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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ M&M 3E NPC SKILLS
<sgdisplay iterations="1">[AMERICAN CENSUS NAMES.MAIN]</sgdisplay> _ _ _ _ Mind: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[compression]</sgdisplay> Looks: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[bodywise]</sgdisplay>
Acrobatics +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Close Combat +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Deception +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Insight +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Intimidation +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay>
Investigation +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Perception +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Persuasion +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Range Combat +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Sleight-o-Hand +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay>
Stealth +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Technology +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d6]</sgdisplay> Treatment +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> Vehicles +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d4]</sgdisplay> _ _
Expertise: +<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Dice.2d8]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">[jobber]</sgdisplay> Credit Cards & Money: <sgdisplay iterations="1">Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[". Dollars</sgdisplay> _ _

random skill blocks for NPCs in M&M3E



1, * 4 2, * 5 3, * 6 1, *[dice.1d20] [artstep]


1,Crooked CEO 1,3D Artist 1,Super-Gimmick Salesperson 1,Accountant 1, 1,Acrobatic Pilot 1,Adoption Counselor 1,Advice Columnist 1,Animal Rights Advocate 1,Apparel Designer 1,Archaeologist 1,3d Architect 1,Naval Architect 1,Architect 1,Art Critic 1,Art Museum Curator 1,Assembly Line Worker 1,Assistant 1,Assistant Manager 1,Assistant Store Manager 1,Astronaut 1,Attorney 1,B & B Owner 1,Baker 1,Bank Teller 1,Bar Owner 1,Barber 1,Barista 1,Bartender 1,Grav-ball Player 1,Basketball Player 1,Beat-boxer 1,Beauty Queen 1,Bike Shop Owner 1,Blackjack Dealer 1,Blogger 1,Bodybuilder 1,Bodyguard 1,Bookkeeper 1,Bookstore Owner 1,Bouncer 1,Bounty Hunter 1,Boxer 1,Brand Representative 1,Brick Layer 1,Building Manager 1,Bus Driver 1,Business Manager 1,Butcher 1,Cake Decorator 1,Candy Store Owner 1,Candymaker 1,Carpenter 1,Casino Attendant 1,Casino Manager 1,Casting Director 1,Chambermaid 1,EBay Junk-Seller 1,Chaplain 1,Chef 1,Choir Director 1,Circus Performer 1,Clerk 1,Clinical Psychologist 1,Clown 1,Club Owner 1,Coffee Barista 1,Kaiju Enthusiast 1,Online Comedian 1,Lounge Comedian 1,TV Comedian 1,Con Artist 1,Comic Book Artist/Writer 1,Construction Worker 1,Convenience Store Owner 1,Cook 1,Corporate Professional 1,Costume Designer 1,Counselor 1,Country Singer 1,Govt.courtesan 1,Courtesan 1,Craft Store Owner 1,Crooked Lawyer 1,Crooked Politician 1,Cult Employee 1,Cupcake Shop Owner 1,Dance Instructor 1,Lounge Dancer 1,Opera Dancer 1,Day Care Assistant 1,Day Care Owner 1,Deacon 1,Video Designer 1,Designer 1,Disc Jockey 1,District Attorney 1,Dockworker 1,Dog Breeder 1,Dog Trainer 1,Dramatist 1,Dramaturge 1,Dressmaker 1,Virtual Dressmaker 1,Driver 1,Drugstore Owner 1,Electrical Engineer 1,Naval Electrician 1,Electrician 1,Elephant Trainer 1,Engineer 1,Entertainer 1,Entrepreneur 1,Erotic Novelist 1,Event Planner 1,Event Producer 1,Executive Assistant 1,Exotic Dancer 1,Exterminator 1,Factory Worker 1,Family Counselor 1,Space Farmer 1,Farmer 1,Fashion Designer 1,Fast Food Worker 1,Federal Agent 1,Firefighter 1,Fitness Instructor 1,Fitness Trainer 1,Flight Attendant 1,Florist 1,Football Player 1,Former Child Star 1,Fortune Teller 1,Steward Assistant 1,Gambler 1,Garbage Collector 1,Gardener 1,Civil Rights Activist 1,General Contractor 1,Geriatric Nurse 1,Gift Shop Owner 1,Gladiator 1,Glassblower 1,Graphic Designer 1,Guidance Counselor 1,Gym Owner 1,Hair Stylist 1,Hairdresser 1,Hang Gliding Instructor 1,Headhunter 1,Herbalist 1,High Jumper 1,Historian 1,Holovid Artist 1,Holovid Cameraman 1,Holovid Journalist 1,Holovid Photographer 1,Homemaker 1,Hot Dog Vendor 1,Hotel Clerk 1,Hotel Receptionist 1,House Cleaner 1,House Painter 1,Housekeeper 1,Housemaid 1,Hunter 1,Ice Cream Vendor 1,Image Consultant 1,Impressionist 1,Information Technologist 1,Innkeeper 1,Insurance Sales 1,Intern 1,Irish Step Dancer 1,I.T. Specialist 1,Dark-Web Entrepreneur 1,Jailer 1,Janitor 1,Jeweler 1,Jewelry Designer 1,Freelance Journalist 1,Kindergarten Teacher 3,Lab Technician 1,Landlord 1,Landscaper 1,Law Student 1,Lawyer 1,Legal Secretary 1,Legal Transcriptionist 1,Lifeguard 1,Lumberjack 1,Magician's Assistant 1,Maid 1,Mailman 1,Maintenance Worker 1,Makeup Artist 1,Web Site Manager 1,Manager 1,Manicurist 1,Massage Therapist 1,Mathematician 4,Mechanic 1,Mechanical Bull Operator 1,Mercenary 1,Merchant 1,Meter Reader 1,Mill Worker 1,Miner 1,Motivational Speaker 1,Museum Curator 1,Museum Guide 1,Music Teacher 1,Musical Instrument Repair 1,Online Musician 1,Musician 3,Nanny 1,National Park Ranger 1,Newspaper Reporter 1,Nonprofit Organizer 1,Nurse 1,Nursing Home Operator 1,Nutritionist 1,Office Administrator 1,Office Assistant 1,Office Manager 1,Oil Rig Worker 1,Opera Singer 1,Orator 1,Pageant Coach 1,Painter 1,Painter 1,Paper Artist 1,Party Planner 1,Pastor 1,Pedicurist 1,Performance Artist 1,Perfume Sprayer 1,Personal Chef 1,Personal Stylist 1,Personal Trainer 1,Pet Store Owner 1,Philosopher 1,Photographer 1,Physical Therapist 1,Pilot 1,Playwright 1,Plumber 1,Poet 1,Poker Dealer 1,Poker Player 1,Pole Dancer 2,Police 1,Politician 1,Pool Cleaner 1,Pop Singer 1,Postal Worker 1,Powerlifter 1,Preschool Teacher 1,Principal 1,Private Eye 1,Pro Chess Player 1,Professor 1,Prostitute 1,Psychologist 1,Quiz Show Host 1,Race-car Pilot 1,Radio Announcer 1,Radio DJ 1,Video DJ 1,You-Tube Personality 1,Vlogger 1,Radio Talk Show Host 1,Recent Lottery Winner 1,Receptionist 1,Recruiter 1,Reporter 1,Researcher 1,Retired Engineer 1,Retired Lawyer 1,Retired Teacher 1,Retired Crewman 1,Sailor 1,Salesman 1,Salsa Dancer 1,Salsa Dancer 1,School Counselor 1,School Nurse 1,School Psychologist 1,Scout Leader 1,Sculptor 2,Secretary 3,Security Guard 1,Sex Therapist 1,Ship Captain 1,Singer 1,Sketch Artist 1,Smuggler 1,Soapmaker 1,Sous Chef 1,Sports Photographer 1,Sports Reporter 1,Stage Manager 1,Stay-at-home Parent 1,Store Manager 1,Storm Chaser 1,Storyteller 1,Swimming Instructor 1,Talk Show Host 1,Tap Dancer 1,Tarot Card Reader 1,Taxi Driver 1,Online Teacher 1,Teacher 1,Psychotherapist 2,Military Enlisted 1,Military Officer 2,Military Contractor 1,Technical Writer 1,Telephone Salesman 1,Teller 1,Temple Guard 1,Tennis Instructor 1,Toll Collector 1,Tourism Agent 1,Traffic Reporter 1,Travel Agent 1,Troop Leader 1,Truck Driver 1,Tutor 1,TV Host 1,Tycoon 1,Used Car Salesman 1,Usher 1,Veterinarian 1,Veterinary Technician 1,Video Personality 1,Vidgamer 1,Voice Actor 1,Volunteer Fireman 1,Volunteer Policemen 1,VR Artist 1,Weightlifter 1,White Collar Criminal 1,Window Washer 1,Winemaker 1,Wrestler 1,Writer 1,Fashion Model 1,Clothing Designer 1,Textile Worker 1,Writer 1,X-ray Technician 1,Yoga Instructor 1,Youth Group Leader 1,Youth Pastor 1,Zookeeper 1,Zoologist 1,Fashion Model 1,Nude Model 2,Video Model 4,Academic Assistant 2,Swat Cop 2,Auto Mechanic 2,Doctor 2,Journalism 2,Pathologist 1,Spec Op Soldier 2,Space Crew 1,Swami 2,Virologist 3,Nurse 4,Medical Attendant 1,Lounge Entertainer


0,----------- physical features or traits 1,acne-skinned 1,fae-voiced 1,badly-built 1,fairest-complexion 1,ecto-morphic 1,endo-morphic 1,meso-morphic 1,squatty stature 1,Able-bodied 1,Ample 1,Angular 1,Annoying-voiced 1,Athletic 1,Balding 1,Beefy 1,Beefy 1,Bony 1,Brawny 1,Broad-shouldered 1,Bulky 1,Burly 1,Chubby 1,Chunky 1,Compact 1,Corn-fed 1,Corpulent 1,Deep-voiced 1,Elongated 1,Emaciated 1,Fair-skinned 1,Fat 1,Filthy 1,Fit 1,Fleshy 1,Foul-smelling 1,Freckled 1,Full-figured 1,Gangling 1,Gangly 1,Gap-toothed 1,Gaunt 1,Good-looking 1,Gravel-voiced 1,Hairy 1,Hardy 1,Healthy 1,Heart-faced 1,Hearty 1,Heavy-set 1,High-voiced 1,Hollow-cheeked 1,Hunchbacked 1,Hunky 1,Husky 1,Jaundiced 1,Lanky 1,Light-skinned 1,Long 1,Lusty 1,Masked 1,Muscular 1,Naked 1,Overweight 1,Pale 1,Pale-skinned 1,Paunchy 1,Pierced all over 1,Pinched 1,Porky 1,Portly 1,Powerful 1,Pudgy 1,Rawboned 1,Robust 1,Roly-poly 1,Rosy-cheeked 1,Rotund 1,Round 1,Ruddy 1,Sallow 1,Sanguine 1,Scraggly 1,Scrawny 1,Shapely 1,Short 1,Skeletal 1,Skin-and-bones 1,Skinny 1,Spindly 1,Squat 1,Stout 1,Strapping 1,Strong 1,Sturdy 1,Tall 1,Trim 1,Tubby 1,Ugly 1,Underfed 1,Undernourished 1,Underweight 1,Veiled 1,Vigorous 1,Waiflike 1,Wasted 1,Weedy 1,Well-built 1,Well-padded 1,Zaftig 2,Rough-skinned 3,Dark-skinned


0,----------------Mental Things 1,Animal-hater 1,Animal-lover 1,Bashful 1,Boastful 1,Bookish 1,Boorish 1,Bored 1,Boring 1,Bossy 1,Businesslike 1,Calm 1,Cat-lover 1,Chatty 1,Cherubic 1,Childlike 1,Complainer 1,Confused 1,Courteous 1,Cynical 1,Daydreamer 1,Depressed 1,Diseased 1,Dislikes children 1,Dislikes crowds 1,Disorganized 1,Disrespectful 1,Dog-lover 1,Drunk 1,Emotionless 1,Familiar-looking 1,Fashionable 1,Fast-talker 1,Fatalistic 1,Fidgety 1,Flamboyant 1,Flea-infested 1,Flirtatious 1,Foppish 1,Forbidding 1,Forgetful 1,Foul-mouthed 1,Free-spirited 1,Friendly 1,Frightened 1,Frowning 1,Frustrated 1,Garrulous 1,Generous 1,Gentle 1,Giggly 1,Glaring 1,Glum 1,Gluttonous 1,Gnarled 1,Gossipy 1,Graceful 1,Grateful 1,Greedy 1,Grim 1,Grubby 1,Gruff 1,Guarded 1,Guilt-ridden 1,Gullible 1,Happy 1,Hard-hearted 1,Hard-nosed 1,Hardworking 1,Hates children 1,Haughty 1,Haunted 1,Heartbroken 1,Hedonistic 1,Helpful 1,Hero-worshiping 1,Hollow-eyed 1,Homesick 1,Hopeful 1,Hospitable 1,Hostile 1,Hot-tempered 1,Humble 1,Humorless 1,Husky 1,Hypochondriac 1,Inquisitive 1,Jaded 1,Jealous 1,Jumpy 1,Kind 1,Klutzy 1,Laconic 1,Lecherous 1,Likes children 1,Likes crowds 1,Limp 1,Lisping 1,Lively 1,Lonely 1,Looks drowsy 1,Loud 1,Lovesick 1,Low-voiced 1,Lusty 1,Machiavellian 1,Melancholy 1,Near-sighted 1,Nervous 1,Nostalgic 1,Nosy 1,Pack-rat 1,Patriotic 1,Patronizing 1,Pennypincher 1,Pessimistic 1,Pious 1,Poker-faced 1,Polite 1,Pouty 1,Probably crazy 1,Quiet 1,Rude 1,Salty 1,Shallow 1,Shifty 1,Shivering 1,Silent 1,Sing-song 1,Sloucher 1,Smiling 1,Smirking 1,Sneezes constantly 1,Solemn 1,Superstitious 1,Suspicious of everything 1,Uncomfortable around men 1,Uncomfortable around women 1,Well-bred