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Abulafia is <sgdisplay iterations = "1">[main]</sgdisplay>

Abulafia is a collection of user-contributed random generators housed within a special kind of wiki. That means you can use the pages here to get interesting random names, treasure, plots, and anything else you need. If you think the results could use a little more imagination, click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page and add a few more choices to the mix (keep with the format you see in the edit box & you'll be fine). Refresh a page for more results.

How Does it Work?

Abulafia was designed with Role-Playing Gamers in mind, but would work equally well for playwrights, authors, and so forth. Besides the regular content available on a wiki, Abulafia has two special kinds of things you can put in pages here. The first is a Story Generation Table, where you can put loads of cool content that you might want in your fiction. The second is Story Generation Display, where you incorporate random results from various tables into the way a page on Abulafia is displayed. Makes sense? No? How about an example.

Read the heading of this section. Okay, now refresh the page. Do it again. The text there is chosen randomly (using an "sgdisplay" tag) from a predefined set of possibilities (using an "sgtable" tag). And that's just the beginning. Take a gander at the Swords page, the FantasyMenu generator, Secret Society Titles, the Alchemical Recipes page, or the Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle for more advanced examples of the coolness Abulafia is ready to make for you. Browse through the links in the Tables section, or for a real surprise, hit the 'Random Page' link on the left navbar.

Tables and Random Generators

Or you might just try looking through the All Pages page, where they're all listed alphabetically. Or maybe you want to start at the Popular Pages page so you can be like all the cool kids. You can also see New Pages or Recent Changes to get a sense of how Abulafia is growing.

How can I make Abulafia cooler?

Why doesn't Abulafia have a generator for x? Because you haven't put it here yet.

When you're ready to contribute, click the 'edit' tab at the top of a page. You'll need an account unless you want your IP recorded, but that's easy - just ask for one here. Check out one of the existing pages and look at how it's done. Basically, you can have sections surrounded by 'sgdisplay' tags (the opening tag should have an 'iterations="5" or something similar). Within the tags, make calls to tables by using square brackets - [tablename]. If you want to call a table on another page, use the format [Page Name.SubtableName]. If you just say [Subtablename], Abulafia will look for that subtable on the current page.

Put subtables on your pages within 'sgtable' tags. Start a subtable with a line consisting of a semicolon and then your subtable name - ;main is a common one to use for starting points into complex tables. Subsequent lines should consist of a number (representing _relative_ probability), a comma, then some text or calls to other tables (again using [] around table names. Remember to close your tags! Otherwise you'll break your table and have to hit backspace to get back to fix it.

It's a little slow at present - it'll get better when I fix some of the inefficiencies in the code. But for now, give it a whirl, and don't look for ways to break it, but if you do encounter trouble, email me at dave (dot) younce (at -@) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Oh, a note about Copyrights - unless you note otherwise, stuff you put here should be considered Creative Commons material.

If you're new to wikis

  • Wikipedia has a nice tutorial on wiki editing



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