Mutant Academy Adventure Generator

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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]





1,The characters must [do] [something]. Their adventure takes them to [location] and puts them up against [opposition]. And it's all made more complicated by [complication]. 1,The characters [trouble]. Their real opposition is [opposition].


1,are wanted by the authorities 1,are hunted by bounty hunters 1,are a danger to themselves 1,are lost 1,are sick 1,are in over their heads 1,are not up to an upcoming challenge. 1,are out of money. 1,don't have good information. 1,are trapped. 1,are obligated to someone in their past. 1,suddenly have a new responsibility. 1,have a friend in trouble. 1,have a big test to study for.


1,fight 1,combat 1,guide 1,chase 1,entreat 1,move 1,conceal 1,strike 1,get information from 1,avenge 1,confuse 1,escort 1,travel with 1,track 1,obliterate 1,reveal 1,find 1,protect 1,deliver 1,help 1,trap 1,retrieve 1,rescue 1,assist 1,oppose 1,shield 1,protect 1,ally with 1,investigate 1,publicly oppose 1,seize 1,defend 1,join 1,resist 1,support 1,observe 1,trade with 1,watch 1,repel 1,destroy 1,defend 1,shut down 1,create 1,locate 1,save


1,a blue-collar worker with anti-mutant beliefs 1,a foreign dignitary 1,a mutant terrorist 1,an accused mutant terrorist 1,a company researching mutant-related science 1,a love interest 1,a hot guy/girl 1,a murderer 1,an accused murderer 1,a street gang 1,an anti-mutant vigilante gang 1,a mysterious device 1,a supervillain 1,a mutant criminal 1,a crimeboss 1,a celebrity 1,a relative 1,a mutant just discovering their powers 1,a mutant "in the closet" 1,a child - [childtype] - 1,a Brotherhood member 1,a military officer 1,a secret agent 1,an outcast 1,a deformed mutant 1,City Hall 1,a religious fanatic 1,an anti-mutant politician 1,a hostile mutant 1,an anti-mutant religious figure 1,a vicious teacher 1,the school bully 1,a seemingly nice person 1,the authorities 1,a locked box 1,a mysterious communication 1,a mentor 1,a person who looks up to them 1,a cop 1,a private eye 1,a federal agent 1,a good friend 1,an old enemy 1,an artist 1,siblings


1,an orphan 1,a prodigy 1,a weird kid 1,a rich kid 1,a happy kid 1,a clueless kid


1,the dockyards 1,a TV station 1,a local landmark 1,a corporate headquarters 1,a chop shop 1,a sporting event 1,the university 1,the wrong side of the tracks 1,a skyscraper downtown 1,a train station 1,a train 1,a villain's hideout 1,a research facility 1,a bank 1,a dried river-bed 1,the entertainment district 1,a boat 1,an island 1,a farm 1,a housing project 1,a drug house 1,a restaurant 1,an underwater location 1,a military base 1,a prison 1,a war zone 1,the border 1,a museum 1,someone's apartment 1,a criminal hideout 1,a nightclub 1,a church 1,an underground location 1,a highway 1,an arena 1,a chintzy office 1,a grimy factory 1,a clean factory 1,a warehouse 1,an underground location 1,the mall 1,a castle 1,an insane asylum 1,a bar 1,the campus coffeeshop 1,a restaurant 1,the park 1,suburbia 1,a mansion 1,a trailer park


1,someone's betrayal 1,a rivalry 1,a trap 1,government influence 1,trickery 1,an unexplained incident 1,vehicle breakdowns 1,squabbling 1,distractions 1,abductions 1,the weather 1,diplomatic concerns 1,an ambush 1,a riot 1,political concerns 1,a theft 1,a vendetta 1,mistaken identity 1,a power struggle 1,an unrelated enemy 1,gang involvement 1,drugs 1,security 1,bureaucracy 1,insanity 1,well-meaning interference 1,equipment failure 1,military interference 1,criminal interference 1,a red herring 1,a recurring NPC 1,media attention 1,legal trouble 1,a love interest 1,general incompetence 1,a car chase 1,a foot chase 1,transportation problems 1,a party 1,disappointment 1,a fire 1,an earthquake 1,a storm 1,a flood 1,a riot 1,a war 1,a deadline 1,an explosion


1,a government official 1,terrorists 1,a gang 1,a villain group 1,a spy 1,a tycoon 1,a country 1,a company 1,a recurring villain 1,a supervillain 1,a supercriminal 1,a criminal gang 1,an assassin 1,technology gone amok 1,a shadowy figure 1,a mobster 1,a rebel 1,an organization 1,a mastermind 1,demon(s) 1,a former ally 1,the police 1,the military 1,a veteran 1,an outlaw 1,a thief 1,a disaster 1,a lawyer 1,a threat to the world 1,a femme fatale 1,a conspiracy 1,a mad scientist 1,a celebrity 1,time 1,a madman 1,another "hero" 1,a friend 1,a rival 1,a religious figure


The general structure of this generator was taken from the Superheroic Adventure Generator, but the entries (and method of assembling them) have been rewritten for a "mutant academy" kind of game, in which the superheroism is focused on a slightly less insanely diverse set of power sources and struggles.