Snaring 1,Pearl of Wisdom 1,Periapt of Health 1,Periapt of Proof against Poison 1,Phylactery of Faithfulness 1,Slippers of Spider Climbing 1,Manual of Bodily Health


1,Apparatus of the Crab 1,Bag of Tricks 1,Broom of Flying 1,Cube of Frost Resistance 1,Drums of Panic 1,Drums of Stunning 1,Eyes of The Eagle 1,Helm of Telepathy 1,Eyes of Charming 1,Amulet against Possession 1,Helm of Underwater Action 1,Maul of the Titans 1,Necklace of Adaptation 1,Tome of Leadership and Influence 1,Pearl of Power, [pearl-of-power-lesser] 1,Periapt of Wound Closure 1,Phylactery of Undead Turning 1,Robe of Useful Items 1,Robe of Scintillating Colours 1,Scarab of Protection 1,Wings of Flying 1,[curseditem]


1,Amulet of the Planes 1,Folding Boat 1,Book of Infinite Spells 1,Crystal Ball with Clairaudience 1,Crystal Ball with ESP 1,Cube of Force 1,Cubic Gate 1,Figurine of the [additional-figurine] 1,Horseshoes of a Zephyr 1,Incense of Meditation, [Dice.2d4 blocks] 1,Instant Fortress 1,Ioun Stones: [ioun] 1,Lyre of Building 1,Marvellous Pigments 1,Mattock of the Titans 1,Pearl of Power, [pearl-of-power-greater] 1,Phylactery of Youth 1,Robe of the Archmagi 1,Sphere of Annihilation 1,Talisman of Pure Good 1,Talisman of the Sphere 1,Talisman of Ultimate Evil 1,Well of Many Worlds 1,[curseditem]


20,level one 20,level two 20,level three 15,level four 10,level five 8,level six 1,two spells of level [Dice.1d6]


20,level one 20,level two 20,level three


15,level four 10,level five 8,level six 1,two spells of level [Dice.1d6]


1,Anchor 1,Bird 1,Fan 1,Swan Boat 1,Tree 1,Whip


1,Bronze Griffon 1,Ebony Fly 1,Three Ivory Goats 1,Marble Elephant 1,Obsidian Steed 1,Serpentine Owl


1,[ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone] 1,[ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone], [ioun-stone]


2,Clear Spindle of nourishment 2,Dusty Rose Prism (+1 AC) 2,Deep Red Sphere (+1 Dex) 2,Incandescent blue sphere (+1 Wis) 2,Pale blue Rhoboid (+1 Str) 2,Pink Rhomboid (+1 Con) 2,Pink and Green Sphere (+1 Cha) 2,Scarlet and Blue Sphere (+1 Int) 2,Vibrant purple Prism (Stores [Dice.1d6] spells) 2,Iridescent Spindle of breath 2,Pale Lavender Ellipsoid absorbs spells 4th level or lower (Capacity [Dice.1d4]0 levels) 2,Pearly White spindle of regeneration 2,Pale green prism of prowess (+1 character level) 2,Lavender and green Ellipsoid absorbs spells of 8th level or lower (Capacity [Dice.2d4]0 levels) 3,Grey functionless stone


2,Bag of Devouring 2,Censer of Cursed Summoning 2,Cloak of Poison 2,Crystal Ball of Suggestion 2,Dancing Boots 2,Flask of Stoppered Curses 2,Horn of Collapse 2,Medallion of Projecting Thoughts 2,Mirror of Opposition 2,Robe of Feeblemindedness 1,Chime of Cannibalism 1,Ring of Sloth & Weakness 1,Ring of Delusion ([greaterRing]) 1,[miscitem] of Delusion, actually ineffective 1,[miscitem] cursed with its opposite effect 1,[miscitem] that works when it's not supposed to, and not when called upon 1,[miscitem] makes demands on the wielder's lifestyle to function 1,[miscitem] [drawback] 1,Amulet of Inescapable Location 1,Bracers of Defencelessness 1,Broom of Animated Attack 1,Flask of Curses 1,Gauntlets of Fumbling 1,Helm of Opposite Alignment 1,Incense of Obsession 1,Necklace of Strangulation 1,Net of Snaring 1,Periapt of Foul Rotting 1,Ring of Clumsiness 1,Robe of Powerlessness 1,Robe of Vermin 1,Scarab of Death 1,Stone of Weight 1,Vacuous Grimoire 1,Jewel of Monster Attraction 1,Mirror of Life Trapping 1,Rope of Strangulation 1,Bowl of Drowning 1,Brazier of Cursed Sleep 1,Broom of Cursed Flight 1,Bag of Transformation 1,Eyes of Petrification 1,Pearl of Power, cursed to forget [pearl-of-power] 1,Pearl of Wisdom, cursed


1,whose wielder grows a tail 1,the temperature nearby which is never comfortable 1,which carries diseases 1,brightly coloured and attracts the wrong kind of attention (-4 cha) 1,of jealous disposition, afraid of thieves 1,of such beauty that one doesn't want to dirty, break, or lose it—or use it at all 1,which changes your alignment 1,which blocks vision (-2) 1,which causes dizziness (-1) 1,which causes weakness (-4 str) 1,which causes clumsiness (-4 dex) 1,which causes poor health (-4 con) 1,which causes the holder to slowly dwindle in size, a few inches each week


1,[names], a [weapon]


1,[names], a [plus] [bludgeon-type-weapon], [minorability] 19,[names, a [plus] [bludgeon-type-weapon]


1,[names], a [weapon0]


1,Cursed [armourshield] [curses] 1,[missile] +1 1,+1 [shield] 3,[names], a [weapon1]


2,[armour][armourdetail] +1 1,[names], the cursed [weapon0], [curses] 1,[missile] +2 1,[shield] +2 1,[names], a [weapon2]


1,[names], a [weapon2] 1,[armour][armourdetail] +2 1,[missile] +3 1,[names], [weapon3] 1,+3 [shield] 1,+3 [armour][armourdetail]


3,[minorweapon] 2,[medweapon] 1,[majweapon]


5,[shield] [plus] 1,[shield] [curses]


5,[armour][armourdetail] [plus] 1,[armour][armourdetail] [curses]


3,+1 2,+2 1,+3


1,[plus] [weapontype], [minorability] 2,[unusualweapon] 17,[plus] [weapontype]


1,[weapontype], [minorability] 2,[unusualweapon] 17,[weapontype]


1,+1 [weapontype], [minorability] 2,[unusualweapon] 17,+1 [weapontype]


1,+2 [weapontype], [minorability] 2,[unusualweapon] 17,+2 [weapontype]


1,+3 [weapontype], [minorability] 2,[unusualweapon] 17,+3 [weapontype]


2,[tool-type-weapon] 2,[bludgeon-type-weapon] 2,[spear-type-weapon] 11,[sword]


1,battle axe 1,hand axe 2,war hammer 2,dagger 1,pickaxe 1,sickle


2,mace 1,heavy mace 2,morningstar 2,horseman's flail 1,infantry flail 2,quarterstaff 1,whip 1,long-staff 1,shillelagh 1,cudgel 1,blackjack 1,jutte 1,bö 1,nunchaku 1,slapjack 1,tonfa


2,spear 1,lance 2,[polearm]


3,pike 3,long-axe 2,sparth-axe 2,fauchard 2,guisarme 2,glaive 2,voulge 3,svärdstav 1,bill-hook 1,trident 2,halberd 1,poleaxe 1,bec de corbin 1,ranseur 1,scythe 1,bardiche 1,lochaber axe 1,falx 1,sarissa 1,naginta


3,[alignment] [shortsword][swordstuff] 6,[alignment] [longsword][swordstuff] 2,[alignment] [greatsword][swordstuff]


12,Short Sword 2,Warseax (short sword) 2,Narrowseax (narrow sword) 2,Falchion 2,Long-knife 1,Spatha (short sword) 1,Side-sword 1,Cutlass 1,Scimitar 1,Khopesh 1,Gladius 1,Akinaka


10,Long Sword 3,Broad Sword 1,Langseax 1,Broadseax 1,Flamberge sword 1,Sabre 1,Shamshir sword


3,Greatsword 2,Two-handed sword 1,Claymore 1,Two-bladed sword 1,Giant's sword 1,Bastard sword 1,Hand-and-a-half sword


1,Hand-axe 1,Spear 1,Hammer


4,deals an additional +1 damage 1,sheds light in a 15 foot radius 1,sheds light in a 30 foot radius


3,[holy] 3,Defending [weapontype] [plus] 3,[weapontype], +1, grants an additional attack 1/day 1,[weapontype], +1, +2 vs. Men 1,[weapontype], +1, +2 vs. Shapechangers 1,[weapontype], +1, +2 vs. Enchanted 3,[weapontype], +1, +4 vs. Dragons 1,[weapontype], +2, +3 vs. Giants 1,[weapontype], +2, +3 vs. Golems 1,[weapontype], +2, +3 vs. Regenerating 3,Flaming [sword], [plus], deals 1–6 fire damage 3,Freezing [sword], [plus], deals 1–6 cold damage 3,Dancing [sword] +3 3,Vorpal [sword] [plus] 10,[llaecweapon]


1,+2 Lawful holy [noalignsword], deals 1–6 extra damage against undead, demons, and Anti-clerics 1,+1 holy Mace, turns undead struck as a Cleric 12, and deals 1–6 extra damage against undead, demons, and anti-clerics 1,+2 Chaotic unholy [noalignsword], deals 1–6 extra damage against unicorns, angels, and Clerics


15,Short Sword 30,Long Sword 10,Two-handed Sword 21,Short Sword [intelligent] 42,Long Sword [intelligent] 14,Two-handed Sword [intelligent]


5, 7,, [intelligent]


11,[swordint] 1,int 12, telepathic, speaks [multilingual], reads magic, ego [Dice.2d6]+2, [power], [power], [power], and [exceptional], seeks to [purpose]


6,int 7, empathic, ego [Dice.2d6], [power] 5,int 8, empathic, ego [Dice.2d6], [power], and [power] 4,int 9, speaks one language, ego [Dice.2d6], [power], [power], and [power] 3,int 10, speaks [multilingual], ego [Dice.2d6], [power], [power], and [power] 2,int 11, speaks [multilingual], reads magic, ego [Dice.2d6], [power], [power], and [power] 1,int 12, telepathic, speaks [multilingual], reads magic, ego [Dice.2d6]+1, [power], [power], [power], and [exceptional]


21,two languages 5,three languages 4,four languages 3,five languages 2,six languages 1,[multilingual] and [multilingual]


1,[power], [power] 2,detects invisible objects 3,detects gems and jewelery 4,detects silver 5,detects shifting stonework 6,detects sloping passages 5,detects enemies 4,detects traps 3,detects gold 2,detects magic 1,[exceptional] and has +1 ego


1,[exceptional], [exceptional], [exceptional] 3,[exceptional, [exceptional] 6,can Teleport thrice daily 10,can use Telekinises thrice daily 15,causes its weilder to regenerate 1 hp per turn, up to 6 per day 21,can Charm Person thrice daily 25,can Knock thrice daily 27,can use E.S.P. thrice daily 27,Levitates thrice daily 25,can create a Phantasm thrice daily 21,bestows X-Ray vision 15,bestows flight thrice daily 10,can call Giant's Strength thrice daily 6,Life-stealer (and is Chaotic) 2,grants three wishes 2,grants [Dice.1d6] wishes


1,Chaotic 2,Neutral 3,Lawful


1,slay demons 2,slay elementals 3,slay thieves or royalty 4,slay Clerics 5,slay Magic-users 6,defeat opposed alignment 5,slay Fighters 4,slay undead 3,slay lycanthropes 2,slay giants 1,slay dragons 3,[hackslashpurpose]


1,Defeat opposed alignment 1,Defeat Good 1,Defeat Evil 1,Defeat Law 1,Defeat Chaos 1,Defeat Neutrality 1,Slay Clerics 1,Slay Druids 1,Slay Shamans 1,Slay Paladins 1,Slay Monks 1,Slay Fighters 1,Slay Rangers 1,Slay Barbarians 1,Slay all warriors 1,Slay Wizards 1,Slay Magic Wielders 1,Slay Thieves 1,Slay Bards 1,Slay all Rogues 1,Slay Devas (movanic, monadic and astral) 1,Slay Planetars 1,Slay Solars 1,Slay Devils 1,Slay Demons 1,Slay Daemons 1,Slay all Celestial Beings 1,Slay all Demonic Beings 1,Slay Neutral Outsiders 1,Slay all Ousiders 1,Slay Dragons 1,Slay Avians 1,Slay Reptiles 1,Slay Amphibians 1,Slay Fae 1,Slay Giants 1,Slay Non-humanoid Monsters 1,Slay Humans 1,Slay Elves 1,Slay Dwarves 1,Slay Gnomes 1,Slay Goblins 1,Slay Orcs 1,Slay Gnolls 1,Slay Hobgoblins 1,Slay Vermin 1,Slay Undead 1,Slay Golems 1,Slay a Famous Monster 1,Slay Demi-humans 1,Slay Humanoids 1,Slay Insectoid Monsters 1,Slay all Aquatic Creatures 1,Slay all Flying Creatures 1,Slay Magic using Monsters 1,Slay Monstrous Plants 1,Slay Psionic Creatures 1,Slay Intelligent Undead 1,Slay Bizarre Monsters (Aberrations) 1,Slay Constructs 1,Slay Subterranean Monsters 1,Slay Subterranean Humanoids 1,Slay Shapchangers 1,Slay Swarms 1,Slay Elementals 1,Acquire Gold 1,Win Duels 1,Slay for Profit 1,Destroy Spellbooks 1,Conquer Kingdoms 1,Enforce Justice 1,Seek Knowledge (of a certain type) 1,Defend Group (of a certain type) 1,Slay Friends 1,Control/Influence Men to [hackslashpurpose] 1,Oppress/Imprison Humanoids/Demi-Humans (specific type) 1,Garner Fame 1,Cause/Seek War 1,Destroy Specific Culture/People 1,Seek Honor by [hackslashmundane] 1,Seek Truth (Cannot Lie), and [hackslashmundane] 1,Avoid Honesty (Cannot Tell the Truth), and [hackslashmundane] 1,Destroy Religion 1,Seek Travel 1,Defend Location (DM Selects) 1,Become King (or at the side of the King) 1,Spread/Enforce Religion 1,Destroy Wealth 1,Destroy Objects (Caravans, Castles, etc.) 1,Avoid Violence 1,Gain Friends (Power of Heart!) 1,Destroy Technology 1,Experience/Gain Pleasure (vicariously) 1,Prevent or Cause Event (End of World, Docking of Ships, whatever) 1,Slay Any (DM Selects) 1,Slay Sentient (Souldrinker) 1,Slay All (Lifedrinker) 1,[hackslashpurpose] and [hackslashpurpose] 1,[hackslashpurpose] and [hackslashpurpose] 1,[hackslashpurpose] and [hackslashpurpose], [excpetional]


1,Defeat opposed alignment 1,Defeat Good 1,Defeat Evil 1,Defeat Law 1,Defeat Chaos 1,Defeat Neutrality 1,Slay Clerics 1,Slay Druids 1,Slay Shamans 1,Slay Paladins 1,Slay Monks 1,Slay Fighters 1,Slay Rangers 1,Slay Barbarians 1,Slay all warriors 1,Slay Wizards 1,Slay Magic Wielders 1,Slay Thieves 1,Slay Bards 1,Slay all Rogues 1,Slay Devas (movanic, monadic and astral) 1,Slay Planetars 1,Slay Solars 1,Slay Devils 1,Slay Demons 1,Slay Daemons 1,Slay all Celestial Beings 1,Slay all Demonic Beings 1,Slay Neutral Outsiders 1,Slay all Ousiders 1,Slay Dragons 1,Slay Avians 1,Slay Reptiles 1,Slay Amphibians 1,Slay Fae 1,Slay Giants 1,Slay Non-humanoid Monsters 1,Slay Humans 1,Slay Elves 1,Slay Dwarves 1,Slay Gnomes 1,Slay Goblins 1,Slay Orcs 1,Slay Gnolls 1,Slay Hobgoblins 1,Slay Vermin 1,Slay Undead 1,Slay Golems 1,Slay a Famous Monster 1,Slay Demi-humans


14,[sword] +1 6,[sword] +1, +2 vs. lycanthropes 6,[sword] +1, +2 vs. spell-casters 6,[sword] +1, +3 vs. undead 6,[sword] +1, +3 vs. dragons 6,[sword] +1, +3 vs. regenerating 6,[sword] +1, +3 vs. magical monsters 2,Dancing [sword] 2,[sword] +1, of Wounding 3,[sword] +1, light 30 foot radius 1,[sword] +1, Flame Tongue 1,[sword] +1, Life Drinker 2,[sword] +1, locates objects 1,[sword] +1, Luck Blade 1,[sword] +1, Wish Blade 10,[sword] +2 6,[sword] +2, +3 vs. giants 1,[sword] +2, Berserking 1,[sword] +2, Holy Avenger 1,[sword] +2, Nine Lives Stealer 2,[sword] +2, Charm Person 2,[sword] +3 2,[sword] +3, Frost Brand 1,[sword] +4, Defending 1,[sword] -1, cursed 1,[sword] -2, cursed 20,[miscweaponspecific]


2,Dagger -1, cursed 1,Dagger of Venom, +1 2,Dagger +2, +3 vs. goblins 2,Dagger +2, +3 vs. Lizard-folk 1,Dagger +2, Assassin 2,Mace +1 of Disruption 3,Trident +1 of Fish Command 3,Trident +2 of Warning 2,Hammer of Dwarfs +2, +3 for Dwarfs, double damage and returns when thrown or triple vs. Giants 3,Long bow +1 2,Short bow +1 1,Heavy Crossbow +1 2,Slaying Arrows +3 3,Sling +1 4,Axe of Hurling, +2 up to 60 feet 1,Crossbow of Accuracy +3 1,Crossbow of Range +1 2,Crossbow of Speed 1,Sling of the Halfling +2, hits targets as if +1 1,[Dice.1d4+1] Javelins of Lightning


9,[whicharmour] 3,[uniquearmour]


6,Leather armour 15,Mail 12,Plate armour


1,[armour][armourdetail] 1,[shield]


2,[whicharmour] of Arrow Deflection, additiona +1 vs. Missiles 2,Demonic [whicharmour] 2,Etheral [whicharmour] 2,Fiery [whicharmour], deals 1–6 damage to attackers 2,Featherweight pieces of [whicharmour], completely un-encumbering 2,Half-weight [whicharmour] 2,Elfin mail, thin and strong (1 stone) 2,[whicharmour] [strongmagiccursed]


8,[Dice.2d6] arrows 2,[Dice.1d10] stones 1,The Spear, [names], returns to the hand when thrown 1,The Hand-axe [names], returns to the hand when thrown 1,The War-hammer [names], returns to the hand when thrown 3,[Dice.2d4] darts 4,[Dice.2d6] quarrels


2,-1 2,-2 1,-3 1,attracts missiles at +1 1,of doubt and fear in combat, always flees 1,of recklessness in combat, unable to retreat 1,[strongmagiccursed]


1,-3 to a random saving throw. 1,-1 to all saving throws. 1,Accentuates your worst personality traits (-2 Charisma) 1,Constant whispering sound makes it hard to concentrate (-2 Intelligence) 1,Estranges you from God and nature. (-2 Wisdom) 1,Exhausting to wield (-1 Strength if an armor, -1 Constitution if a weapon) 1,Makes unexpected, clumsy, confining moves (-1 Dexterity) 1,Take 1 hp damage when you equip it 1,Take 1 hp damage when you un-equip it 1,If you die while wielding/wearing it, you rise immediately as an undead creature of hit dice appropriate to your level, and attack the party immediately 1,Has minuses instead of pluses when fighting one creature type (reptiles, undead, humans, etc) 1,Animals are unfriendly to you while carrying it 1,+1 of its enchantment vanishes for the day when you hit (weapon) or are hit (armor) on a natural 13 1,You need to eat five times as much on any day you use it in combat 1,While wielding or wearing it, unintelligent enemies attack you by choice 1,When you are aware of an enemy, you have +3 move to go towards them, and -3 to go away 1,[plus], to enjoy its magical benefit, requires you to forswear your religion and follow an obscure, nearly-dead god, wearing its symbol and following its strange customs 1,Can't heal HP while you're carrying/wearing it 1,Glows visibly when enemies are near, within 60' but only if you already know they're near 1,Jealous, drops from your grasp if you're carrying another weapon (weapon), falls off your body if you're carrying any other magic item (armor) 1,Each time you do (weapon) or take (armor) 6 or more HP of damage in one blow, you lose 1 HP 1,Fogs your vision, you can only see 30' in dim light 1,Makes an audible screaming sound when it hits (weapon) or when you are hit (armor) 1,[plus], only has its magical powers each day if exposed to the rays of the dawn 1,You must rest and not attack one round out of five while wielding or wearing the item 1,You lose the ability to speak while wielding/wearing it 1,Gives -1 to hit (if armor) or 1 worse armor class (if weapon) 1,You hit your nearby friends (weapon) or your nearby friends hit you (armor) on a natural to hit roll of 3 1,[plus], any NPC's who see it and are able to wield/wear it must save or become covetous and scheme to take it from you 1,Powerful wizard/demon/undead creature thinks the item is theirs and begins pursuing you d4 weeks after you acquire the item


1, 1,, [names]


3,[Weapon Names.main] 1,[names], [names] 1,of [places] 1,[title] 1,[peoplenames] 1,[peoplenames]'s 1,[names], called [names]


1,the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1,[Dwarf Place.main] 1,the [Pulp Location.main]


1,[Demon Name.Main] 1,[Angel generator.Name] 2,[Fantasy Names.Surname] 1,[Catholic Saint Names.main] 2,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] 2,[Fantasy Names.FemaleFirstName] 1,[Dragon names.main] 1,[Dragon type.fullname]


1,[Demon Generator.Title Type] 2,[Angel Generator.Title Type] 1,the [Demon Generator.FemTitle] 2,[Secret Society Title.main] 2,[Carcosan Titles.main] 4,[Epithets.Warrior] 1,[Epithets.Rogue] 1,[Epithets.Wizard] 1,[Epithets.Priest] 2,[Curse.cursename] 1,the [Weapon Names.main] 1,called [peoplenames] 2,[peoplenames]'s Bane 1,[Dragon type.awful]


1,Shield, [shield-property] 1,Shield, [shield-decor], [shield-property] 3,Shield, [shield-decor] 3,Shield


1,[names] 1,marked with [Utility.Symbols] 1,bearing [Utility.GeometricSymbol] 1,[names], with [Utility.Symbols] 2,[Color.all] 2,[CoatOfArms.main] 1,[shield-decor], [shield-decor]


1,Missile Deflector (+4, 20% vs Magic Missiles) 1,casts light as a lantern 1,polished as a mirror 1,buckler 1,unusually large 1,spiked 1,with [smallweapon] embedded in its surface


2,arrows 1,a dagger 1,a hand-axe


1, 1,[armourdetails]


1,, [Color.all] in colour 1,, [Color.dark] in colour 1,, with a [Color.metallic] finish 1,, bearing [Utility.Symbols] 1,, bearing [Utility.GeometricSymbol] 1,, [names] 1,, trimmed with fur 1,, set with an animal skull 1,, spiked 1,, bare-chested 1,[armourdetails][armourdetails]