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New Monster Namer

This generator was inspired by reading the D&D 3.5 Monster Manual IV, and thinking "These names all sound the same!"

<sgdisplay iterations="20">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[Pre][material] [separatesuffix] 1,[Pre][material] [beast] 1,[Pre][suffix] 1,[Pre] [separatesuffix] 1,[Pre] [beast] 1,[Pre][beast] 1,[Pre][beast] [separatesuffix] 1,[material] [beast] 1,[material][suffix] [beast] 1,[material][beast] 1,[material][beast] [separatesuffix] 1,[material] [separatesuffix] 1,[material][suffix] [separatesuffix] 1,[beast][suffix] [separatesuffix] 1,[beast][suffix] [pre][suffix] 1,[beast] [separatesuffix] 1,[beast][beast] 1,[beast][suffix] 1,[beast][beast] [separatesuffix] 1,[beast][suffix] [separatesuffix] 1,[separatepre] [material][beast] 1,[separatepre] [pre][beast] 1,[separatepre] [Pre][material] [beast] 1,[separatepre] [Pre][suffix] 1,[Compound word.main] [beast] 1,[Compound word.main] [separatesuffix] 1,[Compound word.main] [beast][beast]


1,sword 1,void 1,battle 1,war 1,astral 1,doom 1,bane 1,bone 1,life 1,devil 1,moon 1,hob 1,grey 1,icthyo 1,dread 1,star 1,night 1,grim 1,mind 1,corpse 1,necro 1,plague 1,fell 1,dire 1,ghast 1,shade 1,rune 1,ice 1,rage 1,blood 1,slaughter 1,gibber 1,mad 1,flame 1,golden 1,tomb 1,crypt 1,skull 1,shadow 1,black 1,sorrow 1,slow 1,spirit 1,death 1,cyber 1,drift 1,bound 1,sun 1,frost 1,earth 1,wind 1,wyrd 1,half- 1,emerald 1,white 1,axe 1,spear


1,minor 1,major 1,lesser 1,greater 1,least 1,mechanical 1,arcane 1,psychic 1,gibbering 1,dancing 1,vampiric 1,giant 1,fiendish 1,sanguine 1,ethereal 1,astral 1,fey 1,spectral


1,pig 1,boar 1,beast 1,ape 1,worm 1,cat 1,beetle 1,serpent 1,crab 1,lion 1,tiger 1,fish 1,spider 1,hound 1,leech 1,bear 1,drake 1,wolf 1,rat 1,snake 1,toad 1,frog 1,horse 1,wasp 1,insect 1,ant 1,dragon 1,goblin 1,naga 1,auroch 1,shark 1,crocodile 1,bull 1,ram 1,hawk 1,bat 1,owl


1,steel 1,bone 1,wood 1,brass 1,iron 1,stone 1,fire 1,silver 1,lava 1,dust 1,bronze 1,copper 1,oak 1,ash 1,ivory 1,mithril 1,crystal 1,glass 1,ice 1,horn 1,frost 1,obsidian


1,spawn 1,claw 1,drinker 1,stalker 1,gazer 1,walker 1,bile 1,ling 1,weird 1,haunt 1,mangler 1,shambler 1,shredder 1,leech 1,storm 1,lost 1,forged 1,wraith 1,child 1,woman 1,man


1,stalker 1,hunter 1,eviscerator 1,golem 1,scout 1,demon 1,giant 1,dragon 1,drake 1,guardian 1,defender 1,mauler 1,ravager 1,leader 1,mutant 1,lord 1,philosopher 1,construct 1,behemoth 1,imp 1,spirit 1,tyrant 1,sleeper 1,wanderer 1,hunter 1,knight 1,warrior 1,shambler 1,slayer 1,avatar 1,king 1,marauder 1,murderer 1,skeleton 1,assassin 1,spellcaster 1,cultist 1,adept 1,sharpshooter 1,soldier 1,disciple 1,skulk 1,raider 1,champion 1,witch 1,incanter 1,seer 1,shaman 1,abomination 1,mystic 1,noble 1,thug </sgtable>