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He is[Creature] - she is[Creature]

Ambition: [Ambition]

They meet: [Place]

Destiny: [Destiny]

Seduction: [Seduction]

Dark Secret: [DarkSecret]

Denial: [Denial]

Despair: [Despair]


1, A Kingdom Neighboring A Fae Forest 1, A Medieval City, Castle And Cathedral 1, Florence During The Renaissance 1, Neighboring Estates On The English Countryside 1, The South During The Last Year of The Civil War 1, Chicago, after Black Tuesday 1, New York in the Fifties 1, Berkeley in the Sixties 1, London in the Seventies 1, Los Angeles in the Eighties 1, France Near the End of World War II 1, Hawaii, Today 1, Long After The Apocalypse, After The Green Returns 1, Seattle in the fall 1, Philadelphia, The Year After They've Cured Depression 1, Tokyo 2089 AD 1, On A Generation Ship In The Year 2322 AD 1, In The Dark Land That Nightmares Call Home


1, a guardian angel 1, an escaped demon 1, a reformed vampire 1, a merman/mermaid 1, an extra terrestrial, disguised as human 1, a superhero 1, a werewolf 1, a ghost 1, a mortal 1, an automaton 1, a sorcerer / sorceress 1, a siren 1, an avatar of a god 1, a fallen angel 1, a banshee 1, a faery folk 1, a shapeshifter 1, a dragon 1, a doppelganger


1, make friends and fit in in this strange new place 1, the promotion, the corner office, your own secretary 1, that boy/girl/man/woman who caught your eye 1, find a good match for your friend 1, take care of your sick father 1, the legendary diamond that your uncle pursued for so long 1, discharge your responsibilities so you can leave this place 1, revenge for your dead loved one 1, to finish your masterwork sculpture 1, to get into the exclusive club 1, get elected to local office 1, clean up this town 1, a quarter of a million dollars


1,at work 1,at play 1,at a friend's 1,at family's 1,at a church or club 1,in class 1,en route 1,with mischief 1,with trouble 1,at home 1,at hangout 1,in a cell 1,where they don't belong


1,to seek shelter from a storm 1,to come together in common defense 1,to rescue the other from danger 1,to be assigned on a job together 1,in the neighborhood 1,at a funeral or wedding 1,transferred into same class / office 1,at a bar or club 1,because of friends of friends 1,in a shared ride 1,on a blind date 1,in a competition 1,because they volunteered together


1, asking for help 1, propositioning directly 1, “accidentally” touching and teasing 1, having a friend put in a good word 1, writing poetry/letters 1, calling 1, using powers 1, impressing with abilities 1, sharing common interests (falsely?) 1, getting hurt 1, making jealous 1, faking disinterest 1, protecting/helping


1,“I'm with someone else” 1,“I'm promised/married to someone else” 1,“I was only pretending” 1,"My family would not approve" 1,"I've taken a vow" 1,"You would be in danger” 1,“I don't deserve you” 1,"I can't control myself” 1,"I must kill you” 1,"My people and your people are enemies" 1,"Society won't accept us" 1,"My work is too important" 1,“I've been hurt”


1,sent far away 1,kidnapped 1,stopped by their family 1,stopped by another lover 1,stopped by their club or church 1,loses control of their darkness 1,embroiled in war with the other's people 1,hunted 1,needed at work 1,hibernates 1,needs to return home 1,is captured/imprisoned 1,is moving on


1,overcome cruel fate, but 1,do not overcome cruel fate, and


1,loses a family member 1,loses a friend 1,is taken by illness 1,is hunted by badguys or wanted by the law 1,is broken-hearted 1,is injured 1,owes a debt 1,loses standing 1,had to do wrong 1,makes an enemy 1,loses a prized possession 1,loses an ability 1,loses their job or position