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NPC Happenings

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0,_______________________________________ borrowed yet another version of Cent.Casting, for extra spicy generic items. 1,An NPC [class] proposes marriage to this NPC. 1,An event in the region causes this NPC's family to become outlaws in the land. 1,This NPC saved the life of [companion] The companion was a [class] of 1 level lower than This NPC 1,This NPC saved the life of [companion] The companion was a [class] of [level] level 1,This NPC was made a close adviser to a local ruler. 1,This NPC was struck by wanderlust and [wanderlust] 1,This NPC's family sends a personal servant (free [class] henchman). 1,This jaded NPC spends time enjoying themself by means of exotic pleasures. 1,too much drama from … [love tragedy] 1,[accused] 1,[exotic event] 1,[in service of] 1,[new skill] 1,[rebellion] 1,real-life excuses from that [destroyed] 1,wanted for question about the incident: [cause of death] 1,[religious experience] 1,[romantic encounter] 1,[something wonderful] 1,Went to a reading of a will: [inheritance] 1,[tragedy] 1,Their artifact was [heirloom], so they began the saga of [Indiana Jones Titles.subtitle] 1,[unusual skill] 1,NPC was lightly hurt, and recovers. Sadly . . . [injury cause] 1,NPC had to help their [CC-Fantasy-Lives.RELATIVES] from a time of [verbiage] 1,an awful day at the bazaar led to [verbiage] for this NPC. 1,the NPC started off life as a lack-luster [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE]


22,fighter 21,mage 21,cleric 33,thief 21,ranger 21,bard 6,noble 4,paladin 4,assassin 3,barbarian 3,spell-sword 2,inquisitor 1,sell-sword 2,dancer 2,ronin 1,trickster 1,warrior monk 1,priestess 1,philosopher 1,ninja 1,engineer 1,witch 1,illusionist 1,shaman 1,houri 1,samurai 1,priest 1,martial artist 1,dancer 1,warlock 5,[CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE]


88,1st 77,2nd 66,3rd 55,4th 44,5th 33,6th 22,7th 11,8th 11,9th

something wonderful

1,This NPC has a child. 1,This NPC inherits a minor magical item from a family member. 1,This NPC acquires an unusual pet. 1,This NPC saves the life of an NPC and receives a monetary reward. 1,This NPC does something which causes their renown to spread throughout the land. 1,This NPC was blessed by a benevolent priest friend. 1,This NPC was blessed by a benevolent magical friend. 1,This NPC was blessed by a benevolent fae friend. 1,This NPC gains an NPC as a loyal friend and companion - a free henchman. 1,This NPC becomes their parents' sole heir; when they die, This NPC inherits a sum of money. 1,This NPC acquires a companion, [companion] 1,This NPC finally found that item lost several weeks ago. 1,This NPC finally found the child that went missing several weeks ago.


1,If This NPC has children, one of them dies from [cause of death]. 1,This NPC's parents are imprisoned for inability to pay taxes. 1,Both of This NPC's parents died of [cause of death]. 1,The city or neighborhood This NPC was staying in was destroyed by [destroyed] 1,This NPC intentionally kills someone. 1,This NPC accidentally kills someone. 1,This NPC kills someone in self-defense. 1,A family heirloom vanishes due to [heirloom] 1,One of This NPC's parents was outlawed and goes into hiding. 1,This NPC was captured and had to fight their way out of slavery. 1,This NPC was injured severely, but recovers. The cause of the injury was [injury cause] 1,One of character's parents was killed by [cause of death] 1,This NPC has gotten on the wrong side of a guild and was banned from performing their profession in a certain area. 1,This NPC's lover or spouse [love tragedy] 1,This NPC was scarred by a serious disease. 1,This NPC was cursed. [Dyson Curse.curse] 1,This NPC's best friend dies. 1,This NPC's family home was destroyed. 1,This NPC was briefly imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. 1,This NPC's family goes bankrupt. 1,This NPC was disinherited by their parents. 1,This NPC's family was stripped of all titles and lands by a ruler. 1,This NPC attracts a hostile rival. 2,the NPC obsessed on: [Conundrum.main] 1,the NPC was murdered by a possessed [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE]

love tragedy

1,cheats. 1,attempts to kill This NPC for an unknown reason, then disappears. 1,attempts to kill This NPC, but dies in the attempt. 1,dies of disease. 1,employment problems move the beloved away. 1,dies in an accident. 1,dies in a fire. 1,is killed by a jealous former lover. 1,ran off with a suave [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE] 1,beloved decides to switch lifestyle. 1,disappears mysteriously. 1,leaves This NPC abruptly. 1,is imprisoned for a crime. 2,the beloved got obsessed with: [Conundrum.main]

injury cause

4,an accident. 1,a fire. 1,being attacked by an animal. 1,getting into a fight with a [class] 4 levels higher than them. 1,animal stampede


3,being lost. 2,being stolen. 1,being stolen, with a fake left in its place. 1,being stolen by shifty relatives. 1,being claimed as a rightful relic by a temple. 1,being stolen by [patron]


1,disease. 2,a terrible fire. 2,war. 1,rampaging chaotic adventurers. 1,rampaging chaotic monsters. 1,firefight between rival [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE]

cause of death

2,an accident. 3,a fire. 2,disease. 1,murder. 1,animal stampede

unusual skill

1,This NPC learns to dance. 1,This NPC learns to gamble professionally. 1,This NPC learns to pick pockets. 1,This NPC learns gourmet cooking. 1,This NPC gains an musical ability. 1,This NPC gains an artistic ability. 1,This NPC gains an theatrical ability. 1,This NPC learns mountaineering. 1,This NPC learns inventing and trapmaking. 1,This NPC learns several circus skills. 1,This NPC learns to bargain with merchants. 1,This NPC learns seafaring. 1,This NPC learns divination. 1,This NPC learns diplomacy. 1,This NPC learns mimicry of voices and sounds. 1,This NPC learns bargaining. 1,This NPC learns magic tricks - cantrips.


8,This NPC was caught up in an unsuccessful rebellion and they [rebellion know] 6,This NPC participates in a successful rebellion. 4,This NPC participates in an unsuccessful rebellion and they [rebellion know] 2,This NPC was caught up in a successful rebellion. 1,The NPC and his warlock buddies were illegally casting [Odd-Spells.SPELLED]

rebellion know

9,hides their participation except from close friends. 2,are an outlaw as a result.

in service of

1,This NPC spends time in service of [patron] and as a result gains a new skill.


100,a local official. 100,a family member. 100,a humanoid leader. 100,a foreigner. 100,a noble. 100,the head of a guild. 66,a 13th level [class] 10,a deva of the [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 10,a deity in disguise. [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES]


1,visits many of the towns and major cities in the land. 1,signs on as a sailor and gains seafaring as a skill. 1,journeys to the mountains and gains mountaineering as a skill. 1,investigates a dark, haunted wood. 1,travels to a distant land and learns an additional language. 1,lives briefly with humanoids of a different race and learns their language and customs. 1,joins up with a band of [CC-Adventurers.ADVENTURER_TYPE] and ends up in far steppes. 1,befriended a [PERSON_TYPE] at the main tavern, and the 2 went off to work through the bucket list.

religious experience

1,This NPC has a vision of a heretofore unknown god. 1,This NPC takes a pilgrimage to a religious site. 1,This NPC's god asks them to perform a sacred mission. 1,This NPC joins a new religion. 1,This NPC has a dream vision containing a prophecy. This NPC can ask one yes/no question of the GM. 1,This NPC inadvertently desecrates a shrine and gains an enemy of the religion's followers. 1,This NPC uncovers the activities of an evil cult. 1,The temple priest of This NPC's religion teaches them a relevant skill. 1,The NPC had serious relevant visions from the [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES]


1,a childhood friend. 1,a family member. 1,a humanoid of a different race. 1,an animated object. 1,a child. 1,a sibling. 1,an old needy priestess of the [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 1,another adventurer, a [class] of [level] level. 1,a former enemy. [class] 1,a [PERSON_TYPE]

exotic event

1,A god asks This NPC to become its emissary and This NPC accepts. The god grants This NPC an exotic pet as a gift. 1,This NPC befriends an intelligent, nonhumanoid monster. 1,If a mage, This NPC learns an additional spell. 1,This NPC was abducted by extradimensional beings and ages 1d10 years, but has no recollection of the event. 1,This NPC survives a deadly attack from a monster. 1,This NPC explores a ruin and acquires a small amount of treasure. 1,A strange cult decides This NPC was to be the mate of an avatar of their god; they continually harass This NPC. 1,This NPC's birthday comes and goes, but an astronomical conjunction grants This NPC a mystic blessing. 1,This NPC befriends an extremely wealthy person. 1,This NPC had a priestess from the temple of [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] arrange for their [verbiage] 1,This NPC finds and rescues an unusual pet. 1,This NPC was mistaken (or genuinely found to be) the only heir of a living great ruler. 4,The NPC was [verbiage] by a deva of the [Fantasy-CC-Main-Events.DEITIES] 2,This NPC got totally hung up on: [Conundrum.main] 2,a nearby sorcerer cast [Odd-Spells.SPELLED], nearly killing this NPC. 1,a sorcerer tried summoning an astral hound, but instead a [PERSON_TYPE] popped out.


1,This NPC inherits a tract of land in the country. 1,This NPC inherits an ancient castle. 1,This NPC inherits country manor. 1,This NPC inherits an elegant town house. 1,This NPC inherits a temple. 1,This NPC inherits an ancient ruin. 1,This NPC inherits an inn.

romantic encounter

1,This NPC falls in love with an NPC, which was reciprocated and This NPC gains the NPC as a companion. 1,This NPC falls in love with an NPC, which was reciprocated though the NPC was unwilling to go adventuring with This NPC. 1,This NPC falls in love with an NPC but it was not reciprocated. NPC attempted much wooing with gifts 1,This NPC falls in love with an NPC but it was not reciprocated. NPC attempted much wooing with acts of kindness. 1,An NPC falls in love with This NPC; player decides if it was reciprocated. 1,The NPCs lost track of each other due to [verbiage]


1,This NPC was briefly imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. 1,This NPC was publicly stockaded and flogged for a crime they did not commit. 1,This NPC was tortured for a crime they did not commit. 1,This NPC was accused, but found innocent of, a crime they did not commit. 1,This NPC was sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit, but was rescued at the last second by outlaws. 1,This NPC was sentenced to slavery for a crime they did not commit, but escapes. 1,NPC was jailed for a while after a shady involvement with [verbiage]

new skill

1,This NPC gains a skill in wilderness survival. 1,This NPC gains a skill in an art form. 1,This NPC gains a skill in smithing. 1,This NPC gains a skill in street knowledge. 1,This NPC gains a skill in picking pockets. 1,This NPC gains a skill in riding. 1,This NPC gains a skill in healing. 1,This NPC gains a skill in seafaring.


1,nearly assassinated 1,captured and held hostage 1,fire-bombed 1,nearly hacked to pieces 1,nearly incinerated 1,kidnapped 1,kidnapped and pictured in a wanted poster 1,imprisoned by a bureaucrat 1,stockaded by a sheriff 1,poisoned (but survived) 1,publicly threatened 1,severely beaten 1,nearly killed by magic missiles 1,heavily wounded by lightning-bolts 1,targeted by blood-oaths 1,taken as a hostage 1,awarded a blessing 1,freed from a curse 1,given 13 platinum pieces


1,Adventurer 1,Might Fighter 1,Bartender 1,Serving Person 1,Beggar 1,Criminal 1,Dragon 1,Good-Wife 1,Monster 1,Punk 1,Urchin 1,Kid 1,Mercenary 1,Guard 1,Soldier 1,Merchant 1,Codger 1,Geezer 1,Harlot 1,Grifter 1,Priest 1,Shaman 1,Townsperson 1,Farmer 1,Wizard 1,Witch


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