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<sgdisplay iterations="25">[main]




5,[MaleHuman], a[adjective] [MaleAge], [fromwhere]. He earns a living as a [Fantasy Profession.main]. [ClothingMale.MaleOutfit] 5,[FemaleHuman], a[adjective] [FemaleAge], [fromwhere]. She works as a [Fantasy Profession.main]. [ClothingFemale.FemaleOutfit] 1,[MSaurian], a[adjective] [SaurAge], [fromwhere]. He works as a [Fantasy Profession.main]. [ClothingMale.MaleOutfit] 1,[FSaurian], a[adjective] [SaurAge], [fromwhere]. She holds the profession of [Fantasy Profession.main]. [ClothingFemale.FemaleOutfit]


1,Mr. [Ahaggar Names.main] [Ahaggar Names.main] 1,[Ahaggar Names.main] 1,Mr. [Ahaggar Names.main] [Midname] [Ahaggar Names.main] 1,[Ahaggar Names.main] the [Color.allCap] 1,[MTitle] [Letters (uppercase).normal]. [[Midname] [Ahaggar Names.main]


1,Ms. [Ahaggar Names.main] [Ahaggar Names.main] 1,[Ahaggar Names.main] 1,Ms. [Ahaggar Names.main] [Midname] [Ahaggar Names.main] 1,[Ahaggar Names.main] the [Color.allCap] 1,[FTitle] [Letters (uppercase).normal]. [Midname] [Ahaggar Names.main]


1,mature saurian 1,young saurian 1,civilised saurian 1,saurian elder


10,Mr. [FirstMale] [Surname] 10,Mr. [FirstMale] [Midname] [Surname] 5,[MTitle] [FirstMale] [Midname] [Surname] 5,[FirstMale] [Midname] [Surname] 2,Mr. [Letters (uppercase).normal].[Letters (uppercase).normal]. [Surname] 1,Dr. [Letters (uppercase).normal].[Letters (uppercase).normal]. [Surname], PhD.


10,Ms. [FirstFem] [Surname] 10.Miss [FirstFem] [Midname] [Surname] 10,Mrs. [FirstFem] [Surname]-[Surname] 5,[FTitle] [FirstFem] [Midname] [Surname] 5,[FirstFem] [Midname] [Surname] 2,Miss. [Letters (uppercase).normal]. [Surname] 1,Dr. [Letters (uppercase).normal].[Letters (uppercase).normal]. [Surname], PhD.


3,[DiTV Male Name.FirstName] 1,[Ancient Greek Male Names.main] 3,[Dutch Names.dutchmale] 1,[German Male.germanmale] 3,[ScottishMale.ScottishMaleFirstName] 1,[SGNP polish.PolishMFirst] 5,[SGNP psuedo-english.male] 5,[SGNP united kingdom.MaleFirst]


3,[DiTV Male Name.FirstName] 1,[Ancient Greek Female Names.main] 3,[Dutch Names.dutchfemale] 1,[German Female.germanfemale] 3,[ScottishFemale.ScottishFemaleFirstName] 1,[SGNP polish.PolishFFirst] 5,[SGNP psuedo-english.female] 5,[SGNP united kingdom.FemaleFirst]


4,[FirstMale] 4,[FirstFem] 6,[Letters (uppercase).normal]. 4,[Surname] 6,[Letters (uppercase).normal].[Letters (uppercase).normal]. 4,[Catholic Saint Names.main] 1,von 1,de 1,der 1,van


1,[SGNP polish.PolishMSurname] 1,[Ancient Greek Male Names.main] 1,[German Male.germansurname] 1,[Portuguese Names.portuguesesurname] 3,[American Census Names.surname] 3,[Catholic Saint Names.main] 3,[SGNP psuedo-english.surname] 3,[SGNP psuedo-american.Surname] 3,[SGNP united kingdom.surname]


1, respectable 1, cheerful 1, greedy 1, scurrilous 1, persnickity 1, garrulous 1, friendly 1, cowardly 1, romantic 1, cautious 1,n excitable 1, level-headed 1, nervous 1,n honourable 1, wealthy 1, clever 1, sarcastic 1, cold-hearted 1,n attractive


2,The Rev. 1,The Most Rev. 1,The Rt. Hon. 1,Lord 1,Senator 5,Dr. 2,Sir 1,Capt. 1,Col. 1,Baron 1,Brother


2,The Rev. 1,Sister 1,The Rt. Hon. 1,Lady 1,Senator 1,Capt. 5,Dr. 2,Dame 1,Baroness 1,Madame


1,youth 1,young man 1,gentleman 1,man 1,older gentleman 1,bloke


1,young lady 1,older woman 1,lady 1,woman 1,middle-aged woman


5,born and raised in the Day 3,hailing from the Yebba Dim Day 2,a proud citizen of the [Nifflas Skerry Generator.SkerryName] 1,born in poverty in the Night 1,from nowhere in particular 3,originally hailing from [Nifflas Skerry Generator.SkerryName] </sgtable>