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Some tables from the fantastic book METAMORPHICA by Red Box Vancouver.

<sgdisplay iterations="1"> Totally Random Mutation

Body: Form

Body: Functions

Mind: Behaviors

Mind: Cognition

Psychic Powers

Beneficial Physical Mutation

Beneficial Mental Mutation

Detrimental Physical Mutation

Demonic Phenomena


Super Power




1,[bodyform] 1,[bodyfunctions] 1,[mindbehaviors] 1,[mindcognition] 1,[psychicpowers] 1,[supernaturalattributes]


1,Albino 1,Feathers 1,Alternate Locomotion 1,Fin 1,Amorphous 1,Flaking Skin 1,Animal Feet: [creatures] 1,Flippers 1,Antennae 1,Fur 1,Anthropomorphic Animal: [creatures] 1,Fused Ribs 1,Armour 1,Gliding Membranes 1,Atrophied or Malformed Part 1,Hairless 1,Attractive 1,Headless 1,Backwards Parts 1,Hemihypertrophy 1,Beak 1,Hooks 1,Bestial Face: [creatures] 1,Hopper 1,Birthmark 1,Horns 1,Body Barbs 1,Huge Beard 1,Boils and Sores 1,Huge Head 1,Bristles 1,Hideous Appearance 1,Bulging Eyes 1,Hump 1,Cat’s Eyes 1,Hunchback 1,Changing Colours: [color] 1,Internal Weapon 1,Cilia 1,Large Ears 1,Claws 1,Large Rear End 1,Clothes 1,Large Size 1,Clubfoot 1,Leaves 1,Complex Mouthparts 1,Limb Loss 1,Covered in Orifices 1,Limb Transference 1,Crest 1,Long Face 1,Crown 1,Long Legs 1,Diffused Organs 1,Long Neck 1,Doppelgänger 1,Long Nose 1,Double Mouth 1,Long Tongue 1,Enormously Fat 1,Loose Skin 1,Exotic Genitalia 1,Mane 1,Extra Eyes 1,Mostly Hairless 1,Extra Fingers and Toes 1,Multiple Arms 1,Extra Joints 1,Multiple Heads 1,Extra Orifices 1,Multiple Legs 1,Extremely Thin 1,No Ears 1,Eyestalks 1,No Eyes 1,Fangs 1,No Nose 1,No Skin 1,Strange Interior Organs 1,Oddly Shaped Tongue 1,Strange Texture 1,One Eye 1,Strangely Coloured Eyes: [color] 1,Overgrown Body Part 1,Strangely Coloured Hair: [color] 1,Patterned Skin 1,Strangely Coloured Skin: [color] 1,Physically Immature 1,Stubby Digits 1,Pinhead 1,Sympathetic Biomorphism 1,Pointed Head 1,Tail 1,Pouch 1,Taller 1,Protective Eyelids 1,Tentacles 1,Puny 1,Tongueless 1,Quills, Spines, or Thorns 1,Toothed Skin 1,Radula 1,Transparent Eyelids 1,Re Arranged Face 1,Trunk 1,Redundant Vital Organs 1,Tumours 1,Reverse Pedalism 1,Twisted Frame 1,Scales 1,Vestigial Wings 1,Scars 1,Walking Head 1,Short Legs 1,Warty Skin 1,Siamese Twin 1,Weapon Hands 1,Skull Face 1,Webbed Digits 1,Small Size 1,Whiskers 1,Snout 1,Wide 1,Stomach Orifice 1,Wings 1,Strange Ears 1,Wrinkled Skin


1, Adhesive Touch 1,Cocoon 1,Allergies 1,Cold Blooded 1,Ambidextrous 1,Colour Blind 1,Anaerobic 1,Cracking Joints 1,Aquatic Adaptation 1,Deaf 1,Bad Breath 1,Decreased Metabolism 1,Bioluminescent: [color] 1,Decreased Physical Capability 1,Blind 1,Defensive Barbs 1,Blood Substitution 1,Diabetes 1,Buoyancy 1,Disease Carrier 1,Chameleoline Skin 1,Double Jointed 1,Chronic Pain 1,Early Maturation 1,Efficient Digestion 1,Ink 1,Electrical Generation 1,Kidney Stones 1,Electromagnetic Disruption 1,Light Dependency 1,Enhanced Musculature 1,Light Generation 1,Enlarging Mouth 1,Light Sensitivity 1,Excretion 1,Long Life 1,Explosive Death 1,Low Pain Threshold 1,Extensible Limbs 1,Low Sex Drive 1,Fast Hair Growth 1,Malformed Mouth 1,Fragrant 1,Malleable Body 1,Frog Tongue 1,Malleable Features 1,Fruit 1,Microscopic Vision 1,G Tolerance 1,Mute 1,Gas Bag 1,Myopia 1,Gas Emission 1,Nerve Cut Off 1,Gills and Lungs 1,No Pain Receptors 1,Hangover Resistance 1,No Sense of Smell or Taste 1,Heightened Hearing 1,No Sense of Touch 1,Heightened Sense of Smell and Taste 1,Oversexed 1,Heightened Sense of Touch 1,Paraplegic 1,Hemophilia 1,Parasite Infestation 1,Hermaphrodite 1,Parthenogenesis 1,Hermaphromorph 1,Performance Enhancement 1,High Body Temperature 1,Permeable Skin 1,High Pain Threshold 1,Pheromones 1,Hollow Bones 1,Photosynthetic 1,Horrible Stench 1,Poison Glands 1,Hyperadrenal Gland 1,Poison Susceptibility 1,Hyperopia 1,Poor Respiration 1,Immune to Disease 1,Pouched Cheeks 1,Immune to Poison 1,Powerful Jaws 1,Increased Appendix Size 1,Powerful Legs 1,Increased Heart and Lung Size 1,Prehensile Feet 1,Increased Metabolism 1,Prehensile Hair 1,Increased Physical Capability 1,Premature Aging 1,Increased Susceptibility to Illness 1,Prey Scent 1,Independently Focusable Eyes 1,Protected Senses 1,Infected 1,Pseudopods 1,Infertile 1,Quadriplegic 1,Inflation 1,Radar 1,Infravision 1,Reflective Skin 1,Regeneration 1,Structural Weakness 1,Respiratory Filters 1,Suckers 1,Roots and Vines 1,Telescopic Vision 1,Rotating Body Part 1,Temperature Resistance 1,Rotting Flesh 1,Temperature Sensitivity 1,Rubber Bones 1,Thin Skin 1,Rubbery Skin 1,Total Healing 1,Saliva Substitution 1,Toxic 1,Salt Drinker 1,Toxin Resistance 1,Sanitized Metabolism 1,Trail of Slime 1,Shapechanger: [creatures] 1,Tremor Sense 1,Shedding 1,Tunnel Vision 1,Short Life 1,Ultravision 1,Silent Movement 1,Uncontrollable Flatulence 1,Silk Production 1,Venomous Bite 1,Slow Healer 1,Ventriloquist 1,Sonar 1,Vents 1,Sonic Blast 1,Voluminous Lungs 1,Sound Mimicry 1,Vomits at Will 1,Spinning 1,Water Dependency 1,Spore Cloud 1,Water Soluble Skin 1,Sprint 1,Weak Spot 1,Stiff Joints 1,Wet Skin 1,Strong Skeleton 1,Wounding Genitals


1, Addicted 1,Controlled by Stars 1,Addictive Personality 1,Daylight Stasis 1,Always Afraid 1,Deep Sleeper 1,Anxious 1,Degenerate Gambler 1,Berserker 1,Dependency 1,Blood Rage 1,Depression 1,Breakdowns 1,Drone 1,Burrower 1,Drone Producer 1,Carnivore 1,Eating Disorder 1,Code of Honour 1,Egg Layer 1,Compulsive Behaviour 1,Excessive Sleeper 1,Compulsive Liar 1,External Digestion 1,Contrarian Faith 1,Fear of Sacred Objects 1,Omnivore 1,Fits and Seizures 1,Outbursts 1,Glossolalia 1,Pacifist 1,Hallucinations 1,Paranoia 1,Headaches 1,Periodic Amnesia 1,Herbivore Phobia 1,Hibernating 1,Physical Coward 1,Highly Social 1,Pyromania 1,Hoarder 1,Restricted Diet 1,Honest 1,Sadism 1,Hunting Instinct 1,Schizophrenia 1,Hypochondria 1,Sexual Fetish 1,Hysterical Injury 1,Sexual Neurosis 1,Irrational Hatred 1,Sexual Prowess 1,Kleptomania 1,Short Fuse 1,Largesse 1,Shuddering 1,Manic 1,Shy 1,Manic Depressive 1,Silly Voice 1,Masochism 1,Silly Walk 1,Mental Block 1,Sleepwalking 1,Migratory 1,Slovenly 1,Motherliness 1,Sociopathic 1,Multi Stage Lifespan 1,Strange Sound 1,Multiple Personalities 1,Stuttering 1,Narcolepsy 1,Territorial Nightmares 1,Tidy 1,Nocturnal 1,Transgendered 1,Obsessive 1,Vengeful


1,Animal Friendship 1,Dual Attention 1,Anticipation 1,Dual Brain 1,Attention Deficit Disorder 1,Dyslexia 1,Autobiographical Memory 1,Earthquake Prediction 1,Body Sense 1,Editorial Evaluation 1,Computer Brain 1,Eidetic Memory 1,Cultural Flexibility 1,Emotionless 1,Decreased Mental Capability 1,Enhance Mutations 1,Directional Sense 1,Enhanced Nervous System 1,Dreamless 1,Enhanced Senses 1,Genetic Memory 1,No Visual Memory 1,Heightened Olfactory Memory 1,Quick Learner 1,Hive Mind 1,Radio Communication 1,Increased Brain Size 1,Romantic Rapport 1,Increased Mental Capability 1,Sense Interference 1,Insomnia 1,Social Perception 1,Intuition 1,Socially Inept 1,Linguistic Aptitude 1,Spatial Perception 1,Linguistic Mimic 1,Speed Reader 1,Lucid Dreaming 1,Time Sense 1,Mechanical Intuition 1,Transfer Memories 1,Mindless 1,Weather Sense 1,Natural Leader


1,Animal Control 1,Healing 1,AntiCharisma 1,Heat Drain 1,Attack Reversal 1,Hostility Field 1,Aura Reading 1,Hypnotic 1,Block Senses 1,Illusionist 1,Cause Fear 1,Illusory Surroundings 1,Cause Insanity 1,Implant Memories 1,Cause Pain 1,Inhibiting Field 1,Charm 1,Levitation 1,Clairaudience 1,Life Leech 1,Clairvoyance 1,Light Manipulation 1,Commanding Voice 1,Magnetic Control 1,Confuse 1,Mass Mind 1,Create Emotions 1,Mental Blast 1,Cryokinesis 1,Mental Suggestion 1,Death Field Generation 1,Mind Attack 1,Ectoplasmic Hands 1,Pain Broadcast 1,Emotional Projection 1,Precognition 1,Enter Mind 1,Psychic Broadcast 1,Erase Memories 1,Psychic Cultural Adaptation 1,Familiarity 1,Psychic Detection 1,Fire in the Head 1,Psychic Empathy 1,Firewalker 1,Psychic Invisibility 1,Heal Brain 1,Psychic Mirror 1,Psychic Vampire 1,Symbiotic Control 1,Psychoanalyze 1,Telekinesis 1,Psychometry 1,Telekinetic Flight 1,Send Dreams 1,Telepathy 1,Sixth Sense 1,Teleport 1,Stunning Blast 1,Teleport Object 1,Summon 1,Time Distortion


1,Ability Transfer 1,Charred Body 1,Absorb Inanimate Properties 1,Compulsive Counting 1,Absorb Mental Properties 1,Computer Link 1,Addictive Smoke 1,Conjuration 1,Air Swimmer 1,Control Clocks 1,Alteration Ray 1,Control Crowds 1,Alternate Inorganic Form 1,Control Earth 1,Animal Shapechange 1,Control Light 1,Animate Objects 1,Control Liquid 1,Animated Skin 1,Control Machines 1,Animated Tattoos 1,Control Plants 1,Arcane Knowledge 1,Control Reputation 1,Arcane Tracking 1,Corpse Psychometry 1,Armoured Skin 1,Cosmic Awareness 1,Astral Projection 1,Create Darkness 1,Aura of Disgust 1,Create Gas 1,Aura of Fear 1,Crossbreed: [creatures] 1,Aura of Light: [color] 1,Crystalline Body: [color] 1,Become TwoDimensional 1,Danger Teleport 1,Bend Light 1,Darksight 1,BioTech Assimilation 1,Demonic Appearance 1,Blurry 1,Demonic Phenomena 1,Book 1,Demonologist 1,BookViewing 1,Density Control 1,Brain Washer 1,Devolver 1,Breath Weapon 1,Dimensional/Temporal Instability 1,Burning Body 1,Dissent Parasite 1,Burning Inside 1,Divine Avatar 1,Cannot Cross Running Water 1,Divisional Body Segments 1,Cause Sleep 1,Duplication 1,Eat Anything 1,Infinite Endurance 1,Elasticity 1,Inspiring Aura 1,Electrical Travel 1,Intangibility 1,Elemental Body 1,Invincible Buddha 1,Energy Absorption 1,Invisibility 1,Energy Blast 1,Invulnerable 1,Energy Negation Field 1,Invulnerable to Weapons 1,Energy Redirection 1,Iron Teeth and Nails 1,Energy Sensitivity 1,Kinetic Absorption 1,Entropic Precision 1,Liquid Form 1,Ethereal Projection 1,Magic Resistance 1,Evil Eye 1,Magical Affinity 1,Exorcist 1,Magnetic 1,Explode Objects 1,Manikin 1,Eye Scrying 1,Manipulate Gravity 1,Face of a Demon 1,Material Transparency 1,Face of a DemonGod 1,Mechanoid 1,False Body 1,Mercreature 1,Featureless Face 1,Metal Skin 1,Flaming Skull Face 1,Mind Cannibal 1,Flammable Skin 1,Molecular Disruption 1,Fleshcrafter 1,Molecular Sense 1,Force Field 1,Multiplication 1,Fortune Teller 1,Mutant Detection 1,Freezing Body 1,Mystical Third Eye 1,Gaseous Form 1,Nightmare Portal 1,Ghost Talker 1,No Reflection 1,Glittering 1,No Shadow 1,Glow: [color] 1,Object Bound 1,Halo: [color] 1,Object Mimic 1,Heal Others 1,Patronage 1,Historical Viewing 1,Perfect Regeneration 1,Homunculus 1,Petrifying Gaze 1,Illusion Generation 1,Physical Mimic 1,Illusory Features 1,Planar Travel 1,Immortal 1,Possession 1,Immune to Cold 1,Power Duplication 1,Immune to Energy 1,Power Source 1,Immune to Heat 1,Power Theft 1,Immune to Illusions 1,Pyrokinesis 1,Incorporated Objects 1,Radioactive 1,Removable Eyes 1,Susceptible to Possession 1,Repulsed by Food 1,Symbol Bondage 1,Sacred Aura 1,Taboo 1,Saturated with Magical Energy 1,Telepathic Communication 1,Secret Communication 1,Telltale: [telltale] 1,Seep 1,Tomb Bondage 1,Sense Evil 1,Total Chameleon 1,Sense Fear 1,Totem Animal: [creatures] 1, Sense Good 1,Trackless 1,Sense Lies 1,Transform Material 1,Sensitive to Metal 1,Transformation 1,Sensitive to Sunlight 1,Translucent 1,Shadow Walk 1,Transmute Matter 1,Skinwalker 1,Transparent Flesh 1,Speak with Animals 1,Tunnelling 1,Spell Ability 1,Unbound 1,Spirit Enmity 1,Undead 1,Spirit Medium 1,Unwilling Medium 1,Stable Balance 1,Vampiric 1,Stigmata 1,Walk on Water 1,Superhuman Charisma 1,War Sense 1,Superhuman Intellect 1,Weakness 1,Superhuman Perception 1,Weather Manipulation 1,Superhuman Reflexes 1,Werecreature 1,Superhuman Speed 1,XRay 1,Vision 1,Superhuman Strength 1,Zombie Master 1,Superhuman Toughness 1,Zone of Silence


1,Animals cry out in fear when the mutant speaks. 1,Animals hate the mutant during the day, and fear it at night. 1,Anyone the mutant kills becomes undead and seeks revenge. 1,Anyone the mutant touches becomes magnetized. 1,Birds near the mutant speak its thoughts. 1,Blades becomes dull when the mutant touches them. 1,Children become fascinated by the mutant. 1,Children do not believe the mutant is real. 1,Dust the mutant touches glows. 1,Fires extinguish at the mutant’s touch. 1,Glass and metal vibrate and whine when the mutant speaks. 1,Glass breaks when the mutant speaks in anger. 1,Hard, solid objects become warped when the mutant laughs. 1,Inanimate objects move away from the mutant of their own accord. 1,Inhuman features push through the mutant’s skin when it is angry. 1,It is always darker around the mutant than anywhere else. 1,Liquids evaporate at the mutant’s touch. 1,Machines break when the mutant touches them. 1,Metal tarnishes when the mutant touches it (any metal). 1,Movies talk to and become interactive with the mutant. 1,Objects age when the mutant touches them. 1,Objects will occasionally bleed after the mutant has touched them. 1,Omens of the mutant’s intention manifest before its arrival. 1,Parts of the mutant turn to glass or metal when removed (hair, nails, etc). 1,People who don’t believe the mutant exists cannot see it. 1,Plants grow wherever the mutant stands. 1,Plants move and try to grab the mutant. 1,Plants touched by the mutant become poisonous. 1,Plants wither when the mutant touches them (including food). 1,Printed words the mutant reads become scrambled and unreadable. 1,Rain burns the mutant. 1,Rooms become dark when the mutant leaves them. 1,Serpents take comfort in the mutant’s presence and touch. 1,Soft objects jiggle and vibrate when the mutant speaks. 1,Sunlight burns the mutant. 1,The mutant appears ugly or repulsive in direct sunlight. 1,The mutant becomes freezing cold when displeased. 1,The mutant coughs up small creatures. 1,The mutant coughs up strange, inanimate objects. 1,The mutant cries blood when it is sad. 1,The mutant dies if it touches unicorn semen. 1,The mutant does not show up on film or digital recordings. 1,The mutant eats massive amounts of food, as well as inedible objects. 1,The mutant experiences pain as pleasure, but only at night. 1,The mutant growls like an animal when emotional. 1,The mutant has additional limbs in the dark. 1,The mutant has an extra nipple, a “witch’s tit.” 1,The mutant has horns, hooves, and a tail when struck. 1,The mutant is crowned by a halo of (real) fire when angry. 1,The mutant is often mistaken for a dead relative. 1,The mutant is often mistaken for someone else. 1,The mutant leaves monstrous or animal footprints in its wake. 1,The mutant looks completely normal when more than one other can see it. 1,The mutant looks like a child when not in the presence of magic. 1,The mutant looks monstrous under black light. 1,The mutant looks monstrous when using supernatural abilities. 1,The mutant never actually touches the ground. 1,The mutant sheds its skin like a snake. 1,The mutant smells like death. 1,The mutant speaks with two voices at once. 1,The mutant turns to stone in sunlight (effect is temporary). 1,The mutant winces in pain when it hears its own name. 1,The mutant’s blood glows. 1,The mutant’s blood turns to swarming insects when it hits the ground. 1,The mutant’s breathe covers things in frost. 1,The mutant’s eyes become animal eyes at night. 1,The mutant’s eyes glitter like jewels. 1,The mutant’s eyes glow when it becomes emotional. 1,The mutant’s footprints blight and ruin bare earth and crack stone. 1,The mutant’s footprints form letters and words. 1,The mutant’s hair and clothes are disturbed and tousled by a wind that exists for no one else. 1,The mutant’s hair becomes thrashing serpents when angry. 1,The mutant’s hands become claws when it commits violence. 1,The mutant’s heartbeat can be heard faintly by everyone in sight. 1,The mutant’s nose grows when it lies. 1,The mutant’s reflection breaks and cracks mirrors and reflective metal. 1,The mutant’s reflection etches itself in mirrors and reflective metal. 1,The mutant’s shadow leaves a film of dust on whatever it lingers on. 1,The mutant’s shadow leaves traces of blood wherever it lingers. 1,The mutant’s shadow is a different shape (animal, monster, etc). 1,The mutant’s shadow, when cast by sunlight, burns itself into surfaces. 1,The mutant’s skin feels strange but looks completely normal. 1,The mutant’s tongue is discoloured. 1,The mutant’s touch causes orgasms. 1,The mutant’s touch causes pain. 1,The mutant’s touch causes pregnancy in females. 1,The mutant’s touch causes rashes. 1,The mutant’s touch robs inanimate objects of their beauty. 1,The mutant’s touch stains the skin of nonmagical creatures. 1,The mutant’s touch warps glass and metal. 1,The mutant’s touch warps stone and wood. 1,The mutant’s voice cuts through all other sound. 1,The mutant’s voice echoes and reverberates whenever it speaks. 1,The mutant’s voice is totally inappropriate, considering its appearance. 1,The mutant’s words become fire when it is angry. 1,The sound of the tide coming in can be heard whenever the mutant arrives. 1,Thunder can be heard whenever the mutant is hit or struck. 1,Water turns to dust at the mutant’s touch. 1,Whatever the mutant says carves itself in nearby objects. 1,Whatever the mutant touches changes colour.


1,A ghostly radiance glimmers from the exposed flesh of others. 1,A highpitched note. 1,A light rain falls, even indoors. 1,A monstrous dog is seen on the other side of doorways and windows. 1,A sickly sweet smell. 1,Animals are disturbed and hostile. 1,Animals give birth to stillborn young. 1,Animals kill their young, and sometimes each other. 1,Animals speak in tongues. 1,Art and drawings move and change. 1,Artificial lighting causes sunburns. 1,Bile and blood fill the mouths of others. 1,Birds (and other animals) sing backwards. 1,Birds fly backwards. 1,Blades leap out and cut people near them, on occasion, especially when held. 1,Blood drips down the walls. 1,Boxes, containers, doors, and windows open on their own, even if locked. 1,Buildings fall into disrepair and ruin. 1,Buttons and clasps fall off clothes, belts become unbuckled. 1,Candles snuff out and fires die. 1,Children cry and become sick. 1,Clocks and watches cease to mark time. 1,Clocks and watches run backwards. 1,Clouds of locusts. Colours change their hues. 1,Complex mathematical formulas appear on walls, and are correct. 1,Complex mathematical formulas appear on walls, and contain subtle flaws. 1,Complex technology ceases to function. 1,Corpses rise and commit violent acts. 1,Dairy products spoil and become poisonous. 1,Day and night reverse when the mutant is inside (not when outside). 1, Dead children appear in distant doorways. 1,Dead people arrive, but do not speak. 1,Dead people call on nearby telephones. 1,Different eras of radio and television are broadcast over appropriate devices. 1,Dirt accumulates on others and cannot be cleaned off. 1,Distant screams, long and loud, but very far off. 1,Doors and windows slam shut by themselves. 1,Doors lock on their own. 1,Drugs lose all effects. 1,Earthquakes and tremors occur. 1,Eggs hatch with strange inanimate objects inside them. 1,Electronics malfunction loudly. 1,Every window seems like it has a ghostly figure behind it. 1,Fingers and hands get caught in doors. 1,Fires burn cold. 1,Fires burn in strange, vivid colours. 1,Fires rise and burn out of control. 1,Fires speak in whispered pleas. 1,Fish and/or lizards encased in blocks of ice can be found in remote corners. 1,Flies gather. 1,Fog. 1,Food and drink spoils. 1,Food bleeds, sometimes screams. 1,Food loses all nutritional value. 1,Four phenomena combined. 1,Furniture rearranges itself when no one is looking. 1,Ghostly music. 1,Ghosts can be heard voicing complaints. 1,Glass cracks in strange patterns. 1,Graffiti appears on random surfaces. 1,Gravity reverses itself at random, on occasion. 1,Holy symbols break. 1,Hot and cold sensations are reversed. 1,Houses the mutant stays inside become cluttered and disorganized. 1,Ice forms on the surfaces of water and other liquid. 1,Inanimate objects attack people at random, on occasion. 1,Insects encased in amber appear on desks and tabletops. 1,Insects and vermin gather. 1,Large objects move on their own. 1,Lightning strikes randomly, but never strikes the mutant. 1,Lights become brighter and tinted a certain colour ([color]) 1,Lights dim and gloom spreads. supernatural attributes 1,Lights flash in the sky. 1,Liquid falls upwards and pools on the ceiling. 1,Liquids become alcoholic. 1,Liquids taste dry and no longer quench thirst, no matter how much is drunk. 1,Liquids taste like blood. 1,Magical symbols appear as welts or scratches on exposed flesh. 1,Magical symbols draw themselves on random surfaces. 1,Metal rusts and wood rots. 1,Mirrors do not reflect people. 1,Mirrors reflect only murderers. 1,Mirrors reflect the past instead of the present. 1,Money becomes worthless (gold turns to lead, paper rots, etc). 1,Monitors display phantasmagorical scenes. 1,Nothing will burn in the mutant’s presence. 1,Objects fall from shelves. 1,Obscene drawings appear on canvas, paper, and other such materials. 1,Old people and children start coughing and have trouble breathing. 1,Old people suffer heart attacks and strokes. 1,Others become aroused and desire sexual gratification. 1,Others feel ghostly hands sexually harassing them. 1,Others feel nauseous. 1,Others feel random stabs of pain. 1,Others feel their skin crawling. 1,Others get nosebleeds. 1,Others have nightmares. 1,Others have the feeling they are being watched. 1,Others see remote glimpses of people they know. 1,Others shiver and tremble. 1,Others slowly appear more and more diseased. 1,Others suffer stigmata. 1,Others weep incessantly. 1,Paint and wallpaper peels off. 1,People trip in doorways and on stairs when not paying strict attention. 1,Peripheral hallucinations afflict others. 1,Pictures and wall hangings tilt and become crooked. 1,Plants grow quickly into twisted forms. 1,Plants wither and die. 1,Prayers and declarations of love cannot be spoken. 1,Prayers cause poltergeistlike effects and disturbances. 1,Puddles of blood form on floors. 1,Puddles of slippery, flammable oil form on floors. 1,Radio and television broadcasts become scrambled. 1,Random distant scenes can be seen on reflective surfaces. 1,Recordings play backwards and reveal hidden messages. 1,Scratches appear on doors, furniture, and walls. 1,Scuttling sounds. 1,Seeds sprout thorny, twisted plants that grow incredibly fast. 1,Shadows behave differently than those who cast them. 1,Shadows flicker and distort. 1,Silhouettes of strange figures stalk the walls. 1,Small bones and gruesome trinkets appear in the pockets of others. 1,Small crystals grow on others’ skin. 1,Small inanimate objects float away on occasion. 1,Small primitive organisms crawl out of cracks in walls. 1,Small objects move on their own. 1,Smoke. 1,Snatches of sound without connection to each other or anything else. 1,Sparks arc across metal. 1,Speakers and monitors broadcast what others see and hear. 1,Spilled blood soaks into the ground or whatever else it touches. 1,Statues fall over, pain in their expressions. 1,Strange moons and stars can be seen in the sky, even during the day. 1,Strong emotions cannot be described or expressed in words. 1,Swirling winds full of sand. 1,Temperatures fall. 1,Temperatures fluctuate from one extreme to another. 1,Temperatures rise. 1,The hair and nails of others grow faster. 1,The skin of others flakes and peels. 1,The smell of blood. 1,The smell of burning flesh. 1,The smell of burnt paper and hot metal. 1,The smell of feces and urine. 1,The smell of ozone. 1,The smell of rotting meat. 1,The smell of sulphur. 1,The sound of a child singing eerily. 1,The sound of flies. 1,The sound of movement, knocking and glass breaking. 1,The sounds of torture. 1,The sun moves backwards in the sky. 1,The taste of ashes in the mouths of others. 1,The weakwilled and depressed commit suicide. 1,Things break much easier. 1,Three phenomena combined. 1,Thunder and lightning, only outside. 1,Time appears to move backwards for objects and strangers. 1,Time appears to move backwards on the other side of windows. 1,Two phenomena combined. 1,Vehicles break down, crash, or spin out of control. 1,Vermin die. 1,Water drips constantly, from faucets or anything else. 1,Water heats and boils. 1,Wax melts into strange shapes. 1,Whispering voices can be heard, but never found. 1,Wind and storms. 1,Writing disappears. 1,Writing is corrupted and rearranges itself. 1,Writing switches to a different language


1,Abdomen 1,Left foot 1,Right arm 1,Abdomen and legs 1,Left hand 1,Right ear 1,Back/spine 1,Left leg 1,Right eye 1,Buttocks 1,Mouth 1,Right foot 1,Chest 1,Nose or snout 1,Right hand 1,Face 1,Pair of arms 1,Right leg 1,Genitals 1,Pair of ears 1,Shoulders 1,Head 1,Pair of eyes 1,Tail 1,Left arm 1,Pair of feet 1, Torso and arms 1,Left ear 1,Pair of hands 1,Torso and head 1,Left eye 1,Pair of legs 1,Torso, head, and both/all arms


1,Black 1,Pink 1,Dolm 1,Blue 1,Purple 1,Jale 1,Brown 1,Red 1,Octarine 1,Cyan or turquoise 1,Violet 1,Sparkly colour 1,Green 1,White 1,Ulfire 1,Orange 1,Yellow


1,[amphibiansandreptiles] 1,[otheranimals] 1,[aquaticanimals] 1,[plants] 1,[birds] 1,[fantasticcreatures] 1,[mammals] 1,[fantasticpeople]


1, Adder 1,Draco lizard 1,Agamid or dragon lizard 1,Fanthroated lizard 1,Alligator 1,Firebellied toad 1,Allosaurus 1,Frilled lizard 1,Alpine salamander 1,Frog 1,Ankylosaurus 1,Gecko 1,Axolotl or mole salamander 1,Gila monster 1,Bearded dragon 1,Glass frog 1,Blind snake 1,Glass lizard or glass snake 1,Boa constrictor 1,Greaved lizard 1,Brachiosaurus 1,Green frog or green toad 1,Brontosaurus 1,Hairy frog 1,Bullfrog 1,Iguanodon 1,Caiman 1,Komodo dragon 1,Chameleon 1,Lizard 1,Chuckwalla or iguana 1,Marine iguana 1,Coast horned lizard 1,Megalosaurus 1,Cobra 1,Monitor lizard 1,Collared lizard 1,Mudskipper 1,Common basilisk or Jesus lizard 1,Newt 1,Common toad 1,Oriental garden lizard 1,Coral snake or milk snake 1,Pachycephalosaurus 1,Crocodile 1,Plated lizard 1,Desert horned lizard 1,Pliosaurus 1,Dimetrodon 1,Poison dart frog 1,Dinosaur 1,Psychoactive toad 1,Diplodocus 1,Pterodactyl 1,Python 1,Terrapin 1,Rattlesnake 1,Thorny devil 1,Rhinoceros iguana 1,Toad 1,Roughskinned newt 1,Tortoise or turtle 1,Sailfin lizard 1,Tree frog 1,Salamander 1,Triceratops 1,Salamandrid 1,True toad 1,Skink 1,Tuatara 1,Snake 1,Tyrannosaurus Rex 1,Snapping turtle 1,Velociraptor 1,Stegosaurus 1,Viper 1,Tegu 1,Water dragon


1,Algae 1,Fathead 1,Amphipod 1,Fish 1,Angelfish or clownfish 1,Flatworm 1,Aquatic worm 1,Flying fish 1,Armoured snail 1,Hagfish 1,Arrow worm 1,Hatchet fish 1,Barnacle 1,Horseshoe crab 1,Barracuda 1,Ichthyosaurus 1,Barreleye fish 1,Isopod 1,Beluga whale 1,Jellyfish 1,Blowfish 1,Killer whale 1,Carp 1,Kiwa or yeti crab 1,Catfish 1,Koi 1,Clam, mussel, or oyster 1,Lamprey 1,Cnidarian 1,Leafy seadragon 1,Comb jelly 1,Leech 1,Copepod 1,Lionfish 1,Coral 1,Lungfish or walking catfish 1,Crab 1,Marine dinosaur 1,Crayfish or lobster 1,Mollusc 1,Cuttlefish 1,Monkfish 1,Diving beetle 1,Napoleon wrasse 1,Dolphin or porpoise 1,Narwhal 1,Doublespine urchin 1,Nautilus 1,Eel 1,Nudibranch 1,Octopus 1,Sea urchin 1,Otter 1,Seahorse 1,Parrotfish 1,Seal 1,Piranha 1,Seamoth 1,Polychaete worm 1,Shark 1,Prawn or shrimp 1,Shellfish 1,Psychedelic frogfish 1,Snailfish 1,Ray 1,Sponge 1,Remora 1,Squid 1,Salmon or trout 1,Squidworm 1,Sardine 1,Starfish 1,Sea anemone 1,Stone fish 1,Sea cucumber 1,Sturgeon 1,Sea lion 1,Swordfish 1,Sea nettle 1,Trilobite 1,Sea slug 1,Turbot 1,Sea snake 1,Walrus 1,Sea spider 1,Whale 1,Sea turtle 1,Zebrafish


1,Albatross 1,Emu 1,Anthropornis 1,Falcon 1,Apteryx or kiwi 1,Finch 1,Archaeopteryx 1,Flamingo 1,Beeeater 1,Goose 1,Blackbird 1,Goshawk 1,Budgie or parakeet 1,Grouse 1,Buzzard 1,Hawk 1,Cardinal 1,Heron 1,Chicken or rooster 1,Hummingbird 1,Condor 1,Ibis 1,Cormorant 1,Jay 1,Crane 1,Kea 1,Crow 1,Kestrel 1,Cuckoo 1,Kingfisher 1,Dodo 1,Loon 1,Dove 1,Macaw 1,Duck 1,Magpie 1,Eagle 1,Maleo 1,Oriole 1,Seagull 1,Osprey 1,Shrike 1,Ostrich or roadrunner 1,Sparrow 1,Owl 1,Sparrowhawk 1,Parrot 1,Spoonbill 1,Partridge 1,Starling 1,Peacock 1,Stork 1,Pelican or spoonbill 1,Swallow 1,Penguin 1,Swan 1,Pheasant or quail 1,Thrush 1,Pigeon 1,Toucan 1,Puffin 1,Turkey 1,Quetzal 1,Vulture 1,Raven 1,Wildfowl 1,Robin 1,Woodpecker 1,Rook 1,Wren


1, Almi’raj 1,Elemental animal 1,Amphisbaena 1,Eye Fucker 1,Androsphynx/Gynosphynx 1,Fafnir 1,Bakeneko 1,Feathered serpent 1,Basilisk 1,Fenrir 1,Behemoth 1,Flying polyp 1,Bhole/Dhole 1,Gargoyle 1,Brown Jenkin 1,Ghast 1,Bugbear 1,Giant animal: [creatures] 1,Bunyip 1,Griffin 1,Cat from Saturn 1,Gug 1,Catoblepas 1,Helhest 1,Cerberus 1,Hellhound 1,Chimera 1,Hippalectryon 1,Cockatrice 1,Hippocamp 1,Dahu or wild haggis 1,Hippogriff 1,Direwolf 1,Hoop snake or ouroboros 1,Dragon 1,Hound of Tindalos 1,Drop bear 1,Humanheaded 1,Hunting Horror 1,Phoenix 1,Hydra 1,Prismatic cloud 1,Jackalope 1,Roc 1,Jaculus 1,Roll two creatures and combine them: [creatures] AND [creatures] 1,Kelpie 1,Salamander 1,Kirin 1,Shoggoth 1,Kobold 1,Simurgh 1,Kraken 1,Skvader or wolpertinger 1,Lamassu or shedu 1,Sleipnir 1,Leviathan 1,Splintercat 1,Manticore 1,Tarasque 1,Nightmare 1,Thunderbird 1,Oneirovorous moth 1,Undead [creatures] 1,Ophiotaurus 1,Unicorn 1,Orb of light 1,Wyrm 1,Orthrus 1,Wyvern 1,Pegasus 1,Yeti 1,Peryton 1,Zoog


1,Angel 1,Enchanter/Enchantress 1,Banshee 1,Erinys, fury, or nemesis 1,Beastman 1,Fairy 1,Cactoid 1,Faun or satyr 1,Centaur 1,Flesh golem or revenant 1,Chaos champion 1,Gharhion 1,Creatureheaded human (roll on the other animals table) 1,Ghost, wraith, or spectre 1,Cyclops 1,Ghoul 1,Dark elf 1,Giant 1,Demigod 1,Gnoll 1,Demon or devil 1,Gnome 1,Djinn or efreet 1,Goblin 1,Doppelgänger 1,Golem 1,Dryad or nymph 1,Gorgon or medusa 1,Dwarf Green man 1,Elder thing or great race 1,Hag or witch 1,Elf 1,Halfling 1,Harpy 1,Plantheaded human (roll on the plants table) 1,Hero 1,Pulvi 1,Hobgoblin 1,Puppet 1,Homunculus 1,Pygmy 1,Icthyocentaur 1,Rakshasa 1,Incubus or succubus 1,Ratman 1,Kitsune 1,Roll twice on this table and combine them 1,Lamia 1,Saint or bodhisattva 1,Leprechaun 1,Sasquatch 1,Lich 1,Serpent person 1,Living shadow 1,Shereshi 1,Living statue 1,Sin eater 1,Lizardman 1,Siren 1,Maenad 1,Skeleton 1,Magician 1,Sorcerer/Sorceress 1,Merfolk 1,Sphinx 1,Minotaur 1,Sprite 1,Mummy 1,Tengu 1,Naga 1,Treeman 1,Nereid or undine 1,Troll 1,Nightgaunt 1,Valkyrie 1,Offidiyya 1,Vampire 1,Ogre 1,Wendigo 1,Orc 1,Were-[creatures] 1,Pagan god 1,Werewolf 1,Penanggalan 1,Wizard 1,Pixie 1,Zombie


1,Aardvark or anteater 1,Bat 1,Antelope 1,Bear 1,Ape or gorilla 1,Beaver 1,Armadillo or pangolin 1,Bison or buffalo 1,Auroch 1,Blackfooted cat 1,Baboon or chimpanzee 1,Boar 1,Badger 1,Bull/cow 1,Bandicoot 1,Camel 1,Caracal or lynx 1,Monkey 1,Cat 1,Moose 1,Cheetah 1,Mouse 1,Chinchilla 1,Mule 1,Chipmunk 1,Muskrat 1,Cougar, mountain lion, or puma 1,Naked mole rat 1,Coyote 1,Neanderthal 1,Deer 1,Opossum or possum 1,Dog 1,Orangutan 1,Donkey 1,Ox 1,Elephant 1,Pig 1,Elk 1,Platypus 1,Ferret 1,Pony 1,Fox 1,Prairie dog 1,Gazelle 1,Racoon 1,Giant panda 1,Rat 1,Giraffe 1,Red panda 1,Glyptodon 1,Rhinoceros 1,Goat 1,Sabretooth tiger or smilodon 1,Gopher 1,Sheep 1,Guinea pig or hamster 1,Skunk 1,Hare or rabbit 1,Sloth 1,Hedgehog or porcupine 1,Slow loris 1,Hippopotamus 1,Snow leopard 1,Horse 1,Squirrel 1,Human 1,Tamarin monkey 1,Hyena 1,Tapir 1,Ibex 1,Tenrec 1,Jackal 1,Tiger 1,Jaguar, leopard, or panther 1,Warthog 1,Jerboa 1,Water buffalo 1,Kangaroo or wallaby 1,Weasel 1,Koala 1,Wild cat 1,Lemur 1,Wildebeest 1,Lion 1,Wolf 1,Mammoth or mastodon 1,Wolverine 1,Marmoset 1,Wombat 1,Mink 1,Woolly rat 1,Mole or shrew 1,Yak 1,Mongoose 1,Zebra


1,Amoeba 1,Jumping spider 1,Ant 1,Lacewing 1,Aphid 1,Ladybird or ladybug 1,Bark beetle or leaf beetle 1,Leafhopper or planthopper 1,Bee or bumblebee Louse 1,Beekiller 1,Mantis 1,Beetle Mayfly 1,Bushcricket or katydid 1,Millipede 1,Butterfly 1,Mite 1,Butterworm or Chilean moth 1,Mosquito 1,Caddisfly 1,Moss piglet or water bear 1,Caterpillar 1,Moth 1,Cave spider 1,Punctate flower chafer 1,Centipede 1,Scarab 1,Cicada 1,Scorpion 1,Cockroach 1,Scorpionfly 1,Crane fly 1,Silkworm 1,Cricket 1,Slug 1,Darkling beetle 1,Snail 1,Dragonfly 1,Snakefly 1,Dung beetle or ground beetle 1,Spider 1,Earwig 1,Stag beetle 1,Firefly 1,Stick bug 1,Fire ant 1,Stonefly 1,Flatworm 1,Tadpole 1,Flea 1,Tarantula 1,Fluke or tapeworm 1,Termite 1,Fly 1,Thorn bug or treehopper 1,Froghopper or spittlebug 1,Tick 1,Fruitfly 1,Velvet worm 1,Grasshopper or locust 1,Waxworm or wax moth 1,Grub or maggot 1,Weevil 1,Hornet or wasp 1,Weta Hoverfly 1,Whip scorpion 1,Jewel beetle or jewel bug 1,Wolf spider 1,Jumping bristletail 1,Worm


1,Acacia 1,Corn/Maize or millet 1,Acanthus or water willow 1,Cotton or sedge 1,Aloe 1,Cypress, juniper, or redwood 1,Anise, fennel, or liquorice 1,Dahlia, daisy or sunflower 1,Apple tree 1,Damiana or passion flower 1,Asparagus 1,Dancing grass or mimosa 1,Ayahuasca or mimosa 1,Dandelion 1,Azalea or rhododendron 1,Dogbane 1,Bamboo 1,Dream herb or leaf of God 1,Baobab or dragon blood tree 1,Ebony or persimmon tree 1,Barley or sorghum 1,Eggplant or tomato vine 1,Basil or thyme 1,Flowering plant 1,Bean, legume, or pea 1,Flypaper trap or sundew 1,Berry or fruit plant 1,Foxtail 1,Birch, holly, or oak 1,Cucumber or zucchini 1,Bladderwort 1,Fungus 1,Blackthorn or coca 1,Garlic or onion 1,Boxthorn or nightshade 1,Goosefoot 1,Bramble or rose 1,Gourd, melon, or squash 1,Broccoli or cauliflower 1,Grape vine 1,Bush, fern, or shrub 1,Grass, herb, or weed 1,Cabbage or lettuce 1,Green algae 1,Cacao/Cocoa Ivy 1,Cactus Jasmine 1,Cane or reed Kava 1,Cannabis/Hemp 1,Kelp or seaweed 1,Carpet weed or ice plant 1,Khat or salvia 1,Carrion flower 1,Knotweed or smartweed 1,Carrot, parsnip, radish, or turnip 1,Laurel 1,Cedar or pine tree 1,Lavender, mint, or oregano 1,Celery, cilantro, or coriander 1,Lily 1,Chestnut, lychee, or maple tree 1,Lotus or poppy 1,Cholla or peyote 1,Magnolia or sweetbay 1,Cinchona 1,Mandrake 1,Citrus tree 1,Mold 1,Climbing plant or vine 1,Monkeypuzzle tree 1,Coffee shrub or tree 1,Morning glory 1,Conifer/Evergreen 1,Moss 1,Coralillo/Mescal bean 1,Mushroom or toadstool 1,Nettle or thistle 1,Pumpkin 1,Nutmeg tree 1,Rice 1,Oat, rye, or wheat 1,Root vegetable or tuber 1,Olive tree 1,Rubber tree 1,Onyanga or rose of Jericho 1,Succulent 1,Orchid 1,Sugarcane 1,Palm tree 1,Tea 1,Pepper vine 1,Terragon or wormwood. 1,Pitcher plant 1,Tree 1,Pomegranate tree 1,Vegetable 1,Potato or yam 1,Venus fly trap


1,Animal Control 1,Body Sense 1,Animal Friendship 1,Cause Fear 1,Anticipation 1,Cause Insanity 1,Attack Reversal 1,Cause Pain 1,Aura Reading 1,Charm 1,Autobiographical Memory 1,Clairaudience 1,Block Senses 1,Clairvoyance 1,Commanding Voice 1,Mechanical Intuition 1,Computer Brain 1,Mental Blast 1,Confuse 1,Mental Suggestion 1,Create Emotions 1,Natural Leader 1,Cryokinesis 1,Omnivore 1,Cultural Flexibility 1,Pain Broadcast 1,Death Field Generation 1,Precognition 1,Directional Sense 1,Psychic Cultural Adaptation 1,Drone Producer 1,Psychic Detection 1,Dual Attention 1,Psychic Empathy 1,Earthquake Prediction 1,Psychic Invisibility 1,Ectoplasmic Hands 1,Psychic Mirror 1,Editorial Evaluation 1,Psychoanalyze 1,Eidetic Memory 1,Psychometry 1,Enhanced Nervous System 1,Quick Learner 1,Enhanced Senses 1,Radio Communication 1,Enter Mind 1,Romantic Rapport 1,Erase Memories 1,Send Dreams 1,Familiarity 1,Sense Interference 1,Firewalker 1,Sexual Prowess 1,Genetic Memory 1,Sixth Sense 1,Heal Brain 1,Social Perception 1,Healing 1,Spatial Perception 1,Heightened Olfactory Memory 1,Speed Reader 1,Hunting Instinct 1,Stunning Blast 1,Hypnotic 1,Summon 1,Illusionist 1,Symbiotic Control 1,Illusory Surroundings 1,Telekinesis 1,Implant Memories 1,Telekinetic Flight 1,Increased Mental Capability 1,Telepathy 1,Intuition 1,Teleport 1,Largesse 1,Teleport Object 1,Levitation 1,Tidy 1,Light Manipulation 1,Time Distortion 1,Linguistic Aptitude 1,Time Sense 1,Linguistic Mimic 1,Transfer Memories 1,Magnetic Control 1,Ventriloquist 1,Mass Mind 1,Weather Sense


1,Adhesive Touch 1,Immune to Disease 1,Ambidextrous 1,Immune to Poison 1,Anaerobic 1,Increased Heart and Lung Size 1,Antennae 1,Increased Metabolism 1,Aquatic Adaptation 1,Increased Physical Capability 1,Armour 1,Independently Focusable Eyes 1,Attractive 1,Infravision 1,Bioluminescent: [color] 1,Ink 1,Body Barbs 1,Internal Weapon 1,Buoyancy 1,Large Ears 1,Chameleoline Skin 1,Light Generation: [color] 1,Claws 1,Long Life 1,Cocoon 1,Malleable Body 1,Diffused Organs 1,Malleable Features 1,Double Jointed 1,Microscopic Vision 1,Early Maturation 1,Nerve CutOff 1,Efficient Digestion 1,Parthenogenesis 1,Electrical Generation 1,Patterned Skin 1,Enhanced Musculature 1,Performance Enhancement 1,Enlarging Mouth 1,Permeable Skin 1,Excretion 1,Pheromones 1,Extensible Limbs 1,Poison Glands 1,Extra Eyes 1,Pouch 1,Fangs 1,Pouched Cheeks 1,Fragrant 1,Powerful Jaws 1,Frog Tongue 1,Powerful Legs 1,GTolerance 1,Prehensile Feet 1,Gas Bag 1,Prehensile Hair 1,Gas Emission 1,Protected Senses 1,Gills and Lungs 1,Protective Eyelids 1,Hangover Resistance 1,Quills, Spines, or Thorns 1,Heightened Hearing 1,Radar 1,Heightened Sense of Smell and Taste 1,Redundant Vital Organs 1,Heightened Sense of Touch 1,Reflective Skin 1,Hermaphromorph 1,Regeneration 1,High Pain Threshold 1,Respiratory Filters 1,Hump 1,Salt Drinker 1,Hyperadrenal Gland 1,Sanitized Metabolism 1,Shapechanger 1,Temperature Resistance 1,Silent Movement 1,Total Healing 1,Silk Production 1,Toxin Resistance 1,Sonar 1,Transparent Eyelids 1,Sonic Blast 1,Tremor Sense 1,Sound Mimicry 1,Ultravision 1,Spinning 1,Venomous Bite 1,Spore Cloud 1,Voluminous Lungs 1,Sprint 1,Vomits at Will 1,Strong Skeleton 1,Weapon Hands 1,Sympathetic Biomorphism 1,Whiskers 1,Telescopic Vision 1,Wings


1,Addicted 1,Fear of Sacred Objects 1,Addictive Personality 1,Fits and Seizures 1,Always Afraid 1,Glossolalia 1,AntiCharisma 1,Hallucinations 1,Anxious 1,Headaches 1,Attention Deficit Disorder 1,Herbivore 1,Berserker 1,Highly Social 1,Blood Rage 1,Hoarder 1,Breakdowns 1,Honest 1,Carnivore 1,Hostility Field 1,Compulsive Behaviour 1,Hunting Instinct 1,Compulsive Liar 1,Hypochondria 1,Controlled by Stars 1,Hysterical Injury 1,Daylight Stasis 1,Insomnia 1,Decreased Mental Capability 1,Irrational Hatred 1,Deep Sleeper 1,Kleptomania 1,Degenerate Gambler 1,Manic 1,Dependency 1,Manic Depressive 1,Depression 1,Masochism 1,Dreamless 1,Mental Block 1,Drone 1,Mindless 1,Dyslexia 1,Multiple Personalities 1,Eating Disorder 1,Narcolepsy 1,Emotionless 1,Nightmares 1,Excessive Sleeper 1,No Visual Memory 1,Obsessive 1,Shuddering 1,Outbursts 1,Shy 1,Paranoia 1,Silly Voice 1,Periodic Amnesia 1,Silly Walk 1,Phobia 1,Sleepwalking 1,Physical Coward 1,Slovenly 1,Psychic Broadcast 1,Socially Inept 1,Pyromania 1,Sociopathic 1,Restricted Diet 1,Stigmata 1,Sadism 1,Strange Sound 1,Schizophrenia 1,Stuttering 1,Sexual Fetish 1,Territorial 1,Sexual Neurosis 1,Transgendered 1,Short Fuse 1,Vengeful


1,Albino 1,Flippers 1,Allergies 1,Headless 1,Atrophied or Malformed Part 1,Hemihypertrophy 1,Backwards Parts 1,Hemophilia 1,Bad Breath 1,Hideous Appearance 1,Beak 1,High Body Temperature 1,Blind 1,Hopper 1,Boils and Sores 1,Horrible Stench 1,Chronic Pain 1,Hunchback 1,Clubfoot 1,Hyperopia 1,Cold Blooded 1,Increased Susceptibility to Illness 1,Colour Blind 1,Infected 1,Covered in Orifices 1,Infertile 1,Cracking Joints 1,Kidney Stones 1,Deaf 1,Light Dependency 1,Decreased Metabolism 1,Light Sensitivity 1,Decreased Physical Capability 1,Limb Loss 1,Diabetes 1,Limb Transference 1,Disease Carrier 1,Loose Skin 1,Electromagnetic Disruption 1,Low Pain Threshold 1,Enormously Fat 1,Low Sex Drive 1,Extremely Thin 1,Malformed Mouth 1,Fast Hair Growth 1,Multiple Heads 1,Flaking Skin 1,Mute 1,Myopia 1,Short Life 1,No Ears 1,Skull Face 1,No Eyes 1,Slow Healer 1,No Nose 1,Small Size 1,No Pain Receptors 1,Stiff Joints 1,No Sense of Smell or Taste 1,Strange Ears 1,No Sense of Touch 1,Strange Interior Organs 1,No Skin 1,Strangely Coloured Eyes: [color] 1,One Eye 1,Strangely Coloured Hair: [color] 1,Overgrown Body Part 1,Strangely Coloured Skin: [color] 1,Oversexed 1,Structural Weakness 1,Paraplegic Taller 1,Parasitic Infestation 1,Temperature Sensitivity 1,Physically Immature 1,Thin Skin 1,Pinhead 1,Tongueless 1,Poison Susceptibility 1,Trail of Slime 1,Poor Respiration 1,Tumours 1,Premature Aging 1,Tunnel Vision 1,Prey Scent 1,Twisted Frame 1,Puny 1,Uncontrollable Flatulence 1,Quadriplegic 1,Vestigial Wings 1,ReArranged Face 1,Walking Head 1,Rotting Flesh 1,Warty Skin 1,Rubber Bones 1,Water Dependency 1,Siamese Twin 1,WaterSoluble Skin 1,Short Legs 1,Weak Spot


1, Ability Transfer 1,Absorb Inanimate Properties 1,Absorb Mental Properties 1,Adhesive Touch 1,Alteration Ray 1,Alternate Inorganic Form 1,Animal Control and Animal Friendship 1,Animal Shapechange 1,Animate Objects 1,Anticipation and Intuition 1,Armour and/or Armoured Skin 1,Attractive 1,Bend Light and Control Light 1,Clairaudience and Clairvoyance 1,Claws and/or Fangs 1,Computer Brain and Superhuman Intellect 1,Control Earth, Liquid, Machines, or Plants 1,Create Gas 1,Duplication or Multiplication 1,Eat Anything 1,Elasticity 1,Elemental Body 1,Energy Absorption and/or Reflective Skin 1,Energy Blast 1,Enhanced Musculature or Enhanced Nervous System 1,Enhanced Senses 1,Explode Objects 1,Force Field 1,Gaseous Form or Liquid Form 1,Heal Brain or Heal Others 1,Heightened Hearing, or Heightened Sense of Smell and Taste, or Heightened Sense of Touch 1,High Pain Threshold or Nerve Cut Off 1,Illusion Generation or Illusionist 1,Immortal 1,Immune to Cold, Energy, Heat, or Illusions 1,Immune to Disease and Immune to Poison 1,Increased Mental Capability 1,Increased Physical Capability 1,Infinite Endurance 1,Infravision and Ultravision , 1,Inspiring Aura, Natural Leader, and Superhuman Charisma 1,Intangibility 1,Invisibility 1,Invulnerable 1,Invulnerable to Weapons 1,Kinetic Absorption 1,Large Size 1,Light Generation and Light Manipulation 1,Magnetic Control 1,Manipulate Gravity 1,Microscopic Vision and Telescopic Vision 1,Performance Enhancement 1,Pheromones 1,Physical Mimic and/or Transformation 1,Power Duplication or Power Theft 1,Protected Senses and Superhuman Perception 1,Psychic Empathy 1,Psychic Invisibility 1,Psychometry 1,Pyrokinesis 1,Radar and/or Sonar 1,Regeneration and/or Total Healing 1,Sense Evil, Fear, Good, or Lies 1,Sixth Sense 1,Skull Face 1,Sonic Blast 1,Stable Balance or Unbound 1,Superhuman Reflexes 1,Superhuman Speed 1,Superhuman Strength 1,Superhuman Toughness 1,Telekinesis and Telekinetic Flight 1,Telepathic Communication and Telepathy 1,Teleport 1,Teleport Object 1,Total Chameleon 1,Transform Material or Transmute Matter 1,Weather Manipulation and Weather Sense 1,Wings 1,X Ray Vision