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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A city ruled in the shadows by a vampire prince who binds loyalty with blood. 1,A pack of werewolves planning an assault of a corporate high rise office. 1,A wizard who has just developed the ability to kill with a thought. 1,A man in black hunting down a computer hacker who knows something he shouldn't. 1,The ghost of a man who loves his wife so much, he wants her to join him. 1,The magic sword of a faerie queen, invisible to mortal eyes. 1,A hideous vampire that lurks the sewers, trading secrets. 1,A deformed werewolf, outcast from his people. 1,A powerful spirit of nature, bound into the service of a shaman. 1,A company president who has traded his soul to an unspeakable horror for power. 1,The homeless from the streets downtown, unknowingly hunted by creatures of the night. 1,A legion of murderous ghosts who possess the living and fill their ranks. 1,A goblin, disguised as a man, that can use human blood to repair broken machines.

1,A gorgeous vampire who is fighting the unrelenting hunger for blood. 1,The people living near the woods who are being hunted by something more wolf than man. 1,An old man with a ready smile, a mind full of tricks, and the soul of a coyote. 1,A group of young vampires, bound into service by a vampire lord. 1,A jail holding a man on drugs charges who's learning how to control reality. 1,A police officer whose veins course with the blood of trolls. 1,The glade of a woman who uses blood magic to change shapes and the frog living there that used to be human. 1,A downtown neighborhood, patrolled by werewolves who enforce their own spiritual laws on all who come there. 1,A swarm of rat-spirits chewing on the fabric of the world, spreading spiritual sickness. 1,A pack of vampires with demon magic in their blood and the human sacrifice that will grant them even more. 1,A faerie lord, loosed from his magical domain, hunting down the human pet that escaped him. 1,A creature fashioned from dead bodies, granted life again, seeks understanding from the common people that only see a monster. 1,A man, his mind broken by mystical insight, methodically hunting down wizards until none remain.

1,A girl, gifted with a cosmic power to slay the evil things in the world, just wants a normal life. 1,A library that holds a vast collection of true occult knowledge hidden amongst the mundane books. 1,A boy trying to live a normal life, hiding the secret of his lycanthropy from his friends. 1,A vampire who spent so many years divorced from humanity, is surprised to find true love with a mortal. 1,A witch learning to control her powers, and her lover jilted over the disparity in ability. </sgtable>